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Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) Integrating COPA with Cirrus Training Network


Academic year: 2021

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Cirrus Owners &

Pilots Association


Rick Beach

Safety Liaison & CPPP Chair

Integrating COPA with

Cirrus Training Network

Ultimate Goal:

! Fewer fatalities, Fewer accidents

Interim Goal:

! Expand the market for

Cirrus transition training and recurrent training

Immediate Goal:

! Achieve synergy,



Motto: Flying and Safety


3,300 paid memberships

2,200 Cirrus aircraft

Global membership

! 52 countries

! US, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia

Internet community


Non-Owner CFI Members

COPA appreciates role of instructors

! Key to achieving safety goals

Membership at reduced rate: $35 ($65)

! COPA forum access

! Cirrus Pilot magazine

! COPA events

CPPP at reduced rate: $100 ($375)

Flying Activities

Migrations ! Annual gatherings M1 to M8

Weekend events

! Nemacolin, Ocean Reef, Bahamas,…

Regional events

! Bar Harbor, Block Island, San Diego

Casual fly-ins


COPA Safety Programs

COPA Forum discussions

Cirrus Pilot magazine

Critical Decision Making (CDM)

Partner in Command (PIC)

Safety Stand-Downs

Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP)

Safety on COPA Forum

Accident threads

! Compilation of early details

! Each 100s of posts, 1000s of views ! Discussions of contributing factors ! Wisdom from experts (instructors, maintenance, weather)


Forum: Fatal Accidents

Cirrus fatal #66 in SR22 N146CK near Deer Valley, AZ

! 8,910 views, 239 posts ! Accident details,

door open,

fly the airplane!, partner training, CO risk, POH, litigation issues

Forum: Parachute Activations

CAPS pull #25 in SR22 N513CM near Idabell, OK ! 7,042 views, 351 posts ! CAPS decision, engine-out plan, investigations, flightaware data, slow flight training, low-key, high-key, accident rates, spins, recovery, spin training


Cirrus Pilot Magazine

6 issues per year

Annual safety issue 2007 to 2009

Safety articles by

CSIPs, CPPP instructors

Training Spotlight

Critical Decision Making

Aeronautical Decision-Making seminar

Half-day fly-in event

Facilitated discussion

Accident reviews

Personal Minimums Risk Assessment


Partner in Command

Traveling in the right seat!

Pilot incapacitation:

CO poisoning, hypoxia, choking

More than Pull CAPS!

Radio, ELT, Autopilot, CAPS choices

Simulator experience

Booklet for reference

Practice suggestions

Safety Stand-Downs

After NJ fatal near NY CPPP

! 7 fatal accidents in 12 weeks

Mornings of CPPP weekends

All Cirrus pilots

No cost!

Review Cirrus accidents, normal & emergency procedures


Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Pgms

2.5 day weekend event (Fri eve to Sun pm)

Most extensive Cirrus-specific ground instruction

! Procedures, Avionics (2), Weather (2), Engine Management, Aviation Survival, Single Pilot Resource Management ! Partner in Command

Highly experienced Cirrus-specific instructors

! Variety of Cirrus configurations ! Variety of expectations

! Variety of learning styles

Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Pgms

2010 Events


Las Vegas, NV*

Atlanta, GA*

Evansville, IN

Stewart, NY

Kansas City, MO

Minneapolis, MN*

Van Nuys, CA

Georgetown, TX*

Concord, CA


Baden-Baden, Germany

Southend, UK

Brisbane, Australia

Wagga Wagga, Australia


CPPP Criteria

C3PO volunteer CPPP Organizer

Airport + Hotel

! On ramp or within walking distance!


! Instrument procedures

! Congestion for training flights

Meeting space

! Three concurrent presentations

Sufficient attendees

* 49 in United States, 17 in other countries

Cirrus SR2X Accident Statistics

66* fatal accidents 2001 to 2010 (as of 9/20/2010)

! 130 fatalities, 15 serious injuries

! 18 SR20, 48 SR22 (same as production ratio) ! Includes 4 CAPS activations w fatalities

(Norden, CA; Indianapolis, IN; Deltona, FL; Boulder, CO)

Cirrus SR2X fatal accident rate: (per 100,000 hours)

! 1.74 in past 12 months (12 fatal/688,000 hrs) ! 1.71 in past 36 months (38 fatal/2,217,000 hrs)

FAA fatal accident rate: (per 100,000 hours)

! 1.33 for GA fixed-wing fleet (2009 prelim) ! 1.19 to 1.33 for past decade




Cirrus SR2X Accident Rate

A few accidents can make big swings

! 3 accidents in 2003; 11 in 2008

Trend calmed down, but May 2010 …

Pilot Experience: Time in Type Matters


Approach to Landing Speeds


Data from a Bad Landing

Stall speed 59 KIAS


Courtesy Richard Wheeler, COPA

• Richard Wheeler data from EMAX

! A self-confessed not-so-good landing!

• Plot airspeed and altitude during approach

On runway, still flying! 9 seconds, 800’ …

Touch down near stall speed!

Safety Alert Letter

Cirrus Aircraft & COPA

Review POH and Flight Operations Manual

Currency flight 1.0 to 1.5 hours

! Airspeed control ! Approach stability ! Touchdown control ! Safety of flight

Plan for six-month recurrent training



COPA Champions Safety

Acknowledge 97% of fatal Cirrus accidents have a pilot cause

It’s not the plane, it’s us!

Safety culture emerges from safety programs, forum discussions,

integrating wisdom from instructors

COPA and

Cirrus Training Network

Cirrus intends to collaborate with COPA

Do together what we can't do separately


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