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T urning Points

of Histor y

T urning Points

of Histor y

A Grand Voyage in the

Mediterranean Sea

A Grand Voyage in the

Mediterranean Sea

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Le ’73


Dear Yale Traveler,

In late May 2012, when the Mediterranean is sun-drenched and warm and wildflowers

are in full bloom, Professor John Hale and a group of fellow travelers, eager to immerse

themselves in the natural beauty and cultural legacy of Homer’s “wine dark sea”, will

embark Corinthian II and set sail on a voyage of exploration and discovery from Cyprus to

Istanbul. You will want to be among them.

For the fifth year in a row Professor Hale brings his expertise and enthusiasm to an

itinerary specially designed for him. From Cyprus we wend our way along the shores

of the Eastern Mediterranean, spending two days in Israel before turning north and

west along the Turkish coast, through the Aegean, and on to Istanbul. Along the way,

we’ll encounter the remains of civilizations from the dawn of history to the height of

the Roman Empire – the holy city of Jerusalem; the magnificent Greco-Roman cities

of Aspendos and Perge on the Turkish coast; Greece’s Chios, the reputed birthplace

of Homer; and legendary Troy. Our journey comes to an end in Istanbul, amid Roman,

Byzantine, and Ottoman monuments. Professor Hale has this to say about his plans:

“ It’s hard to imagine a more extraordinary and diverse itinerary than the one we will follow

through the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea this coming May. From the moment

we embark at Cyprus, legendary birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, we will be caught up

in a magical world of ancient gods and heroes, as well as such towering historical figures as

Alexander the Great (we will visit his home in Macedon, and the fabled tomb of his father

King Philip II), the poet Homer (the island of Chios claimed to be his birthplace), and King

Herod the Great of Judea, whose magnificent harbor at Caesarea in Israel was built by

Roman engineers sent across the sea by the emperor Augustus. I have had the privilege of

diving on these submerged ruins and look forward to sharing with you an archaeologist’s

view of Caesarea as well as biblical sites from Mount Carmel to Armageddon (Megiddo),

spectacular ancient Greek cities in southern Turkey, and Homer’s Troy, where recent

discoveries have been rewriting the history of the place where the hero Achilles fought

against Hector. From Israel to Istanbul, our pilgrimage will include both rarely visited

historical gems and world-famous destinations.”

The 114-guest yacht Corinthian II is the ideal ship for this itinerary. All accommodations

aboard are suites, and all are exterior. Lovingly designed and exquisitely furnished, this

small ship features a beautiful dining room, comfortable lounges and public areas, and

broad decks for sunning or watching the passing scene. The tour staff are well known for

their keen knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail. The officers and crew are

of the highest caliber.

Those who have traveled with John Hale before know what a delightful time awaits.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and join him for an exploration of

Turning Points of History.


Judith Cushingham, Director

Yale Educational Travel


O n b o a r d E n r i c h m e n t P r o g r a m

Famous for his passion for sharing knowledge of the ancient world and for his tireless attention to the well-being of his fellow travelers, Professor John Hale will bring to life the varied cultures we encounter on this itinerary. From Israel’s ancient sites, through Hellenistic, Greek, and Roman sites on Turkey’s Aegean coast, to the multilayered cultural legacy of Istanbul, John will have stories to tell of the flourishing of civilizations, the rise of new powers, conflict and transformation – stories he will tell with great erudition and wit, stories that will forever shape your understanding and experience of this corner of the world.


JoHN R. HAlE was born in New Albany, Indiana, in 1951. He earned his B.A. at Yale in 1973 and his Ph.D. at Cambridge in 1979, both degrees in Archaeology. His archaeological fieldwork and research projects include studies of Bronze Age Scandinavian watercraft, prehistoric sites in the Ohio River Valley, the Roman villa of Torre de Palma in Portugal, development of a dating-method for ancient mortar and concrete using AMS radiocarbon analysis, investigations of the Delphic Oracle and other Greek oracle sites in Greece, Turkey, and Albania, a search for Phoenician harbors on the Portuguese coast, and deep-submergence surveys in quest of ancient shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean. He has published reports on his research in Antiquity, Journal of Roman Archaeology, Scientific American, and other journals. In 2009-10 he served as Norton Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America. An oarsman from his college days, as well as an archaeologist, Hale was a founder of the Louisville Rowing Club and the Greater Louisville Rowing Foundation. Hale has been profiled by National Public Radio and The New York Times, and his fieldwork has been featured in documentaries on the Discovery and History channels. He is currently Director of Liberal Studies at the University of Louisville. When his first book, Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy, was published in 2009, The New York Times reviewer called Hale “an intellectually


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Thursday, May 17

lIMASSol, cyprus | EMBARK

Arrive in Limassol, an old port city on the south coast of Cyprus, and transfer to the pier to embark the

Corinthian II. Sail in the evening. (D)

Friday, May 18


Arrive in the morning in Haifa, Israel’s main port city, beautifully situated between the wooded Mount Carmel and the sea. From Haifa, we will offer a choice of full-day excursions that will explore several of the country’s most prominent sites. One excursion will be Jerusalem, one of the world’s most venerable cities,

sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Visit sev-eral of the city’s principal sites, including the West-ern Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, parts of the Old City, and the Israel Museum. Continue on to Galilee, including Capernaum and other Biblical sites. Alternatively, spend the day exploring two of Israel’s most important archaeological sites, Megiddo, best known as Armageddon, and Beit She’an, with its extensive Roman and Byzantine remains. Return to the ship, which will remain overnight docked in Haifa. (B, L, D)

Saturday, May 19


In the morning, drive to Caesarea, the capital of Roman Judea for about 600 years and one of the Empire’s most prominent and prosperous ports. Founded by Herod the Great in 22 b.c. on an earlier Phoenician settlement, the

site is beautifully situated by the sea. (B, L, D)

Sunday, May 20

TASucu, Turkey | olBA-DIocAESAREA | SIlIFKE

From Tasucu on Turkey’s south coast, drive through attractive hill country of tea and coffee plantations to the ancient site of Olba-Diocaesarea, which is dominated by the imposing and well preserved 3rd -century b.c. Temple of Zeus Olbios. On the return to

the ship, stop in the picturesque town of Silifke, the ancient Seleucia ad Calycadnum. (B, L, D)

Monday, May 21


From Antalya, visit two of Turkey’s most famous ancient sites. Perge’s Hellenistic ruins include its great stadium; colonnaded, marble main street; and theater. At

Itinerar y


Aspendos, tour the 20,000-seat theater commissioned by Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century a.d. (B, L, D)

Tuesday, May 22


Spread around a headland overlooking the Aegean Sea, Cnidus was founded in the first millennium b.c. by

settlers from the Peloponnese. The Cnidians looked to the sea for prosperity from the earliest days, founding colonies in Sicily and elsewhere in the Mediterranean. In 468 b.c. Cnidus was the base of the fleet of the

Athenian-dominated Delian League. Cnidus was also famous in antiquity for its Temple of Aphrodite, which housed the celebrated statue of the goddess by the Athenian sculp-tor Praxiteles. Enjoy exploring this evocative site by the sea. (B, L, D)

Wednesday, May 23

cHIoS, Greece

Unspoiled and known for the beauty of its landscape, the island of Chios was the reputed birthplace of Homer. In ancient times, Chios was one of the wealthiest places in the Greek world. Drive to the remarkable Nea Moni, an 11th-century monastery known for its extraordinary Byzantine mosaics and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Return to the main town of the island to visit the Archaeological Museum, which houses, among other objects, two engraved letters from Alexander the Great to Chios. (B, L, D)

Thursday, May 24


From bucolic Platamonas on the Greek mainland coast of Thessaly, take an excursion to Dion, an ancient site

set in a superb location in the foothills of Mount Olympus, dedicated to Zeus. Continue to Vergina, the site of Aigai, the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom. Visit the excavations, including the tombs of Alexander the Great’s family, and note the Macedonian burial mounds that dot the plain. Also see the many treasures recovered from the tombs on display in the Archaeological Museum. Reboard

Corinthian II in Thessaloniki and spend the night aboard ship docked in port. (B, L, D)

Friday, May 25


Spend the day in Thessaloniki, justly famous for its late Classical and Medieval remains as well as early Christian churches. Enjoy a tour of the city, exploring several of Thessaloniki’s monuments, including visits to Byzantine churches as well as the Archaeological Museum. The afternoon is yours to spend at leisure, or, as an alternative, take an excursion to Pella, Alexander the Great’s birthplace and capital of Macedonia in the 4th century b.c. Tour the site, including the Agora, the Sanctuary of Aphrodite and Cybele, and several of the houses, which boast outstanding pebble mosaics. Also tour the Museum, exhibiting finds from the site. (B, L, D)

Saturday, May 26

cANAKKAlE, Turkey | TRoY

From Canakkale, visit fabled Troy, where ongoing excavations have revealed nine different layers of cities superimposed in rings on a massive mound rising above the “windswept” Plain of Ilium. It was in one of these cities, as legend has it, that the Greeks fought the Trojans as told by Homer in his Iliad. (B, L, D)

Sunday, May 27


Disembark in Istanbul and transfer to the airport for return flights to the USA. (B)


Cruise & Land Rates


category description


rates for

first 56




with 57




Deluxe suites on Magellan Deck with portholes and sitting area.

225 sq. ft. Suites 250 - 252




Deluxe suites on Columbus Deck with window and sitting area.

225 sq. ft. Suites 329 - 332




Deluxe suites on Magellan Deck with portholes and sitting area.

235 sq. ft. Suites 254 - 262




Deluxe suites on Columbus Deck with window and sitting area.

235 sq. ft. Suites 333 - 348




Deluxe suites on Marco Polo Deck with window and sitting area.

235 sq. ft. Suites 416 - 428




Deluxe suites on Marco Polo Deck with forward and side windows and sitting

area. 285 sq. ft. Suites 414 - 415




Deluxe Veranda Suites on Erickson Deck with private balcony and sitting

area. 300 sq. ft. Suites 505 - 512




Deluxe Penthouse Suites on Explorer Deck with private balcony and sitting

area. 400 sq. ft. Suites 601 - 604



VS & PHS suites are provided with private butler service and other exclusive amenities.


A limited number of cabins in Categories B & A have been set

aside for single occupancy at NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT. Once

these cabins are booked, cabins in the same categories may be available for single occupancy at a supplement of $1,500.

All accommodations aboard Corinthian II are suites. They face outside, affording sea views, and several have balconies with sliding doors. All include two twin-size beds that can convert to a queen-size bed, sitting area, mini-refrigerator, safe, spacious closets, climate control, telephone, TV, DVD/CD player, and bathroom with marble vanity, shower, and other amenities.

D e c k P l a n

Explorer Deck

Erickson Deck

Columbus Deck Marco Polo Deck

Magellan Deck 603 601 602 604 Sun Deck Sun Deck 427 428 426 424 422 420 418 416 414 425 423 421 419 417 415 The Club Beauty Salon Librar y 333 335 331 329 330 332 336 334 338 340 342 344 346 348 347 345 343 341 339 Reception Hospital Lounge Restaurant 261 259 257 255 262 260 258 256 254 252 250 Bridge Outdoor Café Jacuzzi 511509507 505 512 510 508 506 Exercise Area

In an era of mega cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers, Corinthian II is a delightful alternative. More like a private yacht than a cruise ship, Corinthian II accommodates only 114 guests in 57 suites. Corinthian II’s limited guest capacity, fine facilities, and distinctive style of operation attract like-minded travelers who return again and again to enjoy its custom-crafted itineraries and a style of cruising that is rarely found today. More than just a cruise, each voyage provides a comprehensive experience that reveals the singular aspects of the destinations. Aboard, a sense of community and a spirit of camaraderie prevail.

All of Corinthian II’s suites face outside, providing views of the sea and landscape. Several have a private balcony. There are expansive open deck areas and other facilities, including a gym, library, beauty salon, two lounges, a sun deck

with Jacuzzi, and an outdoor cafe. A spacious restaurant accommodates all guests in an open, unassigned seating. The cuisine is outstanding, and the overall service is efficient and friendly while unobtrusive. An elevator serves all decks. A resident physician attends a well-equipped infirmary. Served by 70 seasoned officers and crew, Corinthian II

complies with the latest international safety regulations and is outfitted with the most current navigational technology.

Corinthian II




P r o g r a m

I n c l u s i o n s

R e g i s t R at i o n

YALE 12415RP

to reserve today, fax this reservation form to Yale educational travel at (203) 432-0587 to hold your space for one week, pending receipt of your deposit or credit card instructions. alternatively, you can register online at www.Yaleedtravel.org/medhistory12 Please mail this registration form and your deposit to: Yale educational travel, Box 209010, new Haven, Ct 06520-9010.

pCHeCk: Enclosed is my check made payable to travel Dynamics international for $ ($1,500 per person) as a deposit to hold places(s) on Turning Points of History.

pCReDit CaRD: No check is enclosed. Please charge my credit card for $ ($1,500 per person) as a deposit to hold places(s) on Turning Points of History.

p AmEx p Discover p Visa p MasterCard No. ________________________________ Exp. __________________________________ 3- or 4-Digit Security Code _______

I understand that final payment is due ninety (90) days prior to departure and is payable by check only.

Please select cabin category in order of preference:

dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms. First Last YaLe aFFiLiations birthdate dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms. First Last YaLe aFFiLiations birthdate address


teLephone (daY) (evening) e-MaiL

Each participant must sign below: I/We have read the “General Information” section and agree to its terms.

G e n e r a l I n f o r m a t i o n

Payment Schedule: A deposit of $1,500 per person is required to reserve your space on the tour. For your convenience, you may charge your deposit to your American Express, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. Credit cards are not accepted for final payment. However, personal checks are accepted for both deposits and final payment.

cancellationS & RefundS: All cancellations are subject to a $300 per person fee. Cancellations received 61-90 days prior to departure will be assessed a penalty equal to 50% of the total program cost per person. Cancellations received within 60 days of departure are subject to 100% cancellation penalties. No cancellation is valid until received in writing in the office of the Association of Yale Alumni.

inSuRance: We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance, which is available for coverage of expenses in conjunction with cancellation due to illness or accident. Baggage insurance is also recommended. In the event that you must cancel your participation in a travel program, trip cancellation insurance may be the only source of reimbursement.

itineRaRy: The itinerary, accommodations, and arrangements are subject to change at the discretion of Travel Dynamics International and Yale Educational Travel.

ReSPonSibility: Please read carefully the following terms and conditions, which constitute the sole, legally enforceable agreements between the passenger and Travel Dynamics International, Yale University and (AYA) the Association of Yale Alumni (hereafter referred to as tour’s sponsoring organization). The passenger is also advised to review his/her separate ticket passage contract with the vessel’s owner/operator, which will constitute the sole, legally enforceable terms of carriage for this tour and is available on request from Travel Dynamics International. Travel Dynamics International and the tour’s sponsoring organization act solely as agents for the passenger with respect to all transportation, hotel and other tour arrangements. In that capacity, we exercise all reasonable care possible to ensure the passenger’s safety and satisfaction, but, we neither assume nor bear any responsibility or liability for any injury, death, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity arising in connection with the services of any ship, airplane, train, automobile, motor coach, carriage or other conveyance, or the actions of any third-party, involved in carrying the passenger or in affecting these tours. We are not responsible for damages, additional expenses, or any other losses due to cancellation, delay or other changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, civil disturbances, acts or threats of terrorism, travel warnings or bans, termination or suspension of war risks or other carrier insurance, quarantine, acts of God or other causes beyond our control. All such losses must be borne by the passenger, and tour rates provide for arrangements only for the time stated. In the event of cancellation, delay or rescheduling mandated by any of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall have the option of accepting in lieu of the original tour such rescheduled tour or other substituted tour(s) as may be offered by us, or else, receiving a refund of as much of such advance tour expenditures as we are able to recover on the passenger’s behalf from carriers, third-party tour vendors, etc., but,

we shall not have any obligation or liability to the passenger beyond the foregoing. We reserve the right to make alterations to the tour’s itinerary and to substitute hotels, ships, or lecturers if this is required. We reserve the right to cancel, delay, or reschedule any tour prior to departure, and, so long as this is not due to any of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to that point if he/she so desires. No refund shall be made for any unused portion of any tour. By forwarding their deposit(s), the passenger certifies that he/she and/or their dependents, minors or others covered thereby do not have any mental, physical or other condition of disability that could create a hazard for them or other passengers. We reserve the right to decline to accept or to decline to retain any person as a member of any tour should such person’s health, condition or actions adversely affect or threaten the welfare or safety of other passengers or impede the tour. Baggage or valuables brought on the tour shall be transported, handled or stored at the passenger’s risk entirely, and, we shall bear no liability or responsibility for any damage or other loss thereto. Passenger tickets are not transferable and are not subject to alteration by the passenger. No suit shall be maintainable against the carrier, or vessel, for any losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the passengers, unless written notice of the claim, with full particulars, is delivered to the carrier or its agents at its office at the port of sailing or at the port of termination within six months from the day when such incident occurred. In no event shall any such suit or any claim against the carrier or vessel for any losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the passenger be maintainable unless such suit is commenced within one year from the day when the incident causing such losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the passenger occurs, notwithstanding any provision of law of any state or country to the contrary. Resolution of any disputes arising hereunder shall be brought within the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, pursuant to the applicable general maritime law, and applying the applicable general maritime law and Federal maritime statutes.

RateS: Tour costs are based upon current airfares, tariffs, and currency values. While we do everything possible to maintain the listed prices, they are subject to change.

fuel SuPPlement: Travel Dynamics International reserves the right to charge a fuel supplement, without prior notice, if the NYMEX oil price exceeds $85 per barrel. This supplement may be charged even if the cruise fare has been paid in full.

ShiP’S RegiStRy: Marshall Islands CST #204 3599-40 TDI

aiRfaRe: Airfare is not included in the Cruise and Land Rates. Please contact your preferred airline, travel agent, or the Travel Dynamics International air desk operated by Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc. (VWTI) for airfare information and to reserve flights. Consultants are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (EST) toll-free at 1-877-711-9896. Please have your tour code (12415RP) and dates handy for reference.

• Educational program of lectures and discussions by Professor John R. Hale • 10-night cruise aboard the all-suite,

114-guest Corinthian II

• Complete program of tours and excursions

• Welcome and farewell cocktail receptions aboard ship

• All meals aboard ship, including house wine, beer, and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Open bar aboard ship throughout the cruise

• Professional Travel Dynamics International tour staff

• Complete pre-departure materials • Baggage handling and transfers abroad

on the designated program arrival and departure dates

• Port and embarkation taxes • Gratuities to porters, guides,

and drivers

NoT INcluDED: Airfare; visa and passport fees (if applicable); luggage and trip cancellation insurance; meals, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages other than those specified above; personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, faxes, and e-mail service; and gratuities to shipboard personnel.


Remains of a synagogue at Capernaum, Israel

Join Archaeology Professor John Hale

on a Unique Grand Voyage in the

Mediterranean Sea

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to SAVE!

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