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sugar products for your sweet success


Many of the world’s largest and best-known food manufacturers rely on ADM for hundreds of essential food ingredients. Our renewably-sourced ingredients are an integral part of many of the products consumers use and enjoy every day.

ADM offers a wide selection of sweetener products to meet varying needs for sweetness, flavor intensity, viscosity, glycemic response, particle size and price. ADM Sugar offers a full line of sugar products and blends sourced from cane or beet.

ADM offers consistent quality, abundant supply and reliable delivery. We believe that quality and service are essential, and we work to meet the highest standards for ourselves and our customers.

quality, supply, delivery

ADM’s Research and Development creates tools to devise functional solutions tailored for our customers’ needs. ADM has the ability to assist customers with basic bench and analytical research and, when it is time for our customers to test formulations and finished products, ADM’s culinary facilities and sensory experts offer a range of services.



This brand new state-of-the-art location is capable of producing liquid sucrose, invert sugars and a variety of sucrose/sweetener blends. It has a vast supply of dry railcar storage and liquid sucrose storage. Extensive warehousing of dry sugar totes is available at this location.


This terminal has the capability to receive dry sugar both via truck and railcar. Liquid sucrose, invert sugars and blends are all produced and stored at this location.


This location features railcar and truck access with blend capabilities for liquid sucrose and other ADM corn sweeteners.


This terminal has on-site storage for liquid sucrose and can produce invert sugars.


ADM has upgraded this facility to offer segregation of domestic and Mexican liquid sucrose. Ample storage of liquid sucrose and production of invert sugars are also offered at this location.


This facility has ample storage for dry sugar cars and produces both liquid sucrose and various sucrose/sweetener blends.


This location has storage for liquid sucrose and offers a variety of liquid sucrose and corn sweetener blends.


This brand new state-of-the-art terminal offers on-site storage of dry sugar railcars and three systems for rail-to-truck transfer of dry sugar. Warehousing of sugar totes and a continuous melt system for liquid sucrose make it a premier station in the Southeast.

ADM’s vast transportation network provides the flexibility to move assets with great efficiency wherever and whenever they are needed. ADM Trucking Services gives you the best of both worlds – multiple load opportunities over multiple routes. We operate one of the largest privately owned bulk tank fleets in the world.

ADM Sugar Terminal Services offers an extensive array of services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. The services include trans-loading, warehousing and a full array of logistical functions. We have locations that handle dry and liquid sugar throughout the USA.


Ingredient Statement

Liquid Sucrose can be labeled as “liquid sucrose”, “liquid sugar” or “sucrose syrup”.

Formulation Benefits

Liquid sucrose is an ideal product for formulation and processing minimization. The product delivers consistent sweetness and solids, making it easy to produce uniform quality product. Liquid sucrose saves on production time, packaging, and energy.

Appearance Clear Liquid

Taste Sweet

Odor Characteristics

Color Light straw

Solids, % 67.5 ± 0.3

Moisture, % 32.5 ± 0.3

pH 6.0-8.6

Ash, Sulfated, % ≤0.05

Sediment, ppm ≤4

Liquid Sucrose 67.5%-Typical Chemical Properties

Liquid Sucrose 67.5 % -Typical Physical Characteristics

Liquid Sucrose is a pure crystalline sucrose that has been dissolved in water to yield a sucrose solution that is ideal for use in many food applications in which a sweet taste of sugar is needed but with the ease of handling a liquid product. The most common liquid sucrose ADM offers is 67.5% solids (clear sugar syrup consisting of 67.5% granulated sucrose dissolved in 32.5% water). We also offer liquid sucrose 66.5% solids upon request.


Ingredient Statement

Invert can be labeled as “invert sugar”.

Formulation Benefits

Invert sugar is sucrose that has been partially or completely inverted, yielding a blend of sucrose, glucose and fructose, making it sweeter in comparison to sucrose. Due to the sugar mix, invert sugar can be used as a preservative for lowering water activity, can help depress freezing point, and can help minimize crystallization in a variety of applications. Invert sugar also serves as a humectant that is used to help maintain moistness in bakery products.

Appearance Clear Liquid

Taste Sweet

Odor Characteristics

Color Light straw

Solids, % 76.7-77.3

Moisture, % 22.7-23.3

pH 4.0-4.9

Invert, % 75.0-82.0

Refractometer Reading (at 68°F) 75.7°

Medium Invert - Chemical Properties

Medium Invert- Physical Characteristics

Invert sugar provides unique functionality and sweetness due to the mix of different sugars. Our most common invert is the medium invert. We also offer a low and high invert upon request.


Ingredient Statement

Granulated sugar provides for a “clean label” as it is a naturally sourced ingredient. This product can be labeled as “sugar” or “sucrose”.

Formulation Benefits

Granulated sugar is a key component in a variety of applications. From adding texture and body to its inherent sweetness, granulated sugar’s free-flowing properties provide an assortment of benefits. With a variety of granulations, ADM can serve your granulated sugar needs.

Appearance White Powder

Taste Sweet

Odor Characteristics

Color, Solution 45 IU Beet or 45 IN Cane maximum

Sucrose, % 99.92 minimum

Loss on drying, % 0.4 maximum

Invert Sugar, % 0.04 maximum

Ash, % 0.015 maximum

Sediment, ppm 2 maximum

Granulation (US Standard Sieve Screens)

% on US #40 cumulative

% on US #50 cumulative

% through US #100

15 minimum 60 minimum 5 maximum

Fine Granulated Sugar- Typical Chemical Properties

Fine Granulated Sugar- Typical Physical Characteristics

Granulated sugars are versatile ingredients. Our most common granulated sugar is fine. We offer a coarse and extra fine upon request. ADM offers sugar products in different forms developed to specifically meet your formulation and application needs.



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