IRIS Managed Payroll Service

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IRIS Managed Payroll Service

Friendly, reliable, efficient

For further information please call the IRIS team on


About IRIS Managed Payroll Service

IRIS have specialised in payroll for over 30 years and this

experience means we fully understand all aspects of payroll to

be able to offer you a first class service ensuring you are

legislatively compliant whilst paying staff accurately and on

time. We use our own, market leading, HMRC accredited

payroll software which easily enables us to tailor your payrolls

to your individual requirements.

We are your payroll department, there to provide you with a

friendly, efficient, reliable service, seamlessly integrating with

your organisation.

We pride ourselves on developing a close relationship with

you, offering a personal service and always on hand to help

make payroll as hassle free as possible for the minimum cost

whilst remaining fully compliant.


Why choose IRIS Managed Payroll Service?

Payroll is a business critical function within your company and it is important to choose an experienced company that you can trust to process your payroll and provide high levels of service.

Expertise As payroll software authors we fully understand all aspects of

payroll legislation. We are members of BASDA and work closely with HMRC on future changes to legislation. Payrolls, are run by CIPP accredited payroll professionals with over 12 years of service. We are working closely with HMRC on the forthcoming RTI

developments and will be involved in early trials of this functionality.

Security As an IT company, we understand the need for security of

information held on computer networks and the importance of recovery of information in the event of an emergency. Our entire system is backed up daily and a separate copy

of your data files will be kept off site in a secure location. Your confidential data will be kept completely secure and we adhere strictly to the Data Protection Act.

Reliability We are fully BACS accredited so you can trust us to make BACS

payments to both employees and external companies such as HMRC and Pensions Providers. Using our own software means we are backed up by our on-site Support and Development teams.

Flexibility We can tailor our service to meet your needs and will work closely

with you to set-up the payroll to your requirements. We can run payrolls at whatever frequency you require and can handle both salaried and hourly paid staff. We will set-up a variety of overtime factors and payments & deductions (such as bonuses and loans) and will send you a selection of tailor made reports to meet your individual needs. Once the payroll is processed files can be sent to you for importing into Accounts and HR Systems or you can even choose to have a copy of IRIS installed at your offices (we will send you back-up files) to print your own reports.

Service Our clients are treated as individuals. You will have a dedicated

account manager who will fully understand your specific


What we can offer

We will provide a fully managed service where we look after all aspects of your payroll. We will take responsibility for processing and managing your payroll data and will answer your employee queries (through an agreed contact) and liaise with third party agencies such as HMRC, Pensions Providers and Local Authorities to provide required information.

We will:

• Import data (both standard and variable) from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets • Check and validate your payroll data before processing Input all starter details

into your payroll (this includes submitting P46 information to HMRC)

• Receive changes to tax codes electronically from HMRC and implement these • Look after any expenses payments

• Amend salaries as required

• Process salary sacrifice schemes, such as Childcare Vouchers

• Administer statutory payments / deductions including CSAs, student loans, court orders and tax credits

• Perform all pay calculations accurately

• Process additional payments such as bonuses (including net-to-gross)

• Initial reconciliation of pay figures and provision of verification reports for your approval

• Pay your employees’ net pay through a secure BACS facility (full checks are made throughout)

• Print, seal and dispatch payslips to either one address or directly to employees home addresses

• Provide email payslips if required

• Provide a selection of reports to your requirements

• Process all leaver information including submission of P45 to HMRC & employee • Keep a spreadsheet of monthly reconciliation figures to ensure data is accurate

for year end

• Perform full year end processing including liaison with HMRC, online filing, printing and distribution of P60s

• Respond to any payroll queries • File and archive your data securely

• Liaise with third parties such as pensions providers and the Child Support Agency


If you are not looking for a fully managed payroll service we can provide the following options:


printing We will print and seal your payslips and can send to either one address or directly to your employees. You can benefit from professional laser security payslips without the need to invest in a pressure sealing machine. Your payslips will be printed in a secure off-site environment ensuring payroll data is kept



processing Our BACS accredited bureau can make all your BACS payments on your behalf. Our service is completely secure and you can be confident the payments will be processed correctly and on time.

Additional Services


Disbursements We can pay Tax and NI payments to HMRC on your behalf.


Disbursements We can pay money to third parties such as Pensions Companies on your behalf.

Job Costing If you have employees who work for more than one

department or branch, we can split their costs between different cost centres so that you always have an accurate picture of the weekly or monthly costs of each department.


Production We can look after your P11D production, carrying out all calculations and submitting information online to HMRC. We can also provide benefit statements that can be emailed to employees so they can see at a glance the benefits they are currently receiving.


Choice of Reports

You can choose from over 150 standard reports in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word or Adobe PDF. If required, bespoke reports can also be written to meet your individual requirements.

Standard reports include:

• Payroll summaries • Payroll control report • Variance reports

• HMRC payment summary report

• Payments to third parties • General ledger reports • Payroll analysis

• Payment/Deduction reports

Integration to Accounts (optional)


Payroll processing

The exact process will vary for each company and will be agreed during the implementation process.

What you do:

• Send us the payroll information in an agreed format e.g. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

• Approve the verification report we will send to you • Pass us any payroll queries you may have

What we do:

• Upload tax code changes directly from HMRC and send starter and leaver documentation

• Load your payroll data including starters, leavers, salaries, hours worked and payments and deductions

• Check the payroll output against your figures to ensure it is correct and produce a verification report for sign off

• One the figures are signed off we will make BACS payments, produce payslips and reports and send you agreed output files

• Do monthly reconciliation so accounts are correct at the end of every month


We will forward a set of authorisation reports to you of the BACS


Project implementation

Pre-sale Your Account Manager will contact you to discuss your requirements

and to agree resources and project timescales.

We will look at how your payroll is currently processed, how payroll data is collected and reporting requirements.

A quotation will be prepared based on your requirements.

Scoping A scoping day will allow us to agree a project plan for implementing

your payroll. We do this by discussing the factors that must be taken into consideration when transferring your payroll to a new supplier: • Your existing payroll set-up

• How you send and receive information • Your pay dates

• Any software links

We will document the payroll process so you know what information to provide to us and when, the validation checks that will be carried out and our service commitments to you.

Data migration

and validation We will work with you to ensure the data from your existing system is in the correct format to import. We will validate all data before it is imported and update you on any discrepancies.

System checks We will fully check the data against your existing reports to ensure it

has been imported correctly.

Parallel run This is an opportunity to test the process is working correctly and that

the figures exactly match your current system. We will shadow run the payroll and provide validation reports for you to check everything is correct.

• Test data feeds

• Ensure payment figures are correct

• Test communications with the bureau team • Ensure you are happy with the reports provided

• Test output files to third party systems (such as Accounts)

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Payroll Technical Capability

We use our own market leading Earnie payroll software which is always kept up-to-date with the latest legislation.

Earnie payroll is a proven payroll solution which has a comprehensive list of features. This flexibility means we can easily handle both basic and complex payroll requirements.

Features of the system include:

• Up to 999 payments can be configured including net-to-gross • Up to 999 deductions can be configured including AEOs and loan


• Pensions calculations can be set-up to your requirements • Backdated and Director’s NI can be calculated

• Different pay frequencies can be accommodated • Part payments can be made for starters / leavers

• Payrolls can be re-run as required for last minute amendments • An audit trail will show what changes have been made and when • Multiple bank accounts can be set up for an employee

• Full history is kept on the system

• Messages and logos can be included on payslips • CIS calculations can be made

• Unlimited rates of pay can be set-up • Up to 12 overtime factors are available • SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP are fully calculated

• In-year data such as P45s are sent electronically to HMRC

• In-year data such as tax code changes are received electronically to HMRC


Services for Earnie Payroll Users

If you currently use Earnie payroll software we can provide a selection of services that can be used alongside your in-house system.

Payslip Printing We will print and seal your payslips and can send to either

one address or directly to your employees. You can benefit from professional laser security payslips

without the need to invest in a pressure sealing machine. Your payslips will be printed in a secure off-site

environment ensuring payroll data is kept confidential.

BACS Processing Our BACS accredited bureau can make all your BACS

payments on your behalf. Our service is completely secure and you can be confident the payments will be

processed correctly and on time.

Disaster Recovery IRIS offers a variety of options when it comes to disaster

recovery. As an Earnie payroll software user you have a choice when it comes to your ‘peace of mind’.

The services we offer include:

• Emergency Payroll • Off-site Facilities

• Off-site Managed Payroll • Bureau Services

• BACS Transmissions

Emergency Payroll If a key member of payroll staff is unexpectedly absent, we

will send an IRIS Payroll Consultant to your offices to run your payroll for you.

Off-site Facilities If something happens to your offices, such as fire, flooding

or industrial action, you can use IRIS’ off-site facilities to run your payroll.

Off-site Managed

Payroll If you were unable to send someone to IRIS to run the payroll, IRIS would supply a payroll consultant to run the payroll for you

Outsourced Services If you anticipate a prolonged disruption to your payroll


Key team members

Pre-Sales Account

Manager Your initial contact in the pre-sale phase. Your Pre-Sales Account Manager will arrange conference calls and meetings as required to fully understand your needs. They will then prepare the quotation and handle any queries you may have.

IRIS Managed Services

Manager A payroll expert who will fully scope your requirements both pre and post Implementation.

Account Manager Once the go live is completed, your Account Manager

will be your day-to-day contact to answer your queries and processing your payrolls for you.


We aim to provide a cost-effective service for companies of all sizes, no matter how large or small. Pricing will depend on the number of employees you require, your payroll frequency and how simple or complex your requirements are. After discussions we will provide a tailored quotation for your requirements.

Our service commitment

IRIS is committed to providing high levels of service to all clients. We conduct regular surveys to all clients to ensure high levels of satisfaction and take all client feedback on-board.

You will work with your Account Manager and named members of the team who will fully understand your requirements and are on-hand to provide advice and support as required.




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