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RABBITS ART. Material: green, blue, and white construction paper, scissors, glue


Academic year: 2022

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Draw 3 circles (1 big, 1 medium-sized, and 1 small) on white paper and cut out. Draw face on medium circle. Cut out ears from pink paper. Glue on construction paper.


Material: two wooden ice cream spoons white glue

clear glitter two wiggle eyes small pink pom-pom safety pin

thin pink ribbon

1. Glue the spoon end of the two sticks together at an angle so that the two

handles form a V shape for the bunny's ears and the front spoon end forms the head.

2. Mix one part glue with two parts white paint in a margarine tub. Paint the bunny white, then quickly sprinkle over the paint with clear glitter.

3. Glue two wiggle eyes and a pom-pom nose on the head of the bunny. Glue the bow just below the ears of the bunny.

4. Glue the safety pin to the back of the bunny. Use masking tape to hold the pin in place while the glue dries.


Material: green, blue, and white construction paper, scissors, glue 1. Trace around 1 hand on white paper and cut out.

2. Fold the middle finger under.

3. Fold the thumb and the pinky finger forward.

4. Cut out a strip of grass.

5. Glue the hand print (with fingers folded) fingers up and the grass on blue paper.

6. Draw a face and paws on the bunny. Color the inside of the ears pink.



Glue cotton balls onto paper to make bunnies. Add whiskers with string.


1. Stick 2 hole reinforcements on a piece of colored paper with the edges


2. Add eyes, ears, and whiskers.

3. Decorate with pictures of carrots and flowers.


BUNNY'S NOSE (to tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean") Some rabbits have bright shiny noses

I'm telling you now as a friend The reason their noses are shiny—

Their powder puff's on the wrong end Wrong end, wrong end

Their powder puff's on the wrong end Wrong end, wrong end

Their powder puff's on the wrong end.

MY BUNNY HOPS (to tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean") My bunny hops all through the garden,

My bunny hops all through the yard;

I like to play tag with my bunny But trying to catch him is hard.

Come back, come back,

Come back my bunny to me, to me;

Come back, come back,

Oh come back my bunny to me.

My bunny is so soft and spunky, My bunny is friendly to me.

My bunny is such fun to play with Come join us and you, too, will see.


3 I'M A LITTLE BUNNY (to tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little bunny, Soft and sweet

Here are my ears and here are my feet.

When I'm in the garden, I look for treats, And nibble on all I like to eat.

LITTLE PETER RABBIT (to tune of "John Brown's Body")

(This is an action song. As song goes on you leave out words and only make motions.)

Little (hold hand close to ground) Peter Rabbit (make bunny ears) Had a fly (make fly with both hands) upon his nose (touch nose) Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose

and he flicked it (flick nose with finger) 'til it flew away (make fly with hands and fly away)

(on second verse leave out word "Little" and just make motion) ...Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose (repeat 3 x)

and he flicked it 'til it flew away.

(on third verse leave out words "Little" and "Peter Rabbit" and just make motions) ... ... ... had a fly upon his nose (repeat 3 x)

and he flicked it 'til it flew away.

(on fourth verse leave out "Little", "Peter Rabbit" and "fly" making motions) (on fifth verse leave out "Little", "Peter Rabbit", "Fly", and "nose"...)

(on sixth verse leave out "Little", "Peter Rabbit", "Fly", "nose" and "flicked it"...)

(on seventh verse leave out "Little", "Peter Rabbit", "Fly", "nose", "flicked it" and "flew away"...)

(on last verse leave out all words and just make motions while mouthing song) BUNNY SONG (to tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low”)

Do your ears stand high?

Do they point up to the sky Do you like to paint your eggs With some pink and purple dye?

Do you have big feet that hop?

Could you eat a carrot crop?

Do your ears stand high?



Make a large picture of a bunny with one ear missing. Put the picture on a wall or a door. Cut one bunny ear. Roll a piece of tape and put on the back of the bunny's ear.

Blindfold child and let him try to put the ear on the bunny.



Choose someone to be Peter Rabbit. Peter is the leader and everyone imitates what Peter does. Examples... Wrinkle your nose, hop on one foot, hop on both feet, eat a carrot.


1. Cut two bunny-ear shapes from construction paper.

2. Fold the center of the paper down.

3. Fold over the right side of the paper and staple it to the middle section. Repeat with the left side.

4. Turn the hat over and color the center of the ears pink.

5. Fold the ears down, if desired. Staple yarn on both sides of the hat for ties.


Stand with arms bent and wrists flopping in front of chest. Hop...


1. You will need two gloves. Push the middle finger of one glove down inside.

2. Put on the other glove. Push the middle finger of you gloved hand into the pushed-in middle finger of the empty glove.

3. Pull the thumb and little finger of the empty glove in tight toward the palm of your gloved hand.

4. Bend your fingers. Pull the wrist of the empty glove down into your gloved palm. Hole it and the empty thumb and little finger there, using your gloved thumb and little finger.

5. Fold back the wrist of the glove that's on your hand, forming a cuff that covers your gloved thumb and little finger.

6. The cuff is the body, your middle finger inside the other glove is the head, and your pointer and ring fingers become the bunny's front paws.




Put pear slice on bed of lettuce. Add apple wedges for ears, raisins for eyes and cottage cheese for tail. Sprinkle with coconut.


Shred carrots. Mix in small amount of mayonnaise and raisins


OUT IN THE GARDEN Out in the garden

Where the cabbages grow, (gesture to one side.) Happy little cottontails

Are hopping to and fro. (hop finger on left hand.) Along comes puppy dog

Looking for some fun, (creep out right hand)

"Bow-bow-bow," he barks,

And off the bunnies run. (Hop left-hand fingers away)


Here is a bunny with ears so funny, (hold up two fingers of right hand) And here is his hole in the ground. (form circle with left hand)

When a noise he hears, he pricks up his ears, (extend first two fingers) And hops in his hole in the ground (hop fingers into left-hand circle) BUNNY

Once I saw a bunny (two fingers of one hand erect, thumb, ring and little fingers together)

And a green cabbage head (make a fist of other hand)

"I think I'll have some cabbage," the little bunny said.

So he nibbled and he nibbled (nibble with fingers and thumb) And he pricked his ears to say (two fingers of right hand very erect)

"Now I think I should be hopping on my way." (right hand hops away)



There was a little bunny who lived in the wood (make ears with fingers) He wiggled his ears as a good bunny should (wiggle fingers)

He hopped by a squirrel (hop) He wiggled by a tree (wiggle) He hopped by an owl (hop) And he wiggled by me (wiggle) He stared at the squirrel (stare) He peeked around the tree (peek) He stared at the owl (stare)

But he winked at me! (wink) BABY BUNNY

Baby bunny dressed in blue. (Hold up two fingers on one hand like bunny ears)

Met another; then there were two. (Use two hands and hold up index & middle fingers.) Bouncy bunnies to the left. (Move fingers to left.)

Bouncy bunnies to the right. (Move fingers to right.)

Bouncy bunnies get in bed. (One bunny bounces to your back.) Off to bed, you sleepy heads. (Bounce other bunny to the back.) 5 LITTLE BUNNIES


5 little bunnies hopping down a trail, The 5th one stepped on the 4th one’s tail.

“Ouch!” said the bunny.

“I’m sorry,” said his friend.

Then the 5th hopped home and the 4th little bunny was on the end.

(repeat for bunnies 4 & 3) Last verse…

…Then the 2nd hopped home and the 1st said, “The end!”


I had a little rabbit. (Hold up one finger) One day she ran away. (make fingers "run")

I looked for her by moonlight. (Hand shading eyes) I looked for her by day.

I found her in the meadow

With her babies 1, 2, 3. (hold up fingers) So now I have four rabbit pets

To run and jump with me!



5 little bunnies hopping down the trail.

One fell down and bumped her tail.

Mother called the doctor – what did he shout?

“No more bunnies hopping about!”

repeat from 4-0 MY RABBIT

My rabbit has two big ears (hold up index and middle fingers) And a funny little nose (join other 3 fingers for nose)

He likes to nibble carrots (move thumb away from other two fingers) And he hops wherever he goes. (move whole hand jerkily)


A family of rabbits lived under a tree; (close right hand and hide it under left arm) A father, a mother, and babies three. (Hold up thumb, then fingers in succession) Sometimes the bunnies would sleep all day; (Make fist)

But when night came, they liked to play. (Wiggle fingers)

Out of the hole, they'd creep, creep, creep. (Move fingers in a creeping motion)

While the birds in the trees were all asleep, (Rest face on hands, place palms together) Then the bunnies would scamper about and run...(Wiggle fingers)

Uphill, downhill! Oh, what fun! (Move fingers vigorously)

But when the mother said, "It's time to rest," (Hold up middle finger) Pop! They would hurry (Clap hands after "pop")

Right back to their nest! (Hide hand under arm)





Draw green hill on poster board. Cut bunnies and number them 1-10. Give each child a bunny. Pick a number from 1 to 10. Child with that number tapes bunny to hill.



Use 2 small plates and 1 large plate to make bunny. Make tail from cotton balls. Make eyes and nose from scraps




1 white sock (toddler size) 1 drinking straw

1 paper cup 4 cotton balls

1 rubber band Pink felt scraps Pink or black yarn 2 wiggle eyes

tacky glue scissors

sharp pencil

1. Stuff cotton balls into toe of sock. Insert straw into toe of sock.

2. Tightly wind rubber band around toe of sock, securing straw in place.

3. With pencil, poke hole in bottom of cup at its center.

4. Push end of straw through hole in cup. Slide sock over cup and glue in place. Tie bow around neck of rabbit with yarn.

5. Cut out felt ears and nose and glue in place.

6. Glue on fake eyes. Glue on pieces of yarn for whiskers.

Push and pull on straw to make puppet pop in and out!





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E TAFURI Tafuri Will You Be My Friend?

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E TONE Tone Very Big Carrot

E TUKEL Tukel Rainstack

E UNDERWOOD Underwood Here Comes The Easter Cat

E VAGIN Vagin Enormous Carrot

E VAIL Vail Piggy Bunny



E VAINIO Vainio Best Of Friends

E VAINIO Vainio Little Rabbit Finds Christmas

E VANLAAN Van Laan Scrubba Dub

E VANLAAN Van Laan Tickle Tum!

E VOZAR Vozar M.C. Turtle And The Hip-Hop Hare

E WADDELL Waddell Tom Rabbit

E WAHL Wahl Rabbits On Mars

E WALLACE Wallace Count Down To Clean Up!

E WALLACE Wallace Paperwhite

E WALLACE Wallace Rabbit’s Bedtime E WALLACE Wallace Ready, Set, 100th Day!

E WALLACE Wallace Valentine Express

E WALSH Walsh Gluey, A Snail Tale

E WALTON Walton So Many Bunnies

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E WARNES Warnes Warning! Do Not Touch!

E WASHINGTON Washington Li’l Rabbit’s Kwanzaa

E WATSON Watson Bedtime Bunnies

E WATSON Watson Magic Rabbit

E WATTS Watts Harvey Hare, Postman Extraordinaire

E WATTS Watts Will You Be My Friend?

E WATSON Watson Magic Rabbit

E WAX Wax Arlo Makes A Friend

E WEEKS Weeks Bunny Fun

E WEEKS Weeks Overboard!

E WEIGELT Weigelt Easter Bunny’s Baby

E WELLS Wells Carry Me

E WELLS Wells Emily’s First 100 Days Of School

E WELLS Wells Gulps

E WELLS Wells Hand In Hand

E WELLS Wells Love Waves

E WELLS Wells Max & Ruby (Series) E WELLS Wells Morris’s Disappearing Bag

E WELLS Wells Read To Your Bunny

E WENINGER Weninger Davy (Series)

E WHITE White Adventure Of Louey And Frank

E WILD Wild Rosie And Tortoise

E WILDSMITH Wildsmith Hare And The Tortoise E WILLEMS Willems Knuffle Bunny

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E WILLIAMS Williams Dinnertime!

E WILLIAMS Williams Rabbits' Wedding


22 E WILLIAMS Williams Velveteen Rabbit

E WING Wing Night Before Easter

E WORMELL Wormell Big Ugly Monster And The Little Stone Rabbit E WORMELL Wormell Blue Rabbit (Series)

E WRIGHT Wright Bunnies On Ice

E YATES Yates Small Surprise

E YOON Yoon Found

E ZIEFERT Ziefert Rabbit And Hare Divide An Apple E ZOLOTOW Zolotow Bunny Who Found Easter


J 791.43 ADV Adventures Of The American Rabbit J 791.43 ADV Adventures Of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit J 791.43 BUG Bugs Bunny – Hare Extraordinaire

J 791.43 EAS Easter Basket (Toopy And Binoo – Funny Bunny) J 796.43 ESS Essential Bugs Bunny

J 791.43 FUR Furry News: How To Make A Newspaper

J 791.43 GRA Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales v. 5 (Peter Rabbit) J 791.43 GRA Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales v. 9 (Velveteen Rabbit) J 791.43 GRA Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales v. 11 (Uncle Wiggly And The

Three Kittens)

J 791.43 GRA Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales v. 12 (Tale Of Benjamin Bunny)

J 791.43 GUE Guess How Much I Love You – The Adventures Of Little Nutbrown Hare

J 791.43 KNU Knuffle Bunny J 791.43 MAX Max & Ruby (series) J 791.43 MIF Miffy And Friends

J 791.43 MYF My Friend Rabbit – Hello, Rabbit!

J 791.43 MYF My Friends Tigger & Pooh

J 791.43 PET Peter Rabbit – Spring Into Adventure J 791.43 POS Postcards From Buster

J 791.43 TOR Tortoise And The Hare J 791.43 TOR Tortoise Vs Hare J 791.43 VEL Velveteen Rabbit

J 791.43 WHY Why Mosquitoes Buzz In Peoples’ Ears & More Stories From Africa (Who’s In Rabbit’s House)


J 782.42 PAL Hap Palmer’s Animal Antics (Rabbit Moves Fast)


23 This list was updated on October 26, 2017


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