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Friday 9th October 2020

Message from Mr Hearnden, Assistant Principal


Thank You for fearfully and wonderfully creating each of us. Help us live as the one You uniquely

intended us to be. Help us live peacefully and joyfully on the path you have set for us


“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.” A slogan never more apt than today as we adapt to life in the current situation. Today is the feast day of St John Henry Newman, our own Birmingham saint, canonised in Rome last year on 13th October. St John Henry Newman is one of the great educators of the Catholic Church and is remembered for both his

intellect and his generous heart. Pope Francis, in his homily to tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in St Peters Square, called on us to adopt St John Henry Newman’s definition of a person of faith, that of being “kindly lights”. Our school community is doing just that; once more delivering your generous donations to St Chad’s Sanctuary and continuing our annual Shoe Box Appeal, this year in fond remembrance of Colm Smyth, a true Challoner “kindly light”. Once again we are impressed at the generosity of our families and students who, even in challenging times, do not forget those less fortunate than themselves.

Despite the changes the school has had to make as a result of the current situation we find ourselves in, we have been so impressed with the way in which our students have adapted, they have been a credit to you as their parents/carers.


In Chaplaincy, we have been working with each year group to ensure that all students get an opportunity to pause for prayer and reflection. This will be done by opening the chapel in break times and doing a session on mindfulness, prayer journaling and reflection. We have been recruiting our team of chaplaincy champions so they can be the advocates of chaplaincy for their year groups. We have had many great applications and are looking forward to working with our chaplaincy champion teams throughout the year.

On Friday 9th October, it is the feast day of St John Henry Newman. We celebrate his feast day through our collective worship prayer at the start of the day as a school community and by celebrating his works.

“God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I may never know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.”

St John Henry Newman

We embody this quote in our school life and know that we are called for greatness and we each have our own mission to fulfil.

As a school community, we are coming together for the Colm Smyth Shoebox Appeal which is running until November 6th. The Shoebox appeal is our way of fulfilling our school mission of “Giving Glory to God by serving others”. This year it is in memory of Colm Smyth, his passion and joy for giving to others and how much he cared for this and the school:

“A true Irish gentleman who would stop and talk to friend and stranger, treating everyone as equal and would go out of his way for those in greater need. His infectious personality would lift the mood of any on the darkest day. A hardworking man, strong religious faith and in touch with reality.”

As a school community, we come together to support this initiative. We would appreciate shoeboxes or donations to be brought into school and brought to the chapel so we can achieve our target of 651 shoeboxes.

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Today we received six fabulous science books from the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. In return we will review the books, thinking about the look and feel of the book, ease of reading, interest and whether the book is inspirational and exciting. Today it was wonderful to see six year 7 girls each reading one of these books in the OLC. Inspiring our students to read should include up to date, modern, brilliant and relevant books like these.

Of course there is always a place too for the more traditional and classic reads. Indeed reading, or listening to any book of interest, benefits us all in unrealised ways. So many of our children are used to the instant gratification and thrill of social media, that we have to work harder to engage our students with reading. Our whole school supports this and with parents supporting and encouraging reading too, we can improve our children’s lives through books.


Netflix is arguably the largest video on demand streaming service in the world. Hosting countless hours of TV and film, this platform can offer endless hours of entertainment and, in the current climate, it is a great way of killing time whilst in the safety of the home. Netflix is not catered to one demographic and therefore, younger users can be exposed to inappropriate or age restricted content if unsupervised or unrestricted in their use.

The following link takes you to the Parental portal for Netflix. Here there are guides for features that will aid in this process.



Blast 003

Religious Studies Year 7 Lessons

Towards the end this half term, our year seven students will be completing a mini-scheme of work called ‘Facts of Life’ in Religious Studies lessons. These lessons, created by an excellent Catholics organisation named Ten:Ten, address important issues relevant to life as a new student in a new school. The lessons focus on a short film about a girl name Esther. Following the separation of her parents, Esther must make a new start. Moving to a new town, a new home and a new school, she struggles to fit in. Whilst her school friends refuse to accept her and her Mum is absent most of the time, Ester finds solace in a growing friendship with her Grandad and develops a keener sense of her own faith.

The story tackles issues such as friendship, new beginnings, bullying, aspiration, and the impact of social media on friendships and family relationships. The lessons aim to help young people see their true, innate value through the eyes of God.

Each lesson includes discussion, reflection and prayer. The class will evaluate the difficult situations Ester finds herself in and discuss how she can find a solution to her problems.

The aim of these resources are to empower our students with knowledge of be resilient and overcome challenging circumstances they may face, they will also help students deepen their own faith.


Year 7 - 96%

Year 8- 94%

Year 9- 94%

Year 10- 94%

Year 11- 94%

Whole School-


As a PE department, we would really like to promote and encourage students to attend extra-curricular PE clubs. Well done to every student who has committed to attending these clubs; it has been fantastic to see you engage in more physical activity and enjoy participating in a range of activities. Please see below a breakdown of the timetable which displays when each year group and class can attend extra-curricular clubs.

Year 7:

You have the opportunity to attend two extra-curricular clubs. Please see below the day and time you can attend: • If you have a PE lesson on a Monday, you can come to

morning club (7:45-8:25)

• If you have a PE lesson on a Tuesday, you can come to morning club (7:45-8:25)

• If you have a PE lesson on a Wednesday, you can come to after school club (3:20-4:15)

• If you have a PE lesson on a Thursday, you can come to after school club (3:20-4:15)

Year 8:

• 8x can attend after school club on a Monday (3:20-4:15)

• 8y can attend after school club on a Tuesday (3:20-4:15)

Year 9

• 9x can attend morning club on a Monday (7:45-8:25) • 9y can attend morning club on a Friday (7:45-8:25)

Sports Updates

Science Revision Guides

Science revision guides can now be bought on schoolcomms for years 7,8,10 and 11. Year 9 pupils can buy the books from the science department.

There are 2 sets of books; for years 7-9, for years 10-11. Parents/carers will need to check with their sons/ daughters that books have not already been bought lower down the school. Any questions, just e mail Mrs Shore:

Black History Month

October is national Black History Month. The aim of this month is to raise awareness and celebrate black history. To begin the month, all year groups have attended an informative

form time sessions about black history in the UK. The form session included information about how our diverse country came to be and how black history dates back over 2000 years in the UK. Famous and influential black figures both modern and historical, from the UK, were also shared. These role models demonstrate exceptional skill, resilience or influence and through those examples, we challenge all students to believe they can do anything they put their mind to.

Our Year 7 students have participated in a Black History Month treasure trail that saw many of their competitive sides come out. In most subjects, class teachers will also be sharing famous examples of people of colour, and their work, that have excelled in their subject area.


Sixth Form

Thank You to our Sixth Formers

Our Sixth Form students continue to set an example to the student body in their conduct, commitment to the community and their excellent relations with their teachers and other staff. We are proud of them. This has never been more important in the current situation where our students are role models in their adherence to our Covid measures: following the one-way system, wearing face coverings, regularly hand-sanitising.

Managing the demands of Sixth


A reminder that there is always someone to talk to if a student is struggling with their studies, their well-being on any other issues. If we are not the people to provide expert advice, we can signpost students to those who are. Please remember to make use of our well-being links on the website. about/safeguarding/safeguarding-and-well-being

Drug Awareness assembly

The Sixth Form had an assembly yesterday, going into more detail on the dangers of illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Following on from the tragic events at Newcastle University last week (See link below) we are all reminded, parents, carers, teachers, of the importance of having these conversation with our young people.

Provider Number of Children per session Sessions Day of the Week Time

St Martin Up to 10 per session Weekly Wednesdays 12-1

Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Highbury Orchard 12th Aug 4 til 6.15 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Deers Leap Wood Sessions 20th August 10.30 til 12.45 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Highbury Orchard 26th Aug 4 til 6.15 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Highbury Orchard 2nd Sept 4 til 6.15 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Deers Leap Wood Sessions 5th Sept 1.30 til 3.45 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Deers Leap Wood Sessions 3rd Oct 1.30 til 3.45 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Highbury Orchard 10th Oct 1.30 til 3.45 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Deers Leap Wood Sessions 7th Nov 1 til 3.45 Spring to Life Up to 8 per session Highbury Orchard 15th Nov 1 til 3.15 Sport 4 Life Can accommodate large


A range of venues weekly Wednesdays Sport 4 Life can confirm the time Sport 4 Life Can accommodate large


A range of venues weekly Thursdays Sport 4 Life can confirm the time Sport 4 Life Can accommodate large


A range of venues weekly Fridays Sport 4 Life can confirm the time


The deadline approaches for our students who are making early applications; applying for Medical/Dental/ Veterinary degrees and/or Oxford, Cambridge. A lot of work has gone into these applications and we wish them success.

All other Year 13 students are working hard to meet the October half-term deadline for their choices and personal statements. It is important that this deadline is et to give as much time as possible to refining these applications and ensuring that teachers are able to write a really meaningful reference for each student.

Living Well UK’s Young Person

Trauma Project


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Newsletter sponsorship

If you were to kindly sponsor us, we will make sure that we advertise your business in our remaining 2 termly newsletters at Easter and Summer for a total of £100.

Use promo code (BC14) and we will put your advert for FREE in our fortnightly newsletter BC14 as a thank you for supporting our school.

We only require your advert to be sent by email to us and we will do the rest. We gladly accept BACS payment or Cheque depending on which is convenient for you and we will issue a receipt along with your copy of our Newsletter. Our Christmas newsletter deadline is Friday 4th December 2020. Please email Gerald Noone:- Tel:- 0121 4444161.

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Billboard Advertising

No need to pay the High Street prices for billboard advertising.

You could advertise to 2000 people a day at Bishop Challoner for a fraction of the price.

We are delighted to offer advertising space in our community areas, including our sports hall, function room and gym.

This opportunity is available for £40 per month. Please contact Laura on 0121 441 6103 or email:


Easy Fundraising

Our extra curricular and enrichment programme enriches the lives of young people in our school and gives them the opportunities to fulfil their full potential. Our programme runs 40 clubs per week ranging from book club to gymnastics. Join easyfundraising and you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online.

For more information call: 0121 441 6103

Venue Hire

School Fund and Match


Please visit the school website for more information on School Fund contributions and Match Fund through your employer.

Absence Reporting and Covid-19

Please ensure you contact school if your son/daughter is not well and cannot attend. Calls should be made each day they are absent. If your son/daughter is required to self isolate in line with government guidance work will only be made available via Class Charts when the school is informed. Please keep school informed of any progress regarding testing.

If your son/daughter’s is confirmed positive please inform the school immediately.


There are three simple actions we must all do to keep on protecting each othe

Wash hands - keep washing your hands regularly

Cover face wear a face covering in enclosed spaces

Make space stay at least 2 metres apart - or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions

You must not meet in groups larger than 6 (with some limited exceptions)

If you have symptoms (high temperature, a new, continuous cough, loss of, or change to your sense of smell or taste) - get a test. Do not leave home for at least 10 days if your test result is positive.

If someone in your house has symptoms, stay at home until they have their test results. If they are positive you must stay at home for 14 days from the first day of symptoms. Further updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at


World Mental Health Day

Saturday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. We will be using this opportunity to; remind our students about the nature of mental health, how to spot signs of poor mental health, how to develop our wellbeing and how to seek help should we need to. At Challoner, we are committed to supporting all our students with their mental wellbeing. The Mental Health Team have created a form time resource to share key messages with students and remind them of the different staff in school that can support them, including the Mental Health Team who are mental health first aid trained.

The national organisation Young Minds have created a #HelloYellow campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce any existing stigmas. They are challenging people to wear yellow to signify their commitment to the cause. We will be replicating this campaign in school by asking our teachers to wear yellow clothing or a yellow badge, on Tuesday 13th October, to show our commitment to promoting positive mental health and addressing any negative mental health stigmas.

During this Year of Community, we would encourage all our community members to look after their own wellbeing and keep an eye on the wellbeing of others too.

For more information, support or advice on mental health, we will be sharing the following services with our students: • Kooth – support for young people’s mental health:

• Barnardo’s: • Childline: Tel No. 0800 1111 • Samaritans: Tel No. 116123

• PAUSE Birmingham: 0300 300 0099 • Cruise Bereavement Care: 0808 808 1677

• Family GP Services can support anyone with their mental health • NCPCC: 0808 800 5000

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Mental Health Day

Tuesday 13th October

External Early Applicant UCAS Deadline

Thursday 15th October

Internal UCAS Deadline

Thursday 22nd October

INSET - School Closed to students

Friday 23rd October