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Chapter 1:

Topic: Golding uses sensory details to bring the island to life. Complete a sensory walk through chapter one.

Description: What sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings do you encounter in this chapter? After identifying the sensory details, describe the impact of these details on you- the reader.

Type: Forum

Topic: Write an 8-10 sentence character sketch of either Ralph or Piggy.

Description: In the beginning of Chapter 1, many details about Ralph and Piggy are revealed and their future roles on the island are foreshadowed. What does the reader learn about this character’s age, childhood, temperament, and family situation? What do his reactions to obstacles and situations on the island tell the reader about his personality? How is his role on the island in the future hinted at? What do you think that role will be?

Type: Multiple Choice

• Ralph

• Piggy

Topic: Write a first person narrative from the perspective of either one of the boys or the captain that explains the mystery behind the crash.

Description: Golding gives almost no background information about the crash. The reader is left to infer the intended destination of the plane, the reason for the boys’ journey and why there are no adult survivors. Use sensory details in your narrative to create a vivid believable story.

Type: Vote or Suggest


Chapter 2:

Topic: Are you surprised by the boys’ reaction to the crash?

Description: Few of the boys express fear or panic when they realize they are stranded on a deserted island without adult supervision. How would you react if you found yourself stranded on a deserted island with no reason to believe that anyone knew where you were? Would you have hope that you would be rescued? Why or why not? Do you think the boys will be able to maintain their fearless demeanor?

Type: Yes/No

Topic: If you had to create a government to enforce order on a deserted island, what governmental structure would you choose? Why?

Description: In Chapter 1, the boys’ first instinct is to create a government. In regards to the government you choose, what does it offer that you think would be desirable for your society?

Type: Multiple Choice

• Democracy

• Socialist

• Communist

• Dictatorship

• Other

Topic: In Chapter 2, there is a noticeable shift in the boys’ focus. What is it?

Description: Why do you think their focus changes? Do you think their initial attempts to create order will succeed? Explain your answer.

Type: Vote or Suggest


Chapter 3:

Topic: The conflict between Ralph and Jack becomes evident again in Chapter 3.

Description: Ralph devotes himself to building huts, while Jack emphasizes the need to hunt. Keeping in mind the allegorical nature of Golding’s novel, what societal struggles might this represent? What groups or individuals do Ralph and Jack symbolize? Defend your answer.

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: What might the allegorical meaning of Golding’s novel be?

Type: Forum

Chapter 4:

Topic: What will happen if Ralph does not take decisive action to prevent the hunters from becoming the dominant force on the island?

Description: The results of Jack’s bloodlust make Ralph’s lack of power evident. Do you think Ralph will be able to control the group despite Jack’s growing influence over the hunters?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: The balance between chaos and order is shifting. Do you think the island is more chaotic or ordered at this point in the novel?

Description: Choose your answer and justify it with specific details. Use quotes (with MLA citations) to show the aspects of life on the island you believe demonstrate chaos or order, then make a prediction about the future state of the island.

Type: Multiple Choice

• Chaos

• Order


Chapter 5:

Topic: Based on the first paragraph of Chapter 5, what effect has life on the island without adults had on Ralph?

Description: What is he surprised to understand? Do you think this experience will rob him of his childhood? Why or why not? Will he be the same person if and when he returns home? Why or why not?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: How does Jack manipulate the boys’ fear of “the beast” to his advantage?

Description: What does he hope to achieve by doing this? Why do you think the boys are so easily influenced by him? How is the beast representative of Jack’s role on the island? What statement is William Golding making about human nature with the beast?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Chapter 6:

Topic: How is the dead parachutist a reminder of the parallel between the boys’ conflicts on the island and the “bigger picture?”

Description: What is threatening the civilization they left behind? What hints does this give about the reason the boys crashed on the island?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: If you were stranded on a deserted island at your current age with a small group of peers, how do you think you would react?

Description: What challenges would you struggle with? What role would you assume? What fears would you expect to have? What part of your life would you miss most?

Type: Forum


Chapter 7:

Topic: There are many shocking moments during the boar hunt. What surprised you most?

Description: Choose one aspect of this chapter to focus on and analyze. Why did you feel this moment was most surprising? What does it foreshadow? What does it reveal about the character(s) involved?

Type: Multiple Choice

• Ralph’s excitement about the hunt

• Attack on Rodger

• Jack suggesting the murder of a littlun

• General frenzy among boys

Chapter 8:

Topic: Simon is often discussed as a like figure in the novel. How is Simon Christ-like?

Description: What qualities, characteristics, mannerisms, etc. connect them? What is significant about Simon’s separation from the group, his fainting “spells,” his conversation with the Lord of the Flies? Do you agree with this assessment of Simon as Christ-like? Why or why not?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: Do you think Simon is prophetic [def: prophet-like, predictive] or mentally unstable? Use details from the novel to justify your answer.

Type: Multiple Choice

• Prophetic

• Mentally unsound


Chapter 9:

Topic: Do you think Simon’s brutal murder is a sign that civilization and order on the island have been completely destroyed?

Description: Will it be possible for Ralph and his few remaining followers to combat the savagery that has taken over? Justify your answer.

Type: Yes/No

Topic: Choose an image of decay from this chapter to discuss. What is decaying physically? What might this decay symbolize on a deeper level?

Type: Multiple Choice

• Parachutist

• Vegetation

• Boys’ physical appearance

• Hygiene

Chapter 10:

Topic: Write a first person narrative from the perspective of one of the “littluns” chronicling their choice to follow either Jack or Ralph.

Description: As Jack’s control on the island becomes complete, the “littluns” must choose between Ralph and Jack. Why did you make this choice? What do you expect to happen in the future between the two groups? Who does you trust? Why? What is your main priority or focus? What do your want from a leader? Do you have any hope of being rescued? Do you miss family, friends, your old life?

Type: Vote or Suggest


Topic: What does the reader learn about Ralph and Piggy’s character based on their responses to Simon’s murder?

Description: Ralph and Piggy react differently to this tragedy. How do their coping strategies vary? What might this reveal about their backgrounds? What might it imply about their reactions to future chaos/savagery/death?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: Piggy’s glasses again play a major role in the power struggle between Jack and Ralph. What is their significance?

Description: What do they symbolize on the island? What does Jack’s possession of the glasses represent? What is the connection to society?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Chapter 11:

Topic: Why does Golding no longer use the boys’ name?

Description: In Chapter 11, Golding returns to the impersonal language he used to describe the boys in Chapter 1. Golding calls Ralph “the boy with fair hair” and he begins referring to Jack as “the chief.” What does this shift communicate to the reader? What might it foreshadow?

Type: Vote or Suggest


Chapter 11:

Topic: The theme of victimization is evident throughout the novel. Choose a character from the list below and describe how he is made a victim.

Description: Why is this character victimized? What is the affect of the victimization on the attacker(s), the victim, and their society on the island? Can you relate to this theme of victimization? If so, how?

Type: Multiple Choice

• Piggy

• Simon

• Littluns

• Sam n’ Eric

Chapter 12:

Topic: Did the ending live up to your expectations? Why or why not?

Description: Did you think that the boys would be rescued? Were all your questions about the story answered? Explain.

Type: Yes/No

Topic: Create a 15-20 line poem using the war chant “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” as your refrain.

Description: Refrain [def: a phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a song or poem, esp. at the end of each stanza]. Explore the theme of chaos and savagery in your poem.

Type: Vote or Suggest


Chapter 12:

Topic: William Golding has said, “The theme of Lord of the Flies is an attempt to trace the defects of a society back to the defects of human nature.”

Description: Based on your interpretation of the events in the novel, what are the principle defects in human nature that led to the breakdown of the boys’ ability to govern themselves and maintain order?

Type: Vote or Suggest

Topic: William Golding spent five years serving in the Royal Navy in World War II.

Description: Given your knowledge of this time period, how do you think his

experiences during the war influenced his writing? Think about the themes, characters and events in the story.

Type: Forum