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Employee time entry is kept simple at both the PC level and at the Remote Data Terminal level. Employees perform timekeeping transactions using the On-Screen TimeClock from the convenience of their own computer. Many Employee Self Service Options are available from the On Screen TimeClock.

1. View hours for the day, shift, week, and past weeks

2. View current accrual totals for sick, vacation, paid time off, etc. 3. Viewing of schedules

4. Viewing of last punch 5. Ability to go on breaks

Employee Self Service Options

In addition to our already robust timekeeping features, the Professional Edition also has: • The ability to email reports.

• The ability to use LDAP authentication which allows for a unified password in applications such as TimeClock Manager. Some companies have employees that are unable to reach a PC to clock in and out. For those companies we provide a clock device we call the Remote Data Terminal. The RDT can be a PIN Entry clock where employees can simply enter a Personal Identification Number, or it can be equipped with:

•Magnetic Card Reader •Proximity Reader

•Bar Code Reader •Finger Print Reader

The Professional Edition is scalable to fit the needs of any employee sized business. From a 3 employee dentist office to a company with thousands of employees spread across the country, TimeClock Plus Professional Edition is designed to help organizations save time and money by automating the time and attendance process.

TimeClock Plus Professional Edition is not just our latest

creation, it’s our best!

And we can help your organization to…

On-Screen TimeClock

TimeClock Plus™ OnDemand

TimeClock Plus OnDemand is a hosted web-based solution that utilizes the latest technology in Cloud Computing.

Your organization may subscribe to TimeClock Plus OnDemand applications

and services rather than install a perpetual license. That means there is no

installation! All software and maintenance is performed by TimeClock

Plus at our Data Center. Implementation is easy; all that is needed is a

compatible web browser and a

broadband connection to the


Employees clock in and out

through our “web-based”

On-Screen TimeClock .

Your employee is able to

perform needed

timeclock transactions, as well as

employee self-service functions from

the convenience of their own computer workstation.



Benefits of TimeClock Plus OnDemand

• No Long Term Commitment. Low “Pay As You Go” monthly charges.

• Minimal Startup Fees

• Rapid Implementation

• 100% web-based allows Managers or Employees to log in from anywhere or anytime with the right security credentials.

• Free email/live chat support

OnDemand Benefits:

Our Secure Environment:

• Secure SAS 70 Type II Data Center • 24x7x365 availability and monitoring

• Encrypted and secured web sessions, data storage and data transmission

• Full protection of personally identifiable information • Daily managed backups

• A multi-tenant architecture allows for high scalability and faster innovation

• Free Software updates and upgrades - New versions of TimeClock Plus OnDemand are deployed right away, which means you are always on the latest version.

Managers may log in to

TimeClock Manager to

access vital employee

information needed to

control labor costs,

job tracking, and overtime

without delay. TimeClock

Plus OnDemand includes a variety of labor

management tools such as the Who’s Here list

which offers management a “real time” snapshot

of current labor operations.

TimeClock Plus OnDemand is a robust employee time tracking application with availability and performance safeguards:

• business continuity • scalability management • data back-up and restore • load balancing

• data recovery • rapid response time • failover procedures


1. View hours for the day, shift, week, and past weeks

2. View current accrual totals for sick, vacation, paid time off, etc. 3. Viewing of schedules

4. Viewing of last punch 5. Ability to go on breaks

Employee Self Service Options

TimeClock Plus™ OnDemand


TimeClock Plus OnDemand can accommodate businesses of any size; however, we recognize that companies

with a few employees may only need basic features and companies with 1000+ employees may need

advanced features. For this reason, TimeClock Plus OnDemand is available in Basic and Premium Packages.

• Employee Add/Edit

TimeClock Plus understands that some businesses may not need a robust system with features they do

not intend to use. OnDemand Basic offers standard time and attendance needs that include:

• Edit Hours • Approve Hours • Who’s Here List

• Configuration/Preferences• Global Modification • Calendar

• Calculator • Basic Reports

• Payroll Detail Report • Complete Payroll Report

• Weekly Punch Report • Payroll Summary Report

• Additional Add on(s)

• Payroll Module of Choice (if needed)

TimeClock Plus OnDemand Basic:

With TimeClock Plus OnDemand Basic you will have a standard support policy plus free chat and email.

TimeClock Plus OnDemand Premium:

Many of our customers require advanced features to manage their employee hours. OnDemand Premium

customers will be able to utilize advanced features that include:

• Time Sheet Entry • Time Off Requests • Auto-Import

• Payroll Export Module of choice (if needed) • Accruals • Automation Utility • Scheduler • Schedule Restrictions • Schedule Rounding • Absent/Tardy

• Additional Add on(s) • Job Costing Package

• Job Costing Module and all available reports • Shift Differential

• Access to over 30+ reports

With TimeClock Plus OnDemand Premium you will have a premium support policy which includes telephone

support during support hours plus chat and email for as long as you are a subscriber.

Please Contact Timeclock Plus Sales for more information.

• Mobile Apps


1. View hours for the day, shift, week, and past weeks

2. View current accrual totals for sick, vacation, paid time off, etc. 3. Viewing of schedules

4. Viewing of last punch 5. Ability to go on breaks

Employee Self Service Options

TimeClock Plus™ OnDemand System Requirements

For the best Experience

• Windows XP with SP 3

• Windows Vista

• Windows Server 2003

• Windows Server 2008

• Windows 7

• Mac X OS

• 1 gigahertz (GHz) Dual Core Pentium processor or equivalent (2 GHz or higher recommended)

• 512 megabytes (MB) or more of RAM (1 GB or higher recommended)

• Broadband internet: 1.5 Mbps down (3.0 Mbps down/higher recommended)

• Internet Explorer 8

• Firefox 3.5 or higher in Windows or Mac

• Internet Explorer 7 (supported, but not recommended)

• Resolution of at least 1024 x 768



TimeClock Plus™ Hardware Overview

TimeClock Plus™ TelClock

TimeClock Plus TelClock is a telephone based time and attendance solution that provides employers with the ability to have employees clock in and out from a telephone. Whether using the office desk phone or a cell phone, TelClock affords employees flexibility to clock in and out without a centralized


TimeClock Plus™ USB Desktop BioScan

This device is a desktop biometric scanner that employees use with the On-Screen TimeClock. The

employee clocks in from a PC and then places their fingerprint on the scanner for verification. The Desktop BioScan is best suited for office environments where managers want to secure the process of employee clock operations.

TimeClock Plus™ Series 100 and Series 200 GT-400 Hand Scanners

The GT is a single unit time keeping solution offering real time biometric authentication. By placing their hands on the scanner, your employees will be able to clock in and out, check hours and receive messages from the GT.

TimeClock Plus™ ProxRDT

Our Remote Data Terminals (RDT’s) can be equipped with different options. One of our more popular options is the Proximity Reader. The Proximity Reader is popular because unlike a magnetic card or bar code card, it doesn’t have to be swiped. The employee can bring the card within a few inches and the reader will pick up the signal.

TimeClock Plus™ BarCode RDT

Forget the punch cards and sign-in sheets. Many of our clients prefer to have their employees swipe a card when they clock in. The BarCodeRDT is a card swipe clock that reads a bar code printed on an employee badge. Your employees simply swipe their card when they clock in and out.

TimeClock Plus™ MagRDT

Forget the punch cards and sign-in sheets. Many of our clients prefer to have their employees swipe a card when they clock in. The MagRDT is a card swipe clock that reads an employee number encoded on a magnetic strip.

TimeClock Plus™ PinRDT

Our PinRDT is a clock device that allows your employees to clock in and out by entering a Personal Identifica-tion Number (PIN). The employee can clock in and out, change job codes, go on break and more by simply entering in the number you’ve assigned as their TimeClock Plus id number.

TimeClock Plus™ BioRDT

When our clients ask for a biometric clock it’s usually because they have “buddy punching” in their organiza-tion. Buddy punching is when you have two or more employees clocking each other in and out. It can be a common practice with hourly staff. Buddy Punching aside, the fingerprint clocks are also great as a means of employees clocking in and out without using a card swipe.


Contact Timeclock Plus Sales to determine if TimeClock Plus Hybrid is right for your business.

TimeClock Plus™ Payroll Export Modules

Your Payroll Professionals know the stresses created when payroll comes due. Your Business Managers

know the significance errors in payroll calculation have. The cost of time consumed calculating employee

information and keying it into payroll along with the risk of error is why we’ve developed Payroll export

modules. TimeClock Plus™ takes the next logical step in automating the process of doing payroll by

allowing management to transfer hours directly to many Payroll packages.

We understand the impact of time saved and errors prevented

during the payroll process. That’s why we've created a specialized

PIM (Payroll Interface Modules) group dedicated to the development,

testing, deployment and support of interfaces between TimeClock Plus and 3rd

party applications for payroll, HR, ERP and others.

At the end of each pay period, your payroll department will export a file from TimeClock Plus which will

import directly into the fields of your specific payroll program.

TimeClock Plus currently interfaces with 200 + applications such as:

ACS Technologies ACCPAC Activant Abra ADP® Blackbaud BusinessWorks Ceridian CheckMark InfiniteVisions Intuit Complete vistaCARE Lawson Mas90 Millennium Munis PayAmerica Paychex Shelby Smart HR Solomon Summit Software iTCCS RSCCC Timberline UltiPro WolfePak Compupay Cougar Mountain Bass Cyborg DacEasy Easypay Software Famous FMS Great Plains PayChoice Paycom Online PayMaxx Paytime Peachtree Pentamation PeopleSoft QuickBooks Rapid Pay





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