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Course Description


The development of information technology (IT) in organisations often exhibit deficiencies and

many projects do not deliver expected results. To choose, introduce and develop existing IT to be

able to support critical business needs or seize opportunities are important challenges for

organisations. With particular emphasis on the role that IT managers play in the development and

delivery of business solutions, the course focuses on processes, tools and techniques which support

IT development. The course provides a theoretical and practical understanding of the development

of competitive IT solutions. It combines development strategy and methods with organizational

innovation ability, and emphasises how the complexity of this relationship increases in connection

with the fact that modern IT is built upon a convergence of data, content, functionality, services and

infrastructure. During the course key theoretical and practical issues for IT development are

covered, and related to questions regarding how IT development is managed from a project

management perspective.

Expected learning outcomes

After having completed the course the student should be able to

describe processes, tools and techniques for IT development; and

analyse and identify challenges associated with IT development projects; and

understand, explain and use theories and methods for the development of IT and

organisations; and

take a critical approach to different consequences of IT development for organisations and


Course Details

Main field of


Informatics, Information Science


Advanced level


Fall 2011


Autumn Term 2011, weeks 36-03

Language of





Grading scale:

VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail


Johan Sandberg (JS)

Office: MIT house, 4th floor, Department of Informatics



phone: (090) 786 57 67

Henrik Wimelius (HW)

Office: MIT house, 4th floor, Department of Informatics



phone: (090) 786 79 02

Johan Hellström (JH)


The course is based on a set of readings about IT development. Students are expected to prepare for each

session by attending to the assigned readings in order to participate actively.


Schwalbe, Kathy, 2011,

Information technology project management,

Rev. 6th ed. : Boston, MA :

Course Technology : 1 v. (various pagings) : ISBN: 978-1-111-22175-1 (student ed.)

Tapscott, Don and Williams, Anthony D., 2008,

Wikinomics : how mass collaboration changes


Expanded ed. : London : Atlantic : 351 s. : ISBN: 978-1-84354-637-5


Alter, S. (2008). "Defining information systems as work systems: implications for the IS field."

European Journal of Information Systems 17(5): 448-469.

Brown, T. (2008). Design Thinking.

Harvard Business Review,


Checkland, P. (1994). "Systems theory and management thinking." American Behavioral Scientist

38(1): 75.

Keil, M. (1995). "Pulling the plug: software project management and the problem of project

escalation." MIS Quarterly: 421-447.

Napier, N. P., Keil, M., et al. (2009). "IT project managers' construction of successful project

management practice: A repertory grid investigation." Information Systems Journal 19(3):


Schmidt, R., Lyytinen, K., et al. (2001). "Identifying software project risks: An international Delphi

study." Journal of Management Information Systems 17(4): 5-36.




Examination is done by written exams, active participation in seminars and a project that is done as group

work (including composition and documentation). Examination assumes good ability in written and oral

presentation in English. The grade given is pass with distinction, pass or fail. For students who do not obtain

a pass after the first attempt an additional examination is normally arranged within a short time afterwards.

Students who do not obtain a pass after two examination attempts are allowed to participate in three further

examinations. In order to do so the student must register for the course during the term the examination is

given. For additional attempts to pass the exam special dispensation is needed from the director of studies or

the student counsellor.

The course emphasizes the


use of IT development ideas for managerial purposes. Interaction

between students and between students and instructors is therefore encouraged. At each session we will

discuss the assigned readings and case studies. In addition, all students are required to undertake a course

project in groups. The purpose of the project is to apply ideas and techniques from the course to a IT

development project in a real business setting. The details of the course project are provided in a separate

Group Project Handbook document.

To receive the grade

“Pass” (G) on the course as a whole students are required to pass the following


A written exam (6/9) (Please contact Johan Sandberg or Katrin Jonsson if you cannot attend this

session so we can arrange an alternative opportunity)

At least seven out of nine seminars

A group project

A written exam (encompassing all scheduled activities during the course)

In addition to these requirements student need to attain the grade “Pass with distinction” (VG) on the

end-of-term written assignment to receive the overall course grade “Pass with distinction” (VG).




Date and Location Required Readings


Program Introduction (For those taking the IT Management programme

2011-09-05 10:15 AM-12:00 PM MC313 NA Katrin Jonsson Course Introduction 2011-09-05 2:15 AM-3:00 PM MC323 NA JS

Introduction to Master Level Studies 2011-09-06 1:15 PM-3:00 PM MA456


Buddy Program Intro 2011-09-06 6:30 PM Aula Nordica NA Team Building 2011-09-07 1:15 PM -4:00 PM 4:00 PM->Lighter Dinner MA 466 NA JH

User account registration, intro to

system architecture at the department 2011-09-1210:15-12:00 MA476 NA Åke Holmlund Introduction to IT Project Management 2011-09-13 1:15 PM-3:00 PM MC 323 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 1. JS Seminar 1: IT Development in Context 2011-09-20 1:15 PM-4:00 PM MC 323 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 2. 2. Alter, 2008. 3. Checkland, 1994. JS

A Practice Perspective on IT &

Businesses 2011-09-22 1:15 PM-4:00 PM MA466


Seminar 2: Management of Project

Processes and Integration 2011-09-27 9:15 AM-12:00 PM 1:15 PM-3:45 PM MA456 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 3 and 4. 2. Napier et al., 2009. JS

Writing in Academic English (Registration required at: OMPETENSUTVECKLING/BokaKurs .aspx?kursid=338&kategoriId=7) 2011-09-27 4:00 PM-6:00PM B202 NA

Seminar 3: Project Scope and Time

Management 2011-10-04 9:15 AM-12:00 PM 1:15 PM-4:00 PM S305 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 5 and 6. JS



2. Keil, 1995. A Practice Perspective on IT &

Businesses 2011-10-06 1:15 PM-4:00 PM MA456


Seminar 4: Project Cost and Quality

Management 2011-10-12 1:15 PM-4:00 PM N220 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 7 and 8.

2. Delone and McLean, 2003. JS

Seminar 5: Project Human Resource and Communications Management

2011-10-18 1:15 PM-4:00 PM MA176 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 9 and 10. JS Guest Lectures:

Digital Innovation: Challenges & Opportunities (Prof. Kalle Lyytinen) A Journey in a Fast Changing Digital Media Landscape (Sara Öhrvall, R& D manager Bonnier) 2011-10-19 1:00PM-2:15PM Lecture Hall C, Social Science building Kalle Lyytinen and Sara Öhrvall

A Practice Perspective on IT & Businesses


Cancelled Cancelled

Seminar 6: Project Risk and

Procurement Management 2011-10-25 9:15 PM-12:00 PM N210 1. Kathy Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, chapter 11 and 12. 2. Öbrand et al. 2011 JS

Introduction to Redmine, Q&A Group Project


10:15 AM-12:00 PM MA156

JS/HW A Practice Perspective on IT &


2011-11-07 1:15 PM-4:00 PM

JH Group Project: Customer Visit 2011-11-09

1 hour/group between 8AM and 5PM T3 Headquarter: Västra Esplanaden 2, second floor

Seminar 7: Research vs. Practice – What is the Practical Impact of Theories? 2011-11-10 9:15 PM -12:00 PM N200 NA HW Seminar 8 2011-11-15 Group 1, 8:30 – 9:30 Group 2, 9:45-10:45 Group 3, 11-12 MC323 Wikinomics HW/JS Tutoring 2011-11-16 8:30 - 12 HW/JS

A Practice Perspective on IT & Businesses 2011-11-17 1:15 PM-4:00 PM JH Tutoring 2011-11-22 8:30 AM-12:00PM HW/JS Seminar 9 2011-11-29 1:15 PM- 3:00PM Wikinomics HW




A Practice Perspective on IT &

Businesses 2011-12-12 1:15 PM- 4:00PM MA466 JH Tutoring 2011-12-13 1 PM-4PM Informatic´s conference room HW/JS

Presentation of Group Projects 2011-12-16 9:00 AM-12:00PM MC413

JS/HW/JH Introduction to the Written Exam 2011-12-16

13:15PM – 14:00 PM MC413

JS/HW Q/A Session Regarding Written Exam 2012-01-16

1:15PM-3:00 PM MC413

JS/HW Deadline Written Exam 2012-01-20





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