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(3) ■. V,. : •• -VS. •. m:•.\. ?/" v.. - •< -. ■. : ■ •. •. . ' ;. '. .. -■. ■. ". -V. '. A. —V. .. -. -. v>:-.. r-. ?. ■>■■■. •. •. '. .:. -.


(5) ^. H^cc, \\QM<£Cj,. Monday, 3rd Tuesday, 4th Wednesday, 5th Thursday, 6th Friday, 7th Monday, 10th Tuesday, 11th. July. July. July. July. July. July. July.. Lots Lots Lots Lots Lots Lots Lots. 1 140 286 426 568 712 852. to to to to to to to. 130 285 425 567 711 851 964. ILLUSTRATED CORY—PRICE ONE SHILLING. JUco.. ni i.



(8) CONDITIONS. OF. SALE.. I. The highest bidder to be the buyer; and if any dispute arise between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, provided the auctioneer cannot decide the said dispute. II. No person to advance less than Is.; above five pounds 2s. 6d., and so on in proportion. III. In the case of lots upon which there is a reserve, the auctioneer shall have the right to Did on behalf of the seller. IV. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay down 10s. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchase-money ; in default of which the lot or lots purchased will be immediately put up again and re-sold. V. The sale of any lot is not to be set aside on account of any error in the enumeration of the numbers stated, or errors of description. VI. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer’s expense, imme¬ diately after the conclusion of the sale; in default of which Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & HODGE will not hold themselves responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If, at the expiration of Two Days after the conclusion of the sale, the lots are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the ex¬ pense, the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which they were bought. Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & HODGE will have the option of re-selling the lots uncleared, either by public or private sale, without any notice being given to the defaulter. VII. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the money required and deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited, and if any loss is sustained in the. re-selling of such lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re-sale shall he made good' by the defaulters at this sale. Gentlemen, who cannot attend this Sale, may have their Commissions faithfully executed by their humble Servants, SOTHEBY, WILKINSON & HODGE, 1 3, Wellington Street, Strand, London. Telegraphic Address: “ Ahinitio London.” Commissions. cannot. dndek. any. Telephone: .3852 Garrard.. circumstances. Telephone.. be. accepted. by.

(9) Scale of Sizes.. Scale of Mionnet.. THE CHARLES BUTLER COLLECTIONS.. CATALOGUE OF THE. VALUABLE AND EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF. COINS AND MEDALS OF THE LATE. CHARLES BUTLER, ESQ. of Warren Wood, Hatfield, and Connaught Place, W.. FIRST DAY’S SALE. GREEK COINS. Gold. lot. 1. Syracuse : Democracy of Timoleon ; EL, wt. 53-5 grs. ; laureate head of Apollo to left; omphalos behind neck; R. ZYPAKOZIHN,. Tripod lebes ; a very fine example and of excellent style ; from the. Thomas and Bale collections 2. [PI. I]. 1. Syracuse : Hiero II; N, wt. 66 grs.; Head of Persephone to left, with fillet of corn around head and wearing earring and necklace ; behind neck, bucranium ;. R I E PHNOZ {exergue),. Biga to right. driven by female charioteer ; in lower field, AF (monogram); an. unusually fine example and rare ; from the Thomas and Bale collections [PI. I] 3. Philip II of Macedonia: right;. N, wt. 132 grs.; laureate head of Apollo to. R <t>IAIPPOY (iexergue) ;. Fast biga to right;. below. horses, Nike Stephanophoros flying to right; fine and an uncommon. variety. \ B.

(10) 3//. •. 6. 6. First Day. /&. 2. Philip II of Macedonia:. fulmen beneath horses; very fine. 1. Philip II of Macedonia: N, wt. 132-5 grs. ; similar, but with trident &. 3 /«T. head beneath horses ; fine. s. SO. 1. Philip II of Macedonia: AT, wt. 130-5 grs.; similar, same adjunct as. •. last coin ; very fine. 6. -2-. 't'7->. Ar, wt. 132-5 grs. ; as preceding, hut with. Philip. 6. 1. II of Macedonia : AT, wt. 1 30-5 grs.; similar, cantharus beneath. -. horses; of unusual style, the rev. types imperfectly struck ; very. fine Philip. [PI. I]. 1. II of Macedonia: N, wt. 132 grs. ; similar, monogram (PAP). and star beneath the horses ; fine. /. / 6?. Philip. 3.. 1. II of Macedonia: AT, ivt. 132 grs. ; similar, but of very unusual K (monogram f) beneath the horses ; somewhat. style and with. worn 10. £. Philip. 1. II of Macedonia: N, wt. 132-5 grs.;. similar,. trident head. beneath the horses ; fine and rare. 11. o2-. Philip. 1. II of Macedonia : N, wt. 32-5 grs. ; Head of young Herakles. i>. to right; 14 Club, bow and cantharus, <t>IAIPPOY beneath Philip. II of Macedonia : N, wt. 10-5 grs. ; laureate head of Apollo to. right;. badly double-struck (<J>IAIPPOY between fulmen and. lion’s mask ?); the second coin rare. 6. 6. 12. Alexander the Great:. 2. Ar, ivt. 132 grs.; Head of Athena to right;. serpent on helmet;. AAEZANAPOY. -4 _. BAZIAE.QZ ; Nike. to left, holding banner-staff and wreath; in lower field, two mono¬ grams, HPY in wreath, and AX ; very fine ; from the Bale sale. tf. JL. &. 13. Alexander the Great: Ar, wt. 132 grs.; similar types, but without title on. 3. 14. so. ; adjunct, stag’s head to right; a rare variety, fine. 1. Alexander the Great : N, wt. 130'5 grs.; types as last coin ; with title BAZI AE.QZ ; two monograms in field (H P to left, M I to right);. fine Jl. 1. 15. L<3. Alexander the Great: Ar, wt. 132 grs.-,. 1 types as last coin;. without. title ; Zl (Sidon) in lower field to left and Phoenician (?) letter to left ; fine. 7 6>. SO. 16. 1. Alexander the Great: N, wt. 133 grs.; similar to last coin, but with monogram ( TK ) in field ; very fine. /2-. 6. 17. Alexander the Great: N, wt. 132 grs. ; similar types, a griffin on the helmet of Athena; the inscription arranged around field in front of Nike, some of the letters reversed ;. O in field to right; a. remarkable and very rare type-, of somewhat barbarous style. /<?/. £j& ■. 1. -trC^y. -.

(11) First Lay /o / /or. :. 5f_. 18 J4 BAZIAE .. AYXIMAXOY, Pallas Nikephoros seatec left; in field, lion’s head to left; a very fine and rare coin ; f. the Thomas and Bale sales 19. [PI. I]. Lysimachus, of Thracia : N, wt. 131 grs. ; similar to last coin, mil at Byzantion ; BY on throne, monogram ( BYH ) in field be. 1 7. /. /. /. Nike, and trident in exergue ; fine and an unusual variety; from. the Bale sale 20. [PI. I]. 1. Kings of Pontus : Rhoimetalkes; under Hadrianus ; El.,wt. 120 grs.; BACI A€ tOC POIMHTAAKOY, Diademed head of the King. ^. to right; 14 Laureate head of Hadrianus to right; beneath neck, date letters BAY = BLY (43 2 or a.d. 13o) , fine and i a*) e 21. 1. Kings of Pontus : Eupator, under M. Aurelius and L. Verus; El., wt. 119 grs. ;. BACIACtOC. £. GYIIATOPOC, Diademed head of. King to right; club in front; 14 Bust of M. Aurelius to right, facing head of L. Verus ; beneath, 0NY (= 459, or A.D.. 162);. fine and rare 90. 1. Kings of Pontus : Rheskouporis III, under Caracalla; EL, wt. 119'5 grs.;. /. /. ^. diademed head of King to right; sceptre (?) in front; J4 Laureate draped bust of Caracalla to right; beneath, Sl<t> (=516, or A.D. 219); fine and rare. 23. 1. Persia: N Dane, wt. 128*5 grs. ;. King to right, kneeling on right. knee; a spear in his right hand, and a bow in the left; 14 usual incuse ; fine and uncommon 24. 1. Persia : N Dane ; wt. 127-5 grs. ; similar to last coin, but not so well spread. 25. o2. 1. Bactria: Bazodeo (Vasu Deva) ; N, wt. 123 grs. ;. POONOPOOB. /JA. OSOOSOVOBONO; King standing to left, swastika between feet; 14 OKPO, Siva and bull.. And a smaller Coin, wt. 29 grs. ;. with similar types ; the first coin very fine and from the East Lidia. Co.’s Museum and the Spar/ces collection *26. 2. Egypt: Ptolemy I ; large N, wt. 274'5 grs. ; diademed head of Ptolemy. -. Soter to right; 14 BAXIAEC1Z PTOAEM AIOY. Eagle to left, standing on fulmen ; in field to left, XT and monogram ( AP ) ;. extremely fine and rare-, from the Nortliwick and Bale collections [PI. I] 27. 1. Egypt: Ptolemy I; N, monogram. (zn ?). 275'5 grs.;. similar to last coin,. only in field of 14 ; very fine and rare B 2. but with 1. /d. /sr.

(12) a*, /3.. 4. First Day. 23. 28. Egypt: Ptolemy II and Arsinde II. with. Ptolemy I and. Berenice;. N, wt. 428'5 grs.; jugate heads of Philadelphia and his Queen to right; above,. AAEA<t>f2N ; in field to left, monogram ( AP) ;. £ Similar heads of Soter and his Queen to right; above, ©EI2N ; in field to left, spear head ; a very fine and unusually well spread. example of this rare coin ; from the Thomas, Edmonds and Bale collections 2. /<z. 6. 29. [PI. I]. 1. Egypt: Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II with Ptolemy I and. Berenice;. N, wt. 213‘5 grs.; types as those of last coin, but of smaller size ; a shield behind the head of Philadelphia, no adjunct on 14; fine. and rare. 6. '. 7. ^. 30. 1. Egypt: Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II with. Ptolemy I and. Berenice;. N, wt. 212 grs. ; of same size and with same adjunct as last coin ; fine and rare. 7. 31. /$•. Egypt: Arsinoe. 1. II ; N, wt.. 426'5 grs. ; head of the Queen to right,. wearing ornamented diadem and veil ; the ends of a sceptre shown above the head and in front of the. neck;. 14 APXINOHZ. <t>IAAAEA<t>OY, Double cornucopia of fruit; each branch tied with a broad fillet; of very fine style but slightly worn //. /a. 32. Egypt: Arsinoe. II. another specimen, wt. 428 grs.;. ;. [PI. I] 1. K behind the. head of the Queen ; very fine, but of poorer style than preceding ; l. from the sale of Subhi Pasha /J1. 33. fine /&. [PI. I]. 34. Egypt: Arsinoe II; another, wt. 425'5 grs. ; extremely fine. -. 35. Egypt: Arsinoe II; another, wt. 430 grs.; extremely fine. 6. 36. Egypt: Arsinoe II; another, wt. 430'5 grs. ; fine. 37. Egypt: Arsinoe II; another, wt. 429 grs. ; slightly worn. 38. Egypt: Arsinoe. s\ p. another, as last coin ; wt. 428‘5 grs. ;. Egypt: Arsinoe II;. d". II. ; another, wt. 423‘5 grs. ;. a finer and more realistic manner;. the portrait rendered in. very fine; from the sale of. Subhi Pasha. 39. •. 23. 1. III; E, ivt.. Egypt: Ptolemy. 428'5 grs.;. bust of Euergetes to right,. wearing radiate diadem and aegis and with trident sceptre over shoulder; 14 PTOAEMAIOY. BAZIAEI1Z, Cornucopia with. pendant fillet; a radiate arch over the top ; in lower field, AI ;. fine and very rare. Jj£. 40. Egypt: Berenike right;. 14. II. ;. [PI. I]. 1. A7", wt. 428 grs. ;. BEPENIKHX. veiled bust of the Queen to. BAZIAIXXHZ,. Cornucopia tied. with a broad fillet, both ends of which hang down to right; fine. and very rare ; from the sale of Lord Ashburnham. ■. t. /*3. 6>.. [PI. I]. 1.

(13) 5 41. First Day 3fj. / 3. f //. Cyrene : N, wt. 133 grs.; liorses prancing; in i. style, fine and rare tzSe^Y, 42. 43. c. 70. 1. [PI. I]. 1. Cyrene: N,wt. 133grs,. types as last coin ; the figure on ]> of smaller size and name XAlPIOi. written from left to right rare 1. 7. KYPANAION, Nike drivi ng < luadriga to right ; \}, POAIANOEYS, Zeus Ammon standing to left, hold. Cyrene: N, wt. 133 grs. ;. 6. S'. ing sceptre and patera; before him, thymiaterion ; very fine anc rare [PI. I] ]. 7? >£F7,. 44 Three silphium plants arranged around a central pellet. Smaller N coins (2), wt. 13 and 8'5 grs. ; API, Head of Zeus Ammoj. /. right; Head of Cyrene facing ; or Head of Zeus Ammor right; p, Head of Cyrene to right ; all uncommon <?Fc __ /. 45. ■. Carthage: El. Distater; wt. 160'5 grs. ; Head of Persephone to 1 b- Horse to right; in field above, rayed disc between uraei; very fine and rare 1. 46. Carthage: El. Stater. ; wt. 113 grs. ; Head of Persephone to left;. 14. .. Horse to right. And two small Siculo - Punic Ar, wt. 15 and 13 grs. ; date palm ; ]£ Horse’s head to right; all fine 3 y.. 47. False Greek A7”; wt. 406 grs. ;. with inscription SHTHPA and. KAAAH TYXH AITHPTOY 48. halse Greek N (2); wt. 205 grs.; one of Hiero II of Syracuse, the other, of Panormus, with J& Horse and legend rANOPMOS 2 SPAIN. 0. TO. c2-. 1. /. /. 7. <L>'~. ITALY.. Silver.. 49. Cose: Celtiberian Drachm ; Male head to right ; 14 Horseman to right, leading second horse and carrying branch. Massalia: Drachms (2); Head of Artemis to right; ft MASS A ; lion to right; one of the last pieces very fine 3. 50. Herakleia, Lucan; ZR Stater ; Head of Athena to right; a figure of Skylla, carrying a rudder, on the side of the crested helmet; 14. PHPAKAEIdN {traces only), Heraldes strangling the lion; in field to left, long club and cockle shell; very fine, hut not well centred [PI. I] \. 7 / (d / ■ / ^ ■. (3.

(14) / . /J.. 7. 6. First Day 51. Hyria, Camp : Al Stater ; Athena head to left, owl and olive branch on helmet ; V behind neck ; £ ANIHV, Campanian bull to right. Hyele ( Velio) ; Al Stater ; Athena head to left; p, . • VHTC2 . Lion to left; beneath, <1>.. Kyme, Camp ; Female head to right;. 14 NOIAMYK, Mussel shell and corn grain ; none very fine. or. /a. *. 52. 3. Kaulonia, Brutt: Early At Stater ; KAV/\ Nude male figure (Apollo?) to right, a branch in the right hand, a small winged figure on the extended left fore-arm ; in the lower field to right, stag ; 14 similar to obv. but incavo ; very fine. or. A2-. 7. 53. Kroton, Brutt: Early At Stater; ?. 1. PO, Tripod lebes ; £ Similar to ;. obv. but incavo ; an extremely fine example. /S. 54. ■. [PI. I]. 55. / 7. 1. Metapontion, Lucan-. Early At Staters (2); META, ear of bearded corn ; 14 as obv. but incavo ; both fine. A.. 7^'. 9. Metapontion, Lucan : Early At Stater, as in last lot.. Another; HeadA of Persephone to right, crowned with corn, a pendant veil at back of head ; 14 M ETA, ear of bearded corn ; a filleted branch on leaf to left. 7. '. 56. ^. Neapolis, Camp : At Staters (2); Female head to right; one with bunch of grapes behind head ; 14 Campanian bull, crowned by flying Nike; traces of legend in exergue.. Nola : At Stater; Athena. head to right; owl and olive branch on helmet; uncertain letter behind neck; 14 NIlAAinN, Campanian bull to right. 4^. 'j &. 57. 3. Nuceria Alphaterna, Camp : At Stater; Youthful head to left, a ram’s. -. horn on side of head; around, inscription in Oscan characters; 14 One of the Dioskouroi(?) standing by side of horse to left; a fine example and rare. 2-. */■. 58. [PI. I]. 1. Poseidonia, Lucan : At Staters (2) POMES, Poseidon to right, hurl¬. A. ing trident; 14 POMES, Bull to left, cockle-shell beneath; the second piece with similar types 7. /y. 59. 2. Rhegion, Brutt: Al Tetradrachm ; Lion’s head facing ; 14 REC I NOS {retrograde), Aged Demos seated to left ; a crooked staff in his right hand, a patera in his left; beneath the seat, a bird ; the whole within a laurel wreath ; very fine and rare. 60. [PI. I]. 1. Rhegion, Brutt : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; a sprig of olive, with berry, to left of lion’s head ; very fine and very rare [PI. I] 1. /o. /o-. 61. Rhegion: Tetradrachm ; Lion’s head facing; 14 PH FI NON, Laureate head of Apollo to right, the hair turned up closely to the head ; behind neck, sprig of laurel; of very good style, fine and rare. [PI. I]. /. /(o. 1. T.

(15) First Day 62 J ■//*. Romano-Canipanian Didrachms (5) ; with head of Ares to left, and R. 1. ^. ROMANO, Horse’s head to right (3); with head of Roma to right, and $> ROMANO, Nike with long branch of laurel (2) ; some fine 63. 5. Sybaris, Lucan : Early JR Stater-, VM over bull standing to left, the head turned back to right; ft same type, incaw, very fine. 7. /to .. /. /. /. //. 1. 64. Sybaris : As last coin ; the letters in exergue ; very fine. 65. Thourioi, Lucan : Distater ; Head of Athena to right, Skylla on helmet; behind neck, A (A1?); R 0OYPI.QN, Butting bull to right ;. 1. zz. •. in exergue, fish. And Stater, obv. Athena head to right, the helmet bound with laurel wreath ; £ ©OYPII2N, Butting bull to right; the larger coin rare, but not fine 66. C). Taras, Calab : Staters (5), with obv. Horseman, IJ Taras on dolphin ; varied symbols and letters in field.. ! *. 3. Drachm, obv. Head of Athena,. R Owl on capital. Brettioi : Drachm ; Head of Nike to right; R BPETTI.QN, Youthful hero crowning himself 7 SICILY. 67. Akragas : Tetradrachm ; AKPAG ANTOX, eagle with closed wings, to left; R Crab 1. /. 68. Gela : Tetradrachm-, C EAAZ, Fore-part of man-headed bull to right ft Quadriga to right, the horses crowned by flying Nike. And a. cT-. <H. -. /. 3. •. Didrachm, with similar obv. type, and hurling spear ; the last coin fine 69. Leontinoi :. Tetradrachm-,. Nude Horseman to right,. AEONTINON and four. corn grains. arranged around lion’s head to right; R Quadriga to right, the horses crowned by flying Nike ; fine and uncommon 1. J? .. /£ v. 70. Leontinoi: Tetradrachm; similar to last coin ; fine and uncommon. 1. 71. Leontinoi: another specimen, very fine. 1. 72. Leontinoi:. Tetradrachm-,. laureate. head. of. Apollo. to. right; R. AEONTINON, Lion’s head to right, four corn grains around ; of good style, very fine and uncommon [PI. II] 1 73. Leontinoi : another specimen, as last, but not so fine. /4. Messana: Tetradrachm-,. 1. ' oZ 6>. J 1. JZ-. / ZL. MEXZANION, Hare running to right. ' '. /6. •. 7. &. sprig of olive beneath : 1^ Mule car to right ; above, Nike flying to right and crowning the mules. And a Didrachm of Leontinoi, obv. Lion’s head and corn grains ; £ Horseman to right; the first coin an uncommon variety ; the second much oxidised 2. /'. -.

(16) DDjiy. y. S*. /o. f. 8. First Day 75. Messana : Tetradrachm ; MEXZANION, Hare running to right; in field beneath, dolphin to right; It Messana driving mule car to right; over the reins, Nike running to right and crowning the nudes ; in exergue, laurel leaf and berry ; very fine and rare. [PI. II]. s<2- 'O. 76. 1. Naxos : Tetradrachm ; Head of Dionysos to right, bearded and wear¬. ('Te-o -. ing wreath of ivy ; the hair rolled up and knotted at back of head ;. it NAXION, Nude Silenus seated on ground and holding cantharus ; the head turned to left; of very fine late archaic style ; in very good preservation and very rare [PI. II] 1 /D-. 77. Naxos : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; reverse not so well pre¬ served. s-. 78. [PI. II]. T C'f> —. 1. Naxos : Tetradrachm; Head of bearded Dionysos to right, wearing broad diadem, ornamented Avith ivy leaves; It NAXION (traces only), Nude Silenos seated on ground to front, raising a wine cup with his right hand, and holding a thyrsos in his left; to left, ivy plant; of very fine style and extremely rare-, the surface damaged by cleaning. P. S'. 79. [PI. 11]. 1. Selinos : Tetradrachm ; ZEAINONTION ( retrograde), Apollo and Artemis in slow quadriga to left; the latter driving the horses, the former loosing an arrow from his bow ; It XEAINOX, the youth¬ ful river-god Selinos standing to left, nude, a branch of laurel in his left hand, and a patera in his extended right; in field before him, altar of Asklepios with cock at foot; behind, selinon leaf and Ioav altar with figure of bull; of good style, icell preserved and. 1. rare. 7. 80. Selinos : Tetradrachm ; similar to preceding, but of slightly earlier style, and in better preservation [PI. II] 1. 81. Syrakousai:. preservation 82. /«.. Tetradrachms (2); Litrai (2); the large coins in poor. Syrakousai:. Medallion,. 4 by Evainetos; XYPAKOZIHN, Head of. Persephone to left, wearing wreath of corn leaves; around, four dolphins ; near the lower edge, traces of artist’s signature ; £ Fast Quadriga to left; above, Nike holding a wreath and flying to crown the charioteer ; in exergue, prize armour ; an extremely fine and well-spread example of these magnificent coins /i+S*. 83. 1. Syrakousai: Medallion, by Evainetos ; another specimen ; very sharply C—/i struck, but not so well spread as preceding. f-. [PI. II]. [PI. II]. 1. <rX-^x-. -.

(17) 9 84. First Day. Syrakousai: Another example, without the artist’s signature; a scallop shell behind the neck ; very fine and valuable. [PI. II]. JLJ\. 1. —06*. —. 85. Syiakousai: Medallion; similar to preceding coins, but much damaged by careless cleaning j. L/‘. Ao. 86. Syracuse.. r.h/. ■ / </-.. S. /. Stater, of Corinthian types issued during the dominancy. S. of limoleoti, ZYPAKOZIXIN, Head of Athena wearing Corin¬ thian helmet; 1/ Pegasos to left: surface patched with oxide, but very fine ’ j -. 87. Syracuse.. Agathokles:. Tetradrachm; Head of Persephone to left,. crowned with corn leaves; around, three dolphins; below neck,. 7. Nl; & EjYPAKOZIHN, Al {exergue); Fast Quadriga to left; above, triquetra; very fine and rare [PI. II] \ 88. Syracuse.. Agathokles: Tetradrachm; as last coin ; also very fine. 89. Syracuse.. Agathokles : Tetradrachm ;. 1. KOPAZ, Head of Persephone. 4*-\ JZ. 7. 3#. to right, the long flowing hair bound with a wreath of corn stalks ; !v ATA0OKAEIOZ, Nike erecting a trophy; in field to right, tiiquetra; an extremely fine example of this beautiful coin [PI. II] ‘ j Syracuse. Agathokles: Tetradrachm, of African issue; types similar to last coin, but of coarser execution ; the hair tied en queue ; very fine j. /. Syracuse.. Agathokles; another specimen, as last; fine. 1. 4^. Syracuse.. Agathokles; another ; fine. 1. /. Syracuse.. Agathokles; another; fine. 1. 3. Syracuse. Philistis: JR, wt. 217 grs. ; Veiled head of the Queen to left ; behind neck, filleted branch of palm; $ BAZIAIZZAZ. S. /. 7. ^ 11. 90. &. <J>I AIZTIAQZ, Slow Quadriga, driven by Nike towards right; beneath horses forefeet, A : very fine and rare l 95. Syracuse.. Philistis: JR, rot. 204 grs.; type as last coin; Plemochoe. behind head; the horses galloping to right; preserved and rare (. 96. Syracuse.. Z in field; well. Hieronymos : JR, wt. 112 grs.; Diademed portrait head. to left, 14 BAZIAEOZ IEPI2NYMOY, Winged fulmen ; between the wings; very fine and rare 97. I Jz. Nl 1. Siculo-Punic letradrachms : Head of Persephone to left, crowned with corn leaves; four dolphins around ; Horse’s head to left; date. 7. palm in field to right and “am machanat,” in Phoenician letters, beneath , of fine style and probably the work of a Syracusan en-\ graver, fine and rare ' 1. 7o7 /.. . <7.

(18) /& <6> /.. £; 7. *z.. 4-. <C, 4. 7. 98. Another : with similar types, but of coarser execution ; extremely fine and rare. 4. J2-. 3. 10. First Day. 4. [PI. II]. 1. 99. Another: as last. f ,u. 100. Another : similar. 1. 101. Two others : one with similar head of Persephone placed to right; the second with obv. Head of youthful Herakles to right, wearing lion’s scalp ; both well preserved GREECE.. 4. cZ. 102. Aigina: Early M Staters (4), and Drachms (2); all with obv. Tor¬ toise ; 14 Five irregular incuses arranged in square, or shallow incuse of five divisions ; mostly rather worn. 31. 103. 6. Aigina: Staters (2); Tortoise, the shell with natural markings; 14 Shallow incuse of five divisions; both rather fine. 104 r. Ainos:. Tetradrachm;. 2. Head of Hermes facing, wearing petasos;. p, AIN ION, Goat to right; in field to front, lyre ; the head' in unusually high relief; in fair preservation and rare. 6. /3. 105. '. Ainos : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; the head in lower relief ; a corn stalk (?) before the goat; fine and, very rare. 106. J6. 1. [PI. II]. 1. Akanthos, Maced.-. Tetradrachm; Lion seizing a bull; in exergue, PO ; in upper field, small P ; 14 AKAN0ION on broad border around a quadripartite square ; the whole type shown in a shallow incuse ; of exceedingly fine style ; very fine and very rare [ PI. II] 1. 63. 107. Athenai : Tetradrachm ; Head of Athena to right; 14 AOE, Owl to right, the head facing; in upper left-hand corner, sprig of olive with berry and crescent; of archaic style; a very fine specimen [PI. II]. 6'. '1. /. 4. 44. /. 108. 1. Athenai: Tetradrachm-, as last coin ; and equally fine. [PI. II]. 1. 108a Athenai: Tetradrachms (3) ; of similar style to preceding coins, but of somewhat later issue 3 109. Athenai : Tetradrachms (4); as last. 4 <3. 110. Athenai: Late Tetradrachms (2); Head of Athena wearing tripleplumed helmet; 14 AOE, AHMH, IE PH; Owl on amphora ; the whole within an olive wreath ; or 14 AOE . AAMHN, XnXI KPATHX, KPITHN and adjunct quiver ; both fine 2. /o. 111. Athenai:. Tetradrachms (2);. similar to. last pieces;. 14. AOE. AHMHTPIOZ . ATAOIPPOZ and helmet of Dioskouroi ; or 14 AOE. APEAAIKHN, TOPriAZ, API”E and griffin; both very fine. //fS, 3. . ^. 2. ^.

(19) First Day //j-j. 11 112. £. Elis: Stater; Head of Hera to right, wearing broad Stephanos orna¬ mented with palmettes ; 14 FA and fulmen in crown of wild olive ;j very fine and rare. 113. 3 .. [PI. Ill]. 1. Epirote Republic: Didrachm ; Jugate heads of Zeus Dodonaios and Dione to right; in field to left, <t>l ; 14 APEIPX2TAN, Bull. V:. rushing to right; the whole within an oak wreath ; very rare and hi fair preservation [PI. ill] 1 114. ST. Korinthos: Staters (3); Helmeted head of Athena to left; 14 9, Pegasos to left (2) or right; obv. adjuncts, Forepart of horse, dol¬ phin and fillet, or term and monogram ; one has the Pegasos hobbled and standing, to right. And a similar coin of Lenkas in Acarnania ; three fine 4. 115. Larissa: Drachm; Head of nymph, facing; £ AAPIZAIflN, Horse grazing to right, flower beneath. Maronea: Late Tetradrachm ;. 3. AIONYZOY XT2THPOZ MAPHNITHN, Dionysos to left. Varied small iR. of Aigina,. Head of Dionysos to right; 14. Arcadian League, Thasos, &c. (13) ; some fine 116. Sikyon: Stater-, Chimaera to left; Dove in wreath ; I in field ; fine. 15. ZE beneath, wreath above;. 1. 117. Thasos : Early Staters (2) ; Nude Satyr kneeling to right and carry¬ ing off nymph ; 14 Quadripartite incuse ; both of very early style and fine 2. 118. Thasos: Late Tetradrachms (4); Head of Dionysos to right; J4. V. HPAKAEOYZ ZHTHPOZ ©AZILIN, Herakles standin to left; varied monograms, &c. in the field ; two very fine 119. Thasos : Late Tetradrachms (4) ; as in last lot. KINGS OF 120. MACEDON, THRACE AND. S'. 14. 4. /. f. /. /. 4. P/EONIA.. Philippos II : Tetradrachm ; Laureate head of Zeus to right; 14. 3. <t>IAIPPOY, Nude youth on horseback to right; a long branch of laurel in his right hand ; beneath horse, upright fulmen ; in exergue,. N; of excellent style and very fine. [PI. Ill]. 1. 121. Philippos II : Tetradrachm; similar to last coin ; the fulmen hori¬ zontally placed ; very fine 1. 3. 122. Philippos II: Tetradrachm ; as last; very fine. 1. 3. 123. Philippos II: Tetradrachm ; another. 1. 124. Philippos II : Tetradrachm ; as before ; the head of varied treatment; very fine [PI. Ill] 1. //. 2.. <3. J2~. . / (o .. •. ^.

(20) //. First Day. 4. *. /. 12. /3. 125. Philippos II: Tetradrachm ; similar, but with cantharus beneath horse’s body ; very fine [PI. Ill] 1. /. 126. Philippos II : Tetradrachm ; Aplustron and P beneath horse. three Tetrobols : obv. Apollo head to right; ft Horseman. /?. 127. cxLo. And 4. Alexandras III : Tetradrachms (6); of usual types ; four without title ; adjuncts aplustron and PO (mon.); monogram and star; M I, mono¬ gram in wreath and arch (?); A, torch and bee; two with title BAZIAEPIS, anchor,. ^ and P ; or M and AY in field of. reverse; two very fine 128. /. 6. Alexandros III : Tetradrachms (6); four without title, A, torch and star or figure of fighting Pallas in field ; two with BAZIAE.QZ, BAI and Ml (monograms), or monogram in wreath and AX in field ; two very fine. 129. Alexandros III :. 6. Tetradrachms (6) ; rudder, caduceus and mono¬. gram, terminal bust or vase (?) and monogram in field; one with BAZIAEHZ and P. M. and monogram in field of reverse; two very fine 6 130. Alexandras III:. Tetradrachms (6); in field of rev. figure of Aphro¬. dite and NO ; trident, M and monogram; monogram over large, M ; three with BAZIAE.QZ, and two monograms in circles, cornucopia, or monogram in wreath and M I in field ; two very fine 6 131. Alexandros III : Tetradrachms (3) ; in field of rev. wreath and AI ; bee and AY, or two monograms ; all with title.. And three others. of posthumous issue, with helmet and KE {mon.), AP {mon.), or monogram and bee, in field of reverse ; some very fine /. /. 131. 6. Alexandros III: Large Tetradrachms of posthumous issue; palm, AP (Arados) and —A ; Pegasos leaping to left; helmet, MA and APO (monogram) ; helmet, A A and TOP {monogram) in field of reverse ; all uncommon 4. /j". 133. Alexandros III: Tetradrachms (3), as in last lot; 0E and mono¬ gram of Odessos in field ; vase between ivy branches; or helmet, A A and KO; all very good 3. /S\. 134. Alexandros III: Drachms (10), of usual type and with varied rev. adjuncts; all fine. /£ / 7. 135. Alexandros III : Drachms (15). 136. Demetrios Poliorketes:. 10. 15. Tetradrachm-, Diademed portrait head to A. right with bull’s horn ; ft BAZIAEHZ AHMHTPIOY, Nude Poseidon to left, resting on trident, his right foot on rock ; in field, two monograms; of good style, very fine and rare. /XX/. /Cf- .. [PI. Ill]. 1. —.

(21) 13. First Day. 137. Dcmetrios Poliorkctes : Tetradrachm ; similar to preceding coin ; the monograms in outer field ; very fine and rare [PI. Ill] 1. 138. Dcmetrios Poliorketes : Tetradrachm-, of similar type to preceding coins, but varied in style, and with one monogram oidy in field of reverse; fine 1. 139. Dcmetrios Poliorketes : Tetradrachm ; with older and more charac¬ teristic portrait head; monogram (AY in circle) behind figure; very fine, and a rare variety [PI. Ill] 1. /X3/ . /0 . 6>.

(22) 14. SECOND. 7. LOT 140. •. DAY’S. SALE.. Antigonos (Doson ?) : Tetradrachm; Head of Poseidon bound with wreath of sea-weed; 14. BASIAEflS ANTITONOY,. ^. Ar. r. .. ft. Nude. Apollo seated on prow to left, a how in the right hand ; in exergual field, monogram ; fine and rare. *2. 141. V. [PI. Ill]. 1. Antigonos (Doson?) : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin, but not so fine. 1. x7 /. 142. Antigonos (Doson ?): Tetradrachm ; as before. ■. 143. Antigonos (Gonatas ?) :. /. Tetradrachm ; Head of Satyr in centre o. BASIAEPIZ ANTITONOY,. Macedonian shield ; 14. Athena. charging to left; in field, helmet and monogram (HA), fine /. 144. /?. Antigonos. (Gonatas?):. c*-. 1. Tetradrachm ; another; varied letters in. field. 145. /S'. Antigonos Gonatas : Tetradrachms (2) ; as preceding coins ; one with. chipped- edge. 7. 146. 6'. 2. Philippos V : Tetradrachm ; Head of Perseus to left, placed in centre of Macedonian shield ; 14 BAZIAEP2X. <J>IAHinOY, club and. three monograms ; the whole within an oak wreath ; in outer field, near tie of wreath, a club ; very fine and very rare //. 147. //>. [PI. Ill]. 1. Perseus: Tetradrachm-, Diademed portrait head of king to right; 114 BAXIAEX1Z. PEPSEHZ,. Eagle. standing on. fulmen. to. right and three monograms; the whole within oak wreath ; in outer field, below tie of wreath, traces of plough; very fine and. rare •. A5". 148. [PI. Ill]. Perseus : Tetradrachm ; as last lot; varied monograms in field ; very. fine and rare /SI. 6. 149. 1 [PI. Ill]. 1. Perseus : Tetradrachm ; similar to preceding coin, but with varied. monograms, and with star beneath tie of wreath; very fine and rare S'. 7f- /f.. 150. Perseus : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; fine and rare. 1 1. 2. *.

(23) Second Day. 15. 15L. Macedonia:. Roman. Domination;. Tetradrachms (2);. donian shield with head of Artemis to right in centre; AONRN. Another ;. head of Alexander the. R MAKE. obv. MAKEAONHN, Deified. Great to right,. 0. behind. neck ;. AESILLAS Q, club, money-chest and seat, the whole. R. within. 2. wreath ; both very fine. 152. Macedonia : Tetradrachms (2) ; as in last lot; both fine. 2. -r. 153. Macedonia: Tetradrachms (2) ; as before, one very fine. 2. E^L~w/£. 154. Kings. ^T—. of. /TTiT •. Mace¬. rPHTHZ, club and monogram in wreath ; beside tie. of wreath, fulmen.. i. . /tf.. Paeonia.. Patraos :. Tetradrachm ; Laureate beardless. /. /. Sc). head to right ; behind the neck, axe head (?) with broad blade and curved spike at back ; 14 PATPAOY, Paeonian horseman, armed with spear, riding down Macedonian hoplite ; very fine and a very. rare variety 155. [PI. Ill]. ]. Audoleon : Tetradrachm-, Head of Pallas facing ; R AYAOAEON. /cZ. TOZ, Hoi \se to right ; in field between legs, monogram ( AY);. very fine and rare 156. £ZSC. Kings of. Thracia.. 1. Lysimachos: Tetradrachm ; Deified head of. /. Alexander the Great to right, diademed and with horn of Zeus Ammon ; 14 BAXIAEL2X. AYXIMAXOY, Pallas Nikephoros. seated to left; in field, monogram (PAP) ; in exergue, meander ;. 1. of small module, fine and uncommon 157. —■>—t—. Lysimachos : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; monogram (HPA) in field, and meander in outer field to left; very fine. 158. [PI. Ill]. 3. 3. ^. ■. 1. Lysimachos: Tetradrachm ; similar to preceding coins but of larger size and varied style; statue (?) of Ephesian Artemis and crescent in field to left and monogram (IL1) in exergue ; very fine [PI. Ill] 1. -. 159. Lysimachos: Tetradrachm-, as last coin; racing torch and bee on rev.,. 6. 7. &. the whole design within border of dots ; very fine and a rare variety [PI. Ill] i. 160. Lysimachos : Tetradrachm ; similar types ; a line of five dots over the extended right arm of Pallas ; lion’s head to left in field; mono¬ gram (An) on side of throne ; very fine. 161. Lysimachos:. Tetradrachm;. [PI. Ill]. l. similar types; lion’s head, monogram. (APKE) and terminal statue in field to left : a second monogram (MOA) in exergue; very fine. 162. \. Lysimachos: Tetradrachms (2); one with PYPA {mon.) and racing torch in field ; the other with <t> only ; both fine. '(b. 2. /2?- /y . £.

(24) •. /y.. b. Second Day. /\/6. 163. 16. Lysimachos : Tetradrachm; similar types; caduceus in field to left and monogram. /. 164. '</■. (KA "?) in outer field to right; very fine. Lysimachos: Tetradrachms {2): similar types ; each with two mono¬ grams in field of rev. ; fine. 165. /S. 1. 2. Barbarous imitations of Coins of Tliasos, Philip II, Alexander the Great, Lysimachos, &c. ; Tetradrachms, &c. (6), Drachms (8). 14. ASIA MINOR TO AFRICA. REGAL AND AUTONOMOUS COINS {in alphabetical order). 166. S. Antiocheia, Syria (?) : M. Antonius and Kleopatra; ANTLONIOC AYTOKPATCOP TPITON TPIWN ANAPWN, Head of M. Antony to right; it BACIAICCA. KAEOPATPA 0EA. NebOTGPA, Draped bust of the Queen to right wearing broad. [PI. IV]. 1. 167. Antiocheia, Syria : another specimen. 1. 168. Antiocheia, Syria : another, not so fine. 1. 169. Antiocheia.. diadem ; fine and rare. J /. /to. -—. Imperial HI of Augustus; JtETOYZ HK NIKHZ,. Antiocheia seated, the Orontes at her feet ; a copy of the celebrated statue by Eutychides ; very fine 170. Antiocheia.. 1. Imperial HI Tetradrachms of Nero and Vespasian. And. an Alexandrian HI of Tiberius with Augustus, and Didrachm of Nerva with it EAEY0 AHMOY. /O. 171. 4. Arados : Stater ; Laureate head of Melkarth to right; It Galley and waves.. Drachm ; obv. Bee, rev. APAAII2N, Stag and palm.. And Tetradrachm ofl ate issue; Tyche head to right; It APAAI1LN, Nike to left; date letters, &c., in field. 3. /6. 172. Arados : Tetradrachms (2), as last coin in preceding lot ; fine. '9. 173. Arados : Tetradrachms (2) of similar types ; both fine. 174. Aspendos, Pampli.: Ht Staters (.3) ; Two athletes, wrestling; between X. JD \/2-. 2. them, KE, AK, or EZ ; itEZTFEAMY, Slinger, standing to right; in field triskelis, or triskelis and club ; all fine. 7. 175. 5~. Bactria.. 3. Euthydemos : Tetradrachm ; Diademed portrait head of. king to right; it BAZIAEHZ EY0YAHMOY, Nude Id erakies to left seated on rock, a club supported in his right hand and resting on a pile of rocks placed in front ; in field to right, PHA. (mon.) ; very fine and rare 176. <7 / £>. /&. *■. p. 6. .. [PI. IV]. 1. Euthydemos: Tetradrachm, similar to last coin ; in lower 1 field of rev. AIP {mon.) ; very fine and rare. Bactria.. ~. /S.

(25) *. Second Day /fy. 17 Bactria.. <?. £. Euthydemos: Tetradrachm ; another, of similar type and. style to preceding ; the right foot raised and resting on rocks ; of. someivhat barbarous style but a very rare variety > v< S*. '. >. 178. /A/. Bactria.. Euthydemos:. Tetradrachm ;. similar to. [PI. IVj preceding,. 1. S'. but. without the pile of rocks before the figure ; the club rested upon the right knee of Herakles, the anvil-like seat covered with a lion’s skin ;. ™. KP (man.). in field ; of good style and in fine preservation 1. 179. Bactria.. Euthydemos: Tetradrachm-, similar to last coin ; fine. 180. Bactria.. Euthydemos : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coins but end. 1. «r. /' o\. of club rests on centre of right thigh of Herakles; same mono¬ gram ; oxidized but fine and rare. <7fL^7~fiC. 181. Bactria.. 1. Euthydemos : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin ; the por¬. trait older and very realistically treated ; same monogram field; very fine and very rare Bactria.. fine 183. Bactria.. (KP). [PI. IV]. /. in 1. Euthydemos : Tetradrachm ; as last coin, but not quite so [PI. IV]. /v. 1. Demetrios : Tetradrachm ; Draped bust of king to right;. the head covered with an. AHMHTPIOY,. elephant’s scalp;. ft. 4^. BAZIAE17Z. Youthful Herakles to front, crowning himself. with ivy-wreath ; club in his left hand and lion’s skin over left fore-arm;. in field. KP {mon.); very fine and extremely rare. [PI. IV] Bactria.. 1. Antimachos I: Tetradrachm ; Draped bust of king to right,. diademed and wearing kausia ; ft. MAXOY,. BAZIAET2Z 0EOY ANTI-. Poseidon to front, draped ; a palm branch in his left. hand, a trident in the right ; in field to right, ON {mon.); very. fine and extremely rare 185. Bactria.. [PI. IV]. 1. Antimachos I: Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin but of. *7. coarser style ; the ends of the king’s diadem formally disposed ;. KP 186. Bactria.. in field of rev. ; extremely fine and very rare. [PI. IV]. 1. Eukratides: Tetradrachm ; Draped bust of king to right,. wearing diadem; £. BAZIAEIPZ EYKPATIAOY,. /X. /. The Dios-. kouroi on horseback to right; beneath horse’s forefeet, <!> ; of good. work and style ; very fine and rare 187. Bactria.. 1. Eukratides : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin but with. KP {mon.) Bactria.. [PI. IV]. beneath horse’s forefeet; also fine and rare. Eukratides : Tetradrachm ; similar to preceding coins ;. so. 1. '7. A. /o /. in right field of rev. and HA {mon.) beneath horse’s forefeet; very. fine and rare. [PI. IV]. 1. c. 7>. -. /S. -. ^. ..

(26) ^J. /<5. £ Second Day. s. /S. 189. 18. Bactria. Eukratides : Tetradrachm; Draped bust of king to right, dia denied and wearing petasos-like helmet with crest and with bull’s horn on side: £. BAS IA EHZ MET AAOY EYKPATIAOY,. the Dioskouroi on horseback to right; beneath horse’s fore-feet PAN (mon.) : fine and very rare 190. 77. Bactria.. [PI. IV]. 1. Heliokles : Tetradrachm ; Draped bust to right, wearing. diadem ; £. BAXIAEUZ HAIOKAEOYZ AIKAIOY, Zeus. facing, wearing himation ; fulmen in right hand, sceptre in left; in field wreath (1 monogram); of good style, extremely fine and very rare 191. S'-. 7. Bactria. gram. 192. [PI. IV]. Heliokles : Tetradrachm ; as preceding coin ; in field mono¬. (AH K) ; equally fine and rare. Bactria.. [PI. IV]. 1. Heliokles : Tetradrachm ; as last coin but the monogram on. rev. varied. '?. 1. (AHKP); struck from a faulty obv. die, the rev. ex¬ 1. tremely fine. /(b. 193. Bactria.. Heliokles;. Tetradrachm; of similar type but of coarse. style ; PA (mon.) in field of rev.. And Obols (4) of Eukratides,. with helmeted head (3) or wearing diadem, and £ Bonnets of Dios¬ kouroi and two palm branches ; all fine. //. 194. Bactria.. 5. Azes : Tetradrachm with bi-lingual inscriptions ; obv. King. on horseback, rev. Zeus with fulmen and sceptre.. And Drachms. (3) of Antimachos and Menander ; all fine 195. /2-. Bithynia.. 4. Nikomedes II: Tetradrachm ; diademed portrait bust to. BAXIAEnX. right;. EPKhANOYZ. NIKOMHAOY,. Zeus to left, holding wreath and sceptre ; in field, eagle, mono¬ gram, and date letters /. ^. 196. Bithynia.. TOP. Nikomedes II:. TP P, fine. &. so. 197. 1. Tetradrachm, as last coin, but dated 1. Byblos : Shekel (?), reign of Ainel; Galley with three warriors to left; beneath, winged hippocamp to left;. Lion attacking bull ; traces. of inscription in upper field, and ankh between legs of lion. Half Shekel (?) of Sidon ; Galley at foot of city Avails ;. And King. contending Avith lion ; both rare but not very fine 198. x7. Cappadocia.. Ariarathes IX : Tetradrachm ; Diademed head of the. BAZIAEflZ APIAPA0OY EYZE BOYZ <j>l AOP ATOPOZ, Pallas Nikephoros to left; in upper field, P; in loAver field, A ; very fine and extremely rare. young king to right; £. [PI. IV]. Fy 7. ^•. 6. .. 1. '^C.

(27) 19. Second Day. 27-. -<. 199. Alexandras IV : Tetradrachms (2); Youthful head to right, covered with elephant’s scalp, ram’s horn on side of head; IJi,. /. Egypt.. <?■ ^. /. AAEZANAPOY, Pallas, armed with spear and shield, charging to right; in field, XA (mon.), helmet and Ptolemaic eagle, or A04> {mon.) and eagle ; both fine 2 200. Egypt.. Alexandras IV: Tetradrachms (2), as in last lot; one with. /. /S'. /. to. three monograms (AT, flA, AO<l>) and eagle in field, the other with AO<l> {mon.), aplustron and eagle ; both fine, the last a rare variety 2 201. Egypt.. Ptolemaios I: Tetradrachm; Diademed head of Soter to right;. 14 BAXIAEm nTOAEMAIOY, Eagle to left, standing on fulmen; KE in field. And Tetradrachms (2) of similar type but of later date, and reading PTOAEMAIOY XHTHPOX ; all fine, the first uncommon 3. >z?| 202. Egypt.. Arsinoe II: Octadrachm ; Diademed head of the queen to. right, veiled; 14 APXINOHX copia; ; rare but not fine ,. ■LvT. /V. AAAEA^OY, double cornu¬ 1. 203. Egypt. Arsinoe II: Octadrachm ; another, as last, and in similar condition 2. 204. Egypt.. /. Ptolemaios V (Epiphanes): Tetradrachm ; obv. Diademed por¬. trait head bust to right; rev. BAXIAEfiX PTOAEMAIOY, Eagle to left, standing on fulmen ; in field H and Nl ; very fine and rare 2 205. Egypt.. Berenike II; Didrachm; Head of Queen to right; rev.. ^7^. BEPENIKHX BAXIAIXXHX (traces only) and club within apple (?) wreath. And Didrachm of Ptolemaios VI (?); obv. Youthful. 7x7.. head. to. right, with. attributes. of. Dionysos;’ rev.. PTOAEMAIOY BAXIAE.QX, Eagle to left; both rare 206. Egypt.. 2. Tetradrachms (4), with types of Ptolemy I, but of later date ;. So. •. one with n B in exergue ; the others struck at Paphos, with LKB and nA in field; two very fine q Galatia.. Amyntas :. Tetradrachm; Head of Athena to right;. $4. £. BAXIAEI2[X].AMYNTOY, Nike flying to left, sceptre in right hand ; fine and rather rare 2 Galatia. Amyntas : Tetradrachm, as in last lot, but with monogram in field of obv. and IB on rev.-, very fine and rare [PI. V] 1. v?. 7 ^. Shekel of the third year of the First Revolt; obv.. 3. <5'. Jerusalem :. ^Shekel of Israelchalice and date letters. “Year 3”; rev.. Jerusalem the Holy,” Lily stem with three flowers ; well preserved and rare ^ c 2. ■. x . &.

(28) ^Lza. Jl 3. x. o. 77 3. 20. Second Day 210. Jerusalem : Shekel of the fourth year of the First Revolt; types as last coin, but with varied date letter, fine and very rare. 211. 1. Jerusalem : Half Shekel of the first year ; types as last coin, but with varied obv. legend (“ Half Shekel”) and date letter, very fine and very rare. 3 TcT. 212. [PI. V]. 1. Jerusalem: Half Shekel of the second year ; similar to last coin, date letter varied, very fine and rare. 3. 7. 3. 213. 1. Jerusalem : Half Shekel of the third year ; similar to preceding coins, date letter varied, very fine and rare. 7. •H 7. 214. 1. Kelenderis, Cilic: Stater-, Nude horseman to right;. KEAEN,. Goat to right, the head turned back to left; of very fine style and rare, but not well struck 215. 1. Kyme, Hoi.: Tetradrachm ; Diademed head of Kyme to right; ft KYMAiniM, MHTPO<t>ANEX, Horse standing to right, vase beneath raised forefoot; the whole within a wreath of laurel leaves ; very fine atid rare. 3 /<?- C>. 216. Kyme. 1. : Tetradrachm, as last coin, but with name of KAAAIAZ ;. very fine and rare. 3 so. •. 217. 1. Kyme: Tetradrachm-, another, with name of. XEYGHX; the vase. placed on ground beneath body of horse; of unusually good style and rare. 3 /o. 218. [PI. V]. 1. Kyrene : Tetradrachms (2) ; Head of bearded Zeus Ammon to right; three letters in field ; ft Silphium plant; the second coin of similar types, but with the head of Zeus to left; both rare but not fine. >3. v1. 219. 2. Kyrene: Didrcichms (2) ; Head of youthful Zeus Ammon to right; ft KYPA (incomplete), Silphium plant and small cornucopia. And a Tetradrachm of Barke ; obv. Head of bearded Zeus Ammon to right; ft BAPKA . ., Silphium plant; the last coin very rare 3. 220. '. Myrina, TEol.: Tetradrachm; Head of Apollo to right, wearing dia¬ dem and laurel wreath;. MYPINAI.QN, Apollo Gryneus to. right, holding wreath with diadem attached ; at his feet, omphalos and amphora;. in field to left, monogram (KAO; the whole. within a laurel wreath ; fine and rare. -. 221. Myrina: Tetradrachm ; of similar types but with varied monogram. (PA), very fine and rare. cZ-. -. 3~. 2-. 9- ^. •. _L 3.. 1 1. 222. Myrina: Tetradrachm-, another, monogram (EX101) in field of rev.,. 223. Myrina : Another, with monogram (AYI) on rev., very fine and rare 1. A,.

(29) 21 Parthla.. Second Day. 1. j. =. //-a. Mithradates II. S'. >. U BAZIAEIII METAAOY APZAKOY EPI<t>ANOY|Z arranged in a square around a figure of Arsakes, to left, seatei omphalos and holding bow; in lower exergue, TY ; extre'i fine and very rare [PI. Vj Parthia.. Mithradates II:. \ /. :. Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin,. ifo. with palm branch placed by side of name APZAKOY; the rev. badly centred, parts of the inscription wanting ; extremely 9 and very rare [PI. V] Parthia. Base JR Tetradrachms of Gotarzes, Yolagases I, Pacoru and Volagases III (2). Drachms (6), of varied kings; me fine 11. /. Eumenes I (?): Tetradrachm; Head of Philetairos right, wearing twisted diadem and wreath ; ]£ Pallas seatec left, shield in front; behind, <t>lAETAIPOY ; in field, ivy and bow ; on throne, A ; fine and uncommon. 3. Pergamon.. Pergamon.. Attalos I (?) :. /. Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin. 7. fine and rare Pergamon.. [PI. V]. i. Attalos I (?), another specimen, as last coin but with. •. bunch of grapes instead of ivy leaf on reverse, very fine and rare 1 Pergamon.. Attalos I, as last coin, fine and rare. Pergamon : Cistophoros ;. 1. o2_. Cista Mystica ” in wreath of ivy leaves and. berries ; £, Bow case between two serpents; above, 4>l, P PY ; to left, PEPT {monogram)-, to right, Staff of Asklepios. And a Cistophoros with obv.. m. antonivs. imp. &c.,. Antony and Octavia; between two serpents. p,. Pergamon (?) : Cistophoros-,. in.. vir. r. p. c,. Jugate heads of M. Statue on cista placed 2. M. antonivs. imp. &c.,. Diademed head. /. of M. Antony to right; the whole within wreath of ivy leaves and beri'ies; p, ill. vir. (r. p. c), Head of Octavia and cista between two serpents ; very fine and rare [PI. V] 1 Mithradates VI : Tetradrachm ; Diademed portrait head the king to right; p, BAZIAEUZ MI0PAAATOY. Pontos.. of. EYPATOPOZ, Pegasos to left; in front, crescent and star; behind, B and monogram ; the whole within a wreath ; very fine, and very rare. [PI. V]. ' ‘. T. -I—--. /O.

(30) /Sdf ■ '7. <f>. Second Day. /c. /f. 234. Pontos.. 22 Mithradates VI: Another Tetradrachm, with similar obv., but. with rev. BAZIAEI2Z. MI0PAAATOY. EYPATOPOX.. I A, Stag grazing to left; before it, crescent and star, and mono¬ gram; behind, AKZ; the whole within wreath; of very fine style, and in very good preservation [PI. V] 1. /. /V. 235. Pontos.. Mithradates VI: Another, similar to last specimen, but. with date letters EKZ, and B in lower field ; also very rare. /,/r. 236. Ehodos, Car. : Tetradrachm ;. Radiate head of. 1. (fls^. Helios, facing;. POAION, Rose and bud ; in field, prow and magistrate’s name, AMEINIAZ, an unusually well-spread coin 1. !. AS '. Y? / 3. 237. Rhodos : Another specimen, struck from different dies ; very fine. 1. 238. Rhodos : Another ; very fine. 1. 239. Rhodos: Another; not so fine. 1. 240. Side, Pamph.: Tetradrachms (2); Helmeted head of Athena to right; R KAEYX, Nike Stephanophoros flying to left; in field, pome¬ granate ; both fine 2. * "7 / /V. 241. £. Smyrna, Ion. : Tetradrachm ; Turreted head of Tyche to right; ZMYPNAiniM, HPAKAEIAHZ, Lion to right; oak wreath around ; fine, and very rare [PI. V] 1. ,. 242. Syria.. Seleukos. I:. Tetradrachm-, Head of youthful Herakles to right. wearing lion’s scalp ; 14 BAZSAEUZ ZEAEYKOY ; Zeus Aitophoros seated to left ; monogram in field and beneath throne (APE and PYP) ; very fine and rare 1. 243. Syria.. Antiochos I: Tetradrachm-, Diademed portrait head to right;. R BAXIAEP2X ANTIOXOY, Apollo seated on omphalos to left; an arrow in his right hand, the left resting on the top of a bow; in field, two monograms (H<|>M and A.QYE); very fine, and with excellent portrait [PI. V] 1. / /TL. 244. Syria. Antiochos I: Tetradrachm; as in last lot, but with varied monograms (AP and OXYH) ; fine 1. /S'. 245. Syria. Antiochos I: Tetradrachms (2) ; of same type, and with same monograms as last coin 2. 246. Syria.. J. •. Antiochos I : Tetradrachm-, types as preceding coins; AP. and H<t>M (monograms) in field; a fine and unusual portrait. 247. /*-. Syria.. 1. Antiochos II : Tetradrachm, minted at Alexandria Troadis ;. BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY, Apollo, with bow and arrow, seated on omphalos to left ; in exergue, horse grazing and two monograms (MYX and HMY) ; very fine, and very rare [PI. V] 1. Portrait head to left, wearing winged diadem ;. //^ 3. / ,5"..

(31) 23 Syria.. Second Day. y. Antiochos II (?): Tetradrachm ; Diademed portrait head to. /O. /S '. /O. right; V BAZIAEV2Z ANTIOXOY, Apollo seated on om¬ phalos to left; in Held, beneath right arm, owl; a fine widespread coin, and a very rare variety [PI. V] 1 Syria.. Antiochos III: Tetradrachm ; Diademed head to right; IJi. BAZIAEC2Z ANTIOXOY, Apollo seated on omphalos to left; in field to left, monogram (AEA). Another, with varied portrait head and monogram; the first coin very fine Syria.. Antiochos IY:. 2. Tetradrachm; Diademed head of king to. 3. BAZIAEI2Z ANTIOXOY 0EOY EPI4>ANOYZ N I KH4>OPOY, Zeus Nikepho ros enthroned to left; to left, monogram (MIP ); a very fine specimen, and rare [PI. VI] 1 right; £. Syria. Antiochos IV : Tetradrachm ; as in last lot, but with varied monogram, 4>E (?) ; very fine 1. /. Syria. Antiochos IV : Another ; AI4> (?) in monogram on rev.; fine and rare 1. /. Syria.. /. &. Syria. Antiochos V : Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin, but not so fine ; very rare 1. /. /. Syria.. /. 7. £. Antiochos V: Tetradrachm; Diademed head of king to right;. /a. BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY EYPATOPOZ, Zeus Nike¬. phoros seated to left; monogram in field to left (Al<|>) ; very fine and very rare ; plugged [PI. VI] 1. Demetrios I:. Tetradrachm; Diademed head to right; p,. BAZIAEHZ AHMHTPIOY, Tyche seated to left holding cornucopia and short sceptre; in field to left, monogram ANT; very fine. 1. Syria.. Demetrios I : Tetradrachm ; as last coin ; very fine. Syria.. Demetrios I : Tetradrachm; similar, but with varied mono¬. gram on rev. vation. 1. /. /. A /6y. (AEK ?), and of different style ; in excellent preser¬ i. Syria. Demetrios I: Tetradrachm ; of similar types to preceding coins, but with varied monogram, and with title ZflTHPOZ to left; an unusually fine example 1 Syria. Demetrios I: Tetradrachms (2); one with title of placed in exergue. And a Drachm, £* Cornucopia Syiia.. Alexander I:. ZI2TH POZ 3. Tetradrachm; Diademed head to right; p,. BAZIAEUZ AAEZANAPOY 0EOPATOPOZ EYEP-. A /. Zeus Nikephoros seated on throne to left; in exergue, TiP and monogram (HPAK); fine and rare \. /7y/-. /s~..

(32) V-. /. /S--. Second Day. -. 261. Syria.. 24 Alexandras I: Tetradraclm, minted at Berytos ; Diademed. head to right; R BAZIAEX1Z AAEZAN APOY, Eagle to left; in field, trident, l~ZP, and monogram ; fine and uncommon. 6. 262. Syria.. 1. Antiochos VI: Tetradrachm; Radiate diademed head of the. young king to right; R BAZIAEI2Z. ANTIOXOY. EPI-. 4>ANOYZ AIONYZOY, The Dioskouroi charging to left; in field, names TPY(phon) and ZTA(phylos), monogram and date letters 0.Z.P; extremely rare [PI. VI] l. 3. •. 263. Syria.. Antiochos VI : Drachms (2) ; obv. type and rev. legends as. last coin; rev. type, Apollo seated to left; one very fine-, rare 264. 4. Syria.. --. 2. Demetrios II : Tetradrachm, first reign ; Youthful diademed. BAZIAEHZ AHMHTPIOY 0EOY 4>lAAAEA<|>OY NIKATOPOZ, Apollo seated on omphalos head to right;. $. to left; in field, palm branch, monogram and aplustron ; in exergue, 265. Syria.. HZP and ZI AX! ; very fine and rare. 1. Demetrios II : Tetradrachm, second reign; Diademed head. to right with heavy beard; R_HMHTPI[OY],. -. 0EOY.. NIKATOPOZ, Zeus Nikephoros seated to left; two mono¬ grams in field and date letters (SPP) in exergue ; extremely fine. [PI. VI]. /o. 266. Syria.. 1. Demetrios II: Tetradrachm and Drachm of same period as. preceding; both with bearded head and similar rev. type 267. /O. Syria.. 2. Antiochos VII : Tetradrachms (2); Diademed portrait head. BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY EYEPf~ETOY, Pallas Nikephoros to left; O - A at sides of figure and monogram (AIA) to right;. 9,. in outer field to left; the whole within wreath. The second piece of similar types, but with TA at sides of Pallas 2 /<+. 268. Syria. Antiochos VII: Tetradrachm-, as last coins, but with 4> behind figure of Pallas and AI and A to left; a very fine coin 1. 7. 269. Syria.. Antiochos VII : Tetradrachm, minted at Tyre ; Diademed. BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY, Eagle to left, IE PA. AZY, EP (■mon.), and date letters IOP; very fine 1. head to right; R. standing on rudder; in field, monogram of Tyre on club,. cJ-l. //. 270. Syria.. Kleopatra with Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachm ; Jugate heads. BAZIAIZZHZ KAEOPATPAZ ©EAZ KAI BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY,. of the Queen, veiled, and her son to right; ft. Zeus Nikephoros seated to left; in field, two monograms and date letters. Bd P ; fine and very rare; the rev. slightly double-struck. [PI. VI] _L. /r.. _L. !. _. ■-.

(33) 25. Second Day //■ / f. N. Syria. Antiochos VIII: Tebradrachm ; Diademed youthful head to right; it BAZIAEI1Z ANTIOXOY EP l<t>ANOYZ, Nude Zeus to left holding sceptre and star; upon his head a crescent ; in field, M ; the whole within wreath ; very fine 1. --ry-.. Syria. Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachm ; similar to last coin; and N in field ; very fine. IE, A. Syria. Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachm ; as before, but with and O in field, and K on tie of wreath ; very fine. IE, A. Syria.. 1 1. ~2 /TT. Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachm, with older portrait, and p,. BAZIAEI2Z ANTIOXOY EPI<J>ANOYZ, Zeus Nikephoros seated to left; in field, IEPA and AIO (man.); the whole within wreath ; very fine. 1. 275. Syria. Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachms (2) ; as last coin, but second monogram formed of letters AI only; both fine 2. 276. Syria. Antiochos VIII: Tetradrachms-, similar; beneath throne ; both fine. r.277. AI (mon.) or A. Syria. Antiochos IX: Tetradrachms-, Diademed with slight beard, to right; p BAZIAEI2Z. portrait. head,. ANTIOXOY <J>I AOPATOPOZ, Pallas Nikephoros to left; in field AIO {mon.), A and small O ; fine and rather rare 1. 278. Syria.. Antiochos IX : Tetradrachm ; as last coin ; fine. 279. Syria.. Philippos :. Tetradrachm ;. Diademed. head. 1. to. right;. p. /. BAZIAEI2Z (MAIPPOY EPI<|>ANOYZ <I>IAAAEA <l>0[Y], Zeus Nikephoros seated to left; in field KPA {mon.) and KA ; a very fine example. \. 280. Syria. Philippos: Tetradrachms (2); similar to preceding coin ; AI {mon.) beneath throne; one with ANTX {mo?i.) in field, one very fine. 281. Syria. Philippos: Tetradrachms (2); both with {mon.) in field. 282. Tarsos, Cilic: Stater; Head of Arethusa facing; p Helmeted male. ANTX and Al. head to left; in front, names of the Satrap Datames in Aramaic characters; very fine [PI. VI] j. oA—. 283. Tarsos: Stater of Datames; as last coin, but with p type shown to right 1. (284. lyios. Tetradrachm-, obv. Laureate head of Tyrian Herakles to right; p. TYPOP IEPAZ KAI AZYAOY ; Eagle to left, the right claw on prow ; in field, Ai, club, Z, and Phoenician A ; very fine and well spread 285. '. ^. /S'. /. Tyros: Tetradrachms (2); types as last coin, varied letters in field ; both very fine J. /Xo. -. //. _.

(34) 26. THIRD DAY’S. SALE.. ROMAN GOLD COINS. LOT. 286. 3. Republic : Small Electrum Coin ; Janiform female heads ;. 14. Jupiter. in fast quadriga driven by Victory to right; struck at Rhegium, b.c.. 276 (.Babelon i,. 23, no.. 26);. unusually fine. and rare. [PI. VI] c2. 287. 1. M. Junius Brutus : N Stater struck in Thrace : Brutus between two lictors, all walking to left; in field,. BR in monogram ; in exergue. KOZI2N ; ft Eagle to left, holding wreath ; very fine and rare 1 288. //. Manlia-Cornelia : Aureus ; L. MANLI. pro. ft L. SVLLA.. IM,. q. ; Head of Rome to right ;. Sylla in triumphal quadriga to right; above, Vic¬. tory flying towards left and carrying crown ; (Bab. 3); extremely fine and very rare [PI. VI] 1. /. 289. //. Imperial Series.. Julius Caesar:. Aureus-,. c. CAESAR. COS. ter ;. Veiled head to right; ft, A. hirtivs. pr, Lituus, vase and axe ; fine and uncommon 1 /?. 290. SO. Julius and Octavius: Aureus;. C. CAESAR. DICT. PERP. PONT. MAX.,. Laureate head of Julius Caesar to right; 14 c. AVG;. Head of Octavius to right;. very fine. and very. [PI. VI]. /?. /6. 291. &. CAESAR. COS. PONT.. rare 1. Julius and Octavius: Aureus; similar to last coin, but from varied dies; well preserved and very rare; part of the rev. legend not shown [PI. VI] 1. 6. ~. /. 7. £. 292. Augustus : Aureus ; Bare head to right; 14 AVGVSTVS, Capricorn with globe and rudder ; of good style, fine and rare. 6. 293. [PI. VI]. 1. Augustus : Aureus; CAESAR AVGVSTVS divi. F pater patriae, Laureate. aVc. V. head to right; 14 c. L. caesares avgvsti, &c., Cains and Lucius Caesar to front, each holding buckler and spear ; in field, augural staff and vase ; ivell preserved and rare 1. &. ro. y&. 3.. 294. Augustus : Aureus ; AVGVSTVS divi F., Bare head to right; ft IMP. x., Butting bull to right; very fine and rare 1. V-.

(35) Third Day. 27 fid. .. T>'tn*-. <p r. t. </. -. 295. Augustus: Aureus; as last coin ; very fine and rare. 290. Augustus : Aureus; another specimen ; of better style, but not so well preserved 1. 297. Augustus: Aureus; AVGVSTVS. divi. F, Laureate head to right; imp. xii, Butting bull to right; of excellent style, fine and rare. a.. 1/. s .. s~ / y. //. 1. 3. between two laurel branches; within oak wreath, fine and rare 1. 3. 300. Augustus : Aureus; CAESAR AVGVSTVS, Bare head to right ; R SIGNIS RECEPTis, Mars to left holding military eagle and carrying standard, rare, but not fine 1. AA. 301. Tiberius: Aureus; ti caesar divi avg f avgvstvs, Laureate head to right; R pontjf maxim, Livia seated to right; brilliant 1. 3. 302. Tiberius: Aureus; as last; very fine. 1. cAL.. 303. Tiberius: Aureus; another specimen ; very fine. 1. J2-. /^. Augustus: Aureus; AVGVSTVS coin ; fine, but slightly bent. 299. Augustus: Aureus;. ; Bare. divi f. head. to right;. !4 as. A,. A'. last 1. 298. caesar avgvstvs. R obcivis servatos. -wCv —. 1. yo.. '. •. 304. Tiberius: Aureus; another; very fine. ]. fiA. 3. --. 305. Tiberius: Aureus; another; not so fine. 1. /. //. --. 306. Tiberius: Aureus; another; worn. 1. /. 3. 307. Nero Drusus : Aureus;. nero clavdivs drvsvs germanicvs imp,. y. 3-. '. '. £. Laureate head to left; £ de GERM, Triumphal arch, with equestrian figure, captives and trophy ; fine and rare [PI. VI] 1 308. Antonia: Aureus;. ANTONIA AVGVSTA,. Portrait head to right, with. attributes of Ceres ; R constantiae avgvsti, Ceres facing, hold¬ ing sceptre and cornucopia; fine and very rare [PI. VI] 1 ——. 309. Antonia : Aureus ; obv. similar to last coin ;. R SACERDOS DIVI AVGVSTI,. two upright torches, tied with a garland ; very fine and very rare [PI. VI] ' ! ^3 AT. 310. Caligula and Augustus : Aureus; c. caesar avg germ p.m. tr. pot,. Laureate head to right; R divvs avg pater patriae, Radiate bust of Augustus to right; very fine and very rare [PI. VI] 1. O-Z^'TL. 5^1. 311. Caligula and Augustus : Aureus ; c.. caesar avg. germ. p.m. tr. pot.. /3. 3~ /s. Bare head of Caligula to right ; R Radiate head of Augustus between two stars ; a very rare variety and fine [PI. VI] 1 cos,. 312. Caligula and Germanicus : Aureus ; pot,. Bare head to right;. c. caesar avg. germ. p.m. tr.. Bare head of Germanicus to right; [PI. VI]. GERM,. <0. / 7. <£>. R germanicvs caes. p. c. caes. avg. very. fine and very rare j. /yx.. /. d.

(36) /7JL. / • — /6'. Third Day. J'. 313. 28. Caligula and Agrippina. cos.. : Aureus ;. C. CAESAR. AVG. PON. M. tr. pot. hi.. in, Laureate head to right; ft Agrippina, mat. c. caes. avg.. germ., Draped bust of Agrippina to right;. [PI. VI] 314. 9. Caligula and Agrippina. : Aureus ;. very fine and very rare ' i. similar to preceding coin, but with. obv. legend, c. caesar. avg. germ. p. m. tr. pot right; very fine, rev. not well centred [PI. VI]. 3. 315. vT. Claudius: Aureus ;. 316. Claudius: A ureus;. Bare head to. l. ti. clavd. caesar. avg. germ. p. m. tr. p.,. reate head to right; ft constantiae. to left; fine and uncommon /O. ;. avgvsti,. Lau¬. Constantia seated 1. t[i. clavd] ■ caesar • avg. p.m. tr. p. vi. imp. xi.. Laureate head to right; ft. de. britann.. across upper members. of arch; above, equestrian statue between two trophies; very fine and rare [PI. VI] i 7. JL. &. 317. Claudius: Aureus-,. ti. clavd.. head to right; ft. caesar. avg. p.m. tr. p;. imper. recept.. Laureate. written along the upper wall of. a praetorian camp; figure of warrior and standard within a central building ; fine a?id rare 1 / \ /J. V. 6. Claudius: Aureus ; Ti. clavd., right; ft as last coin ; worn. 319. Claudius: Aureus-,. ti. clavd.. &c.,. tr. p.. iiii. ; Laureate head to 1. caesar. avg. p. m. tr. p;. Laureate. head to right; ft PACI. AVGVSTAE, Nemesis to right, serpent in front; fine and uncommon 1. /. /. 318. /f. .. oZ.. 320. Claudius : Aureus ; as last coin, but obv. legend ending p. very fine and uncommon. 321. Claudius : Aureus-, obv. similar to preceding coin, but obv. legend ends tr. p. vi. imp. xi ; ft s.p.q.r. p.p. ob. c.S within an oak-wreath ; fine and uncommon 1. 322. Claudius : A ureus. as last coin. M. TR. P.. ; very fine, but part of obv. legend not. well struck up 6. £. 323. 1. Claudius and Agrippina Jr: Aureus-, p.m.. trie. pot.. mi; 1. p.p;. Ti. CLAVD. caesar avg. germ,. Laureate head to right;. It. agrippinae. If raped head of Agrippina to right, with corn-wreath of Ceres ; fine and rare [PI. VII] 1. avgvstae,. 3 9. SO. •. 324. Claudius and Agrippina Jr: Aureus ; as last coin, but not so fine. 325. Nero Caesar : Aureus-,. 1. Ac. neroni. clavdio. drvso. germ, cos design, c. Youthful draped bust to right;. ft. eqvester. ordo. principi.. in four lines, placed across a circular shield ; very fine and uncommon 1 I WENT,. _l.

(37) Third Day ,Z /"*/. / y . £. 29. 326. -. Nero : Aureus ; nero CAESAR AVG. imp. Bure head to right; (t EX. s. C. within wreath ; around it, PONTIF. MAX. TR. P. in. p.p. ; fine and uncommon 1. 327. Nero: Aureus; nero caesar avgvstvs, Laureate head to right; It ivppiter cvsxos, Jupiter seated to left; worn 1. 328. Nero : Aureus; as last coin, and in similar condition. 1. 329. Nero: Aureus; obv. as preceding coin; It left, seated on arms ; very fine. 1. e^> — 330. Nero: Aureus; nero. clavd. caes. Draped boydike bust to left; It. ROMA. 4*. y. Ay. A>. A'. 3. / Roma Victrix to. £. drvsvs. germ, princ. ivvent,. ■. SACERD. coopt, in. omn. cone.. s.C. Simpulum, tripod, augur’s staff and shield ; very fine and rather rare ] SVPRA. nvm. EX.. fi-A^e ' < <Z. 331. Nero : A ureus ; nero • caesar avgvstvs, Laureate head to right; It SALVS, Hygieia to left, seated on throne ; fine 1. /. 332. Nero and Agrippina: Aureus; nero. clavd. divi. f. caes. avg. germ. imp. tr. p. cos, Jugate heads of the Emperor and his mother. 3. to right; It. AGRIPP. avg. divi [clavd] neronis. caes. mater. -3. ; in. field, EX. S.C. ; Emperor and Empress seated on triumphal car drawn by four elephants ; very well preserved and very rare 1 333. Galba : Aureus; {t Concordia rare. 334. Otho:. imp. ser. galea, caesar. avg, • provinciarvm. Aureus;. £ PAX . ORBIS [PI. VII]. -O. £. ; Concordia to left; fine and very 2. IMP. M. otho. CAESAR, avg. tr. p, . terrarvm. ;. Head to right;. <?. £. Pax to left; fine and very rare ' j. 335. Vespasianus : Aureus; imp. caesar. vesfasianvs. avg, Laureate head to right; It tr. pot. cos. in ; Aequitas to left; brilliant and rare [Ph VII] !. £. 336. Vespasianus: Aureus; imp. caes. vesp. avg. cen ; Laureate head to right; it vesta ; Temple of Vesta with statues in centre and at each side ; very fine and rare 1. 6. 337. Vespasianus: Aureus; similar to preceding coin, but with rare (un¬ published ?) obverse reading of imp. caesar. vesp. avg. censor; fine and very rare \. 3. 338. r&.. o2J. Laureate head to left;. Titus: Aureus; imp. titvs. caes. Vespasian. AVG. p.M; Laureate head to left; £ tr. p. viiii. imp. xv. cos. vii. p.p. Radiate-headed. S. S-. -. AO A S. statue (of Apollo?) standing on rostral column; brilliant and rather rare [PI. VII] 2. C?Ao. AO-. <£.

(38) c 'VO ■ / o .. Third Bay. AA- 4. 339. 30. Titus : Aureus ; obv. as last coin ; £. tr. p.. vim.. imp. xv. COS.. vil. p.p ;. Capricorn to left, globe beneath ; fine. A6. / JA. A. 4^. 7. 340 ,. 1. Domitianus: Aureus; caesar. avg. f. domitianvs ; to right; IT COS mi. Cornucopia ; ivell preserved. Laureate head 1. 341. Domitianus: Aureus; obv. as last coin; £ COS. v. Sarmatian captive kneeling to right; fine, and an interesting type 1. 342. Domitianus: Aureus;. domitianvs avgvstvs,. 9, GERMANICVS COS Xllll,. fine and uncommon. Laureate head to right;. A. Emperor in triumphal quadriga to left; 1. — / rl. 343. Domitianus: Aureus; similar to preceding, but with bare head of Emperor, and reading cos xvi; rare \. /0. 344. Domitianus: Aureus;. domitianvs avgvstvs,. Laureate head to right;. <C^CJ. —. & GERMANICVS. cos. xv, Captive German to right, seated on shield ; broken spear beneath ; fine, and an interesting historical type 1. /<?. •. 345. ■. AO. Domitianus : Aureus ; similar to last coin, but reading cos xvi; very fine and rare. 346. 1. Domitianus: Aureus;. imp. caes. domit. avg. germ. p. m. tr. p. v,. Laureate head to right; p, IMP. Minerva to right; very fine. AO. 347. Domitianus : Aureus ; head to right; £ lands ; brilliant. A" AA AO. *. CAESAR.. XI. COS. XII. CENS. p. p. p. Divi.. ; Fighting 1. F. domitianvs. cos. vii,. princeps. IWENTVTIS,. Laureate. Altar circled with gar¬ 1. 348. Domitianus: Aureus; CAES. avg. f. domit. COS. 11, Laureate head to right; £ Emperor on horseback to left; brilliant [PI. VII] 1. 349. Domitianus : Aureus ; similar to last coin, but not so fine. 350. Domitia: Aureus;. domitia. avg. imp. domitian. avg. germ,. 1 Draped. bust to right; IT Concordia, avgvst. Peacock to left; of excellent style, fine and very rare [PI. VII] ] *** Traces of a letter. S~. //. 351. Nerva: Aureus ;. -A-. visible after the final letter of. AVGVST.. imp. nerva. caes. avg. p. m. tr. p. cos. ii. p.p,. reate head to right; IT. Concordia EXERCITVVM,. on prow ; in front, two clasped hands ; very fine and rare. 3. /A.. 6-\. AL. 352. Nerva: Aureus; similar to last coin, but not so fine. 353. Nerva: Aureus;. imp. nerva. caes. avg. tr. pot,. Lau¬. c. ■B A. Standard (eagle) 1 1. Laureate head to. -__. right; IT COS. ill. pater patriae ; Simpulum, sprinkler, vase and augur’s staff; very fine and rare [PI. VII] 1. 3. 354. Trajanus: Aureus; Laureate draped P.P. S.P.Q.R,. 4*//-. /. imp. caes. ner. traian. optim. avg. germ, dac, bust. to right; £. parthico. p.m. tr. p. cos. vi.. Radiate head of Sol to right; fine. 1. -.

(39) 31. 355. <*. W. £. --- **'. Third Day I. £1 i VJ,. UUltiUj. JJUU1 UUI/U. head to right; It i\ M. TR. P. cos. in. p. p. Germania to loft, seated on shields and holding branch of laurel; brilliant 1 356. 7* //. _ '7. 7 7. J--. draped bust to right; it protinae. avg, Draped bust of the Empress to right, diademed and with hair arranged en queue) very fine and extremely rare [PI. VII] ! P-TL. ^. - "t— >—►. y- 357 -»- v,. -. «r. 358. Hadrianus: Aureus) hadrianvs AVGVSTVS, Draped bust to right; It COS. in, Emperor on horse walking to right; brilliant and of very fine style [ PI. V11 ] 1. 359. Hadrianus: Aureus-, similar to preceding coin, but with obv. legend ending AVGVSTVS. P.P ; fine 1. 360. Hadrianus: Aureus-, HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, Large laureate head of Emperor to right; It COS. ill, Emperor on horse walking to right; brilliant 2. tP. <-5 j. 361. Hadiianus: Aureus; similar to last, but with the horse galloping to right; very fine and rare [PI. VII] 1. /CP. 6. 362. Hadiianus: Aureus-,. S~ /ST. D*. x'.. <3. Hadrianus: Aureus; hadrianvs AVGVSTVS, Laureate head to right; It cos. ill, Wolf and twins ; very fine and of excellent style 1. hadrianvs. avg. p. p.;. Draped laureate bust. 5" 4. to right; Jt cos. hi (in exergue), Emperor on horse walking to right; very fine and rare 2 »■ .- -. £ >-\>. _. —^. 363. Hadrianus: Aureus) hadrianvs. avg. cos. iii. p. p., Draped bust to light; It fides. pvblica, Jides (or Ceres) to right; fine 1. 364. Hadrianus: Aureus;. imp. caesar. traian. hadrianvs. avg,. /CP. Laureate. bust to right, draped and wearing cuirass ; Jt P. M. tr. p. cos. iii, Jupitei to front, nude and holding sceptre and fulmen ; fine and uncommon 2 rvG,. -. 365. Hadrianus: Aureus-,. imp. caes. traian. hadriano. avg. divi. tra.. 3. /Jr. Laureate bust to right, draped and wearing cuirass ; It ORIENS; - DIVI. NER. nep. p. m. tr. p. cos, Radiate bust of Sol to right; very fine 2 parth. f.,. &. 366. Hadrianus : Aureus ; as last coin ; brilliant. 367. HClius Caesar : Aureus-, l. aelivs caesar, Head to right; it trie. POT. cos. II; ill exergue, concord, Concordia seated to left; very fine and rare [PI. VII] 2. 368. Antoninus Pius: Aureus-,. antoninvs. avg. pivs. p. p. tr.. \. p.. xii,. Laureate head to right; it cos. mi, HEquitas to left; very fine. 1. /<y /St /cj. _z.

(40) //. Third Day. 3 /o. 369. 32. Antoninus Pius: Aureus; Head to right; J4. cos.. ANTONINVS. AVG. Pivs. P. P. TR. P. XIIII,. mi, LEquitas to left; extremely fine, the. surface roughened (by firef) 3. 370. [PI. VII]. 1. Antoninus Pius: Aureus; same inscription as last, but reading P. xvi,. Draped bust to left;. TR.. Emperor to left holding-. 14 COS. mi,. globe ; very fine 371. 3. Antoninus Pius : Aureus; similar to last coin, but with laureate head to left and. /X. 6. 372. TR. P.. 373. 6. xvil; very fine. 1. Antoninus Pius: Aureus; similar, but with slightly draped laureate bust to right;. 3. 1. TR.. P.. xvil;. brilliant. [PI. VII]. Antoninus Pius : Aureus (of small module); P. P. TR. P. XXII,. Laureate head to right;. (in exergue, traces of. cos.. 1. ANTONINVS. AVG. PIVS. 14 VOTA. SOL. DECENN. II.. m), Emperor to left, sacrificing at altar;. fine, and rather rare 374. /O. rp. <f>. 375. Anton. Pius and M. Aurelius : Aureus; TR. p. COS.. m, Draped bust to right;. pii. F. COS,. Draped bust to right; very fine, and rare. /2-. 376. 14 AVRELIVS. CAESAR. AVG. 1. Faustina Senior: Aureus; diva, favstina, Draped bust to right; 14 aeternitas, yEternitas to left; of excellent style, extremely fine and rare. JZ. ANTONINVS. AVG. Pivs. P. P.. [PI. VIl]. Faustina Sr. : Aureus; similar obv. ;. 14 AVGVSTA,. Ceres (?) to left;. the surface slightly damaged X~ / fo. 377. Faustina Sr.: Aureus; similar to last coin, but with figure of Fortuna on rev. ; the edge slightly damaged. XL. 378. Faustina Sr. : Aureus;. diva. avg. favstina,. to right, draped and veiled ;. Bust of the Empress. 14 pietas. avg,. Pietas towards left,. sacrificing at altar ; very fine An c2_. £. 379. Marcus Aurelius: Aureus; Bust. to. right;. imp. CAES. M. avrel. ANTONINVS. avg,. 14 concordiae. avgvstor. tr. p. xv. ;. cos. hi. in exergue, M. Aurelius and L. Verus shaking hands ; extremely fine S'. 7. ^. 380. M. Aurelius : Aureus;. m. antoninvs. avg. tr. p.. draped bust to right;. 14 felicitas. avg. COS.. Laureate. in, Felicitas to left ;. extremely fine. st. 381. 1. M. Aurelius: Aureus;. M. antoninvs. avg. arm. parth. max,. head to right;. xxil.. 14 FORT. red. tr. p.. IMP. v. in, Fortuna seated to left; extremely fine. 9. xxiii,. s. 385. M. Aurelius Caesar: Aureus;. ; in exergue,. COS.. 1. avrelivs. caesar. avg. pii. f. cos. ii,. Draped youthful bust to right; brilliant, and of excellent style. • so .. Laureate. 14 IIILARITAS,. [PI. VII]. Hilaritas to left;. 0.




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