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Helping to Protect You and Your Toys!


Academic year: 2021

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The Allstate Boatowners Insurance

Policy Made Simple

Helping to Protect You and Your Toys!

Insurance options may vary from those described in these materials in DC, DE, HI, ME, MT, ND, NH, NM, NV, RI, SD, VT, WV and WY.


The Risks

43% of American boat owners are currently uninsured.


If you’re in an accident with one of these boaters, chances are they might not be able to cover the

cost of damages to your boat or the cost of your medical bills.

68% of reported boating accidents result in injuries.


Many consumers assume that their Homeowners insurance covers boats stolen

or damaged on their property.

Most homeowners insurance policies apply many limitations and restrictions to coverage of


Most homeowners insurance policies do not offer liability coverage or property damage protection

when the boat is used off of the customers property.


The Other Person:

Watercraft Liability Coverage

You and Your Family:

Watercraft Medical Payments


Uninsured Watercraft Coverage*

Emergency Services Coverage*

Your Boat:

Coverage for your property

Repair Cost Option*

* Coveragesare offered as stand alone or part of a package of coverage options.

The Allstate Boat Policy

There are three key coverages

offered with an Allstate boat policy



The Other Person

Protection from paying medical expenses, loss

of income, and funeral expenses of other

people if you’re at fault in an accident.

Protection from paying for repair or

replacement of another person’s boat or


On an Allstate Boatowners policy, liability

coverage extends to:


Any resident in your home

Anyone you give permission to use your



You and Your Family

Watercraft Medical Payments coverage can help pay for

your injuries from an accident.

If you’re injured in a boating accident, Allstate can help pay for

related medical services you receive within three years of the


Covered expenses may include hospital bills, surgeries, x-rays,

dental expenses, pharmaceuticals, nursing services and more.


Property coverage for your boat can help pay for damage to

your boat, boating equipment and personal effects:

If you are in an accident with another boat or something else (i.e., a

pier, buoy, dock or debris, or if someone hits your docked boat.)

If your boat is damaged or lost by something other than a collision,

such as theft, fire, vandalism, or windstorm.


Packaged Coverage Options

The Premier Package includes:

Uninsured Watercraft

Repair Cost Option -

replacement cost for partial


Partial Losses

Emergency Services up to


 $3000 available in select states

The Premier Plus Package includes:

Same features as the Premier Package, plus:

Agreed Value claims settlement option for Total


 Boat must be 10 years old or less

 3 year term, after which boat can maintain Premier package

Policies with multiple boats will be required to maintain a package on all eligible boats.


Great Discounts



Multiple policy

•Insure your car(s) and/or Home with Allstate and get a discount.

Boat education

•Have you taken a boating safety course? You may be eligible for a discount!

Easy Pay

•Have your insurance premium payment directly withdrawn from your bank account.

Full Pay

•Pay your annual insurance premium all at once and you may qualify for a discount!


•Even if you don’t insure your home with Allstate, if you own it you may be eligible for a discount.

Early Signing

• Sign up for your boat insurance policy at least 7 days before it takes effect and you may get a discount.

Diesel Engine

• Does your boat have a diesel engine? It may qualify for a discount.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher System

• Does your boat have an automatic fire extinguisher system? It may qualify for a discount.

New Boat (Diminishing over 5 years)

• If your boat is 5 years old or less, it may qualify for a discount.


– You may qualify for the Organization Discount if you are a member of a certified organization which promotes


Repair Cost coverage

Some of the major competitors do not offer

the option to receive replacement cost for

partial losses.

Emergency Services

Be reimbursed if you need emergency

towing, fuel brought to your boat, or on-site


Available up to the policy limit as many

times as needed during the policy term.

Limits up to $3000 in many states.

Wreck Removal

An additional 5% of the limit of property

coverage is afforded for wreck removal in

the event of a covered loss.

A Competitive Product



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