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Church of the Holy Trinity


Academic year: 2022

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Church of the Holy Trinity

A parish open to all, grounded in prayer and a messenger of the Gospel

January 26, 2020


Rev. Thomas E. Cronkleton Jr., Pastor

Deacon David Zelenka Deacon Mike Leman In Residence Rev. Steven Titus Rev. Joseph Fraher

Mass Times Daily Mass:

Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am Sunday Masses:

Saturday: 5:30 pm Sunday: 7, 9, & 11 am

Children’s Liturgy of the Word:

Coming soon!

Holy Day Masses:

Vigil: 5:30 pm

Holy Day: 8 am, 12:10 & 5:30 pm


Saturdays: 4-5 pm

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am

1836 Hot Springs Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82001-5337

Website: www.holytrinitycheyenne.org Facebook: Holy Trinity Cheyenne

Parish Office:

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am –12 pm, 1 pm – 4:30 pm Friday: 8:30 am –12 pm

Phone: (307) 632-5872

Fax: (307) 632-1810


Thoughts of the Pastor …

In the Gospel of St. Matthew today, we hear of Jesus’ call of Peter, Andrew, James and John. While we don’t have the word of Jesus to James and John, Jesus says to Peter and Andrew, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” There is no earlier

introduction of Jesus to any of these disciples, no statement that they had seen him before,

heard him preach or heard of him from others. Jesus comes upon them, calls them, and immediately they leave everything and follow him. This is a dramatic call and an even more dramatic response.

When asked to do something we often want details of the expectations of what we are to do, what skills or talents are necessary, what training or assistance we will receive, how much time commitment it will require and for how long the commitment will be. Then we want time to think about it. We may even want a chance to see how it is done, maybe shadow someone who is already doing it, and then make a decision. In the call of these four disciples, there is no mention of this. Just the call, “Come.” and their immediate response of following.

There are two aspects of the calling from Jesus. The first is the general call to discipleship, to holiness. This is the call to be in personal relationship with the Lord. This begins with prayer and study, where we lift our mind and heart up to the Lord, asking good things from God. It is the telling God of the good and the bad, the joyful and the sorrowful, the grace and the sin in our lives. It is the sharing of our talents with others in service. It is giving of finances in charity. The call is to give the entirety of whom we are to Christ.

The second aspect is the specific ministries we are called to perform. The comment from someone else or the interior thought that we could do that. The seeing of a need and knowing we would enjoy helping fulfill that need.

The knowing of our gifts and talents and seeking to share them with others.

One of the things that gets in the way is inertia. We can be comfortable where we are, doing what we are doing.

Answering a call means we have to move, do something new or different. It means change. Another thing that can cause resistance is fear. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, or fear of the demands which may be placed upon us. This is probably the reason when someone is called in the Scriptures, they are often told, “Be not afraid.”

We also miss that they invitation is not to do by ourselves, but to do with the Lord; so we are not alone.

Do we hear the call of the Lord, “Come after me.”? Are we just being called to a deeper relationship with Christ, or are we being called to something more, to something specific? What is being said to me?

Father Tom

Christmas Water Project:

Be sure to turn in your donation for the Christmas Water Project. This year we have teamed again with Cross Catholic to help fund water projects for the Daughters of Charity in Tigray, Ethiopia with a water harvesting and collection project, and Suma Yama in Colque Alta, Bolivia with a well for a total of $18,500. Contribution envelopes are in the vestibule. Or, you can make your contribution online by visiting our webpage by making a

contribution under “Water for Life.”

Thank you for your support of the Holy Trinity Youth

Education Trust!

We reached a milestone this past December 31, 2019.

The value of the corpus reached $281,248.41, and achieved the goal of

$280,000 to be able to award two-year scholarships. Our next goal is

$600,000 in order to provide four-year scholarships.

The Holy Trinity Youth Education Trust was established in 1985 by Father Thomas Fahey, Sister Josephine Konrad, OLVM and Sister Rose Zita Rosonke, OLVM. Through the generosity of parishioners, parish

organizations, donations from prior recipients and the Spirits Tasting events, we have awarded scholarships every year since the establishment of the Trust. As of 2019, $131,350 has been awarded in one-year scholarships to 161 parish youth.

Two ways you can easily support the Trust and help us grow our corpus is by registering your Amazon Smiles account and King Soopers Loyalty Card and identifying the Holy Trinity Youth Education Trust as your charity.

Each time you use your Amazon account or your Kings Soopers Loyalty card, the Scholarship Trust will receive credit toward a quarterly donation. The more who sign up and shop at Amazon or King Soopers with the Holy Trinity Youth Education Trust as their beneficiary, the greater our donation will be. Handouts are in the vestibule explaining how to do this. This week we received a donation from King Soopers of $898.60 from 75 households using their Loyalty Cards.


Jr. and Sr. High Youth:

We will meet this Sunday at 7:00 pm. There is no Youth Night on March 2nd, enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with your friends and family.

Youth Pilgrimage to Greece!

The next Youth Pilgrimage will be in June of 2021. Start planning and saving to join us in the footsteps of St. Paul as we explore Greece. Watch for more information coming or talk to Ashley or Maria.

Fundraising opportunities are available, starting now with Spirits of Mardi Gras! Come get involved!

Summer Youth Conferences:

Come join us for one or both of these incredible youth conferences this summer! Prices are subject to change with travel costs. Scholarships and fundraising available.

One Bread One Cup: A liturgical conference

focusing on the Word, Sacrament, and Mission of the Roman Catholic Church for high school youth groups. June 26th-30th in Meinrad, Indiana. Open to incoming 10th-12th graders. $950 per person.

Steubenville Mid-America: A high-energy youth conference where thousands of teens are invited toencounterJesusChristthroughdynamic

speakers, engaging music, the Sacraments, small group discussions, and fellowship with other teens.

July 10-12th in Springfield, MO. Open to incoming 9th-12th graders. $100 per person.

Family Roller Skating Day:

Saturday, Feb. 15th from 11 am - 1 pm at Roller City. $3 per person.

Concessions will be open! This is a tri-parish event.


St. Mary’s Catholic School

Catholic Schools Week is January 26 - February 1.

See the schedule of events at stmaryswyo.org.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Office Hours: 7:45 am to 3:15 pm on school days, phone 307-638-9268.

Certified Substitute Teachers Needed for grades PK3 – 8th. If interested, please stop by the school for an application or call Kathleen at 638-9268.

Mention St. Mary’s School at Mr. Jim’s Pizza and either Chik-fil-A location in Cheyenne when you place your order and they will receive a donation!

Musical Instruments Needed: St. Mary’s Catholic School is seeking donations of musical instruments for our band and orchestra classes. Donations may be tax deductible. Please no pianos.

New Year, New Ministry!

We could really use some more volunteers to serve in our Parish Ministry. Signupsheetsfornew Liturgical Ministers are in the vestibule. We are needing more Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy

Communion, Ushers and Greeters. The needs vary by Mass. Invite others to join our ministry team! If you have any questions please call Lora in the Parish Office.

Ministers Needed on Fridays!

Do you like visiting with people? We are in need of assistance in bringing Holy Communion to the residents at Cheyenne Health Care on Fridays. Volunteers will need to be mandated as extraordinary ministers of Holy Trinity and must participate in background check, safe environment training and online driving course. Call the Parish Office if willing to help.

Children’s Liturgy Announcement

Due to a shortage of volunteers, we will not be able to start up the new program as planned. We are still looking for more adults to help on Sundays. If you or anyone you know is interested, please call Ashley for more information. We plan to offer this program at the Sunday 9 am Mass for children ages 5 through completion of First Communion. More times will be offered if we have enough volunteers.

Watch the bulletin for updates as to when we will begin.

Seeking Pianist/Keyboardist

We are looking for pianist/keyboardist to accompany at the 5:30 pm Saturday Mass, 7 am and 9 am Sunday Masses and for Holy Day Masses. These musicians would receive an honorarium for their services. If interested, please contact Father Tom.

Upcoming Work in the Church

We will be doing some work in the balcony of the Church sometime in the near future. The project includes:

replacing the railing in the stairwell; replacing and upgrading the risers; installing seating; improving the lighting; and adjusting the height of the balcony railing.

The balcony may be unusable for a short time during the renovation. We will be going out for bid and the bid opening will be February 10th.

A warm welcome to the St. Mary’s School Choir

who are singing at our 11:00 am Mass today.

Church of the Holy Trinity Youth Ministry


January 26, 2020 Page 4

What’s Happening Soon

Jan. 27 7:00 pm: RCIA, RE Center

7:00 pm: St. Patrick’s Planning Meeting, Cabrini Hall Jan. 28 6:00 pm: Loops of Love, RE Center

Jan. 29 10:00 am: Origins Bible Study, RE Center

6:00 pm: National Chili Day Fundraiser Planning Meeting, Cabrini Hall

Feb. 2 7am-1pm: Knights of Columbus Breakfast, Cabrini Hall

Feb. 3 7:00 pm: RCIA, RE Center

Feb. 4 6:30 pm: Women’s Book Club, RE Center Feb. 5 10:00 am: Origins Bible Study, RE Center Feb. 6 7:00 pm: Operation San Jose, RE Center Feb. 7 9:00 am: HTCCW Meeting, Cabrini Hall

Feb. 9 7am-1pm: Youth Breakfast Burrito Sale, Vestibule

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Planning Meeting:

The HTMA will have a meeting on Monday, January 27th at 7:00 pm in Mother Cabrini Hall to begin planning for the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. This meeting is open to all parishioners. Please come and be involved in the planning of this fun event

Loops of Love

meetsonTuesday,January28th at 6:30 pm in the RE Center. Everyone, male or female, is welcome! For more information contact Barb at 307-632-5872.

Knights of Columbus Breakfast:

The Knights of Columbus will serve breakfast on Sunday, February 2nd following all Masses. Come enjoy breakfast & fellowship!

Women’s Book Club

meets Tuesday, February 4th at 6:30 pm in the RE Center. Come enjoy a relaxed evening!

Operation San Jose Men’s Group

meets Thursday, February 6th at 7:00 pm in the RE Center.

This group is open to all men of the parish.

HTCCW Meeting:

Friday, February 7th at 9:00 am in Mother Cabrini Hall. At 9:30 am there will be a video from Divine Mercy: In the Second Greatest Story Ever Told. This is open to all members of the parish to come and view.

Youth Breakfast Burritos:

Youth will sell burritos on Sunday,February9th following all Masses. You can pre order using an order sheet available in the

vestibule, or online at the Holy Trinity Website.

Charity of the Month

St. Joseph’s Food Pantry is our January Charity.

Non-perishable food items may be placed in the receptacle in the vestibule of the church or delivered to the pantry at 206 Van Lennen Ave. Perishable items such as milk, cheese and meat are accepted but must be delivered directly to the pantry.

Adoration Chapel

Are you ready to start the new year with a renewed commitment to your spiritual health? Consider committing to an hour a week of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. We are needing volunteers to cover regular weekly hours. There are also times available for prayer partners. Call Cindy

Richmond 256-9958 or Dolores Lucero 634-6490 to sign up or use the sign up sheet in the vestibule. The Chapel is open from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

Calling All College Students!

A Newman Club has been started at LCCC! This is a great way for young adults to grow in faith and community together. The first meeting will be Thursday, January 30th, from 12:30-1:30pm in CR 104. If you have any questions, contact Kara Clay at St. Mary’s (307-635-9261).

Young Adults

A new Community of Young Adult Catholicsis meeting on Thursday, January 30th from 7-8:30 pm at 2 Doors Down in the Top Room. Come meet other young adults and enjoy an evening of socializing!

Thank you!

Thanks to a donor and the Men’s Association, a new dishwasher has been installed in the Mother Cabrini Hall Kitchen. We’re still working toward replacing the stove.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars! The final event of our FUNdraiser Trio to raise money for upgrades in Mother Cabrini Hall is coming up on Thursday, February 27th - the National Chili Day Chow Down! If you are interested in helping with this fundraiser, please plan to attend a planning meeting on Wednesday, January 29th at 6:00 pm in Mother Cabrini Hall. If you can’t make the planning meeting or you have questions, please contact Jessica at 307-221-0559. Come be a part of this fun event!

Have you registered at Holy


We encourage you to register with us at Holy Trinity so that you receive mailings about Holidays, Holy Days and other important events. Registration forms are available in the vestibule and online at www.holytrinitycheyenne.org.


Readings for the Week of January 26, 2020

Ministers for Feb. 1 - 2

Saturday 5:30 pm

Altar Servers: Nolan Gerdes, Michelle & Roman Puente Euch. Min.: Josh Andreucci, Mike Cunningham,

Spencer Dahill, Mercedes DeLaTorre, Cheri Phillippi, Mike Quinlivan, Linda Robbins

Lector: Annette Wheeler

Ushers: Joe Iribarren, Mike Knipper, Jeanne Scheneman, Dean Watson Greeters: Ryan & Nikki Hixson Family

Sunday 7 am

Altar Servers: Jan Odman, Aspen Pexton

Euch. Min.: Bob Morris, Roberta Payton, Mike Pexton Lector: Julia Cloud

Ushers: Greg Bischof, George Escobedo, Mike Scott, Mike White

Greeters: Trent Pexton, Ashley Pexton

Sunday 9 am

Altar Servers: Cramer & Cooper Hassler, Tarin Pena Euch. Min.: Stacey Gierisch, Jessica Herrman,

Tony Laird, Randi Losalu, Liz Vogel, Trevor & Kayla Madler

Lector: Allison Lovato

Ushers: Ed Ernst, Trevor Herrman, Tom Kelly, Frank Murtha

Greeters: Joann & Ray Valdez

Sunday 11 am

Altar Servers: Zach Cudney, Ryan Gallizzi, Jacob Olson Euch. Min.: Mary Adams, Mary Kinstler, Jennifer

Leman, Terri Mercer, Mark Quinlivan, John Rando, John Schneider

Lector: Michael Starks

Ushers: Eric Emerson, Mike Perez, Sharon Sara, Dusty Thein

Greeters: Jerry & Cindy Richmond

MINISTERS: If you are unable to serve, kindly find a replacement by requesting a sub on the Ministry Scheduler program or calling someone.

Phone lists are available at the office. If you would like one emailed to you please contact Lora.


Please use the Ministry Scheduler program to put in your unavailable dates or call Lora at 632-5872 the first week of the month or sooner if you know in advance when you will be unavailable. Schedules are published and made available two weekends in advance of the first weekend of the month.

Page 5 Sunday:







Next Sunday:

Isaiah 8:23—9:3, 1 Corinthians1:10-13, 17, Matthew 4:12-23

2 Samuel 5:1-7, 10, Mark 3:22-30 2 Samuel 6:12b-15, 17-19, Mark 3:31-35 2 Samuel 7:4-17, Mark 4:1-20

2 Samuel 7:18-19, 24-29, Mark 4:21-25 2 Samuel 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17, Mark 4:26-34 2 Samuel 12:1-7a, 10-17, Mark 4:35-41 Malachi 3:1-4, Hebrews 2:14-18, Luke 2:22-40





Next Sunday:

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time; Catholic Schools Week St. Angela Merici, Virgin

St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest & Doctor of the Church St. John Bosco, Priest

The Presentation of the Lord; World Day for Consecrated Life

Observances for the Week of January 26, 2020


Judy Arciniega Lenny Soveroski Jean Coonrod In Thanksgiving Lenny Soveroski Herbert Drees Joanne Murphy Mass For The People Evelyn Korber Sergio Cortez 8 AM

8 AM 7 AM 8 AM 8 AM 8 AM 5:30 PM 7 AM 9 AM 11 AM Monday, Jan. 27

Tuesday, Jan. 28 Wednesday,Jan. 29 Thursday, Jan. 30 Friday, Jan. 31 Saturday, Feb. 1 Sunday, Feb. 2

Our Catholic Community...

Rosary for Life: Join us in praying the Rosary every Tuesday following the 8 am Mass.

Adoration of the Precious Blood of Jesus Fridays, 7-8 pm, in the Holy Trinity Adoration Chapel.

No prior experience needed, everyone is welcome.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Mall of SVDP Thrift Store:2112 Snyder Ave.

Looking for a special something for that special person in your life? We have jewelry 25% off for St Valentine’s Day.

STOREHOURS: Mon.Sat.10 am - 5 pm.

DONATIONSacceptedTues.Sat.11 am-4 pm.

Friday Food Bag Program: Our next filling events is Jan. 22nd at 5:15 pm. Please join us at 600 East Carlson, Suite F (north side of the Element Church building). Thank you for your support!

Adopt-a-Parish Initiative: The Knights of Columbus Councils of Wyoming District 1 in Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs, Wheatland and Torrington have adopted the Chaldean Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary in Kirkuk, Iraq, as a sisterparishandcommittedtoraisingfundstoprovide food, housing, infrastructure, medical facilities, and to improve Christian lives. For more information and to contribute to this effort, please visit the “Adopt-a-Parish”

page of the Cheyenne KofC web site:


Wyoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter:

Searching for the perfect gift for your spouse this Valentine’s Day? Apply for a Marriage Encounter Weekend and give the gift of a weekend together! This private weekend for you and your spouse offers a chance to reconnect, improve communication and fall more deeply in love. Upcoming date: April 17-19 in Rock Springs or visit www.wwme.org to find a weekend near you. To apply visit the website or call Dan & Clare Dooley at 406-697-3275.

Everyday Stewardship

Drop Your Nets and Be Free: There are times I wish I had no obligations. It would be great to take my wife’s hand, hop in the car, and drive into the sunset. Where we were going would not matter as much as the fact that we would have nowhere we had to be. There would be nothing we had to do. No bills. No commitments. No problems. Freedom!

Life doesn’t work like that, however. When Jesus came along and asked some fishermen to drop their nets and follow him, they did just that. Wow! In some ways, they experienced true freedom. That is what Jesus offers all of us. Yet, true freedom looks quite different than my dream scenario.

In living in the true freedom that Jesus offers, there are things we must do and places we must go. That is because freedom only exists in following God’s will, not our own. We are called to be and called to give

ourselves completely to God without reservations. We always have the free will to not respond to His call, but we will find that a negative answer may complicate our lives even further. God’s path for us calls on us to give freely of what we have been given. Saying no to that call means we carry the weight of those gifts. We were never meant to keep them. The path of God’s will may seem long and winding, but it is the one that leads us into that sunset. It is the way to true freedom.

— Tracy Earl Welliver ©LPi


Additional Parish Information:

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is held from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week, in the Adoration Chapel.

Marriage Preparation: Arrangements must be made with the pastor or deacon at least 6 months in advance of your desired ceremony date.

Registration forms can be completed online or found in the bookrack in the vestibule and placed in the collection basket or taken to the Parish Office.

St. Mary’s Catholic School………..……...638-9268 Prayer Phone Line


634-3435/638-9580 Adoration Chapel Coordinators



Fr. Tom Cronkleton, Pastor

(tcronkleton@holytrinitycheyenne.org) Maria Henschel, Director of Pastoral Ministry


Ashley Engel, Associate Director of Pastoral Ministry (aengel@holytrinitycheyenne.org)

Barb Rachocki, Office Manager

(brachocki@holytrinitycheyenne.org) Lora Ketterling, Administrative Assistant


Eva Flores, Ellen Lou Goicoechea (Aunt of Cristie Gasseling), Ella Briggs (Aunt of Joni Adams), Orleatha

Gasseling (Mother of Doug Gasseling), Walter Vining (Brother of Robert Vining), John Moler (Brother of Ann Leininger), Florence Fiorelli, Genevieve Thorn, Richard Narvais, Curtis Howell (Brother of Ellie Lahnert), Arthur

Jost, Sergio Cortez (Brother of Vic Cortez), Judy Arciniega, Dolores Escamilla (Sister of Carol Rollberg),

Jim Weppner (Father of Jodi Davis), George Wagner, Paula Starks, Rodney Simmons (Brother of Donna Hehn), Marsha Oakes, Jean Coonrod, David Bowring

(son of Duane Bowring), and Dylan Liakos.

Jesus, be our strength.

Please Pray for…

Alice Sullivan, Brian Lopez, Sr., Stella Long, Dave Barber (Brother of Jim Barber), Jonathan Perez, Roberta Igard, Shawna Pena, Evelyn Herrera, Margie & Roger Graeve, Ken Bosch (Son of Lee Bosch), Leo & Sue Quinlivan, Elizabeth Prater, Andy Kmetz, Bud & Johanna Shrove,

Margaret Jacobson, Adelina Segovia, Laura Pringle, Steve Gensel (Brother of Sam Gensel), Bobbie Nielsen,

John Roybal, Millie Cadam, Tiffany Hopkins, Chuck Cloud, Dan Denning, Bonnie David, Rosie Lacuesta,

JoAnn Klissus, Thomas Morell, Mary Liakos, Joe &

Carmel Burns, Evelyn Ingish, Debbie Schutt, Cristeen Jessen, Janelle Wingert, Gina Mia Burke and Dale Karl.

Rest in Peace

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6 3 8 - 3 9 3 9


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