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ISA, MULTI LATIN-AMERICAN organization with 33 companies in four business units and eight countries


Academic year: 2021

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organization with 33 companies in four

business units and eight countries


ISA, directly and through its 33 affiliates and

subsidiaries, implements important infrastructure

projects that boost the continent´s progress and

contribute to the development of the inhabitants

of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador,

Argentina, Panama, and Central America.

businesses of Electric Energy Transport,

Telecommunications Transport, Road Concessions, and Real-Time Systems Smart Management.

For about 50 years, efficient and reliable delivery of its services has characterized the company in a

framework of respect for human rights and protection of the environment, in order to favor competitiveness and regional sustainability, improvement of life quality, and development of the

societies where it conducts its activities, all thanks to a human team of 3.821 highly qualified and committed associates.

ISA is a socially responsible company, distinguished for its ethical and serious stance of commitment to initiatives such as the Global Compact, the Millennium Development Goals and climate change that permits creation of value for its stakeholders, businesses and future generations.





ISA and its companies work firmly on construction of an organizational culture where values, as pillars affirming its corporate identity, serve as the guide to achieve business success.

Four corporate values that define their will to be and to do, bolster their trust and credibility, their form of behavior, and the way they want to achieve recognition. These values are:

Ethics: It defines the character

of the organization, generates trust for stakeholders, and identifies its directive staff, managers

and associates.

Social Responsibility: Commitment

to search for improved standards of living for its employees and their families, the environment, and society in general.

Innovation: Introduction of new

aspects in the companies and their services, so as to help achievement of goals.

Excellence: Compliance with the

quality standards for service delivery that set us apart from our competitors.

In the year 2020, ISA will have tripled its

earnings by capturing the most profitable

growth opportunities in its current business areas in Latin America, promoting operational efficiency and optimizing its business portfolio.

ISA's profitability will be higher than its equity cost, a trend sustainable along time.

In the Energy Transport Business Unit, ISA will remain as the operator with the largest presence in Latin America, will consolidate its position in the region and will reach levels of operational efficiency that are consistent with worldwide best practices.

In the Road Concessions Business Unit, ISA will seize regional opportunities, focusing on Colombia.

In the Telecommunications Transport Business Unit, ISA will consolidate its leadership as an independent transporter in Latin America and will have developed an IP ecosystem in the region.

ISA will expand its Real-Time Systems Smart Management towards new

services, accessing highly profitable new opportunities in other businesses.


June 2014 vs. June 2013

Figures in millions of Colombian pesos (COP)

Operating revenue Operating income Net income


Assets Liabilities Minority interest Equity


EBITDA (COP million) EBITDA margin (%)


1.818.547 6,0% 3.601.325 886.285 25,2% 1.551.099 295.775 36,0% 433.048 25.447.424 -0,5% 25.567.362 14.165.160 -1,7% 14.411.340 3.899.634 5,3% 3.704.545 7.382.630 -0,9% 7.451.477 1.083.795 15,6% 2.011.674 59,6% 55,9% June 14 Increase % vs. June 2013 Increase % vs. Dec 2013 Dec 2013



During the first semester

of 2014, ISA obtained net income for COP 295.775 million, 36,0% up on same period of last year, explained to a large extent, by higher operating revenues earned in Colombia, Brazil and Peru as a result of decreased costs and operating expenses in Brazil and lower amortization expense in ISA Capital do Brasil.




Electric Energy Transport

Electric energy transport is fundamental

for having an energy market; it is the meeting

point between generation and demand and

the means to perform electric energy interchanges.

ISA, through its affiliates and subsidiaries expands, operates, and maintains high voltage energy transmission systems positioning itself as one of Latin America’s largest electricity international transporters. The above is possible thanks to 41.185 km of high-voltage grid operated by it, the Colombia-Venezuela, Colombia-Ecuador, Ecuador-Peru international interconnections, and its 76.407 MVA of transformation capacity.

ISA has in Colombia its companies INTERCOLOMBIA and TRANSELCA; in Peru, ISA Perú, Red de Energía del Perú –REP–, Consorcio Transmantaro –CTM– and Proyectos de Infraestructura del Perú –PDI–; in Bolivia, ISA Bolivia; in Chile, INTERCHILE and in Brazil, affiliates Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista –CTEEP– (acquired through its investment vehicle ISA Capital do Brasil),

Interligação Elétrica Pinheiros –IEPINHEIROS–, Interligação Elétrica Serra do Japi –SERRA DO JAPI–, Interligação Elétrica de Minas Gerais –IEMG– and EVRECY.

CTEEP, together with other regional partners, has in Brazil investments in the companies Interligação Elétrica Norte y Nordeste –IENNE–, Interligação Elétrica Sul –IESUL–, Interligação Elétrica do Madeira –IE MADEIRA– and

Interligação Elétrica Garanhuns –IEGARANHUNS–.

Additionally, ISA owns 11,11% stock participation in Empresa Propietaria de la Red –EPR–, the entity that operates the Electric Interconnection System for Central America –SIEPAC–, and 50% ownership in bi-national company

Interconexión Eléctrica Colombia–Panamá –ICP–.


Road Concessions

ISA structures, designs, constructs,

operates and maintains road infrastructure

in markets where it can be relevant.

Operation and maintenance are performed according to standards previously established by the business regulators in each

of the countries where ISA is present, and are based on processes that guarantee operational excellence and safety for users.

ISA, through INTERVIAL CHILE and its five concessionaires (Ruta del Maipo, Ruta del Maule, Ruta del Bosque, Ruta de la Araucanía and Ruta de los Ríos), operates 907 km of highways in this South American country

going from Santiago to Rio Bueno that position it as the largest inter-urban road concessions operator in the country.

In Colombia, ISA through its subsidiary INTER- VIAL COLOMBIA, is focused on searching for businesses in fourth generation road projects.


Telecommunications Transport

ISA's participation in this business unit is materialized

through INTERNEXA, a company which along

13 years of operations has laid 29.000 km of fiber

optics cable, and which operates the only

telecommunications network open to all operators

interconnecting seven Latin American countries.

In accordance with the criteria that

broadband growth and localized availability of contents, produced both internationally and locally, are key factors in improving people’s life quality, INTERNEXA developed a strategy that allows the company to become a leader in Latin America in the field of relevant digital content distribution. It has implemented a business model that permits offering to telecommunications operators access to locally migrated contents in its data centers with the lowest average latency in the market. Accordingly, it has configured hosting facilities in the region's main cities where its network is interconnected to the most important Content Delivery Networks worldwide.

Additionally, INTERNEXA is currently consolidating its transport network at a regional level. This is the only network with an MEF CE 1.0 certification awarded by the Metro Ethernet Forum for its Ethernet Carrier transport services (the most popular data transport protocol worldwide), working over transport services between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. At the same time, INTERNEXA is consolidating its portfolio of Information Technology special products focused on industries with high synergy between them and INTERNEXA’s geographical network location, like government and energy & hydrocarbon

companies. In this sector, INTERNEXA, due to its intrinsic characteristics, is the operator offering the best cost – benefit ratio in the market.

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Real-Time Systems

Smart Management

ISA, through XM, carries out planning, design, optimization,

commissioning, operation and management activities for transactional

systems or technological platforms, involving value added

information interchange and goods and services related markets.

XM's experience in operation of the power system and administration of the electricity market, permits it to offer to several economic sectors, intelligent solutions based on the technology and knowledge acquired:

Power sector: XM is in charge in

Colombia, of the operation of the National Interconnected System –SIN–, the administration of the Wholesale Energy Market –MEM–, and the adminis-tration of the International Electricity Transactions –TIE– with Ecuador.

Financial sector: with the Colombian

Stock Exchange –BVC–, it operates Derivex, the company managing the country's new energy-derivatives negotiation system, and participates as investor in Cámara de Riesgo Central de Contraparte –CRCC–.

Traffic and transport sector: XM´s

affiliate, Sistemas Inteligentes en Red operate the Traffic Control Center –CCT– of Medellín’s Mobility Smart System –SIMM–.







Multi Latin-American



ISA administers its business units with a Corporate Sustainability focus, in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner. Thus, it administers the

opportunities, risks and impacts inherent to economic, environmental and social development so as to create value for its stakeholders and contribute to the advance-ment of the societies where it is present.






EPR, ISA’s investment (11,11%) Interconexión Eléctrica Colombia - Panamá, ISA investment (50%) REDCA, ISA’s investment (11,11%) through INTERNEXA Sistemas Inteligentes en Red


ISA Capital do Brasil INTERNEXA Participações

INTERCHILE INTERNEXA INTERVIAL CHILE Ruta del Maipo Ruta del Maule Ruta del Bosque Ruta de la Araucanía Ruta de los Ríos ISA Inversiones Chile ISA Inversiones Maule

ISA Bolivia Proyectos de

Infraestructura del Perú INTERNEXA REP Transmantaro ISA Perú TRANSNEXA, 5% investment through INTERNEXA and 45% through INTERNEXA (Perú) COLOMBIA ARGENTINA CENTRAL AMERICA BOLIVIA BRAZIL PERU ECUADOR CHILE CENTRAL AMERICA COLOMBIA CHILE BOLIVIA PERU Guate Norte Guate Este El Cajón Parrita Palmar Norte Veladero Santa Marta Termocol El Bosque Talara Piura Chiclayo Trujillo Tocache Pomacocha Carhuamayo Machu Picchu Abancay Cotaruse Zapallal Santivañez Carrasco Arboleda Urubó Punutuma Sucre Lagunas Encuentro Mantaro Marcona Socabaya Montalvo Jandira Curitiba Neves 1 Araraquara Mesquita

Gov Valadares Mascarenhas

El Salto Itapeti Scharlau N.S. Rita Joinville Norte Jorge Lacerda B Sideropolis

Porto Velho Colina São João do Piaui Panamá Sogamoso Garanhuns Cardones Maitencillo Pan de Azúcar Polpaico BRAZIL

Country Company Operational circuit km Colombia: ISA 10.369 TRANSELCA 1.586 Peru: REP 6.230 Transmantaro 2.795 ISA Perú 393 Bolivia: ISA Bolivia 587 Brazil: CTEEP 18.893 IEMG 172 PINHEIROS 6 EVRECY 154

Total 41.185

Country Company Transformation MVA Colombia: ISA 12.620 TRANSELCA 3.848 Peru: REP 2.747 Transmantaro 4.925 ISA Perú 235 Bolivia: ISA Bolivia 370 Brazil: CTEEP 45.712 PINHEIROS 3.900 SERRA DO JAPI 1.600 EVRECY 450

Total 76.407








Country Concessions Road km in


Chile: Ruta del Maipo 237 Ruta del Maule 193 Ruta del Bosque 161 Ruta de la Araucanía 144 Ruta de los Ríos 172


Country Company Optic fiber km In operation Colombia INTERNEXA 6.680 Peru INTERNEXA 4.674 Chile INTERNEXA 2.377 Brazil INTERNEXA 6.811 Argentina Internexa 2.577 Ecuador TRANSNEXA 2.413 Venezuela In association with

local operator 1.977 Central America 1.800 Total 29.309 Ecuador Brazil Colombia Argentina Chile Peru Venezuela Caracas Miami Bogotá Lima Quito Buenos Aires Santiago

Gran Sao Paulo

Central america Río de Janeiro Campos Macaé Magé São G onçalo Itaboraí

Río das Ostras Duque

de Caixas

Sâo Pedro da Aldeia

Cab o Frio Ararua

ma PetrópolisTeresó

polis Friburgo Macab ú Saq uarema Maricá Nitero i Río de Jan eiro


Last updated August 2014

Main office

Calle 12 Sur 18- 168 Medellín - Colombia Telephone + 57 (4) 325 22 70 Fax: + 57 (4) 317 08 48 www.isa.co E-mail: isa@isa.com.co Follow us on:


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