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5 59 Zo r S hr i ne P la ce Ma di so n , W I 5 371 9 P: 6 08 .8 33 .0 1 2 3 F: 608 . 833 . 012 6 w w w . i d s - w i . c o m



Client Name (First, MI, Last) Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

Date of Birth Home Phone

Gender Social Security #

County of Residence


If Client is a minor, please complete parent/guardian information. *Address need only be completed if different than Client.

Parent/Guardian Name Parent/Guardian Name Date of Birth (Parent/Guardian) Date of Birth (Parent/Guardian)

Relationship to Client Relationship to Client

Address Address

Cell Phone Cell Phone

Name of Employer Name of Employer

Address of Employer OR Where Reachable Address of Employer OR Where Reachable

Work Phone Work Phone

Email address Email address


Physician Name Address

Phone Number Fax Number

By signing here, I am agreeing that I have received a copy of the Privacy Practice Notice:




When you receive services for mental health, alcoholism, drug abuse, or developmental disability as an

inpatient or outpatient, you have the following rights under Wisconsin Statute Sec 51.61:

Treatment and Related Rights:

To be free from having unreasonable arbitrary decisions made about you.

To receive prompt and adequate treatment

To refuse any treatment

To be free from unnecessary or excessive medication

Communication and Privacy Rights:

To refuse to be filmed or taped without your consent

To have your treatment records and conversations about your treatment kept confidential (Sec.

51.30 Stats.)

To have access to your treatment record after discharge (or during treatment if the facility

director approves it) and to have access at all times to records of medications you take or any

treatment you receive for physical health reasons.

Right of Access to Courts:

To bring legal actions for damages against those who violate your rights.

Your Right to Complain:

If you feel that your rights have been violated, you have the right to a grievance

procedure. Our agency has a grievance process through which you may file your

complaint. Grievances must be filed in writing within forty-five days of the incident or

issue. The staff will supply you with a copy of the IDS Grievance Procedure upon

request. You may, at the end of grievance process, or at any time during it, choose to

take the matter to court.

Client Name Date of Birth



We require a complete copy of your insurance card (front and back) along with this completed form.

Please Note: Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid will cover initial intakes (for all diagnoses), diagnostic services (for all diagnoses), and mental health services (for diagnoses other than the autism spectrum), but will not cover any autism treatment services. The only Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid funding source that pays for autism services is the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) waiver. Autism services must be listed on the child’s IFSP in order for the CLTS waiver to cover them.

I do not have insurance benefits to cover the services I will be receiving and agree to pay my bill personally at the time of services. If I am unable to pay in full, I will make payment arrangements with the accounting office. (Please if this applies.)

Primary Carrier* Phone Number

Address Policy Holder

Policy/Member # Person Code Group #

*Please provide copy of the front and back of insurance card

Secondary Carrier** Phone Number

Address Policy Holder

Policy/Member # Person Code Group #

**This includes Medicaid, Title 19, and Katie Beckett

Signature on File

 I authorize use of this signature form on all my insurance submissions.

 I authorize IDS to release to my insurance company any medical information necessary to process my claims.

 I understand that I am responsible for my bill.

 I authorize payment direct to Integrated Development Services, Inc.

 I permit a copy of this authorization to be used in place of the original.

 I understand that this consent may be revoked by me at any time, except to the extent that action has already been taken. This consent remains valid unless expressly revoked.

 I hereby release IDS from and legal responsibility or liability that may arise from the act of filing my insurance claim.

 I have been advised of the cost of treatment.

 I understand that if I am receiving ABA therapy, this is NOT a covered benefit through Medical Assistance, and if I do not have other coverage, I will be responsible for the bill.

Client Name Date of Birth

Signature of Client/Guardian



You are responsible for the costs of services provided by Integrated Development Services, Inc. We ask that you pay any expected co-pay/personal fees at the time of each visit. If we underestimate your co-pay, you will be billed at the end of each month, and we ask that you make payment within 30 days. Should you over pay, any payment will be promptly refunded. As a service to our clients insurance claims will be submitted to your insurance carrier(s).

If you have HMO coverage and have a current referral, your policy may cover the initial costs if benefits have not already been used elsewhere. If your HMO requires you to have a referral for services provided by our office, it is your responsibility to obtain a referral and keep the referral current. You will personally be responsible for the co-pay portion of the benefits, for costs incurred during any period in which you do not have a current referral, and for services you receive that are not covered by your HMO.

If you have non-HMO insurance, you will be responsible for deductible and co-pay portions. You are responsible for any prior authorizations that may be needed. You are also personally responsible for any costs that exceed the benefit limits of your insurance policy or are not covered by your policy. If you have questions about what your insurance may cover, you should contact your insurance company and check benefits.

If you or your child have a Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid plan you are responsible for keeping your ForwardHealth Medicaid coverage current. If you have a lapse in Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid coverage, or coverage is cancelled, you will be responsible for payment of services. We will always bill your private insurance first for services provided. If your insurance will not cover services, we will then bill your Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid plan.

Please note that if you have a Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid plan that is managed by a HMO (i.e. DeanCare, Physicians Plus), treatment services through this office are not covered and we cannot provide services to you.

The fee for services is as follows:

Diagnostic Evaluations Individual Mental Health Treatment Individual ABA Behavioral Treatment

$150.00/hour $120.00/hour $60.00/hour

Accounts must be kept current and monthly statements must be paid upon receipt unless written arrangements have been made. If your account balance goes above $300, and you have not made payment arrangements with our office, we may ask that you temporarily stop services until your account is brought up to date. For your convenience our office does accept MasterCard and Visa. If you have any questions regarding your account, please ask our account manager.

Integrated Development services reserves the right to seek legal means to secure reimbursement.

I have read, understand, and agree to the policies described above. I understand that I am responsible for my bill with Integrated Development Services, Inc. regardless if I have insurance coverage or not.



Client Name Date of Birth

I, the undersigned, hereby give consent to Integrated Development Services to release to and/or receive my child’s records for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment planning from:


County of Residence Private Insurance Physician Other

Specific records authorized for release include:

Complete medical records IQ scores Medication records Admission history records Complications M-Team/ IEP results Past history records Progress and therapy notes Verbal exchanges Social history records Workshop evaluations Discharge summary Psychological test records Recommendations Diagnosis

Psychiatric and psychological evaluations Prognosis Treatment notes and summaries Other (please list):

Right to inspect or Copy the Health Information to be Used or Disclosed-I understand that I have the right to inspect or copy the health information I have authorized to be used or disclosed by this authorization form. I may arrange to inspect my health information or obtain copies of my health information by contacting the administrative office. Right to Receive Copy of this authorization-I understand that if I agree to sign this authorization, I have a right to receive a signed copy of the form. Right to Refuse to Sign this authorization-I understand that I am under no obligation to sign this form and that the person(s) and/or organizations listed above who I am authorizing to use and/or disclose my information may not condition treatment or payment on my decision to sign this authorization. Right to Revoke This Authorization-I understand that I may revoke this authorization in writing at any time. To obtain information on how to revoke my authorization or to receive a copy of my revocation, I may contact the administrative office. I am aware that my revocation will not be effective as to uses and/or disclosures of my health information that the person(s) and or organizations listed above have already made in reference to this authorization. Integrated Development Services, Inc. will not condition treatment, payment, enrollment, or eligibility for benefits on whether this form is signed.

A photocopy of this authorization is as valid as the original. This authorization is valid for one year from the date signed below.

Client Name Date of Birth

Signature of Client/Guardian



I give my permission for this minor to receive the following autism treatment services from Integrated Development Services, Inc. for the purpose of achieving goals as per the treatment plan designed for my child. Alternative treatment models have been explained to me. I have been told about possible outcomes and side effects of treatment recommendations, treatment recommendations and benefits of treatment recommendations, approximate duration and desired outcomes of treatment recommendation in the treatment plan, the rights of a consumer receiving outpatient mental health services, including the rights and responsibilities in the development and implementation of an individual treatment plan, the fees that the consumer or responsible party will be expected to pay for the proposed services, how to use the clinic’s grievance procedure under HFS 94, the means by which a consumer can obtain emergency mental health services during periods outside the normal operating hours of the clinic (see emergency procedure), the clinic’s discharge policy, which includes the circumstances under which a consumer may be involuntarily discharged for inability to pay or for behavior reasonably the result of mental health symptoms.

I agree that this professional may also interview these other persons while preparing my child’s treatment plan: see Authorization for Release of Information with parent / legal representative’s signature.

A report or reports concerning the therapist’s findings from an initial assessment will be available no more than three weeks after the Intake Interview.

My signature below means that I understand and agree with all of the points above. I understand that this consent is valid for one year from the date listed below at which time new consent will be required. I understand that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time, in writing. I have read and been give a copy of the client’s rights and grievance procedure.

Client Name Date of Birth

Signature of Client/Guardian Printed Name of Client/Guardian Date

I, the therapist, have discussed the issues above with the minor consumer’s parent or legal representative. My observations of this person’s behavior and responses give me no reason, in my professional judgment, to believe that this person is not fully competent to give informed and willing consent to the minor consumer’s treatment.


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