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The ByteMobile Subscriber Engagement Suite ( SES ) gives

operators new opportunities to enhance their value in the

mobile network value chain, allowing them to actively engage

subscriber’s inline and also providing a platform to enable

advertisers to reach targeted subscribers.


Fueled by the massive growth of mobile data traffic over the last five years, the mobile operator business model has evolved from one that was highly profitable and voice-centric to one that is now video-centric with either declining or flat ARPU. Subscriber preferences regarding content and devices have evolved from operator-controlled feature phones to 3G/4G enabled smartphones to connected laptops and tablets. Always-connected subscribers have an insatiable demand for data. This creates a business challenge for operators who must invest heavily in faster and more reliable networks to meet this demand without receiving substantial return on their investments.

The majority of mobile network content is over-the-top (OTT), originating from sources such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Dailymotion and Netflix. Unfortunately, the operator has no control over this content; instead OTT players dominate the mobile network value chain and derive revenue from the network traffic without the expense of owning or even investing in the network.

To reverse the declining ARPU trend and enhance profitability, mobile operators need to discover innovative ways to engage subscribers with differentiated services, price plans, and inline personalized content that is relevant to the subscriber. Mobile operators can also profit from the mobile advertising segment. Advertisers are willing to pay to leverage the operator’s deep knowledge of the subscriber base to create ads that more effectively reach their target audience.

The ByteMobile Subscriber Engagement Suite (SES) gives operators new opportunities to enhance their value in the mobile network value chain, allowing them to actively engage subscribers inline and also providing a platform to enable advertisers to reach targeted subscribers.




The Subscriber Engagement Suite enables two key customer engagement capabilities for the operator:


Redefines the relationship between mobile operators and their subscribers by providing subscribers the capability to configure and define their own services. This interactive system enables the subscriber to choose the services and quality of experience desired at any given moment.

The Subscriber Engagement Suite self-care feature set includes:

Visibility and notification for voice, data and video plan usage

A top-up option for pre-paid subscribers and alternate plans/packages for post-paid subscribers


Proactive notification for the subscriber when roaming; allows subscribers to define their services and quality of experience while roaming

Opt-in or opt-out of operator-initiated promotional offers (can be third party or operator promotions)

Options to enable or disable a toolbar The Subscriber Engagement Suite chooses the

mode of notification that is appropriate for the underlying activity. For example, a roaming notification is presented as a pop-up message on the screen. For data usage, a usage bar and related plan top-up are delivered via a toolbar.

An added benefit of implementing self-care is that subscribers can complete service requests via an on-screen engagement system. This

reduces subscriber calls to the call center and lowers the operator’s customer care costs.


Mobile advertising is a fast growing segment of the advertising sector.

Operators can play an important role in the mobile advertising value chain as providers of subscriber information and as an advertising-delivery platform.

Operators maintain a wealth of detailed information about their subscribers, which is a valuable commodity in the advertising business.

Operator-maintained subscriber data includes:

Personal data such as name, address, gender and profile

Device information including device type, IMEI, operating system and model

Billing details such as spend, balance and payment collections

Location information such as roaming and presence

Downloaded apps such as newsfeeds, contacts, cookies and social network subscriptions

Content such as pictures, videos, music and documents


Communication details including websites visited, call logs and voice mail

Contract details including number, SIM information and options available Subscriber data can be further segmented with various categorization, business intelligence and analytical systems to meet the targeting needs of advertisers.

Taking the mobile advertising concept a step further, operators can monetize the screen real estate in conjunction with advertisers and ad networks. This innovative business model is beneficial to the operators’

revenue enhancement, to advertisers’ business insights and to subscribers’

receipt of relevant information.


Screen image pop-up capability allows the operator to insert a pop-up image on the subscriber’s screen anytime the browser is used. Images can be used as a notification service when the subscriber roams.

They can also be used for advertising purposes, where the rest of the browser background is “greyed-out”

for the period of time that the advertising image pop-up stays on the screen. The subscriber always has the option to press a key to hide the advertisement.


The ByteMobile SES toolbar is an HTML5-based in-browser toolbar that can be enabled by the operator any time the subscriber uses the browser on their mobile device. Key elements of the toolbar include:

Subscriber opt-in/opt-out

Non-intrusive and semi-transparent (translucent)

Can be moved to any section of the screen

Subscriber can minimize toolbar to the size of a small button

Operator can customize the applications hosted on the toolbar per subscriber


Applications can be added to the toolbar based on operator requirements.

Ready-to-deploy toolbar applications include:

Usage Bar: An in-browser notification tool that provides real- time information on plan consumption and offers plan top-up options.

Operator Mobile Content Portal: An app that takes the subscriber to the operator-selected portal.

Bookmarks: The option to promote certain bookmarks important to the operator’s business and include them as a part of the toolbar for easy access by subscribers.

Third-Party Content Promotion: Several over-the-top (OTT) content providers provide entertainment services but do not own the network. These content providers can collaborate with mobile operators to promote content offers delivered as a placement in the toolbar.

Search: To provide ease of Internet search, the operator can offer a search service based on the toolbar. The operator can also collaborate with a search service provider such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and have the underlying search make use of the preferred search engine.

Survey: Allows the operator to conduct surveys to measure customer satisfaction for their own business or offer to conduct a survey on another entity’s behalf.

Personalization: Allows the subscriber to select service options related to video, data, plan top-up and service options when roaming. This can be delivered as a placement in the toolbar or an OTT pop-up window for instant, real-time promotions.

Settings: The subscriber can configure various options related to the toolbar.



ByteMobile T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager

At least one server with the following configuration is required:

Intel basedsystem with these minimum specifications:

- Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 8C 2.6GHz - 64GB RAM

- RAID 0/5

- RHEL Version 6.4 - Dual 10GE Ethernet

- 10K SAS HDD (capacity based upon operator requirement) SOfTwaRE REqUIREMENTS

Operator Provided:

- Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 6.4 - Embedded Apache Server

Citrix ByteMobile Provided:

- Content Insertion and Policy Manager Interface to the Adaptive Traffic Manager

- ByteMobile subscriber database

Personlization Server

Web Application Delivery Controller (Optional) MaNagEMENT aND REPORTINg

The T3100 platform provides the following reporting capabilities:

- Active users per quarter

- Percent of users who have enable the toolbar - Percent of users who have shut off the service


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