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The Center for Health Care Services

Request for Proposal

Security & Fire Alarm Services

Project# 2015-004

April 2015











The Center for Health Care Services (“CENTER”) is seeking Proposals for Security & Fire Alarm Services. For specifications, see EXHIBIT A, SCOPE OF SERVICES.

Vendors interested in submitting a Proposal should pay particular attention to all Instructions, Requirements, and Deadlines indicated in this RFP document and should respond accordingly.

Please note that a mandatory two-day pre-bid facilities tour has been scheduled for April 14 & 15, 2015. Vendors who do not attend these mandatory tours will not be allowed to submit a Proposal.


The Bexar County Board of Trustees for Mental Health Mental Retardation Services d/b/a The Center for Health Care Services is a 1000+ employee, multi-facility community mental health and mental retardation center created under the authority of Section 534.001 of the Texas Health and Safety Code by its sponsoring agencies Bexar County and the Bexar County Hospital District d/b/a the University Health System. The CENTER has been providing services to Bexar County residents experiencing mental health, intellectual developmental disabilities and/or substance abuse issues for over forty years and is


the Texas Department of State Health Services-designated Local Mental Health Authority for Bexar County, Texas. The CENTER is considered a quasi-governmental entity, a political subdivision of the state of Texas, but is not a Texas state agency. The CENTER’S administrative offices are located at 3031 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201.


Activity Date/Time (CST) Location

RFP Issuance April 8, 2015

or by email to Mandatory Two-day Pre-Bid

Facilities Tour

April 14 and 15, 2015 8:30 a.m.

3031 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201

Technical Assistance Questions Due (by e-mail)

April 17, 2015 5:00 p.m. with cc: to CENTER’S Response to Technical

Assistance Questions

April 22, 2015

12:00 p.m.

Proposals Due April 28, 2015

3 p.m.

3031 IH 10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201

Proposal Opening April 28, 2015

3 p.m.

3031 IH 10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201

Presentation of Vendor

Presentations/Demonstrations to Evaluation Committee, if requested

May 4, 2015 – May 7, 2015 3031 IH 10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201 or online/webcast Estimated Contract Award May 27, 2015

4.1 Questions. Proposers may submit Technical Assistance Questions pertaining to this RFP no later than April 17, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. (CST). Questions must reference the page and section numbers and title from the RFP. Questions must be in writing, emailed to with a cc: to, and with “CHCS RFP #2015-004” referenced in the email subject line. Please refrain from contacting the CENTER’s Board of Trustees members or management during the search process and direct all inquiries to the contact person listed above. A written response to questions will be posted to the CENTER’s website at no later than 12:00 p.m. on April 22, 2015. Only those written questions received prior to the submission deadline will be addressed.


The period of performance shall be for five (5) years, comprised of an initial two year term and up to three (3) additional one year renewal terms at the sole option of the CENTER. The CENTER reserves the right to renegotiate terms at the end of each year of the contract term.



6.1 The Proposal submission shall include one (1) original and six (6) bound copies of the Proposal and a virus-free USB/flash drive which contains the Proposal in Microsoft Word format or PDF.

6.2 The Proposal submission must be signed by an authorized agent and placed in a sealed package clearly marked “PROPOSAL FOR RFP #2015-004”.

6.3 The Proposal submission must be delivered by regular mail, special carrier, or hand delivery. Submission of Proposals by telephone, facsimile transmission, or e-mail will not be accepted.

6.4 PROPOSALS MUST BE SENT TO: The Center for Health Care Services Attention: James Chapman

RFP # 2015-004 3031 IH-10 West San Antonio, TX 78201


7.1 Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the standards and specifications contained within this Request for Proposal (RFP) and must contain a cover page with a certification of intent to meet the requirements specified.

7.2 The cover page of a responsive Proposal must be signed appropriately and completed with the date, company name, and name and title of a company officer/owner authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

7.3 The CENTER reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, in part or in whole; to waive, at its discretion, any technicalities or irregularities which the CENTER deems reasonably correctable or otherwise not warranting rejection of the Proposal; and to negotiate on the basis of the Proposals received for the most favorable terms and best service for the CENTER.

7.4 The CENTER shall not pay any costs incurred or associated in the preparation of this or any Proposal or for participation in the procurement process.

7.5 Proposers may withdraw their Proposals at any time prior to the submission deadline.

7.6 Proposals must be typed or machine printed uniformly on letter size (8.5” x 11”) sheets of white paper, single sided, each section clearly titled, with tabs A-F, and each page clearly and consecutively numbered. Proposals must be clean and suitable for copying. Proposals must be specific unto themselves. For example, “See Enclosed Manual” will not be considered an acceptable Proposal. Proposer’s receipt of all CENTER-issued addenda related to this procurement, if any, must be acknowledged in the Proposal.


7.7 Late Proposals will not be accepted. Postmarks will not be accepted in lieu of this requirement. Proposals submitted to any other CENTER office or address will be rejected.

7.8 Any information contained in the Proposal that is deemed to be proprietary in nature must clearly be so designated in the Proposal. Such information may be subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act on opinions from the Texas Attorney General’s office.


Please complete all questions in the order that they are presented in this Request for Proposal ("RFP"). Include all questions and question numbers in your responses. Any additional comments or information may be provided at the end of your answers to all proposal questions. If a question does not apply to the Proposer, simply and clearly document “N/A”. Scoring and evaluation is based on completed questions. Unanswered questions will be considered omissions. The CENTER reserves the right to review only completed Proposals. The CENTER reserves the right to hold subsequent face to face or telephone interviews for clarification and/or negotiation purposes. Interviews will not be solicited for the purpose of completing incomplete Proposals. Multiple omissions and/or incomplete responses may result in disqualification. Proposals must contain the following sections, in order:

A. Proposal Cover Page B. Table of Contents C. Company Profile D. Description of Services E. Cost Proposal

F. Assurances

A. Proposal Cover Page

The individual(s) who is (are) authorized to bind the Proposer contractually must sign a cover page, which will be considered an integral part of the Proposal. This cover page must indicate the signer is so authorized and must indicate the title or position that the signer holds in the Proposer’s firm. An unsigned cover page shall cause the proposal to be rejected. The cover letter must contain the following:

1. The Proposer’s name, address, and telephone and facsimile number

2. The Proposer's Federal Employer Identification Number and Corporate Identification Number, if applicable

3. The name, title or position, and telephone number of the individual signing the cover letter 4. A statement indicating the signature is authorized to bind the Proposer contractually

5. The name, title or position, and telephone number of the primary contact and/or account administrator, if different from the individual signing the cover letter

6. A statement to the effect that the proposal is a firm and irrevocable offer, good for three years and that the fee quote will remain firm/unchanged for 120 days from the RFP due date


7. A statement expressing the Proposer's willingness to perform the services as described in this RFP

8. A statement expressing the Proposer's availability of staff and other required resources for performing all services and providing all deliverables within specified timeframes.

B. Table of Contents

This section shall include a comprehensive table of contents that identifies material by sections A-F (in the order listed above) and by sequential page numbers.

C. Company Profile

Please tell us about your firm by inserting here a complete response to all information requested in the attached Exhibit B, Company Profile. Information and answers provided shall correspond to the order of questions in Exhibit B and shall be numbered or lettered correspondingly.

D. Description of Services

Please tell us about your services by inserting here a complete response to all information requested in the attached Exhibit A, Scope of Services, as well as your ability to comply with the scope of work and other stated requirements. Please include details about how your firm will comply with the scope of work and other stated requirements, including examples based upon current practices or past experience with similar arrangements. Information and answers provided shall correspond to the order of questions in Exhibit A and shall be numbered or lettered correspondingly.

E. Cost Proposal

In this section, please include the Proposer’s Cost to provide the Scope of Services detailed in Exhibit C, Cost Proposal. Proposers may include other information to explain the proposed costs. The parties may renegotiate standardized costs at the commencement of each renewal term of the Contract, or whenever needed in order to comply with changes in applicable laws or regulations. Note: the CENTER is exempt from paying sales and use tax; such costs cannot be passed on to the CENTER in any form. F. Assurances

The Proposer shall sign and insert here the attached Exhibit D, Assurances.


Proposals will be evaluated according to the criteria stated in Exhibit E, Evaluation Worksheet. 10.0 EVALUATION PROCESS

It is the CENTER’s intent to evaluate Proposals in order to achieve the best value for CENTER employees and operations. All Proposals will be given a thorough review. Interviews, presentations, demonstrations, or onsite visits may be conducted to further evaluate some or all Proposals and to select one or more Proposers as finalists for consideration for award of a contract. Each firm which submits a complete Proposal but is not awarded a contract will be notified in writing that its Proposal is no longer being considered. All communication between Proposers and CENTER during the evaluation process must be made through the CENTER’S Purchasing Department only. Attempts by the Proposer to


contact any other CENTER representative or trustee may result in disqualification of the Proposer. The CENTER reserves the right to split or make the award that is most advantageous to the CENTER.


The Proposer must make careful examination and understand all of the requirements, specifications, and conditions stated in the RFP. If any Proposer planning to submit a Proposal finds discrepancies in or omissions from the RFP, or is in doubt as to meaning, a written request for interpretation or correction must be given to the CENTER. Any changes in the RFP will be made only by written addendum and may be posted on the CENTER’s website at


If a Proposal is selected for award, the CENTER will enter into a contractual relationship with the Successful Proposer. The contract shall be subject to approval by the CENTER’s Board of Trustees or other designated approval authority and no contract shall be deemed to exist between the CENTER and any firm until a mutually acceptable, comprehensive and binding agreement has been executed by the CENTER and that firm. In the contract with the Successful Proposer, the CENTER will not agree to waive its governmental immunities, agree to engage in binding arbitration or agree to indemnification of the contractor or limitation of contractor’s liability. A countersigned copy of a Proposal or any other preliminary written agreements shall not suffice to bind the CENTER to any legal obligation of any kind whatsoever with regard to the work considered herein.

If an agreement cannot be reached, negotiations with the second ranking Proposer shall commence. 13.0 CANCELLATION OF PROCUREMENT PROCESS

The CENTER may cancel the procurement process at any time. All Proposals become the property of the CENTER. The CENTER reserves the right to amend or modify the project Scope of Services prior to the award of contract, as necessity may dictate, and to reject any and all Proposals hereunder. This Request for Proposal does not commit the CENTER to award a contract or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request. The CENTER reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate with any qualified source or to cancel in part or in its entirety this RFP if it is in the best interest of the CENTER.


The entire response to this RFP shall be subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code. If the Proposer believes information contained therein is legally exempted from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act, the Proposer should conspicuously (via bolding, highlighting and/or enlarged font) mark those portions of its response as confidential or proprietary. Such information may still be subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act depending on determinations of the Texas Attorney General’s office. The assertion of


any defenses or exemptions to release of information shall be the duty of the Proposer, upon notification from CENTER that an information request has been made.




The Successful Proposer(s) (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) shall provide all of the required Hardware, Software, Installation/Upgrades, Repairs, Maintenance, Testing and Monitoring of CENTER security alarm systems and fire alarm systems (collectively, “Systems”), and those other services necessary to perform all Services for the CENTER as defined in this Scope of Services document. The Contractor shall perform all Services to the standards set forth herein. The CENTER reserves the right to award multiple contracts under this procurement (e.g. one vendor to provide monitoring services and another vendor to provide installation/maintenance services).

In addition, the Contractor must be able to accommodate all existing CENTER non-proprietary systems equipment and, if requested by CENTER, to replace any existing proprietary systems equipment with non-proprietary equipment (subject to negotiation and approval of proposed replacement costs by CENTER).


Contractor shall provide complete security and fire alarm systems services, as described in this Scope of Services, at each CENTER facility location listed below. Note: Implementation of services at some facilities may be postponed pending expiration of any current vendor contracts. The procurement you are bidding on is a multi-year contract. Facilities will be added to the contract scope of work as they become disencumbered of any current vendor contract(s).

3031 I. H. 10 West San Antonio, TX 711 East Josephine San Antonio, TX 227 West Drexel (A San Antonio, TX 227 West Drexel (B) San Antonio, TX 227 West Drexel (D)

(To include portable buildings)

San Antonio, TX 1920 Burnet San Antonio, TX 1921 Burnet San Antonio, TX 3602 Culebra San Antonio, TX 1219 McCullough San Antonio, TX 806 South Zarzamora San Antonio, TX 2711 Palo Alto San Antonio, TX 104 Story Lane San Antonio, TX 5802 South Presa San Antonio, TX 9502 Lone Shadow San Antonio, TX 8155 Lone Shadow San Antonio, TX 7622 Linkside San Antonio, TX 2927 Eisenhower San Antonio, TX 6722 Calm Lake San Antonio, TX 6812 Bandera Road San Antonio, TX


5372 Fredericksburg Road, Building F

San Antonio, TX 225 E Locust San Antonio, TX 601 N. Frio, Building 1 San Antonio, TX


The following is a list of standard alarm equipment needed at each CENTER facility. Individual facility needs will vary; this list is not intended to be all-inclusive:

 Fire Alarm Control Panel

 Primary & Secondary Power Supplies  Stand-by Batteries

 Remote Annunciator

 Automatic Alarm Initiating Devices  Automatic Supervisory Initiating Devices  Manual Initiating Devices

 Alarm Notification Appliances  Digital Alarm Communicator  Smoke and heat detectors

 Emergency Communication Equipment

 Ancillary Control Connections to include monitoring and loops for other equipment being monitored by fire and/or intrusion systems

 Security Device Keypads

 Any part or material related to the functionality of security and fire alarm systems, object of this contract.

The installed equipment shall be non-proprietary and shall become the property of the CENTER (no leasing of equipment). The master, installer or supervisory codes, as well as the software to program or set up the equipment shall also become the property of the CENTER.

The equipment will be selected considering the best cost/effective solution for the CENTER and will be subject to approval depending on the existing funding and review by the CENTER’s Facilities Director. The CENTER reserves the right to research and obtain the best cost for parts, materials and labor to be utilized to maintain and/or repair the equipment. The CENTER reserves the right to issues specifications and to select parts and equipment, subject to a vendor surcharge of no greater than 15%.

All equipment, including installation hardware, shall be new and free from defects and shall be UL listed as per required codes. All components shall be in current production and shall be a standard product of the manufacturer (nonproprietary). Each component shall bear the make, model number, and UL label as applicable. All components used to repair/upgrade existing CENTER alarm systems shall be of the same or similar characteristics to the existing system equipment. However, any upgrades shall be performed with nonproprietary equipment.

All equipment installed or replaced shall undergo strict inspection standards. Equipment, including all contributory components, shall have been previously tested.


Software updates, if necessary, shall be tested at the factory prior to installation. 4.0 INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND TESTING SERVICES

The Contractor shall respond to on‐call maintenance requests of security and fire alarm systems and components. This work may include, but not be limited to, updating existing alarm control panels/communicators, power supplies and standby batteries and chargers, system key pads, motion detectors, audible devices and door alarms, as directed by the CENTER.

The Contractor must perform inspections of existing equipment and make recommendations for any maintenance, repair or upgrade of the security and alarm equipment as needed.

The Contractor shall coordinate, and be wholly responsible for coordinating all work through the CENTER’s Facilities and the Fleet & Maintenance (FFM) Department.

The Contractor must connect the security alarm equipment in a configuration sufficient to secure facilities from break-ins which preferably includes Voice over IP (VoIP) phone connection.

The Contractor must allow one master code, separate alarm codes and passwords for each location. This code shall include security and fire alarm systems.

The Contractor must have the capability of a centralized access software system.

The Contractor shall describe the preventative and ongoing maintenance, programming, annual testing and related services to support the security and fire security systems for each CENTER facility.

The Contractor must provide itemized labor rates and material cost to perform repairs or replacements for special items or services not included within the scope of work or for new projects, as requested by CENTER.


The Contractor agrees to have reasonable amounts of appropriately skilled and directed manpower available to immediately execute the scope of work or make emergency repairs in such a manner as to avoid any unnecessary downtime of the alarm systems.

Skilled technicians are to perform all maintenance and repair service work and, at a minimum, to be factory trained and certified to work with security and fire alarm systems.

The Contractor shall include with its proposal the specific names of the technicians that will be assigned to the CENTER and provide documentation clearly showing that the assigned technicians are both trained and experienced in testing, repairing, maintaining, and operating various security, fire panels or any other systems installed as well as upgrading or making typical repairs and adjustments to other items typically associated with a security and fire alarm system(s).

If factory training is not required by the manufacturer, then technicians working on the Security System shall have performed at least twelve (12) installations of said product within the last two (2) years.


The Contractor shall be solely responsible for compliance with all health and safety regulations, performing the work in a safe and competent manner, and shall use industry standard procedures in the execution of the work as outlined in this document.


If requested by CENTER, the Contract shall, within two months of award of the contract, provide a review of each CENTER facility and will identify and catalog in a form and format acceptable to the CENTER, the alarm components with appropriate information, including but not limited to control panel/communicator, security system key pads, motion detectors, and audible devices. The Contractor will provide an electronic copy of the catalog to the CENTER and maintain the catalog current throughout the life of the contract. The catalog will be the sole property of the CENTER and all copies of the catalog shall be provided to the CENTER upon written demand and none retained by the Contractor in any form. The Contractor will provide recommendations and associated budgets for upgrades to equipment and/or systems where appropriate.


All permits, right of ways, licenses, agreements, site surveys, engineering, design planning, applications, and all other accessories and inspections required for the successful delivery of the Contractor’s services are the sole responsibility of the Contractor and shall be furnished at the Contractor’s expense. Evidence of meeting all of the above referenced requirements must be provided to the CENTER prior to the commencement of work.


The Contractor will provide the CENTER with a warranty that includes a minimum of twelve (12) months of parts and labor coverage for all reported faults of the new equipment. Coverage will include either the repair or replacement of parts that fail due to normal wear and tear. The CENTER also requires that the Contractor serve as the single point of contact for all warranty issues. The Contractor will be accountable for the resolution of any warranty issues. The Contractor is required to provide onsite resources as may be required at no charge to the CENTER for duration of the warranty term.


At its own expense, the Contractor must remove all debris associated with installation, including but not limited to equipment boxes, unused material, etc.


Monitoring services include:

1. Providing for 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, monitoring of security and fire alarms transmitted to the central station and provide appropriate dispatch response to the alarm(s);


3. In general, the Contractor will dispatch fire or intrusion alarm to the appropriate 9‐1‐1 dispatch immediately upon receipt of the alarm;

4. Maintain call down lists for each facility and perform call downs on receipt of the alarm; 5. Provide dispatching and special instructions as required;

6. Provide the CENTER with control of code management and contact lists; 7. The monitoring facility must be UL listed and certified;

8. Provide monthly open/close reports, number of people to contact, alarm reports, alarm verification and other as determined by the CENTER;

9. Maintain history/reports/logs for easy retrieval for a period of at least six (6) months 10. Archive history/reports/logs for a period of at least five (5) years;

11. Provide web based/computer software access.


The Contractor will perform quarterly, semi-annual and annual basic fire alarm inspections for each CENTER facility.


The CENTER requires a response within two (2) hours to a service interruption once reported by CENTER staff, or to address any other service or repair which the CENTER considers a breach of security at any of the stated CENTER facilities. Service response must be available on a continuous 24-hour basis. Should the Contractor fail to respond within the two (2) hour response window, it agrees to provide the CENTER with a $500.00 credit. This credit can be applied by the CENTER to any open invoice with the Contractor. The Contractor must supply a trouble reporting process, escalation procedures, and contact information for new service needs or trouble reporting.


When the CENTER constructs new facilities or expands or reconfigures existing facilities, the alarm system work will be included within the General Contractor’s scope of work. The firm(s) that is awarded the monitoring/maintenance service contract(s) under this RFP will review and provide comments on the design of the proposed alarm system, review shop drawings, assist with acceptance of the system and program the system as outlined above. This work will be done on a time and material basis with the issuance of a written authorization by the CENTER. The monitoring/maintenance services Contractor(s) is free to provide a bid to perform the specified security system work to the General Contractors bidding the construction work.


Invoices shall be issued on a time and material basis for services rendered. The CENTER will pay invoices within 30 days of receipt (commercial credit) only after services have been performed, to include monitoring and maintenance or repairs services. The Contractor shall invoice each facility separately with individual invoices to include credits (if any) in the same invoice. The CENTER is a tax exempt entity.



The Proposer must indicate whether or not it will be subcontracting portion(s) of services contained in this RFP’s Scope of Services. If so, indicate the name of the subcontractor and the portion of the work, which will be subcontracted. Provide the subcontractor’s qualifications that meet the requirements of the Scope of Services. The CENTER reserves the right to refuse the selection of any subcontractor(s) by Contractor for reasonable cause.


The Contractor shall, at its own expense, conduct criminal background checks on all personnel and subcontractors assigned to provide services on CENTER property. The background checks must satisfy the requirements of the CENTER’s licensing and regulatory agencies. Proof that such checks have been conducted will be provided by the Contractor to the CENTER upon request.



Please tell us about your Company:

1. Company name (including d/b/a) and address.

2. If Company is a subsidiary of another entity, please name the entity.

3. Provide a history of your company, evidencing its strengths and stability, including number of years in business, licensing information (if applicable), number of years providing the type of services proposed in this RFP, number of employees, existing customer satisfaction data, number of customers in Texas, and areas covered in Texas. The Responder must have a minimum of five years’ experience in the area of expertise of this RFP.

4. Is Company a certified HUB, SBE, M/WBE, or VBE? If yes, please attach all applicable current certifications.

5. Has the Company ever filed a voluntary petition seeking bankruptcy protection? If so, explain. 6. Is any litigation pending against the Company? If so, explain.

7. Is the Company in arrears upon a contract or debt? If so, explain.

8. Company’s annual gross revenue range: $100 K or Less; $101K-$500K; $501K-900K; $901K-$2.5 M; or $2.5 M-Over

9. Provide a Certificate(s) of Insurance secured and maintained with an insurance company, or companies, licensed to do business in Texas and rated A- or higher by Moody’s Investor Services for the following limits:

a. Comprehensive general liability insurance with limits of at least $500,000/$1,000,000. b. Sufficient coverage to meet the requirement of State law for workers' compensation on its

employees providing required services under this RFQ’s scope of work.

c. Automobile insurance in statutory amounts ($300,000/$500,000) covering all vehicles used in connection with the provision of the required services.

Note: Other industry-standard coverages or bonding may be required prior to commencement of services.

10. Warrant that all persons who may provide services to the CENTER under an awarded contract are legally authorized to work in the United States.


11. Provide your firm’s most recent Certified Corporate Financial Statement accompanied with a summary cover letter from the Certified Public Accounting agency that performed the Financial Statement.

12. If the Responder is a corporation, attach a current copy of a “certificate of account status” (formerly known as a "certificate of good standing") from the Texas State Comptroller.

13. If Responder is not a corporation, attach a copy of Responder’s "Assumed Name Certificate" from the County Clerk.

14. Provide a minimum of four (4) current customer references, preferably in the San Antonio, Texas area. Include a contact name, telephone number, and e-mail address for each reference.


EXHIBIT C COST PROPOSAL This Cost Proposal contains four sections:


Service Locations Monitoring System

Initial Setup One Time Cost

Monthly Monitoring Cost 3031 IH 10 West, San Antonio Fire


Burglar (P. Shop) $ $ 711 East Josephine, San Antonio Fire $ $ 227 West Drexel (A), San Antonio Fire $ $ 227 West Drexel (B), San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 227 West Drexel (D), San Antonio

(To include portable buildings)


Burglar $ $ 1920 Burnet Road, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 1921 Burnet Road, San Antonio Burglar $ $ 3602 Culebra, San Antonio Fire $ $ 1219 McCullough, San Antonio Burglar $ $ 806 South Zarzamora, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 2711 Palo Alto, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 104 Story Lane, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 5802 S. Presa, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 9502 Lone Shadow, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 8111 Lone Shadow, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 7622 Linkside, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 2927 Eisenhower, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 2722 Calm Lake, San Antonio Fire

Burglar $ $ 6812 Bandera Road, San Antonio Burglar $ $ 5372 Fredericksburg Road, Building F, San



$ $

225 E. Locust, San Antonio Burglar $ $ 601 N. Frio, Bldg. 1, San Antonio Fire $ $



The maintenance and service for the security and fire systems shall not be included in the monitoring services cost.

A. Service Calls

Maintenance and service calls will be per event. Provide the cost per hour:

Service call cost per hour 1st $______________ 2nd and additional $_______________ Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm

Service call cost per hour 1st $______________ 2nd and additional $_______________ Other than regular business days and hours

These costs shall be all-inclusive; no other costs shall be included to the above mentioned cost. B. Preventative Maintenance Programs

Provide any preventative maintenance programs offered by your firm, with costs. C. Parts and Materials Price List

Provide a list of the prices for the most common parts and materials to maintain the existing CENTER equipment and to repair possible failures. Include labor costs.


Provide an annual fire alarm inspection cost for each of the following facilities: Service Locations Annual Inspection

Cost 3031 IH 10 West, San Antonio $

711 East Josephine, San Antonio $ 227 West Drexel (A), San Antonio $ 227 West Drexel (B), San Antonio $ 227 West Drexel (D), San Antonio

(To include portable buildings)

$ 1920 Burnet Road, San Antonio $ 1921 Burnet Road, San Antonio $ 3602 Culebra, San Antonio $ 1219 McCullough, San Antonio $ 806 South Zarzamora, San Antonio $ 2711 Palo Alto, San Antonio $ 104 Story Lane, San Antonio $ 5802 S. Presa, San Antonio $ 9502 Lone Shadow, San Antonio $ 8111 Lone Shadow, San Antonio $ 7622 Linkside, San Antonio $


2927 Eisenhower, San Antonio $ 2722 Calm Lake, San Antonio $ 6812 Bandera Road, San Antonio $ 5372 Fredericksburg Road, Building F, San Antonio

$ 225 E. Locust, San Antonio $ 601 N. Frio, Bldg. 1, San Antonio $ GRAND TOTAL $


Responders must include a section defining on-going, or long-term, cost of ownership for the CENTER. This should include items such as hardware support and maintenance, software support and maintenance, annual service and support agreement with vendors, etc.



The Proposer assures the following (signature required):

1. That all addenda and attachments to the RFP as distributed by CENTER have been received. 2. No attempt will be made by the Proposer to induce any person or firm to submit or not to

submit a Proposal, unless so described in the RFP document.

3. The Proposer does not discriminate in its services or employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or age.

4. That no employee of CENTER or Department of State Health Services (“DSHS”), and no member of CENTER’s Board of Trustees will directly or indirectly receive any pecuniary interest from an award of the proposed contract. If the Proposer is unable to make the affirmation, then the Proposal must disclose any knowledge of such interests.

5. Proposer accepts the terms, conditions, criteria, and requirements set forth in the RFP. 6. Proposer accepts CENTER’s right to cancel the RFP at any time prior to contract award.

7. Proposer accepts CENTER’s right to alter the timetables for procurement as set forth in the RFP. 8. The Proposal submitted by the Proposer has been arrived at independently without

consultation, communication, or agreement with another party for the purpose of restricting competition.

9. Unless otherwise required by law, the information in the Proposal submitted by the Proposer has not been knowingly disclosed by the Proposer to any other Proposer prior to the notice of intent to award.

10. No claim will be made to CENTER for payment to cover costs incurred in the preparation of the submission of the Proposal or any other associated costs.

11. CENTER has the right to complete background checks and to verify information submitted by a Proposer.

12. The individual signing this document and the contract is authorized to legally bind the Proposer. 13. The address submitted by the Proposer to be used for all notices sent by CENTER is current and


14. All cost and pricing information is reflected in the Proposal documents or attachments.

15. That the Proposer is not currently held in abeyance or barred from the award of a federal or state contract.

16. That the Proposer is not currently delinquent in its payments of any franchise tax or state tax owed to the state of Texas, pursuant to Texas Business Corporation Act, Texas Civil Statutes, Article 2.45.

17. Proposer shall disclose whether any of the directors or personnel of Proposer has either been an employee or a trustee of CENTER within the past two (2) years preceding the date of submission of the Proposal. This requirement applies to all personnel, whether or not identified as key personnel. If such employment has existed, or term of office served as trustee, the Proposer shall state in an attached writing the nature and time of the affiliations as defined.

18. Proposer shall identify in an attached writing any trustee or employee of CENTER who has a financial interest in Proposer or who is related within the second degree by consanguinity or affinity to a person having such financial interest. Such disclosure shall include a complete statement of the nature of such financial interest and the relationship, if applicable. Moreover, Proposer shall state in an attached writing whether any of its directors or personnel knowingly


has had a personal relationship with employees or officers of CENTER within the past two (2) years that may interfere with fair competition.

19. No current or former employee or officer of a federal, state, or local governmental agency, and/or the CENTER directly or indirectly aided or attempted to aid in the procurement of Proposer’s services.

20. Proposer shall disclose in an attached writing the name of every CENTER key person with whom Proposer is doing business or has done business during the 365 day period immediately prior to the date on which the Proposal is due; failure to include such a disclosure will be a binding representation by Proposer that the natural person executing the Proposal has no knowledge of any CENTER key persons with whom Proposer is doing business or has done business during the 365 day period prior to the immediate date on which the Proposal is due.

21. Under Section 231.006 of the Texas Family Code, the vendor or Proposer certifies that the individual or business entity named in this Proposal is not ineligible to receive the specified grant, loan, or payment and acknowledges that this contract may be terminated and payment may be withheld if this certification is inaccurate.

22. Proposer has no conflict of interest and meets the standards of conduct requirements pursuant to Texas Administrative Code Section 412.54(c).

23. That all information provided in the Proposal is true and correct.

Company Name: __________________________________________________ Contact Person: __________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________ ________________________________ _______________ Printed Name of Signing Authority Date




This worksheet is to be used to document the CENTER’S evaluation of the Proposer’s qualifications. Points within the ranges specified are to be assigned to the below-listed criteria as a means for quantifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various proposals. In the event that vendor presentations or interviews are necessary to break a tie or for making final clarification in the evaluation process, additional points may be awarded. It should be understood that while the total score is a significant factor, the CENTER reserves the right to consider other factors in making a final selection. When all other factors are equal, the CENTER will select goods and services provided by local (Bexar County) vendors.

Proposal Requirement Maximum points

Qualifications and experience of specific personnel assigned to this project 10 Quality and responsiveness of the proposal and the ability to present a clear

understanding of the nature and scope of the project and all terms and requirements are discussed clearly and succinctly

25 Vendor experience in similar environments/ability to complete work 10 Proposed costs and expenses to the CENTER 20 Other services available to the CENTER above and beyond the services



Technical solutions 10

Project plan and schedule 10