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Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery


Academic year: 2021

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T E X A S C E N T E R F O R M E D I C A L & S U R G I C A L W E I G H T L O S S

Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery


What We’ll Cover Today

 Nutrition guidelines for successful weight loss

following surgery

 Lifestyle and behavior modifications



W- water E- exercise

P- protein first

N- no snacking or grazing

S- supplements (vitamins and minerals) S- support group



 These are the basic rules to live by.  They work.

 Following them will make you as successful as you

want to be.

 Remember them.  Live by them.





Water Water Water

Minimum 64 oz daily.

 This is critical.

The single most important thing for you to do after

surgery is to get in at least 64 oz water daily!

 Assists in healing process, controls hunger, “rinses

out” waste products

 It is okay to add a small amount of

sugar-free flavoring.

 Shoot for at least half your water to only

contain natural flavorings such as lemon, lime, mint, etc


Spacing Water and Meals

Separate water from your meals. Stop

drinking at the start of the meal and wait 1 hour after meals to resume drinking.

 Water during meals can flush your food through faster, making you hungry again sooner.

Water Water Water Meal ………






 Burns calories and good for your health  Helps to preserve lean body mass.

 Make it fun…use the buddy system.  Make exercise a habit.


 Add movement into your day to day


 Take the stairs

 Increase the number of steps you take  Track using a pedometer



 Start walking from day 1 after surgery and progress from there.

 Cardiovascular + Resistance (weights/bands)  Goal = minimum of 30 minutes

cardio 5x/wk and 15 minutes strength/resistance 3x/wk

 Add weights/resistance training.

 Start light and gradually increase  20 lb maximum for 4-6 weeks






 60-80 grams daily

 Early benefits of protein

 Helps protect against loss of lean body mass (muscle)  Main building blocks of our bodies

 Late benefits of protein

 Protein gives a feeling of satiety (satisfied)

 Fewer calories per gram than fat and more satiety than



 Long term your diet is higher protein, low fat and moderate carbohydrate

 ~35-50% of the diet from lean proteins  ~35-50% nonstarchy vegetables

 Less than 15-20% complex carbohydrates

 Early after surgery, getting enough protein in every day will be a challenge.

 Track your protein intake using a food tracking tool

 Myfitnesspal, sparkpeople, Tap and Track

 Most people will need to have a protein shake or meal replacement for one meal per day as you are progressing your diet after surgery.


Protein Meal Replacements

 Shakes must be 15-35 grams of protein with no more

than 5 grams of carbohydrate or 5 grams of fat per serving.

 Bars must contain at least 12 grams of protein with

no more than 20 grams of carbohydrate and 7 grams of fat

 Ready Made Products  Powders

 Clear Liquids  Bars


Preoperative Diet

 Replace 2 meals per day with a Protein Shake

 Powders must be mixed with water

 One small meal with a palm size of lean protein

(fish/chicken/turkey/egg whites) and non-starchy

vegetables (anything other than corn, peas, potatoes)

 Drink at least 64 ounces of water

 Avoid snacks. If you are hungry, drink water.  Avoid fats/sugars/carbohydrates

(bread/rice/pasta/fruit/etc) as much as possible.


Purpose of Preoperative Diet

 Shrinks the liver

 Liver sits over the stomach

 Reduces complications that can happen from the





No Snacking or Grazing

 Eat 2 or 3 meals per day

 Fasting periods lead to fat-burning.

 Grazing lessens your body’s need to burn its fat

stores because you are frequently giving it energy (calories).

 Snacks are habit-forming and can inhibit weight loss  Theoretically, 3500 calories = 1 pound

 Adding only an extra 100 calories per day could be equivalent


No Snacking or Grazing

 Our bodies do not differentiate well between hunger

and thirst.

 When you want to snack your body may actually

need the water in the food.

 Drink water instead of snacking.

 Improving your protein intake at each meal and

increasing the amount of water you drink during the day will decrease your desire to snack.


Y O U W I L L N E E D V I T A M I N S F O R T H E R E S T O F Y O U R L I F E , N O M A T T E R H O W G R E A T Y O U F E E L !


Why Will I Need Vitamins?

 Weight loss surgery can contribute to deficiencies because of:

 Decreased intake of food  Eating different foods

 Decreased absorption of certain nutrients

 Deficiencies develop slowly and you

may not notice them until they are severe!

 Protect your health

1. Be consistent with a vitamin program. 2. Get your vitamin levels checked every


Which ones will I need?

High Potency Multivitamin with Iron: Calcium citrate

 1500-1800 mg daily (in 500mg doses)  Try to separate 2 hours from iron

Vitamin D

 3000 IU per day  Vitamin B12:

1000mcg under your tongue (sublingual) once a week  Oral methylcobalamin


Type of Vitamins

 Vitamin preparations vary a lot in terms of

contents, nutrient forms, and nutrient levels.

 We recommend bariatric specific vitamins because they are

delivering the dosage of nutrients needed with your new anatomy as well as in a way that the new anatomy can actually absorb and utilize the nutrients.

 We see improved vitamin profiles in patients taking


When do I start vitamins?

 Talk to your provider about any supplements you may need

prior to surgery.

 Start on the bariatric specific vitamins ~1 week post-op

 Bariatric vitamins that we recommend will be presented at

your post-op follow up appointment and you will have a chance to sample them.






 General support groups are once a month.

 Join us 3rd Thursday at 6:30

 Check the schedule and videos of past support groups at


 The people who do the best attend support groups regularly.  It’s fun and educational.

 Your attendance, questions, and support, will help other

people, even if you think that you don’t necessarily need it.

 You will almost always walk away with something you gained






 Website (www.texasbariatric.com)  Smart Phone App

 Search “Texas Center for Medical and Surgical Weight Loss”

 Like us on facebook

 https://www.facebook.com/texasbariatric

 Follow us on Pinterest

 BE CONNECTED as you are not on this journey


Additional Behavior Modifications

 Take your time eating

 Take 15-20 minutes to eat a meal (no longer than 30 minutes)  Chew food thoroughly

 Caffeine and alcohol

 Both must be avoided for 3 months following surgery

 New anatomy make you more sensitive to alcohol. 1 drink is

like 4 drinks. Keep to 1 drink in a 24 hour period.

 Avoid carbonation, straws, and chewing gum


Diet Going Home

 You will be on clear liquids when you go home from

the hospital

 Water, fat-free broth, sugar-free jell-o, sugar-free popsicles,

decaf coffee and tea

 Important to have only these clear liquids to allow

your stomach to rest and heal until you return for your 1 week follow-up appointment


1 Week Follow-Up

 Your follow-up visit will begin at 10am on the

Thursday following your surgery.

 A series of classes will be given, which will cover:

 Nutrition guidelines and behavior modifications

 Diet progression…you will be able to start on semi-solid

protein foods and increase as tolerated

 Care post-op  Exercise

 Vitamins

 Following the classes, you will visit with your


T E X A S C E N T E R F O R M E D I C A L & S U R G I C A L W E I G H T L O S S

Congratulations on starting the

journey to a new you!


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