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Academic year: 2021

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Events & Seminars

2015-2016 Catalog


Achieving Operational Excellence

A program for senior managers of labor-intensive contractors

Improve Productivity AND

Increase Company Profits

There is nothing like improving your productivity and operational performance to significantly improve your competitiveness and bottom line. The difference between a successful project and a losing project is your ability to effectively manage labor. For many construction companies, field labor represents the largest single controllable cost, thereby making it the largest potential opportunity to impact the bottom line.

Why This Program?

Are you a self-performing contractor who is:

ƒ Seeing fewer work opportunities, more competition and tighter margins?

ƒ Having difficulty competing?

ƒ Experiencing margin erosion?

ƒ Overrunning your project labor budgets?

ƒ Facing inconsistencies in how projects are managed?

If so, this program is a great first step toward improving productivity and operational performance. Senior managers will learn what they need to do to successfully implement a strategy to become a lower-cost producer and to improve operational performance.

You Will Learn

ƒ How a 5% to 10% improvement in productivity will improve your bottom line

ƒ How productivity can help you get low on bid day

ƒ The importance of evaluating your current processes and people

ƒ How top management and project management are critical to productivity improvement

ƒ What it really takes to achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable advantage through productivity improvement

ƒ The long-term commitment required to change your organization

ƒ How much culture impacts operational performance

ƒ How the workforce is changing and how these changes impact productivity

ƒ How to prepare your company to be a lower-cost producer in a tough economy

ƒ What your peers and competitors are doing to improve your company’s operational performance


$1,295 for the first attendee $1,095 for each additional attendee from the same company


For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/AOE


Construction Executive Institute

The next step in your executive development

Several Years’ Worth of Decisions

In a Four-Day Session

Owners and senior executives spend a lifetime learning the lessons needed to keep their companies from paying the high price of a bad decision. Learning these lessons on the job is extremely risky and expensive.

FMI has designed the Construction Executive Institute to develop this knowledge using the intense, experience-based Construction ProfitAbility™ simulation. Coaching from FMI’s industry experts and interactive workshops challenge each participant to take his/ her lessons learned straight to the bottom line.

This senior-level, immersion experience is built around four core themes:

ƒ Developing and maintaining profitable, long-term business success

ƒ Evaluating and mitigating enterprise risks

ƒ Understanding and mastering financial control of your business

ƒ Bidding and preparing for profitable projects

Construction ProfitAbility


This intensive, interactive simulation allows teams to compete against one another to produce the highest return on investment possible. The program simulates a real company allowing participants to experiment (and potentially fail) with managing projects, people and money in order to give them the experience they need to become an industry leader and business manager.

Benefits of Attending

ƒ Improve your ability to evaluate and promote outstanding project performance leading to more effective control and higher margins.

ƒ Expand your business acumen with the skills needed to run the business more effectively.

ƒ Enhance your confidence to make sound and timely business decisions based upon sound strategy.

ƒ Leverage your contribution and value to your firm by increasing your understanding of financial statements and learn to effectively interpret and communicate their meaning.



$7,000 for the first attendee $6,500 for each additional attendee from the same company

For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/CEI


Construction Selling Skills

Proven methods for targeting and winning customers and project opportunities

Win More Profitable Work

This is a hands-on course to help you sell more work at higher margins. You will learn a strategic approach for differentiating your firm and outselling the competition. Stop selling and start learning how to help customers buy. This is a collaborative approach that builds lasting relationships, cements customer loyalty and gives you the confidence you need to get out there and sell work.

Are you charged with:

ƒ Keeping in touch with customers and winning work?

ƒ Identifying the right customers to help your firm grow?

ƒ Creating strategies to sell value instead of simply the lowest possible price?

ƒ Finding the customer “hot buttons” that give your firm an advantage over the competition?

ƒ Getting your foot in the door with future clients?

Then this program is for you!

What You Will Learn

Construction Selling Skills will give you the skills you need to ...

ƒ Get your foot in the door and meet the right contacts

ƒ Build effective win strategies—from the customer’s point of view

ƒ Sell more to existing customers—while expanding your list of contacts

ƒ Discover approaches that differentiate you from the competition

ƒ Leverage gatekeepers and get to the right decision-makers

ƒ Turn customer hot buttons into key selling messages

ƒ Help you get pre-positioned to win that key project

ƒ Create customer loyalty and commitment

ƒ Use objections to build client conviction

The interactive format and hands-on exercises deliver the skills needed to be successful in selling a portion of your role — whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro!



$2,495 for the first attendee $2,245 for each additional attendee from the same company

This three-day program will help you create and

grow customers and profitable backlog. You will

see immediate results in your firm’s revenue and

your bonus plan.

For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/CSS


Emerging Managers Institute

Building management talent to drive the future growth of your firm

Why Emerging Managers

Need This Program

Who will run your construction company when you’re gone? What are you doing to prepare your emerging managers to become your successors to manage and lead your company into the future?

Just being a technically skilled builder is not good enough in today’s competitive construction market. Industry research shows that the construction industry has done a good job of developing the knowledge base and technical skills of employees, but a poor job of developing management skills. Although people need to have a solid foundation of technical knowledge, the most successful leaders of the future will have also developed strong management, leadership and business skills in order to grow their company’s profitability.

ƒ Identify your own communications style and learn practical skills for dealing with different types of individuals.

ƒ Learn the difference between leadership and management.

ƒ Gain insight into what it takes to be an effective leader.

ƒ Understand how to create a culture of accountability, gain respect and develop people to achieve superior performance.

ƒ Build productive long-term client relationships with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction that will help turn your clients into “raving fans.”

ƒ Learn new behaviors to improve your time-mastery skills and your personal productivity.

ƒ Develop your individual action plan that can be tracked and monitored over time to ensure lasting benefits from attending this program.

How Your Company Will Benefit

Industry demographic trends show an inevitable shortage of competent managers to take over the next generation of construction management positions. The FMI Emerging Managers Institute has been one of our most successful, interactive programs for more than 25 years. This workshop is designed to provide practical business management skills to build effective leaders for the future.

Meet Other Emerging Managers

Participants will have many opportunities to exchange ideas and interact with their peers, who are experiencing the same challenges as they take on new responsibilities. The course design encourages collaboration and includes a networking reception for participants at the end of the first day.



$3,000 for the first attendee $2,700 for each additional attendee from the same company

For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/EMI


Leadership Institute

Building a better future for the construction industry by developing exceptional leaders, one at a time


Complexity and change are constant challenges in today’s business environment, espe-cially in the construction/design industry. Now, more than ever, your company needs strong, effective leaders. You need skills, self-awareness and the ability to engender trust and respect from those you lead.

Program Focus

FMI Leadership Institute is a tightly structured four-day program in which industry pro-fessionals examine themselves and their organizations through a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences. Attendees will receive:

1. Personal assessments and individual development 2. Experiential leadership opportunities

3. Small-group construction company simulations 4. Giving and receiving effective feedback

5. Essentials of leadership for the future of the construction/design industry





the risk of your business by building a deep pipeline of leaders



your ability to execute strategic growth initiatives



engagement and organizational loyalty



the capacity for your organization’s leaders to step into roles of greater responsibility and impact



your organization with the leadership talent needed to make the right strategic moves in a changing economy.




how you can reach your peak potential as a leader



a deep understanding of your leadership strengths and opportunities for growth through personal aptitude, personality and 3600 feedback assessments



a clearer understanding of your leadership effectiveness from coaching and feedback from Institute staff and industry peers



specific “next steps” to improving your leadership performance from a personal plan of action



your professional development when you receive a certificate of completion for continuing education credits


For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/leadershipinstitute



Marketing Strategies

This hands-on session gives you the tools necessary to create winning go-to-market strategies that will penetrate and capture the market.

Is Your Company’s Strategy

Winning Work?

Creating the right go-to-market strategy is the key to winning market share and customers. The winning strategy identifies how to break in and win top clients, giving your company an edge over the competition.

Marketing Strategies provides you with strategies, concepts and tools to break in and win a market segment or geographic market.

Questions Contractors Are Asking

Contractors are asking a series of tough questions of their business development efforts:

ƒ How do we win in today’s market?

ƒ Where are the right growth opportunities for us?

ƒ How do we structure the company to grow?

ƒ Do we have the right people leading the effort?

ƒ How do we measure progress and success?

ƒ How do we move from concept to reality?

Marketing Strategies Focuses On ...

ƒ Creating a go-to-market strategy that positions you to win work

ƒ The importance of strategy in creating a best-in-class business development effort

ƒ Analyzing your own business development efforts to find your company’s “crowbars” and “red flags”

ƒ How to compete with tough contractors that insist on selling only on price

ƒ Strategies that generate customer loyalty

ƒ What is needed to take business development from concept to implementation When senior leaders from across organizational disciplines come together to craft winning go-to-market strategies, you see results in the customers you attract and increased win rates. Bring your top team to the session to create your own engaging go-to-market strategy.

What You Will Learn

ƒ The mix of strategies needed to optimize company growth and profit

ƒ How to find unmet or underdeveloped market needs

ƒ Elements of creating a differentiated strategic advantage

ƒ Use of touch points to uncover new opportunities and strategies to win work

ƒ How to identify best-in-class practices in your firm using FMI’s Business Development Assessment

ƒ Selling “up” the customer’s organization chart

ƒ Creating clear “win” strategies to beat competitors at their own game

ƒ How to find the real decision-makers in your targeted customers

ƒ How to pick the customers, markets and geographies that help you win more work

ƒ The tools you need to put together the winning business development strategy for your company



$4,495 for the first attendee $4,250 for each additional attendee from the same company

For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/MSS


For program dates and information, visit us at www.fminet.com/programs/PMA

Project Manager Academy

The construction industry’s most valuable development program for project managers

We Build

Project Leaders

The basic techniques for managing projects — scheduling, budgeting and cost-tracking — are well-known and available from many sources. But to join the ranks of “Best in Class,” your project staff must learn to think and act like business owners with their own money and success at stake.

FMI’s Project Manager Academy is built around four core themes:

ƒ Profitable customer relationship development

ƒ Powerful, integrated project teams

ƒ Financial control of projects

ƒ Planning projects for profits and customer satisfaction

During this high-level, immersion experience, project managers and staff examine themselves, their organizations and their processes, learning how to transform themselves from talented builders into true construction entrepreneurs.

The Academy Way of Thinking

The greatest distinction between project managers and entrepreneurs is how much personal stake the individual has in a project’s success. While both are self-directed to coordinate talents and resources in order to provide profitable customer service, entrepreneurs consider a project success a personal success and a project failure a personal failure. In short, entrepreneurs have a compelling sense of ownership in their work.

Attitude of personal ownership toward a project sets a higher standard for performance.

Four days of tough, no-nonsense, total immersion into the business of construction will fast-forward each attendee’s knowledge, decision-making skills and leadership abilities so they leave the PMA thinking and acting like construction entrepreneurs for every project.



$6,500 for the first attendee $6,000 for each additional attendee from the same company



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† Investment banking services provided by FMI Capital Advisors, Inc., a registered broker-dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of FMI.

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About FMI

Founded in 1953 by Dr. Emol A. Fails, FMI is the leading management consulting, investment banking† and people development firm

dedicated exclusively to the engineering and construction industry. FMI professionals serve all sectors of the industry and combine more than 60-plus years of industry context and leading insights to achieve transformational outcomes for our clients. We have subject matter experts in the following practice areas and serve clients throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally:

ƒ Strategy

ƒ Market Research

ƒ Business Development

ƒ Operations and Project Execution

ƒ Risk Management

ƒ Compensation

ƒ Peer Groups

ƒ Performance Management

ƒ M&A Representation

ƒ Valuations and Fairness Opinions

ƒ Private Capital Placement

ƒ Ownership Transfer Planning

ƒ Organizational Leadership Development

ƒ Leadership Training

ƒ Executive Coaching

ƒ Succession Planning

ƒ Training and Talent Development


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