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“Our goal is to get

the right product to

the right customer at

the right price and

the right time. We

selected Manhattan

to be that core

foundational building

block for our

omni-channel strategy.”

— Lilly Pulitzer

For instance, if you highlight a particular product line in your social channel, your stores need to be prepared for a spike in demand. If you pilot digital signage in your stores, you should ensure consistency in product availability within your online channels. Your call center should be able to see which stores offer same-day delivery.

Implementing a technology

infrastructure provides a foundation for omni-channel operations across your network. This requires centralized management of orders, visibility of inventory and customer transactions, and advanced business rules to govern the flow of selling and execution.

Only Manhattan’s Omni-Channel Central Solutions provide the infrastructure retailers need to build a highly adaptable, yet fully collaborative omni-channel organization.

Omni-Channel Central Solutions

Retail is undergoing a period of significant change and

innovation, driven by digital commerce. At the same

time, consumers demand seamless experiences across

channels. This creates a significant operational challenge

for retailers looking to compete more effectively.

Let Your Network

Do the Selling


Omni-Channel Central Solutions include:

Manage the complete order lifecycle with omni-channel

customer service, distributed selling and order fulfillment

optimization capabilities.

Enterprise Order Management

As the central repository for customer transactions, Enterprise Order

Management provides a 360° view of the customer, be it online orders or in-store

transactions. Manage the complete order lifecycle through omni-channel customer

service, distributed selling and order fulfillment optimization capabilities.

Omni-Channel Customer Service

Give your Customer Service Representatives the information and capabilities necessary to create indelible omni-channel service and selling experiences—right at their fingertips. The customer service and distributed selling features provide all the right tools to convert your call center into a profit center.

Features + Functions

• Enable a rich user experience through an intuitive user interface

• Provide CSRs fast and easy access to a customer’s most recent transactions originating from any channel

• Make order inquiry calls shorter by

providing the most requested information with fewer clicks

• Provide ability to enter and manage orders in a call center

• Support order capture functions like pricing, promotions, taxes and payment processing

• Support returns/exchanges for orders from any channel

• Give CSRs the ability to sell across the entire network using multiple delivery methods like ship to address, pick-up in store and ship to store

• Enable buy online, pick-up in store conversations with customers and accommodate their preferences

• Provide a view of the full lifecycle of every customer transaction

• Flexible and easily extensible UI build on top of REST services framework

Solution Components


Features + Functions

• Efficiently route orders to a distributed supply network of DCs, stores and suppliers and track status updates in real-time

• Minimize delivery time and maximize order profitability by optimizing selection of the fulfillment location using the defined customer service and profitability guidelines • Manage multiple fulfillment constraints such

as fulfillment outages, capacity constraints and inventory protection

• Orchestrate complex merge-in-transit fulfillment flows to provide single delivery to the customer

• Enable vendor drop-ship order fulfillment • Manage retail/replenishment order

fulfillment through purpose-built strategies • Predict and manage inventory shortages,

potential customer service issues and delivery problems

Order Fulfillment Optimization

Orchestrate the flow of orders from distribution centers, stores, suppliers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), while optimizing the selection of the location based on customer service and profitability guidelines.

Distributed Selling

Provides the system of record for all customer orders regardless of the originating channel— ecommerce, stores or call center. Distributed Selling along with fulfillment optimization provides comprehensive order promising and fulfillment capabilities.

Features + Functions

• Provide a single system of truth for customer orders across all channels • Reserve inventory and provide expected

ship dates as part of order capture via channels like ecommerce and stores • Support dynamic kitting by automating

substitutions based on business rules • Own the entire financial and payment

lifecycle for every order

• Provide support for split tender, split shipment and resulting split settlements

• Enable proper handling of tax calculations in a distributed fulfillment environment • Support blind returns originating from

return centers and refund the appropriate funds back to the customer

• Leverage out-of-box integration with payment gateways like CyberSource® and

tax engines like Vertex®

• Support out-of-box integration with email marketing and communications solutions like Minisoft®


Enterprise Inventory

Aggregates inventory data from across your fulfillment network to maximize opportunities to convert via all selling channels. Available to Commerce is an advanced rules engine that sits on top of Enterprise Inventory, allowing you to define views or scenarios to match the right customer to the right units of network inventory.

Network-wide Perpetual

Features + Functions

• Provide visibility to on-hand, in-transit and on-order inventory at the DC, stores and suppliers in real-time

• Disposition on-hand inventory for

managing units in quality control, returned by customer or marked as defective

• Manage store perpetual by separating back-room and floor inventory

Inventory Hub

Features + Functions

• Use a single standard interface and publish inventory events across network to external applications in real-time • Synchronize inventory positions

periodically with external applications

• Out-of-the-box integration with

Manhattan’s Warehouse Management and Store Inventory & Fulfillment solutions

Available to Commerce is an advanced rules engine

that sits on top of Enterprise Inventory, allowing you to

define views or scenarios to match the right customer

to the right units of network inventory.


Available to Commerce


Harness the power of always selling against network inventory by aligning inventory availability with revenue and profitability goals after factoring in the operational constraints for fulfilling orders from the different fulfillment nodes.

Inventory Segmentation

Features + Functions

• Manage a virtual division of on-hand inventory across multiple channels, while maintaining a single pool at the distribution center

• Manage on-order and in-transit inventory per channel while keeping a single

consolidated purchase order across channels

• Out-of-the-box integration with Manhattan’s Inventory Optimization solution

Features + Functions

• Set rules around inventory availability based on a variety of factors, including selling channel, retail brand, delivery method, seasonality, store capacity/capability,

inventory accessibility, inventory disposition, presentation stock rules, etc.

• Manage availability through operational constraints such as fulfillment outages store workload

• Provide selling channels with a global view of inventory via a centralized, callable service

• Generate real-time inventory stock alerts


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