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(1)Big savings from big brands February 2021. Call. FREE from mobiles & landlines*. Mr A B Sample Sample Farm 1 Sample Lane Sampleton Sampleshire AB12 3CD. -. .com. Dear Personalised. Looking to save money on your insurance? In these difficult and uncertain times, although we may not be using our vehicles as much as usual, we still need to make sure that our insurance is renewed on time. However, if your policy is due for renewal soon, don’t rush to renew with your existing insurer as this could cost you money. Loyalty can be expensive – insurers don’t always give you their best price at renewal. The insurance market is competitive and prices change regularly so it always pays to shop around for your policy each year. Once you have received your renewal quote from your current insurer, call 3 or 4 insurers featured in QuickPages to try to get a better quote that meets your needs. You will find Freephone* numbers listed and a handy quote checker chart on the reverse of this letter so you can make a note of your quotes and find the best deal for you. Remember, if your policy does come with automatic renewal then it’s up to you to get in touch with your insurer and opt-out. If you don’t, the insurer will carry on its merry way and renew your policy, most likely at a higher price than last year and almost certainly more than you would get elsewhere. So why wait, start saving straight away! Just turn the page and get a quote today by ringing the Freephone* numbers listed in QuickPages. Yours sincerely,. Sharon Mawson Customer Services Manager *Calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobiles and landlines. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept calls from public telephone boxes. Calls may be recorded and/or monitored. QuickPages will mail you every year to help you look for better deals on your insurance and we hope that you will be happy to hear from us.  However, if you don’t want us to contact you in the future please tick this box and return the letter to: Freepost RTGY-UXEL-HRAX. QuickPages, The Chapel, The Sidings, Shipley, BD18 1BN. Alternatively, you can opt-out online via www.quickpages.org/unsubscribe. never to share your data with any other companies or sell it to any third parties. Your data will be processed securely in the UK and will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area. Please see our privacy policy for information on how long we will keep your data at www.quickpages.org/privacy-policy/ This is our full privacy policy, and it is there to answer any questions you may have as to how your data will be used and your rights. You have the right to access, port (move your data from one company to another), rectify, erase, restrict and object to the processing of your data. To contact our Data Protection Officer please write to Data Protection Officer, QuickPages, The Chapel, The Sidings, Shipley West Yorkshire, BD18 1BN or email dataprotection@wilmingtonplc.com. You also have the right to complain to The Information Commissioner’s Office.. LQP/21/02/V1 WARM. QuickPages Information Notice We are Wilmington Millennium Ltd and are a data controller. Our Company Registration No. is 08069752. Our Registered Office is at 5th Floor, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 8QS and our trading address (where you can contact us) is The Chapel, The Sidings, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 1BN. As you have responded to QuickPages in the past, we use your personal details so that we can provide you with information about insurance providers which we hope will be useful to you when you are choosing an insurer at renewal time. The lawful basis for processing your data falls under the legitimate interests of direct marketing (which means sending mailings such as this one to you). We can confirm that your data will only be used for sending you information about insurance companies. Your data will only be processed by our employees and our suppliers who help us to put the mailings together such as printers and postal service providers. We promise.

(2) Use to get a better deal on your insurance. Home. Car Insurance. Insurance. My car insurance renewal quote: Quote:. Excess:. Buildings:. Contents:. £. £. £. £. Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 024 1357 Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 062 2867. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 369 8106. Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 369 8072 .com. 0800 062 2832. Quote: £. 0800 156 0649. -. 0800 156 0682. 0800 156 0842. Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 531 6400 Have we mailed you at the ? wrong time. 0800 156 0365. Ageas. 0800 369 8151. Policy Wise. 0800 118 1718. Academy Insurance 0800 915 2119 Adrian Flux. 0800 062 2869. RIAS. 0800 369 8213. Swinton. 0800 062 2835. Price Beater. 0800 531 6089. Compare 4 U. 0800 915 2130. GSI Insurance. 0800 369 8798. Got You Covered. 0800 156 0387. Plus QuickPages helps you find great quotes for other insurance too!. Breakdown Insurance AA. quote ref: A5740. 0800 915 2154. Van. Insurance Adrian Flux. 0800 062 2862. Price Beater. 0800 156 0924. Swinton. 0800 062 2840. Motorbike Insurance Adrian Flux. 0800 062 2871. Swinton. 0800 062 2836. If you’ve not received this mailing at the right time for when your insurance renewal is due let us know. Simply update your details at www.quickpages.org/update and in future we will send you a QuickPages directory ahead of your policy renewal. QuickPages is a trading style of Wilmington Millennium Ltd. Company Registration No. 08069752. Registered Office: 5th Floor, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 8QS..

(3) It’s time to save on your insurance. Call free to save £££s with. -. .com. MOTOR INSURANCE PAGE 3. HOME INSURANCE PAGE 21. ADDITIONAL INSURANCE PRODUCTS PAGE 27.

(4) Never just renew automatically - loyalty can be expensive!. FREE from mobiles & landlines*. Car Insurance. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. My car insurance renewal quote:. Ref:. Ref:. Quote: £. Insurers charge increasing amounts each year, knowing that most people don’t shop around for insurance. By calling 3 or 4 insurers you can make sure you’re not being charged over the odds for your insurance. If your policy is due for renewal you can shop around and compare quotes by calling the Freephone numbers listed in QuickPages.. Some of the best deals are. Once you have competitive quotes, call your insurer to see if they can match or even beat the best quote you have found. Always be prepared to haggle with your current insurer, but if they can’t match the best deal you’ve found, don’t be afraid to switch to another insurer!. Don’t just rely on comparison sites, not all insurers are on there, plus you can often get a better deal by talking to someone direct.. 2. -. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 024 1357. 0800 062 2867. Quote: £. Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Excess: £. Ref:. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 062 2832. Quote: £. Quote: £. Excess: .com £. Excess: £. Ref: TT-COC-003944.131. 0800 369 8106. Quote: £. 0800 156 0365. TOP TIP!. 0800 156 0649. Quote: £. 0800 156 0682. only available over the phone. *Calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobiles and landlines. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept calls from public telephone boxes. Calls may be recorded and/or monitored. We do our best to ensure that all editorial information in this directory is correct, but we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions. QuickPages is a trading style of Wilmington Millennium Ltd. The Chapel, The Sidings, Shipley, West Yorkshire. BD18 1BN.. Excess: £. 0800 531 6400. Ref:. 0800 369 8072. 0800 156 0842 “QuickPages saved me over £170 and all calls were free” Mr Thorpe. QuickPages for all your Car insurance needs. Motor insurance. Call. Quote: £. 3.

(5) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 5 4.

(6) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 7 6.

(7) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 9 8.

(8) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 11 10.

(9) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 13 12.

(10) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 15 14.

(11) On average every three minutes in the UK someone puts the wrong type of fuel in their car. It’s easily done – particularly if you have multiple cars in the family or you’ve just purchased a new vehicle. from the pumps and call a mechanic or your breakdown provider as the tank will need to be drained. They may be able to do this in situ without having to tow the car to a garage.. 16. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation there are a few things you can do to minimise the damage. Hopefully you will realise quickly and will still be at the filling station. If so, do not start the car. Doing so means that the wrong fuel will make it into the engine, which makes the problem much worse. Instead ask for assistance to push the car away. If however, you don’t realise your mistake until the car breaks down, the impact is going to be more serious as the engine will have circulated the mix of petrol and diesel through the fuel system, causing further contamination to other components. Ultimately, this could mean that the entire fuel system needs replacing completely.. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by putting a sticker on the fuel cap to remind yourself whether the car takes diesel or petrol. A simple low-tech remedy that could save you £££s in the long term. It can be a very costly mistake and many insurers do not provide cover for it, so it is worth looking at the small print of your policy document.. de d a e l n U. When your car insurance needs renewing don’t forget to add misfuelling to the list of questions to ask providers in order to ensure that if the worst was to happen you don’t find yourself significantly out of pocket.. QuickPages for all your insurance needs. The dangers of misfuelling. 17.

(12) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 19 18.

(13) The best way to cut the cost of your home insurance is to shop around to get the best deal available for you. Many insurers offer discounts on Contents Insurance if you take it out from them at the same time as you take out your Buildings Insurance. This is an easy way for you to save money, so be sure to check any deals on offer. There are also ways to reduce the cost of your policy without leaving yourself short of cover:. Buildings: £. Contents: £. Contents: £. My home insurance renewal quote:. Ref:. Ref:. Buildings: £. Increase the standard policy excess. If you are willing to cover more of the cost of any claim this will reduce your premium.. No claims. Security measures. DON’T T... FORGE. To get the right home insurance deal for you, shop around using the numbers provided in QuickPages. Remember, assess your needs carefully as the cheapest option is not always the best. The reputation of an insurance provider is also very important.. 20. 0800 062 2835. Buildings: £. Buildings: £. Contents: £. Contents: £. Contents: £. Ref:. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 062 2869. 0800 156 0387. Buildings: £. Buildings: £. Buildings: £. Contents: £. Contents: £. Contents: £. Ref:. Ref:. Ref:. 0800 118 1718 -. 0800 369 8151. Buildings: £. 0800 369 8213. See which home insurance companies offer a ‘no claims’ discount. This could save you up to 20% on your premiums. Taking steps to improve home security could mean lower premiums. Install an alarm system and make sure it covers the entire house. Also, fit and maintain smoke alarms to reduce fire risk to your home.. Contents: £. 0800 915 2130. Buildings: £. Buildings: £. Contents: .com £. Contents: £. Ref:. 0800 369 8798. Ref:. 0800 915 2119. 0800 531 6089 You can now call FREE from mobiles and. landlines*.. QuickPages for all your Home insurance needs. Home Insurance Savings. Home Insurance. Buildings: £. 21.

(14) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 23 22.

(15) QuickPages for all your insurance needs 25 24.

(16) Additional Insurance Products. Note your quotes:. Adrian Flux 0800 062 2862 £ Price Beater 0800 156 0924. £. Swinton 0800 062 2840 £. Motorbike Insurance Adrian Flux 0800 062 2871 26. Caravan/ Motorhome Insurance. Note your quotes:. Adrian Flux 0800 062 2868 £ Swinton 0800 062 2834 £. Taxi Insurance. Note your quotes:. Swinton 0800 062 2838 £ Note your quotes:. £. Swinton 0800 062 2836 £. Breakdown Insurance AA 0800 915 2154 quote ref: A5740. Note your quotes:. £. Business/ Landlord Insurance. Note your quotes:. Swinton 0800 062 2830 £. Friends and family can go online and register to receive their own copy of QuickPages when their insurance is due for renewal at: www.quickpages.org/ registernow. QuickPages for all your insurance needs. Van Insurance. 27.

(17) QP/21/02/V2 WARM. QuickPages for all your insurance needs.



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