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A Monthly Publication of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church--Elgin, ND

Volume 33, Number 2 *Phone: 584-2902 * Email: zelc@westriv.com * February 2021





My Dear Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ,

8 We are afflicted in every way, but not

crushed; perplexed, but not driven to

despair; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck

down, but not destroyed; 10 always carrying in

the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be made visible in our

bodies. 11 For while we live, we are always

being given up to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus may be made visible in our mortal flesh. (2 Corinthians 4:8-11)

What an unbelievable year this has been! We have certainly been "crushed" and "perplexed" in 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Never in recent history have we been made to endure such challenges and loss. Riots and social unrest, worldwide pandemic, loss of life, loss of jobs, closing businesses, and the Capital building was invaded.

The pandemic forced us to consider what God requires of us, as Christians. Often, we are called to be counter-cultural and behave in a way that the world may not understand. In a time of division, we are called to unite. When our neighbors are hurting, hungry, or without a home, we are called to give them aid, regardless of their religion, party affiliation, or county of birth.

In a time of civil unrest, we are called to be peacemakers. When Peter cut off the ear of a high priest slave, in Matthew 26:52-53, Jesus says: 52 "'Put your sword back in its place,' Jesus said to him, 'for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53 Do you think I cannot call on

my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?'" (NIV)

During civil unrest, pandemics, and natural

disasters, Christians are called to be a sign of hope, peace, and reconciliation in the world. How we respond in these times defines us as Christians and as a church. The world is watching.

It has been my honor to walk with you and be your pastor during these most difficult times. There were times when the challenges seemed insurmountable. Providing worship and Bible study online and providing pastoral care when direct access was not permitted was incredibly challenging.

Still, with all the heartache, difficulties, and frustrations, there were moments of pure joy and delight. Officiating at several baptisms during the year, confirming three young adults, and watching the children's Christmas program online made me smile and gave me much happiness. The children, their families, and the Sunday School

superintendent helped remind us of Christmas's true meaning.

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Bishop Craig Schweitzer will lead us in worship on Sunday, February 7. Pastor Kate Dettmann, a former pastor at Hettinger and now living in Beulah, will lead worship the remaining Sundays in February.

Please watch bulletins and emails for information the regarding Ash Wednesday and Lenten


Identification statement: Zion Messenger, A Church Newsletter Published Monthly

February 2021

Contents not necessarily views of Zion ELC or members. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

400 2nd AVE NE Elgin ND 58533


Lenten Soup/Sandwich Suppers - When a

decision is made about Lenten worship services,

WELCA will decide if suppers will be served. Kitchen Floor - New floor covering has been purchased using proceeds from the 2019 annual dinner, and is currently being installed by Jim Zimmerman and Mike Theurer.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, March 2, at 4:30 pm.

Dear Brothers and Sisters …

(continued from page 1) Additionally, it was my honor to lead worship with some of the other pastors of Grant County at the Grant County Rodeo.

During this last year, I completed all but two of the classes needed for ordination, completed my Clinical Pastoral Education, and have worked closely with a mentor who then became my internship supervisor. I will look forward to the possibility of being approved for ordination in November of this year.

I believe during my time at Zion, I have offered my very best, although not perfect, efforts. Still, this did not seem to be what the congregation wanted or needed. Or perhaps, the reason God called me to this place had already been accomplished. Therefore, after much

consideration, discernment, and prayer, I submitted my resignation to the church council. It was a difficult decision, but I felt it was best for the congregation and me to take another North Dakota call.

I pray Zion will step out in faith and courage to follow God's call to be a Christ-light in the community and a welcoming, caring presence for those who the Spirit leads to this place.

You will always have a place in my heart and my prayers.

Your Sister,

Deacon Deborah D. Cantrell

We Welcome God’s Children

Sophie Jean Horst and Kolby Walter Horst were baptized on December 11, 2020. Their parents are Shannon and Erika Horst. Sponsors are Leslie Bartz and Mollie Gussiaas.

Billy James Koepplin was baptized on Saturday, January 16, 2021. Billy’s parents are Kasey Koepplin and Brittney Koch, and his sponsors are Douglas Koepplin and Priscilla Evans.

Tucker Darren Fetch and Vada Lucille Fetch, not pictured, were baptized on Sunday, January 24, 2021. Their parents are Ted Fetch and Megan VanLishout, and their sponsors are Kenny & MiChele McCoy.

We pray for these children and welcome them into the family of God and our church family.


Worship Assistants for January

In the event you are unable to be present, please switch with someone. Thank you!

February 7 February 21

Acolyte: Senora Acolyte: Jaden

Lector: Eric Lector: Mykenzie

Communion: Jill Communion: Joy

Organist: Gavin Organist: Lance

February 14 February 28

Acolyte: Sloan Acolyte: Kade

Lector: Yvonne Lector: Kaci

Communion: Steph Communion: Bridget

Organist: Elijah Organist: Virginia

The Teddy Bear Lady

Most of the people at Chicago’s Children’s Hospital did not know her name. They just knew her as the sweet elderly lady in the vivid red suit who wanted to make sure that every sick child had a teddy bear to hug and caress. She kept bringing the stuffed animals,

purchased with her own money, to give to ailing children. That is why she was simply called ‘The Teddy Bear Lady.’

Her name was Gladys Holm, a retired secretary for an insurance company, who lived alone in a tiny apartment in Evanston. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford better, although no one except her attorney and stockbroker knew she was quite wealthy. When she died at age 86, she had a portfolio worth over $18 million. She had never married and had no heirs. Her will simply directed that the bulk of her estate be given to The Children’s Memorial Hospital. Her gift was to go to medical research so that new methods of treating sick or disabled children might be developed.

The hospital authorities were absolutely shocked by the news. No one had the slightest idea that the tall happy woman delivering teddy bears to ailing children had such wealth. As they began to piece together more of her life’s story, they discovered something else. They learned that the gifts of teddy bears were really a ruse. She gave away teddy bears to learn more about the financial resources of the families of the children. When she learned that parents did not have hospitalization (insurance) or enough to cover medical expenses, she very quietly had taken care of their bills.

One wonders if Gladys Holm was simply putting into practice what the One known as the Great Physician had recommended: “When you give … sound no trumpet before you … When you give … do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your gift may be in secret …” (Matthew 6:2-4)

At the hospital’s memorial service for Gladys, someone had put a teddy bear on every chair.

What does love look like?

It has the hands to help others.

It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want.

It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.

That is what love looks like.


Offerings & Gifts - January

Undesignated Attendance January 3 January 10 January 17 January 24 January 31 $2,271 1,580 2,327 2,335 2,130 57 57 77 69 77

Total Undesignated $10,643 Avg Attendance: 67

Bulletins 20

Initial Ofrg Env 115

Memorials 50

Parish Education 180

Sun School/Conf 24 Avg SS/Conf Att: 11

Income & Expenses - Year to Date

Income Undesignated Other

$11,032 $10,777 $254

Expenses Budgeted Designated Funds

8,546 8,222 324

Income vs Expense


Thank You For Your Generosity

Our God is a gracious God who gives abundantly without reservation and whose generosity so often amazes and surprises us. When we do the same, sharing generously that which God gives us, we are also often amazed at the rich ministry that results. When your congregation shares a portion of your offering with the Western North Dakota Synod, it is called “Mission Support.” We want to share with you just a few snapshots of how that mission support is used and what your generosity means:

Lutheran Campus Ministry is alive and well

on our college campuses, reaching out to young people while they are away from home. Your offering supports campus ministry at Minot State University.

Congregations are being renewed by digging

deep to re-engage mission in their communities and beyond.

Taking a leap of faith by creating new


• That support for those from our synod who are

preparing for rostered ministry in our


That you support the education and faith

formation of our young people. The work of the synod staff is

supported: Bishop Craig Schweitzer,

Assistants to the Bishop - Sherie Heine, Faith Simonieg, and Deacon Beth Anderson, Communications - Carrie Bentley, Financial Specialist - Matthew Nygard, Synod Attorney - Murray Sagsveen, and Administrative

Assistant - Shelli Harsche Herman are always sharing the good news of what God is up to in our midst. Your synod staff is there for

congregations and their leadership no matter what the need is.

Not only have you provided financial gifts that make such vital ministry possible, but you have also taken seriously the call to discipleship and provided leaders to the synod and the church committees. For this we give thanks.

Faith Simonieg Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship and Generosity

What Was in That Box?

This is a picture of the gift we gave Deacon Deb at the annual meeting on Sunday, January 31, which was her last Sunday serving as our pastor.


Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

January 10, 2021

Present: Lance Ottmar, Stephanie Lince, Verrick Schock, Eric Friesz for Evan Friesz, Cindy Marxen, Aaron Friesz, Deacon Deb, and Virginia Rivinius. Absent: Quentin Pfutzenreuter, Clayton Zacher, Mason Zimmerman, and Tabitha


President Lance Ottmar called the meeting to order; followed by prayer led by Deacon Deb.

Secretary’s Report: It was moved by Eric and

seconded by Aaron to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: December income was

$11,904.08; expenses were $19,286.84. Stephanie moved and Cindy seconded to accept the

treasurer’s report. Consensus to pay Kev’s $404 bill for gas valve replacement and pilot hood at parsonage.

Deacon’s Report: Contacts with Dakota Hill and

Care Center residents as well as homebound continue to the extent possible. (Hard copy is on file.)

Correspondence: Thank you from Jacobson

Memorial Hospital Foundation for donation.

Committee Reports:

1. Finance - The committee presented the budget

developed for council to consider.

2. Parish Education – Has not met.

3. Property – Kev’s estimate for replacement of

section of pipe is $500, not knowing what will be found behind the wall. Nothing done on other pending items.

Old Business:

1. Status of Worship and Activities – No


2. Request that Zion Take Over Care of Pretty Rock Cemetery – (See Item 3 under New


3. Endowment – Committee has not yet met. 4. Non-Essentials Pantry – Deacon Deb is still

waiting to meet with the board and suggested that it be discussed at the annual meeting to get the congregation’s input.

New Business:

1. Nominating Committee Report – No names


2. Proposed 2021 Budget – It was suggested at

the Finance Committee meeting to find out the insurance premium with a deductible of $5,000. The premium would be $6,179, a savings of $292. The agent also quoted 90 percent protection with a $5,000 deductible at a $5,954 premium. Another option was to drop the $1 million umbrella liability policy with a $350 premium. Consensus of the council was to not change it as the additional liability coverage for that premium is

reasonable and would be easier to come up with the premium increase than the increased deductible amount. It was moved by Aaron and seconded by Cindy to approve the budget proposal as presented. Motion carried.

3. Annual Meeting – It was moved by Eric and

seconded by Stephanie to approve the agenda with the addition of the Non-Essential Food Pantry and the Pretty Rock Cemetery items. Motion carried.

The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer. Virginia Rivinius

Recording Secretary

Highlights from the Annual Meeting

The annual congregation meeting was held on Sunday, January 31.

New council members elected are Fred Eslinger, Marty Heid, and Ryan Rivinius. Lance Ottmar and Verrick Schock were re-elected for a second term to the council.

Nominating Committee: Mason Zimmerman, Evan Friesz, Robin Meidinger, Sara Friesz, Joy Ottmar, Shawna Ottmar, and Sara Friesz were elected. Mission Endowment Fund Committee: Glenn Rivinius was elected.

Synod Assembly Delegates: Kenny and Doris Friedt were elected.

The congregation approved the proposed budget of $116,993.

The greatest of these is

L o v e


“Bewa re of pr a cti ci n g you r p iety befo re othe rs in o rd er t o b e s een b y th em; for th en yo u ha ve n o r ewa rd f ro m yo ur Fa th er in h eav en. (M a tt h ew 6 :1 ) Si ste rs and br o thers in Ch ri st, Grace and pe ace to y o u in t h e n am e o f o u r Sav io r Jesu s! Fo r m an y o f us, t h e b egi n n in g o f t h e sixt h c h ap te r in the g o spel acc o rd in g to Sain t M att h ew m arks t h e b egi n n in g o f a sacre d and ho ly jo u rn ey thro u gh the s eas o n o f L ent . I m u st c o n fess, whene ver I h ear t h e wo rd s “p racti cin g yo u r piet y bef o re o th ers ” each A sh We d n esday , I g ig gle a li tt le. L u th er an s are not k n o wn f o r o u r b o ister o u s fa ith sh ar in g with o thers. The Gre ek w o rd in thi s vers e o f sc rip ture speak s o f “rig h te o u sne ss ” n o t “p iet y” in a lite ral un d erst an d in g o f t h e wo rd . And, h ere ’s t h e im p o rtan t p art, the warni n g in thi s ve rse spea ks of the m isu se o f o u r o wn rig h te o u snes s, ho w gre at we ar e o r t hin k w e are . M att h ew , and t h e seaso n o f Lent , gi ves u s a c h an ce to lo o k dee p ly in to that t ru th ag ain . Ar e m y actio n s and beha vi o rs c entere d o n m e? O r o n Go d ? Lent re o ri ents o u r life o n Go d . An d w h en w e spea k an d liv e o u t o u r faith with Go d ’s r ig h te o u sness at th e fo refr o n t, we , as L u theran Ch risti an s, h av e som et h in g to sa y. I pr ay t h at we are bo ld eno u gh t o say it an d no t ke ep it to o u rself . As m y c o lleagu e, Bish o p P au l Egen ste in er o f the M et ro Ne w Yo rk sy n o d , re cen tly s aid , “Go d is call in g us to fo llo w the e xam p le o f Jesus, to liv e the truth and p o we r o f t h e Go sp el, t o lo ve all pe o p le, and to c o n tin u e to se rv e G o d ’s chi ld ren to get h er. ” In o the r w o rd s, t o sh o w o th ers ju st h o w aw es o m e an d great G o d is an d to w o rry less abo u t sho wing o th ers h o w grea t w e are. M ay tha t b e central t o o u r L enten j o u rn ey t h is yea r! A M ESS AG E FR O M BIS H O P CRAIG A co u p le up d at es fr o m acr o ss the s yn o d – • I co n tin u e to we lc o m e invit ati o n s t o be w ith y o u r c o n grega tion – v ia Zo o m , v id eo , o r in -p erso n . I ’v e tho ro u gh ly enj o yed ge tting t o k n o w yo u and cele b ra te t h e m an y w ay s we sha re in the m in istry Go d ’s rig h te o u snes s is o n disp lay acro ss o u r sy n o d . • The rec ent ann o u n ce m ent o f t h e c lo sin g o f L u ther an S o cial Ser vic es o f N o rth D ak o ta was sh o cki n g t o m an y acr o ss the prai rie. We co n tin u e to h o ld all i m p act ed in prayer – m o st especi all y t h e p ro gram s, st aff, an d clien ts o f LSS N D . M ay the y be car ed fo r an d fi n d h o p e an d re n ewal in t h e d ays ah ead. • The sy n o d o ffi ces w ill al so b e in a tran siti o n v er y s o o n . Fo r m any years, t h e sy n o d o ffi ces h av e b een in L SS N D ’s Bis m ar ck p ro gra m cente r. We are c u rr ently lo o kin g f o r a ne w lo cati o n f o r t h e sy n o d o ffi ces . If y o u ha ve an id ea, please reach o u t to us ! • Syno d C o u n cil will b e m ee tin g in -p erso n o r v ia Zo o m o n Febru ary 1 9 -2 0 . P leas e h o ld t h em in yo u r pr aye r! • Than k yo u f o r y o u r M issi o n Su p p o rt in 2 02 0 ! Y es , M iss io n Su p p o rt was b elo w ex p ect ati o n s. B UT – Go d ’s rig h te o u sness co n tin u ed t o shi n e thro u gh o u r co llecti ve m in is try as sy n o d in c o u n tless way s. Than k yo u f o r bein g part o f t h is m in istry! • As we c o n tin u e to naviga te all t h at the wo rld has pres ented t o the chu rch and wo rld in t h e p ast year, we gi ve G o d than ks and prai se. It h as been a cha lleng in g tim e to be the c h u rch in t h es e d ays . Go d is with us. An d Go d ’s rig ht eo usness w ill co n tin u e to shi n e thro u gh the c h u rch int o a w o rld lo n gin g to see t h e refl ectio n o f Go d ’s g o o d n ess b ein g liv ed o u t thro u gh e ach o n e o f u s. Serving in Ch rist t o get h er, Bish o p Craig Ma rk Yo ur Ca lend a r: 20 21 Syn od As sem b ly Ju ne 4 & 5 a t t he Gr a nd H ot el in Mino t Res olutio ns mu st b e su b m itt ed b y Ma rch 31 , 2 02 1


7 Abbreviations A - Acolyte L - Lector C - Communion O - Organist AG - Altar Guild










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