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Enterprise Cloud Services





Driven by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the IT industry, NxtGen delivers central IT platform as a service to companies across the board - from small to large enterprises. It has have explored the newest products, the latest technologies and the most insightful studies to bring you the best machines for your IT infrastructure needs across brands. Today, NxtGen is the only data center service company in India offering OPDC™ hybrid solution on a pay-by-use model and Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS).

NxtGen’s primary endeavor is take out the complexity in managing datacenter & cloud infrastructure, bring high level of efficiency, be it in cooling, or the way power and IT is managed. A 24/7 Central Command Center (CCC) proactively monitors and provides predictive management of system failures there by maintaining the committed SLA.

NxtGen’s state of the art data centers along with associated services provide a highly available, secure and scalable environment


for customer’s Datacenter infrastructure requirements. The solutions are designed to not only meet the customer’s current requirements with highest proficiency but to also be able to address future scalability needs predicted, as well as un-forecasted.

NxtGen provides hosted private cloud infrastructure designed for customers who seek private enterprise class, multi-tiered, IT infrastructure. The components of the architecture have been worked with support from industry leaders in their respective domains – Intel, Microsoft, VMware, OpenStack, Symantec, Fortinet etc., to provide high-performance & high reliability platform for the customer.

This enables the customers who seek seamless growth, to not worry about the IT infrastructure lock-in, through the Enterprise Cloud Services from NxtGen. NxtGen delivers business value by providing datacenter as a service, a private hybrid model which delivers central Infrastructure as a Service, through our ‘Infinite Datacenter’, providing full range of datacenter & cloud services to enterprises from its own facilities (HDDC™) or deploy centrally managed modular solutions at customer premises (OPDC™).

Delivering Business Value From DataCenter & Cloud Technologies

Redefine Your Business


Customers are seeking agility, as well

as the "rightsizing" of infrastructure to fit

their business needs.


Todays servers are designed run more applications simultaneously than ever before. NxtGen is working on various cloud technologies to provide it’s customers higly optimised processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources. Customers have full-control over operating systems, storage, deployed applications, and control of select networking components of the fundamental compute resource and do not need to invest & build infrastructure and skill to manage or control the underlying cloud physical infrastructure.

NxtGen delivers application execution services, such as application runtime, storage, and integration, for applications written for a pre-specified development framework. NxtGen ECS provides an efficient and agile approach to operate scale-out applications in a predictable and cost- effective manner. Service levels and operations are shared the customer takes responsibility for the stability, architectural compliance, and overall operations of the application while NxtGen delivers the platform capability (including the infrastructure and operational functions) at a predictable service level and cost. The pool of computing resources are dedicated and delivered as a standardized set of services that are specified, architected and controlled for a particular enterprise.

NxtGen ECS model delivers significant advantages over the available public cloud models, which are delivered over the Internet. Public clouds deliver agility to deployment and rapid capacity scaling.



However, Enterprises require control over service delivery environment because of application maturity, performance requirements, Industry or Government regulatory controls, and more importantly business differentiation. NxtGen ECS combines the specific business value deliverables of both models and offers hosted private clouds for enterprises.


Key Differentiators

Architecture built on industry standard components to ensure high MTBF coupled with known support mechanism.

Customer has full flexibility of deciding level of resource commitments for each of his applications. Capacity usage aligned to customer’s business requirement.

Robust infrastructure with self-healing capability of the physical infrastructure, backed by highest level of support from OEMs.

Built-in elasticity, customer enjoys similar advantages as a public cloud in-terms of the ability to add & remove resources.

Customer gets a enterprise grade tiered architecture of External Web, Mid- Application and Internal Database level network isolations by using private subnets.

- Ipsum Customer needs to plan only for consumed capacity on a storage platform that is by default offered on highly effecient RAID array.

Key offerings

NxtGen delivers virtual containers with Windows Server environment and manages the performance of the infrastructure, including delivery over Internet bandwidth. The Windows Servers present the same experience as a physical server in which customer’s applications are migrated. The underlying infrastructure is build to suit customer’s varied compute requirements.

The solution takes advantage various technologies to over-come challenges of network latency, infrastructure security and power inefficiencies.

Accelaration of virtualisation through-out the platform

Reduced storage and network latencies by removing potential bottle-necks Hardware foundation for enhanced security

Unified, virtualisation optimised, high performance storage

Back-up & recovery options available on industry’s leading enterprise solution (Gartner MQ Leader).

Core switching, routing and traffic shaping achieved with cloud ready enterprise devices, provisioned on redundant mode.


High Performance, High Availability Resource


The compute infrastructure delivers the required compute & memory power a required by the customers’ environment that is well aligned with high IOPS storage resources for the platform.

Each cloud host node is built with the following basic configuration

Intel® Server System Chasis

Intel® Server Board S2400/S2600 Series Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family

High density Memory slots with fully loaded high capacity DIMMs of DDR3 1600MHz

SAS (15K)/SSD drives in the most efficient hardware RAID configuration

Intel® Multi Port 1 GbE I/O Module

Based on customer environment Microsoft®

Hyper-V suite of products are deployed for virtualization and management. Microsoft®

Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition has been deployed for operations management of compute, memory, storage and networks and manages availability, security and automation of the cloud. Microsoft® System Center offers the centralized control over all virtualized resources. Delivers security and availability of Hyper-V based resources.

Note: NxtGen is agnostic to Hypervisor platforms. It offers OpenStack and VMware® based cloud platforms as well. The choice of Hypervisor platform is suggested on case basis, as best suited for the customers guest OS and in-house IT ecosystems.

Internet Bandwidth

NxtGen worked with top two leading Telecom Providers to provision high- availability network for delivering Internet bandwidth.

High Capacity Internet Bandwidth provisioned on dual Gigabit Ethernet last-mile connections

Internet delivered through Carrier-Grade core-routers and security appliance.

Network Provisioning & Protection

Internet bandwidth, Point-to-point and MPLS connect requirement provisioned via multiple carrier-grade core routers, each with Multiple GE WAN ports.

NxtGen is responsible for running basic firewall (UTM) services and upkeep of the network. LAN is provisioned over redundant non-blocking L-3 Gigabit Switches.


Revolutionary Resilience

High-density Tier III Datacenter – 99.98% uptime Redundant architecture with multiple ISP 24x7x365 Support

Power Packed Performance

Compute performance delivered with latest Intel® Xeon® processor based servers

Storage built on a combination of SAS & SSD drives

Best in class Datacenter infrastructure

Tier III Hosting in High Density Racks

High Density racks Power charges included 24 x 7 Hands & Eye Support

Maintenance of Hardware & Hypervisor platform – 99.9% uptime.

Datacenter Infrastructure offered at 99.982% uptime for cooling & power.

Walking the ‘Talk’

Customer deployments of various scales and customizations, demonstrates all key abilities that NxtGen can offer. The complexities involved in deployment, managed by NxtGen, provide simple to use highly optimized application execution services to customers. This encourages customers to extend their

‘Enterprise environment’ to hosted private clouds for enterprise services, leveraging key advantages of both Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure – NxtGen’s ‘Enterprise Cloud Services’

Enterprise Class Virtualization

Multi-platform Cloud delivery model

Customized virtual datacenter configurations Optional Private Network Access

Security & Transparency

Protected by state-of-the-art Unified Threat Management Appliances

ISO Certified, ITSM Policy, Processes & Procedures

Futuristic Datacenter & Cloud Services

Cloud Enabled System Infrastructure (CESI) Managed Hosting offered on CESI as cloud- enabled managed hosting

Solutions based on Intel benchmarks

Customers are minimally interested in the self-service

capabilities of cloud IaaS, and seek a managed infrastructure

service delivered on top of a CESI — a cloud-enabled service.


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