The University of Vermont: Degrees Awarded By Degree Program,

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Alternate  Track  -­‐  VT  RN BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 35            

Animal  Science BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 74            

Anthropology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 47            

Art  EducaMon BSAE College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 8            

Art  History BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            

AthleMc  Training  EducaMon BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 17            

Biochemistry BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 8            

Biochemistry BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 15            

Biological  Science BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 16            

Biological  Science BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 30            

Biology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 44            

Biology BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Business  AdministraMon BSBA School  of  Business  AdministraMon 183            

Chemistry BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 2            

Chemistry BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 6            

Chinese BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            

Civil  Engineering BSCE College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 30            

Classical  CivilizaMon BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 7            

Cmty  Dev  &  Apld  Econ BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 1            

Comm  Sciences  &  Disorders BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 25            

Community  &  InternaMonal  Dev BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 33            

Community  Entrepreneurship BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 31            

Compter    Sci  &  Info  Systems BS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 4            

Computer  Science BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 14            

Computer  Science BSCS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 14            

DieteMcs,NutriMon&Food  Sci BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 47            

Early  Childhood  Preschl BS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 25            

Early  Childhood  Special  Educ BS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 15            

Ecological  Agriculture BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 5            

Economics BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 41            


Bachelor's  Degree  Program Degree College  or  School Degrees

Elementary  Educ  K-­‐6 BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 62            

English BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 102            

Environmental  Engineering BSEV College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 19            

Environmental  Sciences BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 6            

Environmental  Sciences BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 25            

Environmental  Sciences BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 37            

Environmental  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 58            

Environmental  Studies BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 21            

Environmental  Studies BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 32            

Exercise  and  Movement  Sciences BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 38            

Film  and  Television  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 32            

Forestry BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 8            

French BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

GRS:  Asian  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 2            

GRS:  European  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

GRS:  LaMn  American  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

GRS:  Russia/E  European  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Geography BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 10            

Geology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Geology BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 7            

German BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

Global  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 32            

Gndr,  Sexuality,  &  Wms  Stdies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

History BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 67            

Human  Dev  &  Family  Studies BS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 20            

Individually  Designed BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 12            

Japanese BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

LaMn BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 3            

LinguisMcs BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 7            

MathemaMcs BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 10            


Mechanical  Engineering BSME College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 54            

Medical  Laboratory  Sciences BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 13            

Microbiology BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 6            

Middle  Level  EducaMon BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 4            

Molecular  GeneMcs BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 8            

Music BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            

Music  EducaMon BSMS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 8            

Natural  Resources BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 18            

Neuroscience BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 23            

Nuclear  Medicine  Technology BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 3            

NutriMon  &  Food  Sciences BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 36            

Parks,  RecreaMon  and  Tourism BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 16            

Philosophy BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 13            

Physical  EducaMon  K-­‐12 BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 6            

Physics BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Physics BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Plant  Biology BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 2            

PoliMcal  Science BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 88            

Professional  Nursing BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 75            

Psychology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 121            

Psychology BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 27            

Public  CommunicaMon BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 53            

RadiaMon  Therapy BS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 9            

RecreaMon  Management BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 7            

Religion BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

Russian BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            

Secondary  Educ  English BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 16            

Secondary  Educ  Language BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 5            

Secondary  Educ  Math BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 3            

Secondary  Educ  Science BSED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 6            


Bachelor's  Degree  Program Degree College  or  School Degrees

Self-­‐Designed BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 4            

Social  Work BS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 31            

Sociology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 45            

Spanish BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            

StaMsMcs BSM College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 6            

Studio  Art BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 40            

Sustainable  Landscape  Hort BS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 4            

Theatre BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 9            

Wildlife  &  Fisheries  Biology BS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 24            

Women's  and  Gender  Studies BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Zoology BA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 4            

Zoology BS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 8            


AccounMng MACC School  of  Business  AdministraMon 19            

Biology MS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Biomedical  Engineering MS College  of  Medicine 1            

BiostaMsMcs MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 3            

Business  AdministraMon MBA School  of  Business  AdministraMon 18            

Chemistry MS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 3            

Civil  &  Environmental  Engr MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 6            

Clinical  &  TranslaMonal  Sci MS University  Programs 4            

Cmty  Dev  &  Apld  Econ MS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 11            

Comm  Sciences  &  Disorders MS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 14            

Computer  Science MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 5            

Counseling MS College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 8            

Curriculum  &  InstrucMon MAT College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 22            

Curriculum  &  InstrucMon MED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 22            

DieteMcs MSD College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 6            

EducaMonal  Leadership MED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 5            

Electrical  Engineering MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 6            

English MA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 9            

Geology MS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 3            

Greek  &  LaMn MA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Historic  PreservaMon MS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 6            

History MA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 4            

Interdisciplinary MED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 7            

MathemaMcs MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 13            

MathemaMcs MST College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 1            

Mechanical  Engineering MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 6            

Micro  &  Molec  GeneMcs MS College  of  Medicine 1            

Natural  Resources MS Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 19            

Neuroscience MS University  Programs 2            

Nursing MS College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 17            


Master's  Degree  Program Degree College  or  School Degrees

Pathology MS College  of  Medicine 2            

Pharmacology MS College  of  Medicine 1            

Physics MS College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 1            

Plant  &  Soil  Science MS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 2            

Plant  Biology MS College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 4            

Prg  Higher  Ed  &  Stu  Af  Adm MED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 15            

Psychology MA College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 3            

Public  AdministraMon MPA College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 14            

Social  Work MSW College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 22            

Special  EducaMon MED College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 14            

StaMsMcs MS College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 6            


Anml  Sci  &  Food  &  Nutr  Science PHD College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 2            

Biology PHD College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 5            

Cell  &  Molec  Biology PHD University  Programs 5            

Chemistry PHD College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 4            

Civil  &  Environmental  Engr PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 3            

Computer  Science PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 5            

Ed  Ldshp  &  Policy  Stdies EDD College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 4            

Ed  Ldshp  &  Policy  Stdies PHD College  of  EducaMon  and  Social  Services 4            

Electrical  Engineering PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 1            

Materials  Science PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 1            

MathemaMcal  Sciences PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 2            

Mechanical  Engineering PHD College  of  Engineering  and  MathemaMcal  Sciences 1            

Micro  &  Molec  GeneMcs PHD College  of  Medicine 7            

Natural  Resources PHD Rubenstein  School  of  Environment  and  Natural  Resources 7            

Neuroscience PHD University  Programs 4            

Physical  Therapy DPT College  of  Nursing  and  Health  Sciences 40            

Physiology  &  Biophysics PHD College  of  Medicine 1            

Plant  &  Soil  Science PHD College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 4            

Plant  Biology PHD College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences 1            

Psychology PHD College  of  Arts  and  Sciences 10            

Medical MD College  of  Medicine 109            




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