INDEX. 03. New Product Introduction. 04. Design. 05. Surface Mount Assembly. 06. Conventional Assembly. 07. Wiring and Chassis Assembly

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03. New Product Introduction

04. Design

05. Surface Mount Assembly

06. Conventional Assembly

07. Wiring and Chassis Assembly

08. Test Services

09. Quality

10. Procurement Solutions



New Product Introduction (NPI)

Minimise your Time to Market and Reduce Production Costs

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) service provides fast turnaround, high quality prototypes and far more.

We have dedicated staff who work with your designers to ensure optimum design for manufacture and test. We provide feedback during the product development stage to identify cost savings both for product launch and on-going volume production.

We regard ourselves as an extension of your design team and an essential part of our service is to document for you the agreed improvements and observations made regarding your products. This forms part of the continuing dialogue with you for continuous improvement.

NPI Services

• BOM Processing

- Identifying the most cost effective sources

- Finding alternatives for obsolete or last time buy components - Life cycle management

• PCB layout and bare board prototyping • PCB assembly / sub-assembly prototyping • Electromechanical design

• Turnkey box build • Software development • Tailored test methodologies • Pilot / pre-production builds • Full approval submission process • Low volume, high reliability assembly



Design for Assembly for Economy and Convenience

Cost-effective PCB design depends on our ability to combine our customers’ requirements with an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process. Using modern design aids, we progress quickly and precisely through each stage of the design process, working with you in close consultation to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. Qualified in Altium Designer and Mentor Graphics, our in-house team has the vision and experience to take your design concept and develop it into a tangible product, on time and on budget.

Our Design team can also assist in the following areas:

• Design for Assembly (DFA) is a continuous process in which assembly, fabrication and layout must all work together. The layout designer plays an important role in this, acting as an intermediary between the engineer, board fabrication and assembly needs.

• Good DFA practice also requires the component placement to allow for the effortless replacement of a faulty component if required

• We can also re-engineer intelligent CAD data from existing flat Gerber data.

• Flexi and flexi-rigid Design • Packaging Design

• Enclosure and rack Design

• Chemigraphic offer the full service from initial

development, in house design, prototype, testing and the subsequent production of any associated hardware. • Library and design work all carried out using relevant IPC standards:

- IPC-7351, IPC-2221A, IPC-2152 • Altium 3D output for fast and accurate mechanical checking


Surface Mount Assembly

Investment in State of the Art Capabilities

for Quality and Flexibility

Chemigraphic uses some of the most advanced surface mount equipment available; while our success as a leading sub-contract PCB manufacturer allows us to continually re-invest in state-of-the-art technology.

Spread across multiple lines, our machines deliver a combined placement capability in excess of 75,000 CPH. Whether high or low volume, simple or complex, we offer the speed and resilience to deliver your manufacturing requirements against the toughest deadlines.

All Chemigraphic surface mount lines utilise Juki SMT placement machines, 7 zone reflow ovens and inline AOI, while our policy of using a single equipment manufacturer across all lines gives us the flexibility to move production between multiple lines without the need for programme changes.

Chemigraphic are specialists in BGA placement, placing over 1924 pin BGA and double sided BGAs with outstanding results. Where required, we also have the expertise and equipment to rework and re-ball BGAs.

We excel in creating the perfect oven profile for all SMD products, using the latest profiling technology.

Key equipment features include:

BGA placement

Reflow oven profiling

• Total components per hour (cph) - 75,000 • Total laser centred heads - 25

• Laser placement accuracy +/- 50µm • Total vision centred heads - 12 • Vision placement accuracy +/- 30µm • Smallest component - 0.4mm x 0.2mm • Largest component - 50mm x 150mm • Tallest component - 25mm

• Smallest BGA pitch - 0.10mm


Conventional Assembly

Craft Skills Allied with Automation

Despite the rapid growth in the use of surface mount technology the need for leaded components continues. The variety of components available complicates the drive to automate processes and has driven the need to maintain craft skills. Chemigraphic’s long experience in this arena ensures that our customers benefit from a highly skilled and flexible workforce.

Chemigraphic has long-established expertise in the assembly of premium quality conventional / through-hole components, using both hand

and wave-solder processes. Our skilled operators work to electronically displayed assembly drawings, designed to minimise product travel and operator movement, ensuring that PCBs are manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Plated Through-Hole capabilities

• 6 Semi-automatic insertion stations

• Wide range of Automated Preparation Equipment • Dedicated RoHS and Non-RoHS Flow Solder Machines • Skilled Assembly Operators trained to IPC610 Standards • Press-fit connectors into high density PCB’s and Backplane Assemblies

• Flexible Press-fit connector capabilities with dedicated tooling to cater for fast turnaround prototypes


Wiring and Chassis Assembly

Full Turnkey Solutions

Chemigraphic’s competitive services include electro-mechanical assembly, chassis and cabinet wiring, front panel build, functional testing, and a dedicated cell for specific projects and production runs. Our vast experience in cable and wiring techniques enables us to deliver a full turnkey systems assembly solution to meet your exact needs and specifications. Our can-do culture results in a highly flexible capability.

Our production engineering and design departments

offer expert advice in the following areas:

Our service includes final product, build-to-order,

configured-to-order and direct order fulfilment,

together with packaging, shipping and full

documentation. Products may be delivered directly

to your UK location, or shipped to any destination in

the world via international couriers.

• Design for manufacture (DFM) • Enclosure and rack design

• Prototype development and off site services • End of life environmental concern

• Packaging

• 19" chassis wiring • High voltage wiring

• Complex cable looms - >1000 ends

• Cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies • Automated ’cut and strip’

• Assembled PCBs into unit / box assemblies • Flex-rigid and semi rigid wiring

• RF and microwave interconnections • Potting, varnishing and encapsulation

• Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs and back-plane assemblies


Test Services

Your Requirements Assured

Our global customers expect more from their contract manufacturers than straightforward PCB population. While contracting for stand-alone assembly has its benefits, we believe that buying-in fully-tested products ensures confidence in all subsequent stages of production, through to final delivery.

Chemigraphic offers a full range of test services, designed to complement and support your production projects. Run in combination with our comprehensive quality control programmes, our test services ensure that we consistently deliver a high quality product that will conform to your exact specification.

Whether the requirement is for PCB test only, system test or end-of-line product configuration, our highly skilled team of test engineers will work in consultation with you to design and implement a robust solution.

Chemigraphic utilises the following test /

inspection facilities:

• Inline automatic optical inspection on all SMD lines • Endoscope for defect analysis

• ’Bed of Nails’ ATE for MDA, or where appropriate, combinational testing

• JTAG - boundary scan • Device programming

• Functional Testing with bespoke test rigs

• Onboard programming of electronically programmable devices (EPDs)

• Safety testing • Soak testing



Quality is at the heart of our success.

From the expertise and dedication of our staff, to the sophistication of our manufacturing, test, analytical and quality control processes.

Chemigraphic’s outstanding track record as a market leader is founded on a culture of excellence and continuous improvement at every level. We demand total quality from both staff and suppliers, and will accept nothing less.

Our management policy, quality systems and process control procedures have been meticulously fine-tuned over a period of 40-years, enabling us to develop products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

In addition to an outstanding record of customer approvals, our internationally recognised standards are verified by third-party quality assessors. Accredited to ISO 9001:2008, Chemigraphic has a long heritage in the high reliability sector, while our people are trained to the latest revisions of IPC620 and IPC610, utilising J.STD-001. This means you can be confident that your products will be manufactured to a consistently high standard, from Class 1 - General Electronics to Class 3 - High Reliability products. Chemigraphic recognises its responsibility to customers, staff and stakeholders alike. In the unlikely event of disruption to contracted demands, we have implemented a Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan to identify potential threats, assess their effect on the business and provide a framework for building continued resilience.


Procurement Solutions

Benefit from our Expertise, Systems and Purchasing Power

Chemigraphic has a dedicated purchasing department with a highly experienced team of qualified buyers.

Our global supply chain gives us the ability to source specified parts on behalf our customers and ensure that they arrive on time and are fully inspected and stored in the appropriate manner.

Chemigraphic procures upwards of 1.5 million components a month – comprising PCBs, passives, semiconductors, connectors, cables, metalwork, plastics, fixings and much more.

Within our approved supplier base we have a global sourcing platform covering both active and obsolete components - if it is available then we will find it! Working closely with our supply chain, we have up-to-date knowledge on the availability of all our currently used materials and can advise our customers on any potential supply problems.

Security of Supply

When a customer’s product is on-going we will arrange for long lead time or difficult to obtain components to be buffered, ensuring continuation of supply.

Where components are becoming obsolete, in consultation with our customer, we will arrange for last-time buys of sufficient stock to cover production to a product’s end of life. Following the introduction of RoHS compliancy, many components are no longer available, due either to the rationalisation of component manufacturers’ production lines, or having had their part numbers changed. To assist our customers - many of whom are exempt but have

Business Continuity – Your Reassurance

Chemigraphic operates a Business Continuity Policy to the requirements of BS 25999-2-2007.

We expect our suppliers to be aware of this and cooperate fully in achieving its objectives. The full policy statement is available upon request, but briefly states:

The scope of Chemigraphic’s business continuity policy relates to the continuity management of its design, development, manufacture and test of prototype and production, electro-mechanical and electronic assemblies, sub-assemblies and complex cable looms.

Its objectives are to ensure the prompt and efficient recovery of these essential operations, from any incident or disaster occurring at, or to, the company. We are therefore committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) with the primary objective of preventing or restricting disruption to a level that does not impact adversely upon our stakeholders.


Chemigraphic Limited, The Fleming Centre, Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9NF

Our Services


New Product Introduction (NPI)

SMT Assembly

PTH Assembly

Wiring & Chassis Assembly

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