2nd CPO Global Forum Turning the economic crisis into an opportunity to improve purchasing and supply chain management






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2nd CPO Global Forum

Turning the economic crisis into an opportunity to improve purchasing and supply chain management

“Best Practice Benchmarking” Milan Marriott Hotel

June 17- 18, 2009 Provisional Agenda

After the successful 2008 edition, The Economist presents the 2nd Italian CPO Forum offering a great opportunity to Italian CPOs to compare against the current and emerging Procurement issues.

1st DAY 8.30 Registration

9.00 Chairman's introduction & opening remarks

Luca Guzzabocca, Responsible for Costs and Logistics, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and co-founder, Acquisti & Sostenibilità

9.15 The CPO’s Agenda 2009: Smart Strategies for Tough Times

Andrew Bartolini, Vice President Global Supply Management, Aberdeen Group Session 1


10.00 Global recession and supply chain reliability induce a constant monitoring of markets, contracts and suppliers

ƒ Which Vendor Data Management system can assure risk mapping?

ƒ Which is the ideal market intelligence operation to monitor global price trends of materials and services?

ƒ How can an appropriate Contract Management solution assure an accurate

management of supply contracts?

Key Speakers

Ezio Melzi, Direttore Generale, BravoSolution

Bertrand Lepinoy, Direction Achats Groupe Coordinateur Achats Groupe,

Gouvernance, Méthodes et Outils, TOTAL

Giorgio Mosca, Senior Vice President Group Purchasing and ICT, Finmeccanica


Lorenzo Morretta, Responsabile Acquisti IT, Telecom Italia 11.30 Networking Break (Coffee Break and participants’ interaction)

Session 2


12.00 At a high level of expertise, both Buyers and Sellers are expected to compare various proposals and perform accurate market analysis and negotiation

ƒ How much can Spend Analysis affect negotiation?

ƒ Which reverse auction strategies are usually used by the buyer? ƒ Which are those used by the seller to answer back in reverse auctions? ƒ Which is the difference between past and modern negotiation techniques?

ƒ Which opportunities can rise from widening or rationalising one’s range of


Key Speakers

Elio Cutino, Supply Chain Management Leader, Global Business Services, IBM Italia

Giorgio Diazzi, Direttore Acquisti, Hachette Rusconi

Andrea Zironi, Head of Procurement Italy&Europe, Autogrill Maurizio Bossi, Direttore Acquisti, Artsana

Mauro Frattini, Responsabile Unità Acquisti, Anas

13.30 Networking Lunch

Session 3


15.00 Currently, the relationship with suppliers is considered more and more a crucial asset that must be kept and developed

ƒ How to create cooperation projects with suppliers, both for production

equipment, indirect materials and services

ƒ How much technology can support cooperation and promote innovation?

ƒ Which contribute can be given to suppliers to assess the “Total cost of


Key Speakers

Paolo Chiaverini, Amministratore Delegato, i-Faber

Giovanni Lucantoni, Responsabile Acquisti, Unipol Gruppo Finanziario Federico Turco, CPO, Assicurazioni Generali

Mario Mosca, Direzione Operativa Acquisti, Responsabile Processi e Sistemi, Enel


Session 4


16.30 Comparing with others can give rise to new ideas and opportunities, that is why it is so important to join professional networking and benchmarking groups on specific product categories

ƒ Which is the importance of creating one’s own Network or joining a physical or online Network?

ƒ Which is the return on investment and the real ‘value’ of joining a Benchmarking group?

Key Speakers

Sergio Perego, Direttore di Team Web, A2A

Gianmaria Riccardi/Tim Cummins, Vice Chair EMEA e CEO, IACCM

Daniele Calciolari, Sourcing Group Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Michael Rank, Procurement Europe, Whirlpool

18.00 Debate and comparison 18.30 Chairman’s closing remarks 20.30 Networking Dinner VIP GUEST

2nd DAY 9.00 Chairman's welcome & introduction

Luca Guzzabocca, Responsible for Costs and Logistics, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and co-founder, Acquisti & Sostenibilità

9.15 ePurchasing Technology Trends

Duncan Jones, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Session 1


10.00 Focusing on the management of services and indirect materials purchasing can offer great opportunities to optimize and lower costs, above all in the current recession scenario

ƒ How to do an accurate Spend analysis of purchased services and indirect


ƒ How can Spend Management help companies to constantly maintain cost


ƒ How can e-Procurement and e-Catalog solutions help companies to make a

correct use of suppliers and preferential supplies?

ƒ How can technologies help companies to buy the best product classes?

Key Speakers

Marco Trabuio, VP Business Development Italy, IBX

André Le-rre, EMEA Sourcing Manager, Ericsson

Raffaele Sanna, Purchasing Director, Prysmian

Carlo Longhini, Direttore Acquisti, Siemens

11.30 Networking Break

Session 2


12.00 Procurement performance measurement needs a rapid and thorough tool that can produce data and facts able to reduce cost and obtain saving

ƒ How to measure the performance level of Savings?

ƒ How Spend Analysis can be the engine of high performance procurement in

every phase of supply management?

ƒ Which is the best measurement technique to reduce real cost and deliver rapid, cashable savings?

ƒ Which solutions and strategies are CPO adopting to unearth hidden gems and

deliver sustainable cost reductions and supply improvements?

ƒ Besides Savings, which other players should be measured (innovation, mitigated risk, value creation, etc)?

ƒ How to create and organize a solid structure to detect and monitor



Michele Brancadoro, Responsabile Controllo e Reporting Approvvigionamenti,


Emiliano Maianti, Italy General Manager & Europe Opex Director,, Dresser Wayne


Federico Faccia, Head of Procurement, Vodafone e Grazia Maria Giordano,

Purchasing Manager, Vodafone

Giovanni Scarioni, Responsabile Acquisti, Amsa

13.30 Networking Lunch

Session 3


14.30 Environmental, social and economic sustainability is and will be a distinguishing factor for modern companies and supply chain management

ƒ What does Responsible Purchasing mean?

ƒ How can the introduction of environmental and social sustainability parameters affect the assessment of suppliers and supplies?

ƒ How much important is the “carbon footprint” in the supply chain?

ƒ Why is it so important to make projects using a “life cost analysis” approach? ƒ Which is the right balance between ethics and business?

Key Speakers

Flavio Attramini, Business Manager Office Printers and Scanners, EPSON Italia

Ettore Minnella, Responsabile Staff Presidio Andamento Costi, Gruppo


Riccardo Giordano, Enviromental Coordinator Italy, IKEA

Maria Teresa Di Gioia, Direzione Acquisti, Granarolo Session 4


16.00 Which skills and role a modern CPO must have to face globalization, recession and the current economic challenges

ƒ Which new and additional skills for the modern CPO? ƒ Which expertise and training are needed?

Key Speakers

Gianluca Filacchione, Global Head of Procurement, Novartis Vaccines and


Stefano Dettori, Director, Everest Research

Francesco Sperandini, Direttore Servizi e Tecnologie, AceaSpa

Vito Gurrieri, Direttore Acquisti, Ferservizi


17.30 Debate and comparison





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