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June, 2010



KВС Group: 95% of shares

• International bank assurance group • Established in 1998

• Over 12 million customers • Present in 35 countries • 60 000 employees

• Assets as of March 31, 2009 – Euro 347,4 bln.

International Financial Corporation (IFC): 5% of shares

Organization of World Bank Group. Assists economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector (SME) and consulting enterprises and government


Absolut Bank

Financial figures

Loan ratings

31.12.2007 (in mln. USD) 31.12.2008 (in mln. USD) 31.12.2009 (in mln. USD) Assets 5 300 5 868 4 299 Capital 300 598 439

Long Term Short Term National Long Term

Fitch (2009) BB+ B AA (rus)

Moody’s (2008) Ba3 Not Prime Aa3.ru

Absolut Bank was established in 1993

95% owned by KBC Group and 5% by IFC

Universal bank offering full range of

financial services for corporate and

individual customers

More than 72 offices in the top 24 most

developed Russian regions

Over 17 000 corporate and 1 200 000

individual clients

Over 3 700 employees

72 correspondent banks


17 years of successful experience


Acquisition of licenses: for individuals monetary funds borrowing into deposits; of a professional participant in the securities market, for making bank transactions with funds in rubles and foreign currency.


Active development of international business. Launch of a trade finance programme.


Entrance into one of the largest financial groups in Europe, that is KBC Group.

Number of branches grows up to 72 in 24 regions of the country.


For the first time Fitch international agency assigned a level B rating score to Absolut Bank.

Opening of the first sub-branch “Baumanskoye".


Entrance into TOP-10 Russian mortgage market leaders and TOP-25 Russian largest banks.

Debut placement of euro bonds issue in the amount of 200 mln US dollars.

Opening of branches in Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and Omsk.


Launch of own mortgage, car lending and SME lending programs.

Opening of the first sub-branch in Saint-Petersburg.


Commercial bank “Absolut Bank”(ZAO) was registered with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on April 22, 1993.


Absolut Bank obtained the CB RF internal license to make transactions in foreign currency.


Entrance into the State Deposit Insurance Program. First sub-branches in the Moscow region were opened.


Entrance into TOP-10 the most reliable Russian banks and TOP-5 Russian mortgage market leaders.


Leading positions in the Russian

bank community

• 10


place among the most reliable Russian banks (Forbes, 2009)

• 25


place in the rating of the Russian largest banks on the net assets volume as

of April 1, 2009 (“Interfax”, April 2009)

• 6


place in the rating of the best companies-employers among banks (Rating

agency “RBK. Rating”, January 2008)

• 23


place on the corporate lending volume as of January 1, 2009 (

“Expert” ,

March 2008)

• 5


place on the mortgage lending volume in Russia for 2008 (Rating agency

“RBK. Rating”, March 2009)

• 16


place among the largest Russian banks on SME lending volume (Rating


Regional presence

Kazan Saratov Novosibirsk Saint Petersburg Yekaterinburg Tyumen Volgograd N.Novgorod

Absolut Bank is represented by more than 72 offices in 24 regions of RF

Barnaul Chelyabinsk Yekaterinburg Kazan Kemerovo Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Lipetsk Moscow Nizhny Novgorod Novokuznetsk Novosibirsk Omsk Orenburg Perm Rostov-on-Don Saint Petersburg Samara Saratov Stavropol Tyumen Ufa Volgograd


Branch Network

Existing Moscow region branches: Balashikha Dmitrov Dolgoprudny Khimki Korolev Lyubertsy Mytishchi Odintsovo Obukhov-Kievskoe Naro-Fominsk Pushkino Podolsk Shchelkovo Vidnoe Zelenograd Existing Moscow branches: Tsvetnoy Boulevard Baumanskoe Butovskoe Krylatskoe Kurskoe Kutuzovskoe Leningradskoe Mar’inskoe Paveletskoe Sokol’nicheskoe Sukharevskoe Yugo-Zapadnoe Vorontsovskoe


Products for corporate and

individual clients


Credit cards Mortgage

Corporate clients

Individual clients

Car loans Treasury products

Asset management and brokerage Credit facilities

Trade finance

Cash and e-management Cash and e-management


Cash and e-management

Absolut Bank is a universal bank, offering a complete package of banking services for companies.

Main products of cash management

• Accounts keeping for resident and non-resident companies • Current and deposit accounts in Rubles, US dollars and Euro • International and local payments in Rubles, US dollars and Euro • Currency control services

• Remote access to the account via Internet software application (iBank2) • Payroll programs

• Cash collection

• Acquiring (VISA, Master Card, Diners Club)


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Extended cut-off time

• Personal relationship manager


• A safe tool for communication between the client and the bank through PC via internet • Full remote access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year • User-friendly interface in two languages: English and Russian

• Multi-user access

• Preparation, approval and transmission of electronic payments

• Providing supplementary information (foreign exchange rates, BIC and SWIFT codes etc.) • Low operational expenses

• No special hardware or software requirements

• Individual electronic signature with personal passwords

iBank2 secures the process of fund transfers by electronic means without documents.

• Sign the agreement for use of Internet Banking

• Register on our internet site and receive certificates of keys • Sign and present the certificates to the Bank

Start using iBank2 system

Internet Banking is:

How to get access to iBank2:


The Bank provides payroll services, corporate credit cards and acquiring services to its corporate clients (resident and non-resident companies).

• Plastic cards by Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club

• Maintenance of the card’s account by mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week • Additional discounts and presents for card holders

• The corporate account can be opened in RUR, USD and EUR • Free installation of ATMs at the Customer’s premises

• Free of charge cash withdrawals for the customer’s employees

in Absolut Bank ATMs and United Payment System «UPS» (more than 4000 ATMs) • Free of charge SMS banking and Internet banking

• Salary conversions

• Facilities available in 24 top regions • Own processing centre

• Free installation of ATMs at the Customer’s premises

Corporate cards

Payroll projects



Absolut Bank offers a wide range of credit facilities to its corporate clients operating in various sectors of economy. We consider the relationship and history of your business as a whole.

Credit facilities

• Funding in Rubles, US dollars and Euro • Fixed and variable interest rates

Terms and conditions

Absolut Bank offers the following forms of loans:


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • 14 years of lending experience in Russia • Personal manager • Overdrafts • Credit lines • Bullet loans • M&A financing • Syndicated loans • Real estate financing • Project financing


• L/Cs with postfinancing / deferred payment • Bank guarantees / stand-by letters of credit • ECA backed transactions

• International factoring

Trade finance for corporate clients

Absolut Bank is a leader in trade finance for middle size companies and has established relations

with Banks from Europe, US and Asia. Absolut Bank is a participant of Trade Facilitation Program of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Global Trade Finance Program of IFC.

• Funding in Rubles, US dollars and Euro • Fixed and variable interest rates

Terms and conditions

Trade finance instruments

• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Cooperation with KBC Group

• Flexibility and individual approach • Facilities available in CIS countries

• Working under UCP 600 and Instruction 2-P of the Central Bank of Russian Federation


Treasury products for

corporate clients

Treasury instruments

• Money Market: short-term deposits and credits, long-term deposits • FOREX: FX deals

• Hedging: Forward FX • Brokerage

• Products from 1 day up to 1 year • Funding in G10 currencies

Terms and conditions

Being a member of MICEX and active participant of Russian and International financial market, Absolut Bank offers its clients full range of services in performing treasury operations.


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Interbank interest rates


• Up to 7 years

• Funding in Rubles, US dollars and Euro

Leasing for corporate clients

Terms and conditions

• Auto transport • Special machinery • Equipment

• Real estate

Absolut Leasing started its activities in 2003 offering wide range of leasing products.

What can you lease


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Cross-border transactions

• Possibility of using documentary operations



• Current and deposit accounts in Rubles, US dollars, Euro • Payments in Rubles, US dollars, Euro

• Remote access to the account (iBank2), service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Currency control • Currency exchange

Cash management


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Working hours from 9 a.m. till 21 p.m. • VIP Banking

• Absolut Bank is a member of State Deposit Insurance Program

Terms and conditions

• Can be found at:


Items of mortgage

• Real estate on the primary market • Real estate on the secondary market • Land with country house

• Mortgage refinancing



• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia

• Partnership with Capital-Group, MIAN, MIEL, PIK etc. (Total number of partners: 118) • Presents and bonuses

• Application online http://www.absolutbank.ru/products/private/hypothec/order.shtml

Terms and conditions

• Funding in Rubles, US dollars and Euro • Tenor – up to 25 years

• First payment – from 10% of the mortgage item cost

• LTV = 90% (maximum) among Russian banks in terms 8th place of mortgage loans portfolio


Items of car loans

• New cars • Used cars

• Russian or foreign cars • Special transport

Terms and conditions

• Funding in Rubles, US dollars and Euro

• Credit for residents and non-residents of Russia • Term of up to 5 years


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia

• Partnership with Avtomir, Avtopassage, Major, Obukhov etc. (Total number of partners: 650) • Presents and bonuses

• Application online http://www.absolutbank.ru/products/private/car_loan/order.shtml



• All types of debit and credit cards

(Visa Platinum, Gold, Classic, Electron)

Credit cards

Terms and conditions

• «Absolut Online» system: mobile payments, bills and utility payments

• Account information: - online (iBank2) - by SMS

• Call centre support 24 hours a day


• Facilities in 24 top regions of Russia • Own processing centre

• Special campaigns • Application online


Asset management and brokerage

Absolut Bank offers several investment strategies and styles of asset management. Investment portfolio is formed using various financial instruments considering client’s long term expectations.


• Trading in corporate and state securities (stocks and bonds) and derivatives (futures and options) • Marginal trading • Depositary services • Online trading • Application online http://www.absolut-broker.ru/trading/trading5.shtml

Mutual funds

• Choice of 5 Mutual funds

• Investments in different securities allowing stable profit • Application online


Services of International

Network Desk

• Inside global KBC Group Network

• First point of contact for international companies • Legal advice

• Tax advice

• Currency control advice • Account opening

• Account servicing

• Selective advisory services • Knowledge of local market

• Search for business partners/clients

• Cooperation with all departments of the Bank • Close cooperation with KBC Group



• Implement new products and services for foreign corporate customers • Expand regional network

• Increase foreign corporate customer database • Maintain strong credit risk profile

• Consolidate Bank’s position in Russian banking sector


Business strategy

• Membership of KBC Group

• Best western practice and attitude • One of the biggest networks in Russia • Favorable tariffs


Main tariffs

Account opening (RUR/USD/EUR) 1 000 RUR (≈ €27) / Free / Free Payment order (RUR) 30 RUR (≈ €0,8)

Payment order (USD/EUR) € 25

Incoming payments (RUR/USD/EUR) Free of charge

Conversion operations No commission (the Bank’s current rate of exchange) Issue of a passport of the deal 800 RUR (≈ €22 )

Maintenance of a passport of the deal 0.15% of the sum of each received payment made under a contract (not less than 600 RUR (≈ €16) and not exceeding 30 000 RUR (≈ €815))

Issue of L/C (RUR) 0.15% of the amount (not less than 1 000 RUR (≈ €27) )

Issue of a guarantee (RUR) 0.3% of the amount (not less than 6 000 RUR (≈ €163) ) Collection and delivery of funds 0.2% of the amount (not less than 600 RUR (≈ €16)) Registration and servicing of iBank2 Free


International Network Desk

page 28

Andrey Kulikov

Head of International Network Desk

E-mail: A.Kulikov@absolutbank.ru Direct phone: + 7 (495) 228 69 66 Fax: + 7 (495) 771 71 60 Web-site: www.absolutbank.ru www.absolutbank.com Natalia Alekseeva International Network Desk

Lead economist

E-mail: N.Alekseeva@absolutbank.ru

International Network Desk


Contact information

Full name Commercial bank “Absolut Bank” (ZAO)

Legal address 18, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 127051, Moscow, Russia Telephone + 7 (495) 228 69 66

Fax + 7 (495) 771 71 60

E-mail network.desk@absolutbank.ru

Web site www.absolutbank.ru www.absolutbank.com




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