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1370 APBN • Vol. 7 • No. 21 • 2003






n August 2003, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the United Kingdom eUniversities worldwide (UKeU) organized a joint seminar on the future of e-education, its significant role in education, the pedagogical strengths and the underlying technologies.

Following the seminar, NTU and UKeU agreed formally to collaborate in the areas of teaching, learning research and content development. Under the agreement, NTU and UKeU will explore opportunities in the following:

• collaboration in teaching activities by the provision of content, facilities and services;

• co-developing and co-branding course offerings with UKeU member universities and UKeU-related collaborations; and

• conducting research and developmental activities in technological and scientific areas of mutual interest with member universities.

In addition, both parties will:

• allocate mutually agreed upon resources (funding, manpower, etc.) necessary to make the partnership significant;

• collaborate, identify and potentially develop joint and collaborative programs with academic partners worldwide identified with UKeU;

• allow UKeU to promote NTU’s expertise when talking to existing and potential customers, and in conferences.

One of the key initiatives that both parties will be exploring is the area of bioinformatics and life sciences industry. According to Sir Anthony Cleaver, Chairman of UkeU, these key subject areas can help support the Singapore government’s plans to develop the country as a life sciences hub.

“Through this collaboration, NTU undergraduate and postgraduate students will be able to access UK university education content with students from around the world at the click of a mouse, while continuing to live, study or work in Singapore,” said Prof. Cheong Hee Kiat, Deputy President, NTU.


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About Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Having developed from a small engineering institute into a premier university for industry and business over the past 20 years, NTU is now repositioning itself for the knowledge-based economy and to surmount the challenges of new knowledge revolutions, including the life sciences revolution.

New initiatives are adopted to provide the necessary impetus to propel NTU in becoming a University of Global Significance and Excellence in the 21st Century. NTU aims to:

• produce graduates for the knowledge-based economy;

• prepare graduates for new challenges and developments in the life sciences;

• greater emphasis on nurturing technopreneurs

• outstanding A-level students can graduate earlier; and

• prepare graduates for lifelong learning.

Though NTU has its roots in engineering, it has established world-class capabilities in other sectors such as accountancy, business, education, biological sciences and communication and information sciences. Its mission is to train leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs for Singapore and the region, and to advance research and development in both the academic and professional disciplines. In addition to the normal ways of delivering education, NTU leverages on technology, including e-learning, to enhance the learning process.

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Nanyang Technological University

Contact Name: Judy Neo-Seah, Senior Assistant Director Tel: +65 6790 4714, 6790 4769



1372 APBN • Vol. 7 • No. 21 • 2003





UKe Universties Worldwide (UKeU)

UKeU is a unique company. Backed by the UK government with £62 million (US$104 million) funding, it has been established to deliver online and worldwide the best degrees and degree-level learning that UK universities can provide. Its systematic approach to eLearning brings together, for the first time, the highest standards of academic excellence and world-class technological expertise and service.

It is not a degree awarding institution. It works in partnership with UK universities to deliver their courses online. The university partners award the degrees, which are equivalent to campus-based programs.

Working closely with its UK university partners to develop courses specifically for the online delivery, it ensures that a degree acquired through UKeU is no different in status from a degree earned on-campus from the same university, all courses offered by UKeU are subject to rigorous quality control both by UKeU’s independent Committee for Academic Quality and the university’s own quality assurance processes.

UKeU is focused on the following key subject areas for foundation degrees, undergraduate and postgraduate studies and for continuing professional development.

• Business and Management

• Science and Technology

• Health

• English Language

• Teacher Training

• Environment

• Law

There are a number of courses in partnership with the following UK universities:

• City University (

• The Open University (

• The Royal College of Nursing (

• Sheffield Hallam University (

• University of Cambridge (

• The University of Leeds (

• University of Leicester (

• The University of Manchester (

• The University of Southhampton (

• University of Ulster (

• University of Oxford (Centre for Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning) (

• University of York (






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