Abstract This paper proposes the self-timed circuits


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To examine whether lone parents and working-age adults with a disability were less disadvantaged in the Social democratic countries, we focused on the social risk gap: the percentage

In this paper we compare the behavior of n-gram models and Recurrent Neural Network Language Models RNNLMs with regard to properties of their generated language... We investigate the

Analyses revealed that longer proper names - in terms of number of tokens and proper name attributes - are more likely to be generated early in the text, in the object role of a

The tree kernel function produces the syntactic similarity score between each sentence in the given body of text and the generated question.. Each sentence contributes a score to the

Women in Group 2 had 46 per cent, of their number with a poor or bad condition of the hair, while the highest in any of the other groups was only 20 per cent., and became less as the

As the QG - STEC IRR reliability scores show, it seems that judges interpret an annotation scheme for these criteria very differently, when they use the scheme independently, with

The research of Gkatzia et al 2013 relates most closely to the LARC project - they generated reports based on time-series data from student lecture attendance and weekly questionnaires,

In that sense, drawing upon the eight transport-related exclusion categories described in section 3.1 and the relationship of transport disadvantage and social exclusion proposed by

The results are consistent with what was reported by Wang and Gaizauskas 2015 – that whilst both bboxdist and bboxsize show that content selection is dependent on these features,

In contrast, in interrogative sentences we have more problematic cases: one realized sentence is identical to the gold 19; two realized sentences are different only in the word order