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From serum to the mineral phase The role of the odontoblast in calcium transport and mineral formation


Academic year: 2020

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Fig. 1, Schematicdrawingactivedentin matrix macromoleculespredentin/dentinpreventpossibly,of fully differentiated.dentinogenicallyodontoblastsshowingdifferentCa2+ ion transportmecha-nisms (left part of figurel as well as putative transportroutes for theIri
Fig. 2. Rate of incorporationof calciumintotherat incisordentinmineralphase.The time it takes after an i.v
Fig.4.UptakeofCa2+ ions withtimeinmicrosomalfractionofdissectedrat incisorodontoblasts.Additionof A TP stronglyincreasedthe rate of uptake
Fig. 5. Incubationof whole.dissectedodontoblastsin the presenceofdigitonin.This subsrancepermeabllizesthe plasma membraneto C;i'+ions, thus equilibrating the Cal" ion activitiesintracellular/y with thoseextracellular/y, Ca2+activity measurementsoutsidethe


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