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Case Study Profdoc Link

More quality time with the patient every day


More quality time with the patient every day

When Profdoc Link introduced the PMI-service on the market a couple of years ago they could never have imagined how large the interest would be. Today PMI handles around 50.000 messages per day! Since the launch more parties have continually joined the service and the number keeps on increasing, at the same time as the

development towards even more effective communication is taking shape. The service, which is Scandinavia’s firstmessaging service for medical information, ties together caregivers´ IT-systemswithlaboratories, pharmacies, consultants and authorities as well as other service suppliers in a simple and easy way. In the center of the PMI-platform operates xTrade BCS, an integration software that silently works in the background and is integrated with the actual care system itself without any interference from the user.

A unifying architecture

Presently more than 20 000 doctors, nurses and other health care personnel use PMI daily in their line of work which covers most communication areas within the healthcare sector, ranging from sending out recipes to pharmacies to x-ray referrals and results.

PMI streamlines the healthcare sector significantly and more medical instances are now starting to understand the great profits associated with effective message exchange, both economically and effectively. ”Today’s healthcare is an organization with various specialties and information flows. The complexity coveys many different kinds of information systems, each and every one suited for its specific task. Systems that are not able to exchange data mean double the work and unnecessary paperwork. We help

thousands of people with their daily tasks, so that they can focus on what’s important - the patient”, says Rana Ersgård, head of marketing at Profdoc Link.

The service is so strongly integrated with the electronic patient journal that everything works “as usual”. The PMI-users do not have to learn a whole new system to start sending referrals and prescriptions.Healthcare personnel generate messages by themselves in the computerized journal at the same time as they carry out their day-to-day chores, making the message handling both faster and more reliable. Since PMI can send electronic referrals, prescriptions, test results etc, straight in or out of the patient’s health and

information system, a seamless working environment is created. Rana Ersgård, has noticed a clearly positive response from the customers, ”Our users are very content. An interesting aspect is that they never see our products or services in traditional sense, since it is a part of their regular working tools. Time savings, increased security and less administrational extra work are of course the greatest benefits. The tedious procedure of jumping between different applications in order to forward information can therefore easily be eliminated.

PMI-service functions:

Prescriptions to pharmacies Pain description graphics

Various disciplines of laboratory test results from Sweden's main laboratories.

Medical summaries from secondary care to primary care

Referrals between practices Connections to writing agencies Journal extracts or complete journals Graphics and photos

X-ray referrals and results Message receipts


Reminder to telephone SMS-reminder Referrals from primary to secondary care Epicrises

The advantages with PMI are many, it has especially been an improvement time wise. A doctor who sends two or more electronic prescriptions per day makes considerable savings by using the PMI service in comparison to the traditional handling of paper prescriptions, something that also Peter Tilly, head of Herrgärdet Health centre (clinic) in Västerås points out, “Each doctor saves approximately 15 minutes a day, compared to the procedure where the prescriptions are manually handled. The time saved can be used for making the time spent with the patient less stressful.”

The customer decides

In order to give their customers good service Profdoc Link offers PMI as a subscription service arranged in various packages according to set of functions. Each package is specifically suited for a certain type of need and offered at a set price. This gives the customers greater freedom to decide over content, length of subscription, etc, automatically providing better control over expenses. “Since users may send and receive as much

information or as many messages as they wish, at a fixed price, it is easy for PMI subscribers to afford this application. The gains are immediately apparent,” says Ronnie Johannesson, CO at Profdoc Link. PMI is a national service, the information is sent and received all over the country through the address system that PMI comprises. When new subscribers or service suppliers get connected to PMI, the customer is able to communicate with these within the PMI-subscription.

Connected parties

Profdoc Link has noticed an ”infectiousPMI influence”, ”Of course we can see chain effect which leads to that more parties want to get connected to Profdoc Link´s services. A great demand also comes from primary care and private caregivers who want to, like many of their colleagues, communicate electronically with the laboratories. Since the Profdoc group has long experience in the business we’ve always had a good dialogue with our customers, but we also cooperate with other system suppliers and continually present available services and functions as well as our thoughts about the future”, tells Rana Ersgård.


Healthcare information available in brand new ways

As a natural continuation of PMI, Profdoc Link is presently in the middle of developing new services that will further simplify the communication within the healthcare sector. Information will be made available between care units at the same time as the patient will be more involved in his/her own healthcare process. The first two services to be introduced are Patient Overview and Web-BasedAppointment Book:

Patient Overview

The patient overview function gives healthcare personnel the possibility to access information about a patient from a variety of different systems. Information is collected in one single interface, no matter which journal system/s lies in the background. Important information about medicine, warnings, allergies, contacts, diagnosis and lab are shown in an overview and become available to doctors at different care units. Currently the patient overview is tested at Värmland´s hospital and Gästrikland´s hospital.Profdoc Link has already received many inquiries about the service, which speaks for a large interest, ”The interest is of course significant and this solution is in line with the county councils´ IT-strategy and vision, that is "one patient - one journal", Rana Ersgård explains. Web-BasedAppointment Book

This is a rather unexploited area within Swedish healthcare. With this service, the patient himself/herself can book a doctor’s appointment over the Internet. The care unit publishes a selection of times from its itinerary in order to cut down on the workload of the personnel. The patient is hereby given access to tools that will bring him/her closer to his/her care chain. This new function is presently being tested at the “Aros´ House Doctor Practice” in Uppsala, at the “Prima Family Practice” in Västerås as well as at “Marie Albert’s Healthcare Central” in Trollhättan. Both functions above are part of the actual PMI-platform, and can be used either separately or alternatively together with the other PMI-functions. Just like with the other PMI-packages also these two are offered on subscription basis.


xTrade BCS constitutes the technical hub of the PMI-service and takes care of the security and communication with the central systems that handle the monitoring, logging and transmission to communication partners.

When a message is sent it will first be transported from xTrade Business Hub front-end servers to an xTrade Business Hub back-end server, where the required processing is performed.

In the communication between front-end and back-end servers xTRM will be used, which is xTrade Business Communications Suite’s TCI/IP protocol with extra security

functionality. Message authorization, encryption and negotiation take place on the user side (clinics, etc). To ensure best security and availability the most complex and sensitive parts of the PMI system are concentrated at its core. This means the user requires no specialised system proficiency. “Reliability is especially important to us. This of course places high demands on the systems we employ. They must be robust when message traffic is heavy and scalable in order to expand sufficiently to meet new demands. It must also be easy to provide integration with new systems and functions. The xTrade Business

Communications Suite is an important component", says Ronnie Johannesson, MD. Profdoc Link AB.

Per Trana continues, ”The system has worked very well. We have had the system since 2000 and haven’t yet experienced one single “crash”. Message traffic has increased from zero messages to 1,5 - 1,7 million per month and during this time we’ve stayed with the same environment. We are presently in the middle of replacing all hardware in order to be prepared for a further increase of message flow. A replacement also makes it possible for us to communicate with new parties, using both new and old ways. xTrade is definitely something we will stick to! ”.

Profdoc Link about the future

The future prognosis for PMI looks good. The interest for optimizing message processes is found everywhere, as more and more people start to realize how big the benefits can be. Many are also appealed by the fact that they don’t have to change system, which eliminates complicated processes, everything fits together perfectly and constitutes a well-functioning whole, ”Our vision is to integrate the information from different systems and by doing so making it available for the person who needs it, when he/she needs it. We look upon integration and communication services as modern tools required for obtaining and running the best healthcare possible. Profdoc Link´s services can be found in both Great Britain and the US. Our solid infrastructure and high security demands make our solutions attractive and cost effective. Conversion and integration between new systems and formats are continually carried out and we look forward to new international challenges”, Rana Ersgård concludes.



Selection of laboratory analyses (results)

Kemlab Microbiology lab Pat/Cyt Immunology lab (available at 17 laboratories in Sweden) Clinical Physiology and X-ray systems (available at 48 X-ray laboratories in Sweden)

Plus other types of service suppliers, such as SMS-operators, Pharmacies (all 950), Social Insurance Office, among others.

Service suppliers Laboratories

Gävle Hospital Laboratory Halmstad Hospital Laboratory Helsingborg Hospital Karlstad Lab Medicine Dalarna (Falun) Hospital Laboratory Medilab AB

Karolinska University Laboratory Solna Karolinska University Laboratory Huddinge Malmö University Hospital Växjö Hospital Laboratory Uppsala (Academic Laboratory) Västerås Lab Medicine Ängelholm Hospital Laboratory Capio Diagnostics MAS

Huddinge University Hospital Danderyd University Hospital Karolinska and Danderyd Hospital X-ray

Aleris X-ray (earlier M&M Medical AB) Dalarna X-ray lab Gävleborg X-ray Medical X-ray AB Södersjukhuset Västmanland X-ray and Physiology lab Capio Diagnostics X-ray Värmland X-ray


More information at email:

Xware AB Sveavägen 151 113 46 Stockholm phone +46 8 5454 20 00, fax +46 8 5454 20 10

Xware AB is a Swedish company founded in 1991. We develop and market high-tech software for secure and advanced information collaboration for both civilian and military applications.

Our product concept xTrade Business Communications Suite is used for creating information collaboration between customers, suppliers and partners in different sorts of eCommerce and B2B solutions, where also wireless communication can be a part. The solutions are based on advanced needs within the areas of integration, EDI/Internet, communication and security. The products are used in VAN services, communication services, message switching services, infrastructure solutions and centralized or distributed hub

services as well as in logistics services.





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