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Welcome to the Class. of 2027


Academic year: 2022

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Welcome to the Class

of 2027


● Mr. Don Christie - Principal


● Mr. Scott Buker - Assistant Principal - 7th Grade


● Dr. Chad Warnimont -Assistant Principal - 8th Grade


● Mrs. Andrea Monheim - School Counselor - 7th Grade (22-23 School Year)


● Mr. Tom Przybylski - School Counselor - 8th Grade

tprzybylski@perrysburgschools.net (22-23 School Year)


Meeting Agenda

● Clubs, activities, extra-curriculars available

● Discuss academic options and electives

● How to complete the registration form

● Important upcoming events/dates

● Frequently asked questions


Clubs And Activities

Drama Club ROX

Mock Trial H.I.P.P. (Nominated)

Musical Pep Band

Math Counts Quiz Bowl Team

Yearbook Winter Running Club Youth To Youth Student Council

Girls Stem Club Yearbook Power Of The Pen

Show Choir



Fall Sports - Girls/Boys Cross Country, Volleyball, Football, Cheerleading

Winter Sports - Girls/Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Cheerleading

Spring Sport - Track


“Typical Day”

Building open for students to enter at 7:15 am

Breakfast served at 7:30 am

Warning Bell 7:46 am

1st period begins at 7:50 am

Each class period 47-50 Minutes

4 minutes between each class - staggered bells

7 Period Schedule + Lunch

Majority of 8th grade classes on 2nd floor

Students divided into four teams A, B, C, D

Three mixed grade level lunch periods (4th period = 10:22-10:52, 6th period = 11:13-11:43, 8th period = 12:04-12:34)

Jacket Period - 25 minute period at the end of each day Monday-Friday = Meaningful Silent Reading (MSR)

Dismissal = 2:45 pm


8th Grade Academics

Each student will already have the following classes included on their schedule:

1. English/Language Arts - Full Year 2. Social Studies - Full Year

3. Science - Full Year 4. Math - Full Year


Full Year Elective Options

Band Band video link

Orchestra Orchestra video link

Choir Choir video link

Can take two.

Class will meet every day.

Foreign Language = Chinese, French, Spanish

GPA Requirement of 3.25 - GPA written on form

High School Credit (Will be included in H.S. GPA)

Academic Study

Opportunity for students to complete assignments, read, or work on group projects during the school day


Semester Elective Options

Academic Study

Art 1

Art 2 (Art 1 is not required as a prerequisite)

Industrial Technology

Library Assistant Or Office Assistant

Physical Education ***High School Credit

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


Intervention Supports

● English/Language Arts Lab

● Math Lab

● Multi-sensory Reading Lab (Wilson)

○ Teacher recommendation - Pass/Fail

○ Standardized test scores (OST/STAR)

○ Take the place of an elective

○ Parent/guardian can also request

○ Can be adjusted during year


Turn the form into

the Student Services Office by Tuesday,

February 8


Important Dates

Tuesday, February 8, Registration forms due

Wednesday, July 13, 6:30 pm, Athletic Fall Code of Conduct Meeting

Monday, August 1, 7th/8th Football 1st practice

Monday, August 1, Volleyball/Cross Country 1st practice

Tuesday, August 9, 3:00-8:00 p.m. - Orientation Night, Schedule Pickup, Fee Collection, Students able to walk their schedule

Wednesday, August 10, 3:00-8:00 p.m. - Orientation Night, Schedule Pickup, Fee Collection, Students able to walk their schedule

Tuesday, August 16, First day of school for 8th grade only

Wednesday, August 17, First day of school for 7th grade only

Thursday, August 18, Both grade levels

Thursday, August 25, Open House 6:30-8:30 pm



Junior High Parent Organization

Color Run Book Fairs

Holiday Craft Show Dances

Frosh Fest T-shirts Teacher Grants Books For Students Cookie Jar

Jacket Way


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find course descriptions for each subject?

Course description guides are available in the Student Services office and also online at the following link: Student Services.

Where can I find the registration form because my child lost it?

Extra registration forms are available in the Student Services office and also on online at the following link: Student Services.

When will schedules be available?

Schedules will be available be picked up at the Orientation Nights on August 9, 10, and will also be able to be viewed on PowerSchool the first week of August.

When will the building be open for students to walk their schedule?

The building will be open during Orientation Nights on August 9, 10, and information will be shared when there will be additional times available.


Frequently Asked Questions Continued

Can I change my schedule if I do not like the electives or want to drop a class?

Scheduled change requests are discouraged. Any schedule change requests should be sent to the 8th grade School Counselor, Mr. Przybylski tprzybylski@perrysburgschools.net

Can I request my child to have a certain teacher or be on a certain team?

No, this is not an option.

Can I request to have my child to have a certain lunch?

No, student lunches are scheduled by the Team they are placed on their schedule.


Thank You For Attending

Please turn in form to

Student Services by

Tuesday, February 8



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