Top 5 Places You Must See on the Gangwon Wellness Tourism

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Top 5 Places You Must See on the Gangwon Wellness Tourism


YangYang International Airport

DongHae Hongcheon

JeongSeon PyeongChang


Chuncheon ITX



Manjong Station KTX

Jinbu Station KTX


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Seoul-Hongcheon Healience Seonmaeul

1hr 30min


Seoul - PyeongChang YongPyong Resort

1hr 40min

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Seoul - Donghae Mureung Health forest

3hr Jeon

Seoul-JeongSeon Park Roche Seoul-Wonju 2hr

Museum SAN Meditation Hall

1hr 20min Seoul

Incheon International Airport



Express Way Donghae Express Way

Gangneung Station KTX

Manjong Station KTX

Jinbu Station KTX

Gangneung Station KTX Chuncheon ITX



YangYang International Airport DMZ

Incheon International Airport Seoul

Republic of Korea Republic of Korea

One step away from Seoul!

Meet the beautiful day of your dreams

Only 1.5 hours, the closest distance from Seoul!

Meet in a flash the wellness tourism in Gangwon selected by the Korea Tourism Organization every year.

‘Wellness Tourism’ is a worldwide trending program which aims for health and healing through relaxing, spa, beauty, and health activities.

Directions to Wellness Tour


Heal your life in beautiful nature

One step away from the breathing sounds of green Mother Nature An armful of heart-embracing waves of forests and rivers

A place to relax in peace and let go of your tiring daily life Gangwon breathes dreamy days

Total travel time : 1hr 30min

Hongcheon Healience Seonmaeul

Seoul  Take Seoul-Yangyang Expressway  Arrive at Hongcheon Healience Seonmaeul [1hr 30min]

Total travel time: 2hr

Jeongseon Park Roche Resort & Wellness

Seoul  Pyeongchang Jinbu Station KTX [1hr 20min]  Arrive at Jeongseon Park Roche [40min]

Total travel time: 3hr

Donghae Mureung Health Forest

Seoul  Gangneung KTX [2hr]  Arrive at Donghae Mureung Health Forest[1hr]

Total travel time: 1hr 20min

Wonju Museum SAN Meditation Hall

Seoul  Wonju Manjong KTX [50min]  Arrive at Wonju Museum SAN [30min]

Total travel time: 1hr 40min

Pyeongchang YongPyong Resort

Seoul  Pyeongchang Jinbu Station KTX [1hr 20min]  Arrive at Pyeongchang YongPyong Resort [20min]


This resort helps the recovery of mental health by providing systematic exercise, scientific yoga, wellness diet, and running programs for cultural and artistic experiences. It also provides opportunities to experience emptying and filling through breathing techniques and meditation. With a spa in a natural setting and fitness, it is a perfect place for sound rest, contemplation, and recharging.

Wellness Club : Yoga, Meditation, GX Room, Fitness, Treatment room, Sleep research facility Sookam lab, Library Aqua Club : Indoor and outdoor spa, Sauna, Jacuzzi


Body Pool : Yoga (Baro, Surya, Refresh), Fitness (theraband, body balancing, foam roller, duo-ball)

Mind Pool : Arts and Crafts (stone mandara, pattern mandara, calligraphy, herbarium, flora therapy) Therapy (Healing Touch, natural movement, wellness cooking class) Spirit Pool : Meditation (Mindfulness, sound meditation, Sookam

meditation, breathing control therapy)


Jeongseon Park Roche Resort & Wellness

Discover new ego in a space of art and healing

9-12, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do | +82-33-560-1111 | InformatIon

• 2018 Wellness Tourist Attraction chosen by Korea Tourism Organization

• Place to breathe in the beautiful nature

Healing space : Garden Music Hall & Cafe, Red clay poultice, Natural Healing Spa (rock bath and carbonic acid bath)

Cultural space : Hyocheon Gallery, Hyocheon Hall, Choonha bookshelf (library)

Rest space : Forest star yurt, Sunhyang cave, Indian kiva, Chunjiin plaza

Kids space : Mini-zoo, Healing garden, Board games Other : Various trekking courses


High Life (Four good life habits), Immunity boost camp, Changing body, Harmony mandara, Healing cinema, Writing mediation, Natural Way, Music meditation, Chakra healing, Hologram meditation, Happy family camp in the forest.


Hongcheon Healience Seonmaeul

Let go of old habits and take back your healthy body and mind

You can learn four important habits – (exercise, living rhythm, diet, and mind) through a healing experience program set in nature. All programs are scientifically designed, easy to follow, and fun, so kids as well as adults can participate. It is a true healing center with not only trekking, exercise, and meditation, but also various programs for interacting with the nature, animals, and plants.

122, Jongjasan-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do | +82-1588-9983 | InformatIon

• 2017 Wellness Tourist Attraction chosen by Korea Tourism Organization

• Wellness Healing Center for recovering innate healing power


The Mureung Health Forest and Healing Camp site are located in Mureung Valley with Mt. Dutah and Mt.

CheongOk in the background. Numerous rocks and stunning views give off mysterious vibe as if they are hiding ancient mysteries and legends, and make you feel as if you are in heaven. Imagine a place with clean air, the sounds of water flowing, and birds chirping, fresh energy, and an eco-friendly camp site where you can enjoy a peaceful moment away from the complicated city life. It is Mureung Health Forest.

Theme experience (sericite room, red clay poultice room, salt cave, oxygen healing room, Tea meditation), Healthy natural diner, Health consultation room, Kids health activity room, Ecological park, Lawn, Cave trail, Mureung Valley Healing Camp (Standard 54, Special 8), and Amenities (bathroom, kitchen, shower)


Eco-bag, Eco T-shirt, and Eco-pouch making, Aroma therapy (dryflower, plaster air freshener making) Retinispora frame making, Retinispora pillow making, Natural soap and shampoo making, Heat therapy


Donghae Mureung Health Forest

Eco-friendly Healing Center for healthy lifestyle

455, Samhwa-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do | +82-33-530-2395 | InformatIon

• 2018 Wellness Tourist Attraction chosen by the Korea Tourism Organization

• Natural Healing Center for a healthy lifestyle • 2019 Wellness Tourist Attraction chosen by Korea Tourism Organization

• Mediation space with art, rest, and nature

Meditation Hall : A dome-shaped space for rest and meditation Museum : History of paper, Papercraft, Written records Art museum : Modern art exhibits and theme exhibition James Turrell Hall : Special exhibits of light and space Engrave crafting : Silkscreen engraving and so on

Garden : Flower garden, Water garden, Stone garden


Standing : Natural sound meditation, Rest meditation, Relaxing meditation, Singing ball silent meditation, Voice healing meditation

Natural meditation : Walking meditation, Moonlight meditation, Aroma meditation, Tea meditation, Detox meditation Art meditation : Self-portrait meditation, Writing meditation,

Journey-into-self meditation, Music meditation


Wonju Museum SAN Meditation Hall

Discover new ego in a space of art and healing

Museum SAN is a cultural space with the harmony of beautiful architecture and art in the arms of fast- changing nature. Designed by the world-famous architect Ando Tadao, it is a place where you can begin a journey into yourself through relaxation and meditation. Meditation program will help you let go of busy life and take a slow walk into your mind. You will truly relax in the combination of culture, art, rest, and freedom every step of the way.

260, Oak valley 2-gil, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do | +82-33-730-9000 | InformatIon


Pyeongchang YongPyong Resort

Get excited by healthy fun from the gift of nature

Mt. Balwang, the 12th highest mountain in Korea, is considered a mother mountain with an infinite number of life. Balwangsu(Balwang water) is a famous natural mineral water. YongPyong resort is surrounded by natural yew colony, mountain ash forest and Norway spruce forest. This resort provide all-season trekking, and is famous for being Korea’s first ski resort and main site for 2018 PyeongChang winter Olympics.



Outdoor Programs

- Kids camp in nature ‘with Balwangsan’

- ‘Seasonal healing tour’ for VIPs

- Healing at the summit (the best healing at the peak)

- Self-relaxation (pure relaxation for my own self)

- Backpacking at Mt. Balwang

- Queen’s walk at the palace (Healing experience at the peak of Mt. Balwang)

Indoor Programs

Meditation yoga, Crafts, Aroma healing, Nishi therapy, Medicinal herbal tea

715, Olympic-ro, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do | +82-33-335-5757 | InformatIon

• 2019 Wellness Tourist Attraction chosen by Korea Tourism Organization

• All-season vacation spot available for leisure sports, mountain climbing, and get-together

Accomodation : Dragon Valley Hotel, Condominium, Premium condominium, Hostel

Leisure Sports : Tour cablecar, Luge, Extreme leisure, Pool, Mountain trail, Walkpath

Waterpark : Wave pool, Flowing pool, Body slide, Snow adventure, Beach pool

Golf club : Birch Hill Golf club, YongPyong golf club, YongPyong 9 Ski/Snowboard : Lift, Ski/snowboard rental, All-season sleigh, Ski school F&B : Restaurants, Food court, Cafe&bar, and more




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