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Eloqua Insight

The data you need, the way you want it, when you need it

Freedom from Spreadsheets

Marketers are under pressure to demonstrate the impact their programs have on revenue. But it seems like each day brings a new marketing channel and yet another silo of data to be analyzed. You shouldn’t need a PhD in spreadsheets to close the loop on your marketing campaigns and prove your impact on revenue.

Eloqua Insight is a powerful revenue reporting and analytics application for marketers that helps you get the answers you’re looking for - quickly. It integrates data from social media, email, website, and the sales pipeline from your CRM to help you connect the dots, close the loop and make decisions that drive revenue. You can access and share dashboards; drill into the details to determine what happened and why, and develop custom reports and charts that range from simple to sophisticated.

Eloqua Insight meets five distinct marketing reporting needs:

Closed-loop campaign reporting – helps marketing executives and professionals

understand how marketing activities and campaigns are driving pipeline, revenue and ROI.

Campaign engagement reporting – helps marketers understand which channels and offers generate the most interest, engagement and conversion. Asset level reports and

dashboards focus on email, form and landing page, website and social media performance.

Website analytics reporting - Gives marketers insight into how the website is performing from a demand generation perspective - who is on the site and how they are converting.

Database health reporting – helps marketing operations professionals diagnose the health of the marketing database – how it is growing or shrinking, the activity rate of various segments, and how complete the records are.

Revenue analytics (add-on capability with Eloqua Revenue Suite) – helps executives assess the health of the revenue cycle across five key revenue performance indicators.


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Close the Loop on Campaigns – Easily

Through a powerful integration with your CRM, Eloqua helps you easily track the metric that matters most to your business - revenue. When you need to answer tough questions about campaign ROI, conversion and revenue influence, rely on Eloqua to deliver critical insight.

What once took hours to cobble together from various systems and spreadsheets is now available at your fingertips so you can easily gain visibility into campaign ROI – in a way that meets your specific business needs:

Report on the performance of all assets within a campaign for a holistic view of program effectiveness.

Focus on campaigns generating the most pipeline, revenue and return at a glance.

Summarize performance by geography, sales team or product line.

Fully manage campaigns in Eloqua while synchronizing data with CRM

Eloqua’s closed- loop reports make it simple for marketers to see how their campaigns contribute to leads, opportunities and revenue. Through seamless integration to revenue pipeline reports in CRM, Eloqua does the work of associating leads to campaigns and campaigns to revenue. Now you know exactly what the return on marketing is by campaign or campaign type, so you have the information to know which to cut – and which to keep.


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Get Insight into Campaign Performance

Understanding marketing impact starts with basic engagement metrics like email open and response rates, form conversion rates, website and landing page visits.

Eloqua provides the most comprehensive set of pre-built engagement dashboards in the market, providing at-glance understanding of marketing campaign performance that can be shared amongst team members eager to understand their success. Behind every report are detailed report tables that can be manipulated, summarized and tailored to meet the unique needs of virtually any marketing organization.

Specifically, Eloqua Insight includes the following reports and dashboards for measuring campaign engagement &


Campaign Engagement Campaign Cost Metrics Campaign Activity Summary (multi-channel)

Email engagement, clickthrough, bounceback & trending

Top forms by conversion &


Landing page performance, trend, visitor demographics

Eloqua Campaign Performance dashboards shows engagement rate by campaign type, channel and geography

Eloqua Email Performance dashboards indicate by campaign type, product type or region how email drives engagement with prospects.


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Watch Your Website Source Revenue

Eloqua’s Web analytics transforms your website into a powerful tool for systematically cultivating, engaging and capturing sales opportunities. Now you know exactly who is visiting your website, which pages they visit, and how often they come back.

You can track specific referring sites – from banner ads to Twitter and other social media destinations. Eloqua makes understanding their impact on your web – and sales leads – easy.

Track all prospect interactions online, including known and anonymous visitors Identify which companies are hitting your site, even if they don’t fill out forms Automatically alert sales reps of new activity from their prospects

Create deeper profiles by tracking online activity, even before prospects register

Eloqua's website analytics keeps you up to date on how your prospects interact with your website with pre-configured, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.


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Visualize the Health of your Database

The marketing database is the source of revenue for fast growing businesses. For this reason, marketing operations professionals spend countless hours analyzing and reporting on the growth and attrition, engagement rates, sources of new names and accuracy of data. Eloqua Database Health dashboards and reports assemble vital metrics into an intuitive interface that can be easily understood and communicated. With these reports, marketers can see at a glance:

Database size, divided into reachable (email) and unreachable (bounce/unsubscribe) Monthly/quarterly growth of database and change in engagement rate over time.

Cause of database attrition Contact field completeness

Eloqua’s database health dashboard and reports help marketing operations professionals assess the state of your dynamic marketing database by showing key metrics like growth, activity rate, attrition and completeness.


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Analyze your Revenue Cycle with Eloqua Revenue Suite

Marketing automation improves your response rates, speeds marketing execution and boosts sales performance. But which of these benefits will maximize overall revenue growth? Eloqua Revenue Suite, an add-on product for Eloqua’s marketing automation platform, is a set of powerful analytical applications, dashboards and reports that help answer questions like this by modeling, measuring and benchmarking the revenue cycle from cold to close. This product includes Eloqua Revenue Performance Indicators (RPIs), a set of 5 essential metrics that help executives assess the health of the revenue cycle – Value, Reach, Conversion, Velocity and Return. Business and operations analysts can view single or groups of opportunities through many lenses like value, geography, and source, to adjust strategy and improve efficiency.

Also available in Eloqua Revenue Suite is the Eloqua Benchmark Index, a set of statistics collected from more than 400,000 revenue cycles that indicate how top performers, median and laggards run their revenue

engine. Embedded in dashboards, benchmark data helps customers pinpoint areas across the revenue cycle that are in need of improvement.

Conversion is the percent of a ‘class’ of leads that progress through the entire funnel to Closed Revenue. The Conversion Revenue Performance Indicator dashboard helps executives visualize marketing and sales efficiency. Conversion answers the question – “what percent of interested prospects will become closed deals?” – a critical measure of revenue production. It is also the key to long term forecasting.

Eloqua Revenue Suite includes the Eloqua Revenue Benchmark Index – a set of revenue cycle metrics collected from across hundreds of businesses.


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About Eloqua

Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers, drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns, and deliver compelling content.

Eloqua is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America.

Eloqua Limited 1921 Gallows Road Suite 250

Vienna, VA 22182-3900

For more information, please call: 866.327.8764 or email: demand@eloqua.com www.eloqua.com

© 2012 Eloqua Limited. All rights reserved.

Powerful, Flexible Analysis That’s Easy to Create and Communicate

To unleash the potential of Eloqua Insight, all users start out at the Analyzer level. Analyzer users can access, review and customize pre- built reports. In addition,

Analyzers can reformat grids and graphs, create thresholds, remove columns from a report, rename column headers, insert new calculated metrics into a report, pivot tables, and create and save reports to their ‘my reports’

folder. For example, Analyzers can easily ad visual thresholds to reports to indicate top, middle and low performing campaigns.

Marketers seeking to build custom reports and dashboards from scratch can upgrade to a Designer User. Designer Users are power users and data

specialists who want to add data from any other table in the Eloqua model that aren’t already part of that report. For example, a designer can filter an email

analysis report by recipients who are CEOs in New York City to isolate response rates for that segment. Designers can also include custom data on dashboards that let them view key metrics that are specific to their business.

Because the goal of good reporting and analysis is communication as much as decision-making, Eloqua Insight reports can be shared quickly and easily across the organization in a variety of formats, including interactive flash that can be manipulated in an offline manner.

Eloqua Insight users can customize any existing report, including adding new metrics like calculated fields.

Report Analyzer Report Designer

Alter & reformat existing reports. Create any report or dashboard from Eloqua’s entire data model.

Filter, summarize and pivot existing report data; create visual thresholds on data

Filter (slice and dice) on any data in the entire data model.

Rename & save to ‘my reports’


Save new or changed reports for anyone to see.