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ONF Organization 2015/6/9. Outline. Outline


Academic year: 2021

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SDN for Future Internet: part 2

Jun Bi

Tsinghua University

2015 SpringFuture Internet Class



The Driving Force for Transforming the

Network Architecture

Considering the "Genes" of the Success of the


Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN Has Attracted High Attention from the

International Academic Society

What's SDN

SDN Standards

SDN Research Overview



Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is Hot!

What's SDN

Four Important Relations about SDN

SDN Standards

SDN Research Overview

3 •6Wind •A10 Networks •Active Broadband •ADVA Optical •Alcatel-Lucent/Nuage •Alibaba •Aricent Group •Arista

Beijing Internet Inst.

•Big Switch Networks •Broadcom •Brocade •Centec Networks •Ceragon •China Mobile •Ciena •Cisco •Citrix •CohesiveFT •Colt •Coriant •Corsa Technology •Cyan •Dell/Force10 •Deutsche Telekom •Ericsson •ETRI •Extreme Networks •F5 / LineRate Systems •FacebookFiberhome Technologies •Freescale Semi •Fujitsu •Gigamon •Goldman SachsGoogle •Hitachi •HP •Huawei •IBM •Infinera •Infoblox/FlowForwarding •Intel

•Inst. for Info. Industry •Intune Networks •IP Infusion •Ixia •Juniper Networks •KDDI •Kemp Technologies •Korea Telecom •L-3 Comms-East •Lancope •Level3 Comms •LSI •Luxoft •MarvelI •MediaTek •Mellanox •Metaswitch Networks •Microsoft •Midokura •NCL Comms K.K. •NEC •Netgear •Netronome •Netscout Systems •Nokia Siemens Netw. •NoviFlow •NTT Communications •Optelian •Oracle •Orange •Overture Networks •Pica8 •Plexxi •Procera Networks •Qosmos •Rackspace •Radware •Riverbed Technology •Samsung •SK Telecom •Spirent •Sunbay AG •Swisscom •Tail-f Systems •Tallac •Tekelec •Telecom Italia •Telefonica •Tellabs •Tencent •Texas Instruments •Thales •Tilera •TorreyPoint •Transmode •Turk Telecom/Argela •TW Telecom •Vello Systems •Verisign •Verizon •Virtela •VMware/Nicira •Xpliant •Yahoo! •ZTE

ONF Members

ONF Members

ONF Organization



Chip Makers Advisory Board


Research Assocaite



Extensibility WG -P/VMare

Config & Management WG -Microsoft/NTTTesting & Interop WG -Ixia/IUArchitecture & Framework WG -NECForwarding Abstractions WG -BrocadeMigration WG (2013 Apr-Huawei

NBI WG (2013 Oct-HP/Huawei

Wireless & Mobility WG (2013 Oct-Huawei

Optical Transport WG -iena

Market Education Committee -iena/NetronomeTwo Member’s Work Days



Security DG -Goldman Sachs

Carrier Grade SDN DGLayer 4-7 DG (ETSI NFV)East-west Interface


Mature Industrial Standard OpenFlow

(1) The control plane and data plane are


(2) Protocols run on an independent controller.

(3) A switch is abstracted into the processing procedures of multiple flow tables (matching + action).

(4) External protocols interact with the device through the OpenFlow protocol running on the controller.


OpenFlow1.0 Flow Table

OpenFlow1.3 Table

Packets are matched against multiple tables.

OpenFlow Standards- EXT WG

OpenFlow 1.0.0 2009.12.31

 OpenFlow 1.0.1 2012.6.7 OpenFlow 1.0.2 2013.10.04 OpenFlow 1.1.0 2011.02.28

 Pipeline (Not compatible with OF1.0) OpenFlow 1.2 2011.12

 OXM(Based on OF1.1)

OpenFlow 1.3.0 2012.06.25 Based on OF1.2 and 1.1

Stable target for hardware vendors /long term support ONF

Extensions for 1.3.X : new features

 OpenFlow 1.3.1 2012.09.06 OpenFlow 1.3.2 2013.04.25

 OpenFlow 1.3.3 2013.10.18 OpenFlow 1.3.4 2014.03.27

 OF 1.3.5 2015.4

OpenFlow 1.4.0 2013.10.15 OF 1.4.1 2015.4OpenFlow 1.5.0 2014.12.19 OF 1.5.1 2015.4


Config WG

OF-Config 1.0


OF-Config 1.1 2012.01.25

OF-Config 1.1.1 2013.03.23

OpenFlow Notifications Framework 1.0 2013.10.15

OF-Config 1.2 2014.1.9

 Logical switch NDM (Negotiable Datapath Models)

Test WG

Conformance Test Specification for OpenFlow Switch

Specification 1.0.1 2013.08.13

2013.10.17, the 1stcertified: NEC ProgrammableFlow® Switches PF5248

OpenFlow v1.3 Switch Certification


In USA and China

Certifiation Center



Programming Languages Compiler

Flow Instruction Set Application API


Network optimized

Runtime & Remote reprogrammable

Table driven& protocol blind

Flow instruction set

FlexibleGenericStandardLow level instruction set NPU CPUHigh performance Flex Flow Processor ASIC Novel Applications &Services Protocol Specific Application Protocol Agnostic Tables/Instructions Controller Flow Tables POF Instructions

POF Data Path

OpenFlow+ Hardware Abstraction Layer Driver Cont roller Forw arding E lement s


Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN is Hot!

What's SDN

Four Important Relations about SDN

SDN Standards

SDN Research Overview



Areas of Interest

• Classification of SDN models, including • Definitions

• Taxonomies

• Relationship to work ongoing in the IETFand other SDOs

• SDN model scalability and applicability

• Multi-layer programmabilityand feedback control systems • System Complexity

• Network description languages, abstractions, interfaces and compilers

• Including methods and mechanisms for (on-line) verification of correct operation of network/node function.

• Security

Potential Work Items

• Survey of SDN approaches and Taxonomies

• Open Issues in Software-Defined Networking Research 17

SDN Research


Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise, SIGCOMM07

OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks, CCR08

The Future of Networking, and the Past of Protocols, Scott Shenker’s PPT at ONS11

Software-Defined Internet Architecture: Decoupling Architecture from Infrastructure, HotNet12

SDN 2.0 Theory

Using Routers to Build Logic Circuits: How Powerful is BGP?, ICNP13 (BGP has the same computing power as a Turing Machine)


SDN Research

SDN Correctness: system platform based

Data plane

• Header Space Analysis: Static Checking For Networks, NSDI12 (Header Space Bits,not real-time)

• Real Time Network Policy Checking using Header Space Analysis (NetPlumber, based on graph, real-time), NSDI13 • Veriflow: Verifying Network-Wide Invariants in Real Time,

NSDI13 (Veriflow, trie tree based)

Control plane based: verifying APPs

• A NICE Way to Test OpenFlow Applications, NSDI12 (Nice, model checker based)


SDN Research

SDN Correctness: Programming based

Programming language based

• Frenetic: A Network Programming Language, ICFP11 (Frenetic)

• Composing Software-Defined Networks, NSDI13 (Pyretic) • A Compiler and Run-time System for Network Programming

Languages, POPL13 (NetCore, declarative language) • Machine-Verified Network Controllers, PLDI13 (over NetCore) • Maple: Simplifying SDN Programming Using Algorithmic

Policies, SIGCOMM13 (Maple, newalgorithmic language) • Participatory Networking: An API for Application Control of

SDNs, SIGCOMM13 (PANE, tree based)

Update mechanism based

• Abstractions for Network Update, SIGCOMM12 20


SDN Research

Controller Design

 Onix: A Distributed Control Platform for Large-scale Production Networks, OSDI10 (distributed database)

 Scalable Flow-based Networking with DIFANE, SIGCOMM10 (special switch)

 DevoFlow: Scaling Flow Management for High-performance Networks, SIGCOMM11 (flow aggregation)

Data Plane Design

 Forwarding Metamorphosis: Fast Programmable Match-Action Processing in Hardware for SDN, SIGCOMM13


SDN Research

Testing, Debugging, and Management

 A SOFT Way for OpenFlow Interoperability Testing, CoNEXT12

 Software Defined Traffic Measurement with OpenSketch, NSDI 13

 StEERING: A Software-Defined Networking for Inline Service Chaining, ICNP2013


SDN Research

Application in Campus

 Can the Production Network Be the Testbed?, OSDI10

Application in Network Security

 FRESCO: Modular Compostable Security Services for Software-Defined Networks, NDSS13

Application in MiddleBox

 SIMPLE-fying MiddleBox Policy Enforcement Using SDN, SIGCOMM13

Application in Private WAN

 B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN, SIGCOMM13

 Achieving High Utilization with Software-Driven WAN,


SDN Research

Application in Data Centers

 Hedera: Dynamic Flow Scheduling for Data Center Networks, NSDI10

 ElasticTree: Saving Energy in Data Center Networks, NSDI10

 ServerSwitch: A Programmable and High Performance Platform for Data Center Networks, NSDI11

 zUpdate: Updating Data Center Networks with Zero Los, SIGCOMM13

 ElasticSwitch: Practical Work-Conserving Bandwidth Guarantees for Cloud Computing, SIGCOMM13

Application in Video Streaming

OpenSession: SDN-based Cross-layer Multi-stream

Management Protocol for 3D Teleimmersion, ICNP13


SDN deployment-Google Private WAN


SDN deployment-Google Private WAN


SDN deployment-Microsoft Private WAN


SDN deployment-Internet2



The "genes" of the Internet are openness and innovation.

The Internet has become a success becausethe excellent network architecture

supports the openness and innovation of network applications.

The driving force for transforming the network architecture is the ever-changing requirement. The Internet Plus era has put forward new requirements for the network core layer.

SDNis playing an important role in the new round network architecture transformation, and inherits Internet's openness and innovation at the network core layer.

The success of Internet applications is created by PC programmers.

The success of the network core layer in the Internet Plus era will be created by



SDN Research @ Tsinghua -- FINE Project

Project Overview

Project Research Progress



Joint SDN Research

Tsinghua-Stanford University (Since 2010)

• OpenFlow Extension for IPv6, SAV, etc.


• Inter-domain SDN

Tsinghua-China Telecom (Since 2014)


Tsinghua-Cisco (Since 2014)


Tsinghua-Huawei (Since 2011)

• SDN-IPv6/IPv4 transition / E-W interfaces

Tsinghua-Certusnet (Since 2014)

• Stateful Forwarding Abstraction

Tsinghua-HP (Since 2011)

• Scalability of controller

Tsinghua-Samsung (Since 2013)

• Flow rule conflicts

Tsinghua-H3C (Since 2013)

• Distributed controller

Tsinghua-DCN (Since 2011)

• OpenRouter: OpenFlow+ upgrade for legacy routers


Basic Information

Project Info.

Future Internet Architecture and INnovation Environment


Supported by China MOST High-tech Research and Development Program (“863” Program)

Approved in 2012, officially funded in 2013

Project Members

Universities/National Research Institutes: Tsinghua Univ., ICT Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), BUPT, SEU,PKU, China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR), PLAIEU, NUDT, XJTU, IOA of CAS, NIC of CAS, etc

Service Providers: CERNET, China Mobile, B-STAR (Broadcasting)

Vendors: ZTE, H3C, Huawei, Ruijie, DCN, etc.

Basic Information

Project Goals (end of 2015)

 A architectureto achieve an Open Experimental Environment

 New open devices, new software(NOS and virtualization platform)

 An experimental platformwith 10-20 networks (universities, carriers)

 Research on new network architectures or Innovations on IP protocols (as applications)

• New architectures: NDN/ICN, PTDN(New ITU-T standards), ADN (Address Driven Network), etc

• New IPv6 protocols: Intra-domain and inter-domain IPv6 source address validations, IPv6 new lD for trustworthy and mobile, Two-dimensional forwarding and routing, etc

Design Concept -



Forwarding Hardware A p p A P P A P P Forwarding Hardware A p p A P P A P P Forwarding Hardware A p p A p p A p p Forwarding Hardware A p p A P P A P P Forwarding Hardware OS OS OS OS OS A p p A P P A P P Netowrk OS

App App App

Traditional NetworkNew protocols rely on vendors to implement (long term) Traditional NetworkNew protocols rely on vendors to implement (long term) Oepnness 1Netowork Operating System provides global physical view and APIs Oepnness 1Netowork Operating System provides global physical view and APIs

Openness 1

Network OS

Openness 2Separation of control (Apps such as new arch / proto) and devices Openness 2Separation of control (Apps such as new arch / proto) and devices

Openness 2

Multiple new

Arch & Protocol Virtualization Platform

Openness 2Separation of control (Apps such new arch and proto) and devices Openness 2Separation of control (Apps such new arch and proto) and devices

Forwarding Hardware Forwarding Hardware Forwarding Hardware Forwarding Hardware Forwarding Hardware Network OS

App App App

Openness 3Virtualization platform and development tools for new Apps Openness 3Virtualization platform and development tools for new Apps Openness 4Enabling multiple data plane abstractions and open devices Openness 4Enabling multiple data plane abstractions and open devices

Openness 3

Virtualization Platform & Tools

Openness 2

Multiple new Arch & Protocol

Open Device Open Device Open Device Open Device Open Device Openness 1 Network OS Openness 4

Open Data Plane Abstractions


Proposed a Four-layerFINE(Future Internet iNnovation Environment) Network Architecture


Network Architecture


Open Data Plan Devices

Local View API Global Physical View API Logical View API AS-1 (Doman 1) DPA2 DPAn



AS-2 (Domain 2)







Open Data Plan Devices




Typical new network architectures

 NDN/ICN, PTDN (New ITU-T standards), Content Distribution Architecture, SOFIA

Typical new IP protocols

 Intra/Inter Domain SAV, ILNP, Next Generation Broadcasting, Two-dimensional Routing NDN VCP TUNOS CPF PTDN ILNP

ContentChannel OpenFlow+ Edge/CoreDev Other New Archs

Intra-Domain Apps Inter-Domain Apps casting


Project APPs for Experiments

TUNIE Portal

Virtualization platform


App A App B App C TopoA TopoB TopoC Open Devices




Platform and Usage


SDN Research @ Tsinghua -- FINE Project

Project Overview

Project Research Progress



Integrated Protocol: To takes place of SNMP/xFlow/Telnet in order to reduce the complication caused by multiple control interfaces with OpenFlow protocol.

Central Control: To get a global forwarding path and then resolve false positive of filtering information caused by asymmetric routing more than ingress filtering.

SDN APP #1 Demonstrated on


InSAVO: Intra-AS IPv6 Source Address Validation Solution with OpenRouter

Evolvable Deployment: To provide software-defined abilities by extending OpenFlow, but also give a tradeoff between existing hardware and evolution cost.


SDN APP #1 SDN based Mobility

0 2e+006 4e+006 6e+006 8e+006 1e+007 1.2e+007 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 T C P s equenc e Time ILNP PMIPv6 SDN-based 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 R TT( s) Time ILNP PMIPv6 SDN-based

TCP Sequence & RTT Throughput & Packet loss

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 0.5 1 T C P t hr oughput ( M bps ) Mobility frequency SDN MIP ILNP 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 0.5 1 Pac ke t l os s ra te ( % ) Mobility frequency SDN MIP ILNP Action Action

SDN Improvement #1:SFA


Jun Bi, et.al., Supporting Virtualized Network Functions 

with Stateful Data Plane Abstraction, IEEE Network Magazine

SDN Improvement #2: FlowInsight

“FlowInsight: Decoupling Visibility from Operability in SDN Data Plane”wins SIGCOMM2014 Student Research Competition SDN AS traditional AS SDN AS traditional AS SDNAS SDN-IP SDN Overlay SDX traditional AS traditional AS SDN IXP SDN AS SDNAS SDNAS All SDN

Inter-domain SDN

Three Stages

SIGCOMM13 demo


We-bridge: Today INFOCM14 demo IEEE ComMag, Feb. 2015


IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.53, No.2, pp190-197, 2015


WE-Bridge: Inter-domain SDN

Virtual View for Inter-domain Negotiation

CANS14 Demomulti-dimental fine-grained routinginter-domain service-specific

VIP flow selects another path Src = Dst = Udp port =100 Streaming Server1 Port 101 Streaming Server1 Port 100 (VIP port)

Client 2

Client 1

Link failure


is the new SDN EWBI




is the R&D project in China to support a

nationwide open environment for future

network innovation

In this project, we proposed and designed



Multiple data plan abstractions and open devices

NOS, VP, and Management System prototypes

Selected applications started to run on the


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