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Business Plan for Frozen Beef

Business Plan for Frozen Beef Products





































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Mr. Saif Rahman (Sfr) Mr. Saif Rahman (Sfr) Course Instructor  Course Instructor  MGT368.6 MGT368.6












M Ashad Uz aman !I"#

M Ashad Uz aman !I"# $%&'6$'$3$$%&'6$'$3$ M. *amru+ ,asan (I"#

M. *amru+ ,asan (I"# $%'6'$3$)$%'6'$3$) Muhi-u+ ,assan Adi+ !I"# $%'68'3$ Muhi-u+ ,assan Adi+ !I"# $%'68'3$ S/ed Isteaz onaide !I"# $%'8$'$3$ S/ed Isteaz onaide !I"# $%'8$'$3$ Tam0eed Rahman !I"# $63'%8'$3$ Tam0eed Rahman !I"# $63'%8'$3$ Tu-a *han !I"# $%'11'3$

Tu-a *han !I"# $%'11'3$

 Date of Submission:  Date of Submission: 5 5thth April, 2010 April, 2010 School of Business School of Business  North South University  North South University































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Mr. Saif Rahman (Sfr) Mr. Saif Rahman (Sfr) Course Instructor  Course Instructor  MGT368.6 MGT368.6












M Ashad Uz aman !I"#

M Ashad Uz aman !I"# $%&'6$'$3$$%&'6$'$3$ M. *amru+ ,asan (I"#

M. *amru+ ,asan (I"# $%'6'$3$)$%'6'$3$) Muhi-u+ ,assan Adi+ !I"# $%'68'3$ Muhi-u+ ,assan Adi+ !I"# $%'68'3$ S/ed Isteaz onaide !I"# $%'8$'$3$ S/ed Isteaz onaide !I"# $%'8$'$3$ Tam0eed Rahman !I"# $63'%8'$3$ Tam0eed Rahman !I"# $63'%8'$3$ Tu-a *han !I"# $%'11'3$

Tu-a *han !I"# $%'11'3$

 Date of Submission:  Date of Submission: 5 5thth April, 2010 April, 2010 School of Business School of Business  North South University  North South University














E$ecuti%e Summar& E$ecuti%e Summar& 'e O((ortunit& 'e O((ortunit& 'e Product 'e Product )ar*et Anal&sis )ar*et Anal&sis   Methodo+o2/   Methodo+o2/ Maret Size Maret Size Maret

Maret 4+a/ers4+a/ers Maret

Maret 4otentia+ 4otentia+ 5 5 4enetration4enetration Industr& Anal&sis Industr& Anal&sis 4ST 4ST Ana+/sisAna+/sis +om(etition Anal&sis +om(etition Anal&sis "irect

"irect Com7etitorsCom7etitors Indirect

Indirect Com7etitorsCom7etitors )ar*etin, )i$

)ar*etin, )i$ 4roduct

4roduct 5 5 4ricin24ricin2


  4rroommoottiioonn )ana,ement eam )ana,ement eam

)anufacturin, - Deli%er& Process )anufacturin, - Deli%er& Process Financial

Financial Pro.ectionPro.ectionss Ris

Ris Ana+/sisAna+/sis E$(ansion Plan E$(ansion Plan Bi/lio,ra('& Bi/lio,ra('& A((endi$ A((endi$ && 33 33   66 88 88 11 $ $ & & 3 3       6 6 % % % % 8 8 & & &8 &8 &1 &1 3$ 3$ 33 33








The A2ro'9ased Industr/ in 9an2+adesh es7ecia++/ the frozen food sector The A2ro'9ased Industr/ in 9an2+adesh es7ecia++/ the frozen food sector is

is curcurrenrent+/ t+/ en0en0o/o/in2 in2 a a +uc+ucratrati:e i:e and and e;7e;7oneonentintia+ a+ 2ro2ro<th <th <it<ith h &8=&8= industr/ 2ro<th. Im7ro:ed catt+e -reedin2> 2ro<in2 consumer demand industr/ 2ro<th. Im7ro:ed catt+e -reedin2> 2ro<in2 consumer demand due

due to to im7im7ro:ro:emement ent in in +if+ifestest/+/+e> e> stastandandard rd of of +i:+i:in2 in2 and and incincreareasinsin22  7urchasin2 7o<er has +ead

 7urchasin2 7o<er has +ead to a to a hu2e 0um7 in hu2e 0um7 in sa+es in the sa+es in the recent /ears. Inrecent /ears. In add

additiition> on> ta; ta; e;e;c+uc+usiosion n and and -an-an  +oa+oan n intintereerest st anand d 7ri7rincnci7ai7a+ + amamounountt  7a/ment e;em7tion for ne;t 8

 7a/ment e;em7tion for ne;t 8 /ears -/ the 2o:ernment 7o+ic/ maes it /ears -/ the 2o:ernment 7o+ic/ maes it aa  7ros7ecti:e m

 7ros7ecti:e maret and toet and to in:est. Am

Amon2 on2 its its comcom7et7etitoitors> rs> 4re4remiumium m ?ro?rozen zen 9ee9eef f 4ro4roducducts ts facface e +it+itt+et+e com

com7etiti7etition on in in the +oca+ the +oca+ scescenarionario. . @oca@oca+ + direcdirect t com7com7etitoretitors s inc+uinc+ude de on+/on+/ Rich (86= maret share) <hi+e forei2n -rands are A+'*a-eer> "ou;> Rich (86= maret share) <hi+e forei2n -rands are A+'*a-eer> "ou;> *ha+ee0> Sran2osun and A/amas. Amon2 its indirect com7etitors> *ha+ee0> Sran2osun and A/amas. Amon2 its indirect com7etitors> Afta-and Saus+e/ are dominatin2 esta-+ished -rAfta-ands in the maret <ith one and Saus+e/ are dominatin2 esta-+ished -rands in the maret <ith one s7ecia+izin2 on+/ in chicen and the +atter caterin2 on+/ fresh 7roducts. s7ecia+izin2 on+/ in chicen and the +atter caterin2 on+/ fresh 7roducts. Sur:e/ <ith mana2ers at different 7oint'of'sa+es (A2ora) a+so sho<ed Sur:e/ <ith mana2ers at different 7oint'of'sa+es (A2ora) a+so sho<ed their 7reference to she+f +oca+ -rands and enthusiasm in 7romotin2 them their 7reference to she+f +oca+ -rands and enthusiasm in 7romotin2 them amon2 consumers.

amon2 consumers.

4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roduct ran2e <i++ inc+ude Sausa2es> Meat-a++s> 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roduct ran2e <i++ inc+ude Sausa2es> Meat-a++s> Sa+

Sa+amami i and *e-a-and *e-a-s> s> the the +at+atter ter a a comcom7+e7+ete+/ ne< te+/ ne< intintrodroducuctiotion n in in thethe maret -/ an/ +oca+ firm. It is 7ositionin2 as

maret -/ an/ +oca+ firm. It is 7ositionin2 as momore for re for mormore,e, offerin2 aofferin2 a :a+

:a+ueue'ad'added ded 7ri7rice ce to to its its uaua+it/ +it/ coconscnsciouious s conconsumsumersers. . Its Its -u-usinsinessess in

inc+c+ududes es -o-oth th 9&9&C C anand d 9&9&9 9 cucuststomomerers s <h<ho o arare e <i<i++++inin2 2 to to 7a7a// com7arati:e+/ hi2her 7rice for more nutrition> assurance of ha+a+> taste com7arati:e+/ hi2her 7rice for more nutrition> assurance of ha+a+> taste and ua+it/. The maret sur:e/ sho<s that around 1$= <ant the current and ua+it/. The maret sur:e/ sho<s that around 1$= <ant the current  7roducts

 7roducts in in the the maret maret to to im7ro:e im7ro:e in in ua+it/ ua+it/ and and taste. taste. ?urthermore> ?urthermore> toto create 7roduct and -rand a<areness and esta-+ish its -rand ima2e in the create 7roduct and -rand a<areness and esta-+ish its -rand ima2e in the minds of the consumers> 4remium <i++ inc+ude 7romotiona+ too+s +ie minds of the consumers> 4remium <i++ inc+ude 7romotiona+ too+s +ie ne<s7a7ers> +eaf+ets> sam7+in2> ma2azines and -i++-oard <ith a tota+ cost ne<s7a7ers> +eaf+ets> sam7+in2> ma2azines and -i++-oard <ith a tota+ cost of

of TT. . &&>$>$$>$>$$$$$ $ in in ththe e fifirsrst t /e/ear. ar. ThThe e fafacici+i+it/ t/ <i<i++ ++ -e -e +o+ocacateted d inin Busu

Busuf2anf2an0> 0> ara/ara/an2aan2an0 n0 costcostin2 in2 T.3T.3$>$$$>$$>$$$>$$$. . A+on2 A+on2 the the distridistri-utio-utionn


channe+> se+ecti:e Chand7ur su77+iers <i++ recei:e $= share <hi+e distri-utors +ie A2ora <i++ recei:e additiona+ $= on 7rofit.

4remium <i++ reuire an in:estment of T. &$>$$$>$$$ <hich <i++ inc+ude euit/ financin2 of = and de-t financin2 of 1=. 4a/-ac 7eriod for 4remium in:estors <i++ -e 22  /ears from the start of -usiness. A+so

9reae:en for sa+es <i++ amount to T. 3454367 in 266  /ears. ;it

 7+an in case of <orse case scenario <i++ -e mer2er <ith a 7otentia+ com7etitor. En the otherhand> a -est case scenario <i++ a++o< further e;7ansion of -usiness -/ 2oin2 for e;7ort after the fifth /ear of -usiness after sufficient increase in retained earnin2s.





The further ha+a+ meat 7rocessin2 under A2ro'9ased industr/ of 9an2+adesh is recent+/ e;7eriencin2 a renaissance <ith d/namic and far' si2hted entre7reneuria+ -usiness creations that ser:es a di:ersified ran2e of meat 7roducts to its +oca+ consumers as <e++ as contri-utin2 to the countr/Fs e;7ort earnin2s. Amon2 them are 7ou+tr/> shrim7 and catt+e.

A+thou2h> recent /ears ha:e 2i:en beef a +ot of -ad 7ress. Man/ ha:e

c+aimed that the consum7tion of red meat (es7ecia++/ -eef) endan2er oneFs hea+th and +ead to heart diseases and o-esit/. 9ut this can -e said a-out an/thin2 consumed in e;cess. Therefore it is no< im7ortant to refocus on the nutritiona+ -enefits of -eef in our dai+/ diet and the :ita+ ro+e it 7+a/s in a <e++'-a+anced diet of chi+dren> /oun2 7eo7+e and those in their midd+e'a2es and has ta22ed -eef as ta-oo. hat the/ need to no< is H9eef in our diet he+7s to nourish and fue+ our -od/ and is the  um-er Ene source of 4rotein. Considered a natura+ mu+ti:itamin  -ecause of its e;ce++ent source of 7rotein and :itamin 9& it ee7s us ener2ized and su77orts man/ of our -od/Fs dai+/ functions -/ he+7in2  7roduce hormones and enz/mes.

4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts understands it consumersF hea+th

reuirements and ser:es a ran2e of halal, tasty, healthy an safe frozen

 -eef 7roducts that inc+udes sausa2e> sa+ami> meat-a++s> and a :ariet/ of e-a-s at a :a+ue'added 7rice. It a+so taes into account the need for eas/


to 7re7are> hass+e'free uic mea+s in our fast'7aced and time'constraint +ife. A+so the demand for -rands +ie Rich and Afta- sho<s consumer  7reference for +oca+ 7roducts o:er forei2n as there are consistent+/

a:ai+a-+e and a+so ha:e a nationa+ :a+ue.

In addition> fast food sho7s and restaurants ha:e a hi2h demand for these frozen -eef 7roducts to cater the ne:er endin2 demand of their customers for :arious -eef menu items +ie nood+es> hotdo2s> sou7> sand<iches> e-a-s etc.

Ether factors +ie im7ro:ed catt+e -reedin2> 2ro<in2 e;7ortin2 o77ortunities in Midd+e'ast> South'ast Asia and e:en uro7e in future> e;tensi:e trainin2 7ro2rams for meat 7rocessin2 <orers -/ @IC> stricter 2o:ernment contro+ acts (&$$8) <i++ acce+erate the 2ro<in2  7ros7ects of further meat 7rocessin2 -usinesses.





4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts 7+ans to introduce four 4remium  7roducts. The 7ortfo+io inc+udes 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts Sausa2e> 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts Meat-a++> 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts Sa+ami and 4remium ?rozen *e-a- (Shish> *athi and Shami).

Product Portfolio



 utrition 5




SAUSA#E ?resh> su7erior ua+it/ 5

ha+a+ meat <i++ -e used for 7rocessin2.

@o< cho+estero+

Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# Re2u+ar size

'3$2 (& 7ieces 7er  7ac) and -reafast

size'&$2 (8 7cJ7ac). 9eef> de;trose> <hite

 7e77er> smoed f+a:or>  7ermitted food conditioner> sodium nitrate> monosodium 2+utamane (GSM). It doesnFt contain additiona+  -readcrum-s> fi++ers or e;cess fat and on+/ trace amount of sodium sa+t

/e'catchin2> air'ti2ht 5 h/2ienic 7aca2es.


8= +ean 2round -eef (hea+th/) ?at . 2m> cho+estero+ $.$6 2m> sodium $.3 2m> car-oh/drate 66.6 2m> dietar/ fi-er . 2m ;7ir/ 7eriodJShe+f +ife# 8months a77ro;imate+/

Contains no e22s or dair/

4rocessed in h/2ienic and strict+/ su7er:ised en:ironment

 atura++/ smoed 4re7aration time# & minutes


9eef> <ater> modified  7otato starch> 7otassium

+actate> sa+t> s7ices>

sodium 7hos7hate> su2ar> sodium nitrite> 2ar+ic> de;trose> sodium

ascor-ate> smoe f+a:or 

Cho+estero+ $.$6 2m> sodium $.3 2m> car-oh/drate 66.6 2m> dietar/ fi-er . 2m Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# 9reafast

size# &6 7c J&$$2m and Re2u+ar size# &7c J $$2m

 atura++/ smoed

Trimmed to $K ?at ;7ir/ 4eriodJShe+f +ife# 8 months a77ro;imate+/  8= +ean 2round -eef


4re7aration time# & minutes


9eef> sa+t> :e2eta-+e

 7rotein> s7ices @o< cho+estero+ a+nut size meat -a++s ?resh and su7erior ua+it/

meat <i++ -e used for  7rocessin2.

Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# Re2u+ar

size# $ 7cJ3$$2m Contains no e22s or dair/ She+f @ife#8 months




9eef> sa+t> e-a- s7ices> sodium nitrite> 2ar+ic> de;trose> sodium ascor-ate

Cho+estero+ $.$6 2m> sodium 8$m2> car-oh/drate 66.6 2m> dietar/ fi-er & 2m> 4rotein &2

 Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# 9reafast

size# 7cJ3$$2m 5 Re2u+ar# 87cJ$2m ?resh and su7erior ua+it/

meat <i++ -e used for

 7rocessin2. She+f @ife#8 monthsa77ro;imate+/ Coo time#  minutes



9eef> sa+t> e-a- s7ices> sodium nitrite> 2ar+ic> de;trose> sodium ascor-ate

Cho+estero+ $.$6 2m> sodium 8$m2> car-oh/drate 66.6 2m> dietar/ fi-er & 2m> Iron => 4rotein &2 Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# 9reafast size# 7cJ3$$2m 5 Re2u+ar# 87cJ$2m 9eef cut into Kinch thic


She+f @ife#8 months a77ro;imate+/


?resh and su7erior ua+it/ meat <i++ -e used for  7rocessin2.

Coo time# $ minutes



9eef> sa+t> e-a- s7ices> sodium nitrite> 2ar+ic> de;trose> sodium

ascor-ate> +emon 2rind>  7e77er 

Cho+estero+ $.$ 2m> sodium 8$m2> car-oh/drate .6 2m> dietar/ fi-er & 2m>Iron => 4rotein 32  Internationa+ standard  7aca2in2# 9reafast size# 7cJ3$$2m 5 Re2u+ar# 87cJ$2m

?resh and su7erior ua+it/ meat <i++ -e used for

 7rocessin2. She+f @ife#8 months a77ro;imate+/ 9eef cut into Kinch






In order to understand the maret of frozen -eef 7roducts> an e;tensi:e maret research <as carried out. The se2mentation of the tar2et> maret size> 2ro<th rate and 7rofita-i+it/ <ere then ana+/zed accordin2+/.


It is :ita+ to remem-er that a thorou2h maret> industr/ and com7etitor research reuires a com-ination of -oth 7rimar/ and secondar/ data. The data co++ection methodo+o2/ is discussed -e+o<.

Primar& Data;

 Sample !uestionnaire: In order to identif/ some e/ factors a-out the consumer -eha:ior and maret direction> sam7+e uestionnaires of 3 uestions each (-oth o-0ecti:e and su-0ecti:e) <ere a+so used.

 Sam7+e size and se+ection 7rocess# 3$'$ res7ondents

<ere random+/ se+ected to fi++ u7 the uestionnaire

 "ocus #roup Discussion: Unstructured> free'f+o<in2 inter:ie<s <ith 2rou7s of 7eo7+e <ere taen in order to -etter understand their attitude to<ards 7roduct t/7e and demand. The focus 2rou7s> consistin2 of '8 7eo7+e each> he+7ed to find out the criteria or


 7arameters that identified the needs of our consumers and ho< to reach the

 $ntervie%: 7ersona+ inter:ie<s <ere taen of com7etitors +ie Saus+e/> Afta- and others for c+earer understandin2 of maret trend> 2ro<th or +ucrati:eness and sustaina-i+it/. A+so for maret ana+/sis> inter:ie<s <ith mana2ers and staff of A2ora> 4LS> andan> Sho7no> Meena 9azar <ere carried out.

Secondar& Data;

These inc+uded e;tensi:e research on#

 e-sites

 Ma2azines

  e<s7a7ers for maret size> 2ro<th> 2o:ernment 7o+icies> +a-or maret etc.

 En+ine 0ourna+s and artic+es

A++ these co++ection of data <ere com7i+ed to2ether to ana+/ze the frozen meat maret of 9an2+adesh and see ho< +ucrati:e it is for start u7  -usiness in this sector.

Three ma0or factors of the maret are discussed -e+o<.

)A"8E SI<E

#eo,ra('ic Se,mentation; The maret size for ?rozen 9eef 4roducts <i++ initia++/ -e confined to on+/ "haa Cit/ (ca7ita+) of 9an2+adesh. ?irst for Geo2ra7hic Se2mentation> the cit/ can -e di:ided accordin2 to its cit/ districts Maret sur:e/ sho<ed 3%= of the res7ondents +i:e near Uttara fo++o<ed -/ &3= +i:in2 in Gu+shan and &$= in "hanmondi and on+/ 3= from other areas +ie Mir7ur (A77endi;). The hi2hest demand for the 7roducts is e;7ected from Gu+shan> Uttara and "hanmondi re2ion> <hi+e Mir7ur and Mohammed7ur areas are e;7ected to sho< the +o<est demand due to the difference in income> taste and +ifest/+e.


Demo,ra('ic Se,mentation; Random maret sur:e/ at the su7erstores resu+ted in on+/ $= fa++in2 -e+o< &$ /ears (Chi+drenJTeena2ers) <hi+e ma0orit/ <ith 3= -e+on2ed to the a2e se2ment -et<een &$'3$ /ears. 9oth of these se2ments a+so sho<ed a stron2 tendenc/ to -eef 7reference es7ecia++/ frozen -eef 7roducts <ith a dominatin2 %$= out of <hich &% = -e+on2 to the a2e 2rou7 -e+o< 3$ /ears. Amon2 the %= -e+on2in2 to the a2e se2ment -et<een 3'$ /ears> more than ha+f are direct consumers.

The &$$ "haa cit/ income distri-ution amon2 the househo+d has -een used in the ta-+e -e+o<. It sho<s the num-er of househo+d <ith e;treme hi2h income (U77er U77er C+ass)> moderate+/ hi2h income (@o<er U77er C+ass) and hi2her midd+e income (,i2her Midd+e C+ass). In addition> the 7o7u+ation in "haa Metro has a+so -een ca+cu+ated.

Accordin2 to the maret research> &%= of the res7ondents ha:e an a:era2e month+/ income of T. %>$$$ and a-o:e and can -e c+assified as the U77er U77er c+ass. Simi+ar+/> &3= -e+on2s to @o<er U77er c+ass <ith an a:era2e income ran2e of T. $'%>$$$ month+/ (A77endi;). ?urthermore> amon2 those -e+on2in2 to the U77er U77er c+ass> $= s7ends T. $$$ to 3$$$ month+/ on -eef <hi+e on+/ &$= s7end +ess than T. $$$ and 3$= s7end more than T. 3$$$. This means that around 3.= are ardent and re2u+ar -eef consumers <ith &= of the res7ondents s7endin2 more than &3= of their tota+ e;7enditure of -eef on frozen 7roducts <hi+e another &= s7ends more than J3 of their e;7enditure of -eef on frozen 7roducts.

The @o<er U77er C+ass and U77er Midd+e C+ass to2ether contained 3= of the res7ondents. Around .= s7end either ha+f or one'si;th of their tota+ e;7enditure of -eef on frozen -eef. hi+e around &3= res7ondentsF  7ro7ortion of e;7enditure of frozen -eef to tota+ -eef s7endin2 ran2es

from $'%$=. (A77endi;).

Ot'er Basis of Se,mentation; @ast+/> 7s/cho2ra7hic and -eha:iora+ tar2et maret has -een identified to narro< do<n the maret size and ta7 the rea+ consumers of the 7roduct.


Maret research has a+so sho<n that 6.3= 7rofessiona+s and a-out 3= of the house<i:es sho<ed hi2h 7reference for -eef 7roducts -ecause of ur-anization> decreasin2 fami+/ size> the s7read of education and em7+o/ment amon2 <omen> risin2 in standard of +i:in2> inf+uenced -/ chi+drenFs 7reference> <hich in turn +ead to a ma0or shift in food ha-its in u77er'midd+e c+ass and a-o:e. Amon2 students a+most 1%= are -eef consumers and therefore our ma0or tar2et se2ment. (A77endi;).


Maret research at 7oint'of'sa+es ha:e sho<n a <ee+/ maret demand for frozen -eef 7roducts of a-out &'3= of tota+ demand of su7erstore  7roducts due to the maret 7reference 7ercenta2es sho<n a-o:e. hi+e demand for frozen -eef 7roducts in ua+it/ and u7-eat fast food sho7s and e+ite hote+s ha:e sho<n a <ee+/ demand of T. &$>$$$.

stimated tota+ maret <orth is a-out T. .% crore (A77endi;)

)A"8E PLA!E"S

Current+/ the ma0or 7+a/ers for frozen food 7roducts in the maret are

(+oca+ com7anies) "ic' Food (roducts =it' >? mar*et s'are  and

 7roducts ran2in2 from chicen> -eef and fish and forei2n -rands inc+ude A+ *a-eer' the +eadin2 com7etitor in -eef 7roducts> "ou;> A/amas and Sran2osun <ho most+/ s7ecia+ize in chicen 7roducts and sometimes in  -eef.

Indirect maret shareho+ders inc+ude Saus+e/Fs and Afta- ?ood 7roducts <ho dominatin2 in 7ou+tr/ 7roducts.> the former s7ecia+izin2 in non' frozen> fresh sausa2e 7roducts.


Accordin2 to the maret research> %$= sho<ed inc+ination to<ards sausa2e frozen food 7roduct> <ith meat-a++s ho+din2 $= of the share and 33= for e-a-s and 3$= for sa+ami. Amon2 them> %= of the sausa2e +o:ers> a++ of sa+ami> a-out 33= of meat-a++ +o:ers and a+most


3$= of the e-a- enthusiasts fa:ors -eef either <ith or o:er chicen> fish and sea food (A77endi;).

• Ma0or ad:anta2e of the current maret scenario is +ac of 9eef

*e-a- 7roducts -oth +oca+ and forei2n 7roduced. This minimizes com7etition for 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts to on+/ +oca+ 7roducers Rich> and ?orei2n im7orts +ie A+'*a-eer.

• The 7roduct +ine for 9eef *e-a- are com7+ete+/ ne< and unri:a+ed in

the +oca+ maret> therefore 7ro:idin2 it a hu2e o77ortunit/ to ca7ture the unta77ed maret se2ment. ItFs on+/ ma0or com7etitor is A+'*a-eer> <hich is im7orted> :er/ e;7ensi:e and is not a+<a/s a:ai+a-+e due to  7oor distri-ution channe+. A+so it suffers from constant 7rice

f+uctuations -ut as it 7+a/s a mono7o+/ ro+e in the maret> it en0o/s an unfa+terin2 demand.

• The de:e+o7ment of customerFs taste> hea+th a<areness and

e;7erimentin2 ne< 7roducts are e/ success indicators for 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts

• A+so 2o:ernment acts to ensure strict re2u+ations to maintain ua+it/ of

meat and increased catt+e 7roduction offers the o77ortunit/ to e;7and throu2h e;7ort to countries in the Midd+e'ast> South Asia +ie Ma+a/sia> Indonesia and e:en to uro7e.

• In addition> some or2anizations are co++a-oratin2 <ith meat 7roducin2

com7anies to 7ro:ide standard and ua+it/ trainin2 to <orers and therefore de:e+o7in2 their si++ and ensurin2 more ua+it/ contro+.





Some of the e/ hi2h+i2hts of success are#

 9an2+adesh current+/ has a 7o7u+ation 2ro<th rate of .&1&= (&$$1 est.) and a +iterac/ rate of %.1= and increasin2 standard of +i:in2. The G"4 at current 7rice is US  81.$ mi++ion ("S In:estorFs Guide).


 Thou2h -ein2 a de:e+o7in2 countr/> it is current+/ e;7eriencin2 an increase in its de:e+o7ment in si++ and no<+ed2e. 4eo7+e are 2radua++/ shiftin2 to more conscious -u/in2 ha-its (es7ecia++/ for food) due to e;7osure to the 2+o-a+ trends and recent e:ents from the food court fiasco


 ?rozen foods is the second +ar2est e;7ort sector of the econom/ <ith

a recent average aual gr!"t# rate !$ %' (9an2+adesh 9oard of

In:estment) <ith some com7anies +ie Afta- and Rich en0o/in2 an un-e+ie:a-+e $$= 2ro<th in sa+es in most /ears (Com7etitor inter:ie<). The massi:e natura+ resources a:ai+a-+e in 9an2+adesh mae this sector 7articu+ar+/ 7romisin2 for in:estors +ooin2 to su77+/ in internationa+ as <e++ as in domestic marets.

 This 7ro:ides a +ucrati:e o77ortunit/ to understand and ca7ture the

2ro<in2 demand for ua+it/ contro++ed and hea+th/ food 7roducts and ser:e this e;7andin2 niche maret.

 A+so fo++o<in2 a 7eriod of stron2 in:estment in techno+o2/> 7rocesses

and re2u+ation the frozen foods sector has f+ourished and earned itse+f an e;ce++ent re7utation <ith tradin2 7artners.

  Also e&emption from payin' interest an proportion of principal amount for the ne&t ( years for ban) loans for A'ro*Base inustry an ta& holiays ma)e it lucrative+

 Continuin2 in:estment in techno+o2/> maretin2 and ua+it/ remain

at the forefront of the industriesN strate2/ to meet the cha++en2es of internationa+ trade in 7rice> ua+it/> time and ser:ice.

 Cases of 9ird ?+u in our countr/ <i++ act as a stren2th for the

com7an/ as consumers of chicen <i++ shift to -eef 7roducts due to hea+th issues.

The 4ST ana+/sis <i++ 7resent a c+earer 7icture of the industr/ for frozen  -eef 7roducts.



9an2+adesh had o:er the 7ast fe< /ears ha:e e;7erienced its fair share of  7o+itica+ unrest and economic do<nturn. 9ut recent /ears ha:e sho<n the 2o:ernmentFs ea2erness to de:e+o7 its industria+ manufacturin2 sector and encoura2e ne< in:estments -oth +oca+ and forei2n -oth on +ar2e and sma++ sca+e. A+on2 <ith the RMG sector> the Go:ernment has de:e+o7ed initiati:es of ua+it/ assurance for frozen foods in co'o7eration <ith e;7orters. This has initiated an increase in e;7orts of frozen foods +ie shrim7 and meat. Acts or Erdinances to ensure ua+it/ contro+ ha:e he+7ed de:e+o7 this industr/ to -e more com7etiti:e and 7otentia+ -oth at home and a-road.


conomic factors +ie the +e:e+ of dis7osa-+e income> -u/erNs confidence to s7end on +u;ur/ 2oods are some crucia+ :aria-+e re+ated to this ind of  -usiness es7ecia++/ as 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts are 7ro:idin2 a :a+ue'added 7rice. As discussed a-o:e the G"4 2ro<th rate is a re+ia-+e indicator that the countr/ is e;7eriencin2 a -oomin2 2ro<th com7ared to most <estern countries. This in turn is attractin2 forei2n in:estments and  7romotin2 ne< com7anies to enter the maret more easi+/ as <e++ as ensurin2 their +on2 term sustaina-i+it/. A:ai+a-i+it/ of ca7ita+> de:e+o7ment of the 9anin2 s/stem as <e++ as the financia+ institutions and the ease of +oan 7ro:isions are im7ortant factors attractin2 sma++ entre7reneurs to the maret -aset.


The Asian frozen food maret> es7ecia++/ 9an2+adesh is e;7eriencin2 an increased demand for ha+a+ frozen meat 7roducts. ?our factors inf+uencin2 the current consum7tion shift are#

 Increase in dis7osa-+e income that +ed to the increase in consumersF

food e;7enditure.

 Increase in a<areness of frozen foodFs time sa:in2 -enefits.

 Increase in the use of refri2eration amon2 househo+ds.


 Gro<th in the estern st/+e fast food industr/ that encoura2es the  7urchasin2 of frozen

 Chi++ed food <ith the same taste. (,a+a+ ?ood Maret)

 Increase in num-er of <orin2 7arents (-oth father and mother)

therefore need for hass+e free> eas/ to 7re7are mea+s or snacs.

 Gro<in2 trend for e;7erimentin2 <ith different foods and tr/in2 out

fusion reci7es that are nutritious> tast/ and es7ecia++/ a77ea+in2 to chi+dren.

 Maretin2 7ro2rams to educate and inform consumers a-out the

ad:anta2es of chi++ed and frozen foods

 4romotiona+ acti:ities> es7ecia++/ media ad:ertisin2 and

demonstrations are effecti:e in communicatin2 the :a+ue of chi++ed and frozen 7roducts> i.e. as <e++ as fresh food> if not -etter> more h/2ienic> and tast/. Studies sho< that sa+es of chi++ed and frozen foods are more 7romotion' res7onsi:e than those of other 7roducts. Accordin2 to maret research ma0orit/ <ith 63= 7refers +eaf+ets and  -anners for 7romotion <hi+e 6$= associate <ith ne<s7a7er <hi+e

another most +ucrati:e medium of ad:ertisement to -ui+d a<areness is throu2h <ord of mouth <ith 33= res7ondent 7reference (A77endi;). Consumers 7refer trans7arent 7aca2in2 for read/'to' ser:e mea+s> so the/ can see the contents.


In:estment in the frozen food sector <ith ne< techno+o2/ and eui7ment has :ast 7otentia+ for 2ro<th <ith incredi-+e o77ortunities in 9an2+adesh itse+f as <e++ as e;7ortin2 in Midd+e ast> U> orth America and the far eastern countries. 9ecause of 2+o-a+ization the +atest techno+o2ies are  -ecomin2 a:ai+a-+e due to chea7er 7rices and ua+it/ maintenance <hich has made the 7roduction 7rocedure eas/> enhanced the 7roducti:it/ and stream+ined 2reat ua+it/. ase of chea7er -ut ua+it/ im7orts of Chinese machineries a+so he+7 to reduce in:est costs and therefore ena-+e to  7roduce at +o<er costs and so there-/ reducin2 7rice -ut ensurin2 ua+it/


contro+. Assem-+/ +ine automated 7roduction 7rocess a+so induce mass  7roduction> minimize human errors and tam7erin2 <ith food ua+it/ and maintains uniformit/ in taste> su7eriorit/ and in2redients. Im7ro:ement in the co+d'chain> i.e.> -etter eui7ment> 7ro7er food hand+in2 7ractices> adeuate trans7ortation> and stora2e ha:e encoura2ed hi2her out7ut and minimized incidences of s7oi+a2e. ?eed mea+s 7+ants and 7rocessin2 unit for :a+ue'added 7roducts are at 7resent the -uzz <ords in 9an2+adeshi frozen meat industr/. ui:a+ent+/> <orers are a+so recei:in2 trainin2 for si++ de:e+o7ment in o7eratin2 these ad:anced techno+o2ies therefore com7+ementin2 each others 2ro<th simu+taneous+/.





Maret research at :arious 7oint'of'sa+es in "haa 2a:e a c+ear understandin2 of the different com7etin2 7roducts in the maret> their  7aca2in2 and 7ricin2. The ta-+e -e+o< sho<s its summar/.

DI"E+ +O)PEIO"S OF F"O<EN BEEF P"ODU+S Product

&(e +om(etitor Name @uantit&, PieceCPac Price*


@oca+ Rich &$ $ $

3$ & $ ?orei2n *ha+ee0 3$ & 83 A+'*a-eer $$ $ &&$ "ou; 3$ & % A/amas &$ 8 $ Sran2osun 3$ $ 3$

Sa+ami @oca+ Rich

$$ & 1$ &$$ &6 $ ?orei2n A/amas $$ $ 1$ Meat 9a++s @oca+ Rich 3$$ $ %$ ?orei2n A+'*a-eer  3$$ 8 3$$ Sran2osan 3$$ 8 %$ A/amas 3$$ $ %$

*e-a- ?orei2n A+'*a-eer $ 6 3&$

Inter:ie<s <ith the mana2ers and staffs of different su7erstores sho<ed that different 7oint'of'sa+es 7romotes different -rands> -ut the/ a++ 7refer


to encoura2e and she+f +oca+ -rands (Rich and Afta-) most+/ due to man/ ad:anta2es. These inc+ude more fami+iar and c+ose re+ationshi7 <ith their dea+ersJdistri-utors of the 7roducts> consistent su77+/ of the 7roducts> and easierJuic to res7ond to the chan2es in maret demand. This maes in:entor/ mana2ement more cost'effecti:e and efficient.

DI"E+ +O)PEIO"S;

There are se:era+ direct com7etitors in the frozen -eef maret as

re7resented -/ the ta-+e a-o:e. ,o<e:er> our e/ com7etitors are Rich (+oca+) and A+'*a-eer (forei2n).


Rich A2ro Industries @td. is a su-sidiar/ com7an/ of ,ar:est Rich Grou7> a 7ioneer in te;ti+e and a2ro industr/ in 9an2+adesh. NRichN is the maret +eader in 9an2+adesh for further 7rocessed meat 7roducts <hich dominates 86= of the maret share.

NRichN 7roduct 7ortfo+io has o:er &$ t/7es of further 7rocessed 5 :a+ue added 7roduct ran2e in Chicen> 9eef> ?ish> Mutton 5 Tu-e ice. The/ are cate2orized into Co+d meatsJcuts> Smoed 5 Gourmet S7ecia+ties> Sausa2es> 9ur2ers and 9readin2 +ine u22ets> and *ie:s. Their 7roduct ran2e cate2ories are -een distri-uted to a++  Star hote+s> Internationa+ restaurants> Chain Stores to the Corner sho7s in their o<n f+eet of co+d refer trucs.

?rom the consumer sur:e/ it <as found that 83= of the consumers  7referred Rich (33= on+/ Rich a+one). Its dominance <as more e:ident

u7on asin2 A2oraO the/ said that Rich is the hi2hest se++in2 frozen -eef from their stores.


A+'*a-eerFs o-session <ith ua+it/ in 7rocurement> manufacturin2 and distri-ution of ?rozen ?oods has he+7ed esta-+ish them as a +eader in the Midd+e ast ?rozen ?ood Industr/. The A+'*a-eer caterin2 ran2e

inc+udes meat> 7ou+tr/> seafood> :e2etarian 7roducts> and read/'to'eat


 7roducts. A+ *a-eer has -een in the -usiness for Mutton> Chicen and 9eef for o:er three decades no<.

9rand 7reference for A+'*a-eer <as found to -e %=> <hich is the second hi2hest> des7ite its much hi2her 7rice (around .% times more) than Rich of simi+ar 7aca2in2. A2ora confirmed its 7reference throu2h informin2 us that itFs the second most se++in2 frozen -eef from their stores after Rich. A+'*a-eer is our on+/ com7etitor in terms of frozen  -eef *e-a-.

A&amas3 Dou$3 and Sran,osun

The/ are some of our forei2n direct com7etitors -ut the/ do not 7ose much of a threat to us -ecause of their ne2+i2i-+e -rand 7reference and maret share. Accordin2 to our sur:e/> a++ of them com-ined too u7 on+/ 6= of the -rand 7reference. ,o<e:er> des7ite -ein2 forei2n> their  7ricin2 are 7rett/ com7etiti:e and simi+ar to +oca+ 7roducers +ie Rich.

This cou+d -e the on+/ 7otentia+ threat to us.


There are fe< indirect com7etitors of our frozen -eef 7roducts. The/ are

main+/ the +oca+ 7roducers Afta- and Saus+e/. Afta/ se++ on+/ frozen

chicen 7roducts of more or +ess same cate2ories +ie sausa2e> meat-a++> and sa+ami. 9ut their -rand 7reference <as found to -e si2nificant+/ hi2h amon2 the consumers <ith 3$=. So if Afta- enters the maret <ith -eef> this cou+d 7ose a nota-+e threat.

hereas Sausle& do se++ -eef -ut the/ are not 7aca2ed in the <a/ other

 -rands are. The/ offer their 7roducts fresh and not frozen at their  7ersona+ out+ets and a+so at the +oca+ su7erstores in a se7arate counter. So

customers can actua++/ -u/ the amount accordin2 to their needs.

Considerin2 this scenario> Premium frozen -eef 7roducts <i++ -e

 7ro:idin2 su7erior ua+it/ and taste than that of Rich at a hi2her 7rice. This <ou+d 7ut us into a com7etiti:e ad:anta2e -ecause> 8%= of the consumers considered ua+it/ taste as an im7ortant feature of frozen -eef  7roducts and on+/ &$= <ent for 7rice. :en thou2h -rand 7reference for Rich <as found to -e 83=> 1$= <anted an im7ro:ement on ua+it/ taste


(A77endi;). A+so> the forei2n -rand A+'*a-eer <as found to -e second most 7referred after Rich des7ite its much hi2her 7rice (A77endi;).. A++ of these facts and fi2ures indicate that <e ha:e an immense 7otentia+ to 2ra- a 2ood maret share from the first /ear.





P"ODU+ - P"I+IN#

A successfu+ -usiness strate2/ reuires considerin2 se:era+ dimensions to esta-+ish its com7etiti:e ad:anta2e. The ma0or success factor is hea:i+/ de7endent on its 7roduct and 7ricin2.

4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts is 7ositionin2 as more for more, offerin2

a :a+ue'added 7rice to its ua+it/ conscious consumers. Its -usiness inc+udes -oth 9&C and 9&9 customers <ho are <i++in2 to 7a/ com7arati:e+/ hi2her 7rice for more nutrition> assurance of ha+a+> taste and ua+it/. The maret sur:e/ sho<s that around 1$= <ant the current  7roducts in the maret to im7ro:e in ua+it/ and taste (A77endi;). A+so

mana2ers in 7oint'of'sa+es (A2ora> "esai> 4LS) a2reed that most consumers no< a da/s are <i++in2 to 7a/ more for ua+it/ 7roducts and therefore -ands +ie A+'*a-eer are in hu2e demand. 9ut the su7er stores fai+ to she+f these 7roducts at a++ times due to +ac of su77+/ for im7ort discre7ancies and therefore are ea2er+/ +ooin2 for +oca+ su-stitutes.

Most hote+s> fast food sho7s and u7to<n restaurants are stri:in2 to com7ete in this cutthroat maret -/ 7ro:idin2 menus that sometimes 7ut the taste'-uds to test.

Ta-+e -e+o< sho<s the 7roducts ran2e and 7ricin2 structure of 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts.

Premium Product3 Pac*a,in, - Pricin, Product &(e @uantit&

, PieceC Pac 'olesale Price* "etail Price* addin, 10?G

S7ic/ Sausa2e &$3$ &8 8 3$6$

4e77er/ Sa+ami &$$ &6  %$


$$ & $$ $

?ier/ Meat 9a++s 3$$ $ %3 1$

Ara-ian "e+i2ht '*athi *e-a-3$$  $$ $ $ 8 63 8$ Ara-ian "e+i2ht 'Shami *e-a-3$$  $$ $ $ 8 63 8$ Ara-ian "e+i2ht 'Shish *e-a-3$$  $$ $ $ 8 63 8$ P"O)OION

The second most :ita+ dimension of success and sustaina-i+it/ in a com7etiti:e maret is a -usinessFs 7romotiona+ strate2/ as itFs the so+e medium to reach the customers and mae them a<are of the 7roduct> en2ra:e the -rand ima2e on their minds and 7osition itse+f in the maret. 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts ha:e identified the fo++o<in2 too+s for  7romotion and their costin2.

Name Placement FreHuenc& +ostC 7

mont's * otal +ost * Ne=s(a(er 4rothom A+o ?ront 4a2e P  9ottom 7art 6 ; 8 3da/s a <ee. ?rida/> Saturda/ and Tuesda/. 8>6>$$$ "iscount &$= >%&>8$$

The "ai+/ Star 

?ront 4a2e P  9ottom 7art 6 ; 8 3da/s a <ee. ?rida/> Saturda/ and Tuesda/. 8>6>$$$ "iscount &$= >%&>8$$

Qanaanta ?ront 4a2e P  

9ottom 7art 6 ; &da/s a <ee. ?rida/> &8>8$$ "iscount % D 4 a 2 e


8 Tuesda/. &$= >>&$$ 4303>00 Leaflets 3>$$>$$$ units

3 taa 7er +eaf+et 3003000

)a,azines 9ac Co:er ee+/ 13503000

Sam(lin, At 7oint'of Sa+es>

Schoo+s> Uni:ersities> ?airs 353200 Bill/oard Gu+shan  73703000 e/ Site 7000 Source: eiai& -t+ 253003000

The 7romotiona+ costin2 initia++/ <i++ -e hi2h in order to intense+/  7romote 4remiumFs 9rand ima2e in the minds of the consumers and

create a<areness. Com7etitor inter:ie< sho<ed that the most effecti:e too+ is sam7+in2 and +eaf+ets and therefore consists of a ma0or 7art of the tota+ costin2. A+so> as it is a niche 7roduct so on+/ se+ecti:e ne<s7a7ers and ma2azines <i++ -e used for ad:ertisement.

The tota+ 7romotiona+ costin2 <i++ decrease in the fo++o<in2 /ears> as 4remium <i++ 2radua++/ esta-+ish its -rand and ima2e and <i++ continue further 7romotion to create a sustaina-+e a<areness amon2 its consumers.





The chosen form of o<nershi7 for the -usiness is 4artnershi7 <ith si; mem-ers> each <ith eua+ contri-ution to ca7ita+. The terms and conditions for the 4artnershi7 A2reement are discussed in the (A77endi;).

In 9an2+adesh> 4artnershi7 form of -usiness is most +ucrati:e and eas/ to esta-+ish due to minima+ 2o:ernmenta+ re2u+ations> f+e;i-i+it/ in terms and conditions and e;em7tion from cor7orate ta;ation.

4rocedure for 4artnershi7 9usiness set'u7 in the countr/ are as fo++o<s#

• Re2istration of 4artnershi7 on Stam7 4a7er for .


• Reuirement of Trade @icense from Cit/ Cor7oration -ased on

+ocation of -usiness.

• Certification from 9STI as ?ood Manufacturin2 -usiness <i++ not -e

reuired as 4remium <i++ not -e e;7ortin2 to forei2n countries as /et.  The 9usiness or2ano2ram sho<s a summar/ of the hierarch/ structure and the different de7artments in:o+:ed.

The resumes (A77endi;) sho< the ua+ifications of the administrati:e or mana2ement team in:o+:ed.








4remium ?rozen 9eef @td <i++ -e endo<ed <ith a state of the art infrastructure. The com7an/ <i++ inc+ude a modern and ad:anced

<arehousin2 faci+it/> inc+udin2 dee7 freezers> etc. <hich are as 7er +atest techno+o2/. This <i++ ena-+e 4remium to store a++ the food 7roducts in fresh conditions and in -u+> there-/ faci+itatin2 time+/ de+i:er/ at a++ times. An e;ce++ent net<or of su77+ier> trans7orters and distri-utor <i++ ena-+es it to function <e++ and meet the s7ecific reuirements of


consumers. The tota+ cost of faci+it/ set u7 <i++ -e T.$>$$>$$$ (A77endi;).


After much assessment a-out the +ocation of the faci+it/> it <as conc+uded that the most con:enient> feasi-+e and cost'effecti:e choice <i++ -e in Busuf2an0 in Ru72an0> ara/n2an0. The reasons are#

• The cost of lan  in that re2ion is com7arati:e+/ the +o<est and

therefore is at 7resent a +ucrati:e 7+ace for settin2 u7 factories. Rich (competitor presence) itse+f is 7resent in ara/an2an0. @and

measurin2 & -i2ha <i++ cost T.3>$$>$$$ (A77endi;).

• The +ocation is a+so nearer to the suppliers an resources> <hich are

most+/ +ocated in Chand7ur and its nei2h-orin2 re2ion> therefore a++o<in2 eas/ su77+/ routes to and from the source to the factor/. (A77endi;).

•  ara/an2an0 is a+so at c+ose 7ro;imit/ to the capital .mar)et/, and so

ensurin2 faster> +ess cost+/ (trans7ort) and easier de+i:er/ to the 7oint' of'sa+es and other customers.

• heaper  -ut more s)ille labor  for further meat 7rocessin2 are

a:ai+a-+e due to the 7resence of Rich. (A77endi;). La&out

@eadin2 o7erations mana2ement ha:e 7ro:ed that e/ to an efficient> time and cost sa:in2 manufacturin2 7rocess +ies in the faci+it/ +a/out and

the 7roduction 7rocess. ,ence> 4remium -e+ie:es in creatin2 a value

chain <ith interre+ated series of 7rocesses to 7roduce its different  7roducts a+on2 different 7roduction +ines. arious +a/out desi2ns <ere

formu+ated and the -est in terms of :a+ue creation ha:e -een se+ected due to its feasi-i+it/> efficienc/ and cost'effecti:eness usin2 com7etitor

faci+it/ ana+/sis and com7uterized heuristics. (A77endi;)



The faci+it/ <i++ incor7orate some of the most modern semi'automated machiner/ conformin2 to internationa+ standards for h/2iene and safet/> such as Sausa2e @inin2 machine (to automate the 7ortionin2 and

han2in2 7rocess at hi2h s7eed)> 4ee+er machine> S+icer machine (hi2h s7eed)> Meat 9a++ maer> Sa+ami Cutter> Mi;er> 9atter> Grinder and acuum 4aca2in2 Machine im7orted from China. The costin2 of these eui7ments <ere fi;ed <ith different se++ers and distri-utors on+ine In addition to the semi automated 7roduction +ine for meat 7rocessin2> the  7roduction house <i++ ho+d state of the art stora2e freezers> one <ith ' o

C for ra< materia+ and in2redient stora2e> second <ith ' o to '&&o C for

short term stora2e of finished 7roducts and a-o:e '$ oC for +on2 term

stora2e. The accumu+ated cost for a++ of the a-o:e mentioned eui7ment <i++ -e around T. crore. (A77endi;)


ith the -oom in the meat 7rocessin2 industr/> 2o:ernment is current+/ encoura2in2 its de:e+o7ment throu2h :arious further meat 7rocessin2  7ro2rams. Er2anizations +ie @IC are a+so contri-utin2 to <orer si++

de:e+o7ment -/ 7ro:idin2 courses and technica+ no<'ho<. This in turn are encoura2in2 more 7eo7+e to shift to the meat 7rocessin2 industr/ that ensures 0o- securit/> hi2her sa+ar/> hea+th and safet/ in addition to other frin2e -enefits +ie 7aid +ea:e> -onuses etc. @a-or and Mana2ement Sa+ar/ cost <i++ -e around T. >8$>$$$ and <i++ 2ro< steadi+/ (A77endi;).


?ood 7roducts or 7rocessed food 7roducts reuire hi2h ua+it/ standards in 7aca2in2> 7reser:ation> trans7ortation> etc. Understandin2 the fact> due attention to food 7rocurement> 7rocessin2> 7aca2in2> hand+in2 and  7reser:ation <i++ -e 7aid. :er/ effort <i++ -e made to maintain h/2ienic

am-iance> ri2ht from the -e2innin2 to the end of the food 7aca2in2  7rocess.The ua+it/ contro+ team of 4remium (Er2ano2ram ?i2. ) <i++

chec e:er/ 7roduct +ine -efore and after 7rocessin2. LI+ENSIN# - +E"IFI+AION


4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roduct @td. <i++ -e reuired to issue trademar under the com7an/ <hich <i++ cost T. 3$$$ (A77endi;). In addition there <i++ -e no need :arious certifications under 9STI (A77endi;). ALUE +9AIN )ANA#E)EN

Su((lier +'ain )ana,ement

9ein2 a Mus+im oriented countr/> consumers 7refer +oca++/ 7rocessed meat 7roducts or im7orts from Midd+e'ast to ensure itFs ha+a+ for consum7tion. Therefore 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roducts <i++ source its su77+ies of ra< -eef materia+s +oca++/ throu2h contract farmers <i++ <ho <i++ recei:e $= share of 7rofit as <e++ as recei:e constant su7er:ision for ua+it/ contro+ and mana2in2 standard. In 7ara++e+> or2anizations +ie @IC <i++ he+7 them <ith technica+ no<'ho<> <hi+e 2o:ernment

su77ort (9an2+adesh Institute of ?armin2) and :arious GE across the countries can he+7 them <ith financia+ su77ort and catt+e -reedin2 no<+ed2e. ,ence> the choice of these su77+iers <i++ -e se+ecti:e>

focusin2 es7ecia++/ on +oca+ rura+ <omen (di:orced or sin2+e earner) <ho recei:e s7ecia+ aid from these de:e+o7ment or2anizations for catt+e

 -reedin2 and 7ou+tr/ farmin2 to encoura2e omen m7o<erment. This in turn <i++ he+7 these <omen -oth financia++/ <ith a consistent source of income as <e++ as he+7 maintain a more sustaina-+e> committed and

 7ro2ressi:e re+ationshi7 -et<een the su77+iers and 4remium.

The su77+iers <i++ -e concentrated from Chand7ur as the/ 7roduce the  -est and ua+it/ meat in the countr/. 4remium ?rozen 9eef <i++ a+so ha:e

a ?ood ins7ector <ho <i++ chec the ua+it/ of the meat su77+ied -/ :isitin2 these +oca+ su77+iers from time to time as <e++ as at the

 7roduction 7oint. It <i++ therefore 2uarantee consistent ua+it/ and +o/a+ chain of su77+iers. && D 4 a 2 e $= $= +ontractual Su((liers Premium Frozen Beef +onsumers Point:of:SalesC Business


The reuired meat 7ieces (chuns) <i++ -e de+i:ered to the faci+it/ -ase on a da/'to'da/ -asis -/ the su77+iers ensure freshness and reduce

trans7ort costs to each different su77+iers. Su77+iers <i++ in addition en0o/ additiona+ -enefit of se++in2 the rest of the 7ortions of the catt+e to the +oca+ maret at maru7s.

Deli%er& Process )ana,ement

After 7roduction and 7aca2in2> the ne;t most :ita+ ste7 is creatin2 and maintainin2 a ua+it/ > efficient and sustaina-+e de+i:er/ s/stem from the  7roduction faci+it/ <arehouse freezer (short term# ' to '&& oC and +on2

term# a-o:e '$ oC) in ara/an2an0 to the :arious 7oint'of'sa+es (A2ora>

 andan etc) and restaurants> hote+s and fast food sho7s around "haa Cit/. As each of these su7erstores is <e++ eui77ed <ith their o<n

Stora2e ?reezer ($ to '$oC) there <i++ -e no need for settin2 u7

additiona+ <arehouses in the cit/. The estimated cost of the freezer trucs <i++ -e T. >$$>$$$. (A77endi;).

ee+/ de+i:eries <i++ -e made to the :arious stores and food

sho7sJrestaurants dotted around the cit/ accordin2 to their indi:idua+ order 7+acements> :ia 4remium ?rozen 9eef 4roductsF o<n t<o Trans7ort ?reezers ( ' o to '& oC). This <i++ 2uarantee that 4remiumFs 7roducts

<i++ a+<a/s -e a:ai+a-+e at different out+ets of the su7erstores throu2hout the /ear un+ie most im7orted 7roducts +ie A+'*a-eer> "ou; etc. This consistenc/ in the se+f de+i:er/ 7rocess a+so <ors as an encoura2ement for su7erstores as the/ are re+ie:ed from one> fai+in2 to ser:e their

customer needs and t<o> from ha:in2 to tae the hass+e themse+:es to  -rin2 the 7roduct from the 7roducerJdistri-utor to their she+f (as in the

case of Afta- and other im7orted 7roducts ( Com7etitor inter:ie<). In addition the/ <i++ recei:e a $= share of 7rofit> i.e. the retai+ 7rice of the 7roducts <i++ ha:e a $= mar'u7 on 4remiumFs <ho+esa+e 7rice therefore a+so 7ro:idin2 them an incenti:e to she+:e the 7roducts and a+so encoura2e its sa+es. (A77endi;)

Time+/ de+i:er/ and ua+it/ 7roducts> com-ined <ith customer contentment are the 2oa+s 4remium <i++ stri:e for.



To ensure smooth o7erations of Maretin2 and "istri-ution Channe+ in the cit/> a head office <i++ -e +ocated in saton Garden measurin2 &$$s ft <hich <i++ cost T. &$>$$$ as rent. (A77endi;).






 Sales( e ha:e ca+cu+ated the maret :a+ue of frozen food <hich is T. %>&$$>$$$ in a /ear> <here our on+/ domestic com7etitor in frozen -eef RIC, has 8%= of the maret share. e are assumin2 to 2ra- $= of the maret <hen <e <i++ enter. hich means our st /ears se++s forecast is

(%>&$$>$$$$.)  T. &8>6$$>$$$

CO)S( ?rom our com7etitor sur:e/ <e came to no< that cost of 2oods so+d is around 6$= of the se++in2 7rice.

 Distribut!rs Margi( Eur distri-utors (e.2. A2ora) usua++/ 7ut $= mar2in on su77+iers 7rices. So if our 7roduct 7rice is T. $$ to consumers then distri-utors mar2in <ou+d -e T. 1. for that 7roduct. Ot#er !*eratig E+*eses( The/ are usua++/ 6= of the se++in2 7rice. (for our com7etitor) -ut <e ha:e assumed it to -e around 8= for us.

Ta+( As <e are in the a2ro'-ased industr/> for the first  /ears <e <i++ ha:e a ta; ,o+ida/. So <e do not need to 2i:e ta; for the first  /ears. (A77endi;)

 terest e+*eses( ?or a2ro'-ased industr/ 9an2+adesh 9an has a scheme <here 99 <i++ fund 1= of our in:estment at $= interest rate and no re7a/ment for 8 /ears. (A77endi;)

Pro:forma Income Statement Descri(tio


Bear  Bear&

L L& L3 L L L& L3 L

Sales %$$$


%8& %6163$ %1816 8&83$ 81$ 81%3&% 1&%&6

: +osts of ,oods sold &1$$$ $ $8% 6%%83 %1$1$ 1%$6$ %$$8 3$316 $36 #ross Profit &86$$$ $ &16%&$ 3$%8&& 313166 333%$ 338$$ 36613 3%$$61 & D 4 a 2 e


otal o(eratin, e$(ense

11%6 

&$33$ &$66&18 &$&6% %%%16 86&36 86%$ 818%63

EBI 86&3 131$.

$&&& $1$$ 36 6&%%$ 8$1&8 8$1&8

a$ and interest

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Net Income 86&3 131$.

$&&& $1$$ 36 6&%%$ 8$1&8 8$1&8

Pro:forma Income Statement Descri(tio n Bear 3 Bear L L& L3 L L L& L3 L otal o(eratin, e$(enses 11866 6 11866 $33&$6  $%1 % &1 8 38  1%& $ &&$%& EBI %1&$ $

1%%$ 611&31 63%$ 66%&811 61&333 %8&%$ %&$3

Interest e$(ense

38316 6

31836 3&8&6 &8%8$% 811 6&& %88$$ 168$61

otal o(eratin, e$(ense

8$66 &

8316 8183&6 1%$6 &$3$& &$68& &&$88 &%66$&

EBI &$333$

&3&$ &&3$$ &3$%1 &318 &16$ &6683& &%166

a$ and interest

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Net Income &$333$

&3&$ &&3$$ &3$%1 &318 &16$ &6683& &%166


e are 7+annin2 to increase our a++ t/7e of fi;ed assets as <e++ as current assets -ut neither -/ euit/ nor de-t financin2 -ut from our retained earnin2s. As <e ha:e to -u/ ne< assets so <e ha:e cash outf+o< from our retained earnin2s for financin2 these ne< assets. As <e do not ha:e an/ de-t or ta; o-+i2ation so our cash for financin2 acti:ities is zero throu2hout the  /ears.

Pro:forma +as' Flo= Statement

Bear3 Bear

L L& L3 L L L& L3 L

+as' flo=s from o(eratin, acti%ities;

&&1&66 &3$&$6 &$6 &$& &8833 &613$ &8$&8&$ &16&38

+as' flo=s from in%estment acti%ities; . 6 . 6 . 6 . 6 36$. % 36$. % 36$. % 36$.%

+as' flo=s from financin, acti%ities;

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $




8$$ 81$1$ 181$ &$8%3&1 &$63& &6111 &&6638 &3%1%3%

Pro:forma +as' Flo= Statement

Bear Bear&

L L& L3 L L L& L3 L

+as' flo=s from o(eratin, acti%ities;

&68$ 616 &31& 3&38 %$$1 8&11% 1$1&8 113

+as' flo=s from in%estment acti%ities; $ $ $ $ 3$16&.  3$16&.  3$16&.  3$16&.

+as' flo=s from financin, acti%ities;

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $



&68$ 616 &31& 3&38 % 113 6$36 688$


 -a( e are 7+annin2 to -ui+d our factor/ at Busuf2an0 in ara/an2an0. There 7rice of cor7orate area is T. $>$$$ 7er shotansho. e are  7+annin2 to -u/ & acre at ($$$$6$) T. 3>$$$>$$$.

Frige Tru/0( e ha:e met a dea+er <ho su77+ies frid2e trucs. The/ to+d us that 7rice of a frid2e truc is T. >$$>$$$

Fa/t!r1( e ha:e come to no< that a factor/ esta-+ishment cost is T. >$$$>$$$ <ithout eui7ments.

 Ma/#ieries( e are 7+annin2 to -u/ machines for our 7roduction <orth around T. $>$$$>$$$. 4rices of <hich <e ha:e co++ected from internet and attached in the A77endi;.

 vestmet( e are in:estin2 a++ of the 7re:ious uarters retained earnin2 in the ne;t uarter for a++o<in2 the continuous 2ro<th of our com7an/.

Pro:forma Balance S'eet

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

+urrent Asset 3%&$%$ 311&88 183 &8$8

Net Fi$ed Asset %88$

$ 8&6% $ &$$8%& 3 &&&33&1 In%estment from retained


$318 61$6% %6& 88

otal Asset &%$$38

 &%8861 8 &1%166  36811&

+urrent Lia/ilities %181.6 18&6. $6$$ &$6


Lon, erm Loan 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$

O=ners EHuit& $&$$$$

$ $&$$$$ $ $&$$$$ $ $&$$$$$ "etained Earnin,s 31$81$ 66%$33 8%$66 $86

otal Lia/ilities and O=ners EHuit& &%$$38  &%8861 8 &1%166  36811& B"EA8:EEN ANAL!SIS

e ha:e considered first four /earsF time s7an for -rea e:en ana+/sis. The formu+a <e ha:e used for this ana+/sis is#

9rea :en in sa+es  ?i;ed Cost J Contri-ution Mar2in Ratio ?i;ed cost  9"T 8>%6>$$$

Contri-ution Mar2in ratio Tota+ contri-ution (Sa+es P aria-+e cost)J Sa+es

 &1>%%> J &>18>$&  $.1

9rea :en in sa+es  9"T 3454367

So> <e <i++ start main2 7rofit> after <e ha:e reached our sa+es amount of 9"T3454367.

And <e are e;7ectin2 to reach our -rea e:en in 266 /ears.


e need to in:est 9"T 8>%6>$$$ in our ?i;ed asset at the -e2innin2 of the -usiness at a time. As <e are 2ettin2 9"T &$>$$$>$$$ from euit/ and de-t financin2> so the rest 9"T >&3>$$$ <i++ remain in cash in case of emer2enc/ situations.

The assets and res7ecti:e amounts to in:est are#



As <e ha:e an in:estment of 9"T &$>$$$>$$$ of <hich euit/ financin2 = and de-t financin2 is 1=. And <e are e;7ectin2 to 7a/ the fu++

amount to our euit/ ho+ders as <e++ as de-t ho+ders in 22 /ears from

the da/ <e start our -usiness. SENSIII! ANAL!SIS

As ?rozen food has a maret 2ro<th of &8= (A77endi;) -ut for most +ie+/ situations <e ha:e used 2ro<th rate  =

Best +ase Scenario

e ha:e assumed our industr/ 2ro<th rate to -e 20? 7er /ear. Then <e

can achie:e our -rea e:en sa+es in e:en 3 /ears. Eur tota+ sa+e in on+/ 3

/ears is T. 1173>063455 and our -rea e:en sa+es amount is T.

135>537>1. And our tota+ et Income for these  /ears is T. 74356344. here our initia+ in:estment is on+/ T. 1>3653000.

&8 D 4 a 2 e  itial ivestmet  Categ!r1 C!st   1 Land 9"T 3>$$$>$$$ 2 Factor& 9"T >$$$>$$$ 7 )ac'inaries 9"T $>$$>$$$ 4 Frid,e ruc*  9"T >$$>$$$ 5 Air +onditioner 9"T 1>$$$

 Office furniture and stationar& 9"T %$>$$$

6 +om(uters 9"T $$>$$$


Pro:forma Income Statement Best case

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

Sales 3$8%31

3%8%3 

>3>3&6 336&

: +osts of ,oods sold 81$3


&&%& 

&%>38>%16 33&$66%

#ross (rofit &3&61


1831 

8>&&>3$ &&3% total o(eratin, e$(enses 8&81%3 %8863 %>183>& 188%6

EBI $%%18 %8863 %>183>& 188%6

a$ or Interest e$(ense $ $ ' $

Net Income $%%18 %8863 %183&.$% 188%6

In the -est case <here <e are assumin2 to ha:e &$= 2ro<th rate our net cash inf+o< has decreased -/ around T. 3$>$$$ from T. &%>86>%3& to T. &%>$3>% for a++  /ears. This ma/ -e due to :er/ hi2h 2ro<th in fi;ed asset in our com7an/.

Pro:forma +as' Flo= Statement Best +ase

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

+as' flo=s from o(eratin, acti%ities; 1%8&% 3 %1$%88 & $>$>6  &1&& +as' flo=s from in%estment

acti%ities; $


$ &>1&%>$$ 3>8&%>8&$ +as' flo=s from financin,

acti%ities; $ $ ' $ NE IN+"EASECDE+"EASE IN +AS9; 1%8&% 3 %338 & %>%%> 163$&.3 ,ere a+so <e ha:e assumed our 2ro<th rate to -e &$= and for that our retained earnin2s -ecomes on+/ T. &.1 mi++ion on+/ for the +ast uarter of the th  /ear <hereas our initia+ in:estment is a+so around T. 1

mi++ion. Eur in:entor/ is T. &. mi++ion.

Pro:forma Balance S'eet Best +ase

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

+urrent Asset 6&61%1 &3% 666&81 %111

Net Fi$ed Asset %88$

$ 136$$ $ &&&1&$ $ &611&$ In%estment from retained 3$1$&$8 336 &368616 %$1&



otal Asset &1$68

% &8338 1 33&36  3&6&3

+urrent Lia/ilities 8&%%$.1 18%.& $1636 3363

Lon, erm Loan 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$

O=ners EHuit& $&$$$$

$ $&$$$$ $ $&$$$$ $ $&$$$$$

"etained Earnin,s $%%18 %$63 $&&1$$


&18868 otal Lia/ilities and O=ners EHuit& &1$68

% &8338 1 33&36  3&6&3 3$ D 4 a 2 e


orst +ase Scenario

e ha:e used our 2ro<th rate as $=> and found that <e can achie:e our  -rea e:en sa+es at the end of the th /ear. Eur tota+ sa+e in a++  /ears is T. 17>35>30> and our -rea e:en sa+es amount is T.102377730>.

And our tota+ et Income for these  /ears is T. 253403561 <here our

initia+ in:estment is T. 1>3653000.

Pro:forma Income Statement orst +ase

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

Sales &161$8


3&%%&% &

36>%>1% 3113$$ : +osts of ,oods sold %8&1

& 16636  &>%$>18 &318&& #ross Profit 8%61  3$1$1 % >61>11$ 1%&6& otal o(eratin, e$(enses 8% %&8&3 %>$6%>81 %6%38

EBI 3%&863 18$1%3 %>$&> 8&1%8

a$ or Interest e$(ense $ $



Net Income 3%&863 18$1%3 %$&$. 8&1%8

In the <orst case <here <e are assumin2 to ha:e $= 2ro<th rate our net cash inf+o< has increased -/ around T. 6$>$$$ from T. &%>86>%3& to T. &8>3$>6% for a++  /ears. This ma/ -e due to +ess 2ro<th in fi;ed asset in our com7an/.

Pro-forma Cash Flow Statement (Worst Case)

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

Cash flows from operating activities:

1%&8 3


& 8>1>& 1&8116%

Cash flows from investment

activities: $ 3$$$$$ 8%>6$ 61>$6 Cash flows from financing

activities: $ $ ' $ NET INCE!SE"#ECE!SE IN C!S$: 1%&8 3 6%%%8% & %>16>6$ 811$& ,ere a+so <e ha:e assumed our 2ro<th rate to -e $= and for that our retained earnin2s -ecomes on+/ T. 8.& mi++ion on+/ for the +ast uarter of


the th /ear <hereas our initia+ in:estment is a+so around T. 1 mi++ion.

Eur in:entor/ is on+/ T. . mi++ion.

Pro-forma %alance Sheet (Worst Case)

Bear  Bear & Bear 3 Bear 

C&rrent !sset %3$&$ &%$6 &&%.$8 318& Net Fi'e !sset %88$



$ %1%6$ 86%$&

Investment( from retaine

Earnings) $ 36& 63&% 6&&% Total !sset &186&$ &6866% &8&$3.$ &1%138

C&rrent ia*ilities %611%6.8 88%3.3 >$8>&1.3 &$& ong Term oan 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ 18$$$$$ +wners E,&it $&$$$$$ $&$$$$$ $&$$$$$ $&$$$$$ etaine Earnings 3%&863 18$1%3 %$&$.3 &1%138 Total ia*ilities an +wners

E,&it &186& $ &6866 % &8&$3.$  &1%138 "IS8 ANAL!SIS "is* Factors Maret demand

 a co% isease: It is not 7rominent in our 7art of the <or+d> -ut <e ha:e to -e 7re7ared for such an out-rea. 9esides> 9an2+adesh ha:e a+read/ e;7erienced diseases such as -ird'f+u and s<ine f+u. Threat of an/ catt+e re+ated diseases <i++ shift the demand of consumers to su-stitute  7roducts +ie chicen and fish. As 4remiumFs so+e 7roduct +ine is -eef

oriented> so it <i++ strie as a hu2e -+o< to the com7an/. Su77+/


 "all in local cattle meat suppliers: If su77+iers of 4remium shift to rearin2 of other farm anima+s +ie chicen and 2oat due to +o<er rearin2 and mana2in2 cost and hi2her mar u7s> 4reimium <i++ suffer from ra< materia+ shorta2e.

conomic factors

 $ncrease in inflation an fall in stanar of livin': ConsumersF fa++ in  7urchasin2 7o<er <i++ come as a threat as 4remium is offerin2 hi2her

:a+ue added 7rices <hich <i++ then -ecome e;7ensi:e for a si2nificant se2ment of consumers.

4otentia+ com7etitors

 Ne% entrants: Current com7etitors <ho are s7ecia+izin2 in chicen  7roducts on+/ +ie Afta- ma/ a+so introduce -eef in their 7roduct +ine and there-/ -ecome a dominant com7etitor. Ether ne< entrants due to  7otentia+ of the industr/ ma/ a+so come as a hu2e threat and +oss maret

se2ment. E$it Plan

Assessin2 a++ the different o7tions and conditions a:ai+a-+e> <e ha:e decided to 2o for Mer2er as our e;it 7+an. The com7etiti:e ad:anta2es o:er the e;istin2 com7etitors are our ne< 7roduct +ine introduction of e-a-s (+oca++/ 7roduced and mareted for the first time). In addition> the distri-ution channe+ and 7rocess are effecti:e and structured.

Throu2h mer2er the com7etitors <ou+d -e -enefitted -/#

• An a+read/ esta-+ished and fortified distri-ution channe+. The/ <i++ -e

a-+e to ca7ture a ne< se2ment in the maret.

• The/ <i++ 2ain additiona+ 7roduction faci+it/> stora2e freezers>

<arehouse> de+i:er/ trucs> etc. This <i++ aid them to 2o for e;7ansion> increase their mar2ina+ 7roduction and +o<er mar2ina+ cost.

The mer2er <ou+d -enefit us -/#

• e <i++ 2et an o<nershi7 share of the sustaina-+e com7an/.

• In case of sa+e> -u/out> or +iuidation of asset <e <i++ ha:e to

immediate+/ e;it the maret. 9ut throu2h mer2er <e <i++ remain in


the maret and o7erate under a more sustaina-+e com7an/ and en0o/in2 their 7rofits.

• These added com7etiti:e ad:anta2es <i++ a++o< them to earn hi2her

 7rofits and increase o<nershi7 :a+ue <hich <i++ a+so -e shared -/ us. :en thou2h <e <i++ not recei:e immediate cash -ut the cash inf+o< o:er the future time 7eriod <i++ he+7 us 2et our return on in:estment. @ater -/ se++in2 that o<nershi7 <e <i++ a+so earn hi2her return than other o7tions.


4remium <i++ -e a-+e to reach -rea'e:en at the end of the third /ear. Therefore futire 7+ans for e;7ansion inc+ude e;7ort at the end of the

fourth /ear or at the -e2innin2 of the fifth /ear. e ha:e 7ro0ected that at the end of the fourth /ear <e <ou+d -e a-+e to ha:e retained earnin2s of a-out T$. mi++ion. This <ou+d ena-+e us to enhance our 7roduct +ine and certif/ our 7roduct officia++/ under ,ACC4 and ISE> 9STI . 9esides> 4remium <i++ a+so tr/ to esta-+ish itse+f as an e;7ort -ased com7an/ ee7in2 in mind that it does not sacrifice the +oca+ needs. Moreo:er> 4remiumFs strate2/ <ou+d -e to thin 2+o-a++/ and act +oca++/. The main focus for e;7ort <i++ -e in the midd+e'east countries since it is a hu2e maret for frozen foods. In:estment in the frozen food sector <ith ne< techno+o2/ and eui7ment has :ast 7otentia+ for 2ro<th <ith incredi-+e o77ortunities in 9an2+adesh itse+f as <e++ as e;7ortin2 in Midd+e ast> U> orth America and the far eastern countries.



KAfta- ?arm <ins Asian @i:estoc Industr/ A<ard.K he "inancial

 &press !"haa  o:. &$$1> sec. ,ome 4a2e# . he "inancial  &press. e-.  Mar. &$$. htt7#JJ<<<.:e;i+-7s.comJ

KAfta- Grou7 of Industries.K Afta- Grou7 of Industries. .7.> n.d. e-. 6 Mar. &$$. <<<;.ht





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