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Able to Play

Switch Toys for Novita Regional Clients

Novita would like to acknowledge and thank the

Thyne Reid Foundation for supporting this initiative.

About specialised toys

Technology options are used to assist in making play activities accessible for children whose physical or cognitive skills do not allow them to play with or manipulate regular toys and games. These technologies therefore assist children to access play

experiences like their peers.

An adapted toy is a toy that has been modified so that it can be activated by the use of a switch, a sound or by touch. A child with a disability can press a switch, make a sound or touch a toy to activate it.

When a disabled child uses a switch toy for the first time it is often the first time in his/her life that the child has independently controlled a device.

Through the use of these toys children with a disability can learn cause and effect relationships and develop language and motor skills. Social interactions can also be promoted. Over the longer term these skills may be applied to progressively more sophisticated devices, such as educational, communication and environmental control equipment that can enhance a person’s quality of life.

The priority of the following acquisitions has been on purchasing toys, which can be easily packaged and sent through the post, to Novita clients living in remote and regional areas of South Australia.




Fijit Friends – Switch Adapted

Logan, Sage, Serafina & Willa

Barcodes: 921157, 921162,

921163 & 920973.

Interactive, dancing & talking robot toys. Soft rubber body with plastic ears and head, light up face & light up belly button. Toy has various ask and response modes. Fijit toy lights up, dances, and sings. To make the robot interactive wait until the belly lights up and press the switch. Includes Chat starters card and instructions.

For ages 6+

Switch Art

Colour Bug – Switch Adapted

Barcode: 921147 / 920281

Switch adapted lady bug drawing toy. Includes a big button contoller and 4

washable markers. Insert a marker into the hole in the top of colour bug. Slight pressure on the controller, in any of the 4 directions, will drive the bug in that direction.


Switchamajig Controller For


Barcode: 921191

The Switchamajig Controller lets you use the iPad's touch screen to replace up to six switches and control anything that's switch-adapted. Just connect the included cables to the Controller and to your adapted item, connect your Switchamajig Controller to your iPad with WiFi, and run the free Switchamajig app.




Red Vinyl Massage Pillow –

Switch Adapted

Barcode: 819316

34cm x 34cm red vinyl vibrating pillow with studs for extra sensory stimulation.

Quad Massager

Barcode: 921205 / 921200

A hand held massager with a handle and 4 light up vibrating spheres. To start the massager press the silver on/off button.

Hand Held massager

Barcode: 921192 / 921240 /

921196 / 921291

A small portable hand held massager. To activate the vibrating motion of the

massager place the 3 ends of the massager onto the area to be massaged and apply gentle pressure.

Rolling Hand Held Massager

Barcode: 921215 / 921220

17cm x 8cm pink hand held massager. Massager contains 7 ball bearings which can be rolled over clothing or directly onto the skin. To be used under adult



Lights & Music

MiniPopper - Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920276

Blue base with clear plastic dome

containing five, small, coloured plastic balls. Press the dome or use a switch to make the balls pop and activate music.

Vibrating Light With Music -

Switch Adapted

Barcode: 921161 / 921156

Blue base with an orange textured plate that gently vibrates, lights up and makes music when pressed. It can be used as a switch by connecting one end of the supplied cord into the jack and the other end into a switch adapted toy.

Funtastik - Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920993

An activity centre with with ‘gooshy’ pads. Press the gooshy pads to set off (in turn) a glitter dome, a spinning circle with music, the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme, a vibrating ball, and blinking lights. Each sensory activation plays separately from 7 to 18 seconds. Each activity needs to be finished before pressing the gooshy pad will activate the next .

Carnival Tube -Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920568

Turning the mounted tube creates lights, music and vibration and a rainbow of multi-coloured beads and lights cascade through the tube. Can also be used as a switch.



Light Up Musical Bongo

Drums - Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920296

Red yellow and blue bongo drums. which play 3 different songs. Press switch to play sequence, press again to change the song and press to turn off. Drumming on the top of the drums will produce sound and flashing lights.

Lullaby Gloworm - Switch


Barcode: 920291

This lovable light-up friend helps to ease the transition from a busy day to bedtime. Just press the switch or squeeze for a gentle light and lullabies. Gloworm has 3 modes of play and 6 tunes.

Cars Trucks & Trains

Car -Radio Controlled – Switch




Double switchadapted remote control car. Controller has 2 jacks. Right hand switch will make the car drive forward, left hand switch drives the car around and around. The car has flashing headlights that move up and down.

Tonka Chuck & Friends-

Switch Adapted Race Truck :

Flip the Bounce Back Racer

Barcodes: 920352

Double switch

Blue and green switch adapted reversible race/stunt truck with remote control.

Can be used with 1 or 2 switches. Left jack will drive the truck forwards and the right jack backwards. Also makes sounds.



Easy Go Remote Control

Thomas - Switch Adapted

Barcode: 921098 / 920295

Double switch

Thomas the Tank Engine with double switch adapted remote controller. Use the remote control to make Thomas go forwards or in circles. Also plays theme songs and makes engine sounds as he moves around.

Thomas the Tank Engine -

Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920774

Double switch

Thomas can be operated with a switch to go forward or move in large circles while

making engine sounds and phrases. He also has 3 pre-programmed moves - circle, zig zag or figure of 8; which can be started by with buttons on the lantern.

Animals - Switch Adapted

Allie the Alligator Sings –

Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920273

Approx. 60 cm green plush alligator that wags his head and tail and sings "See you later Alligator”.

Baby Elephant – Switch


Barcode: 920336

25 x 16 cm furry, grey elephant which walks, occasionally stops and squeals while lifting its head and trunk.

Flying Pig – Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920347

Plush, switch adapted pink pig which flaps its wings. Very gentle quiet toy.



Elmo Live – Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920290

Elmo tells jokes and stories, yawns, sings 'Elmos World' and 'Sunny Days' and says over 60 phrases. Elmo can be activated with a switch or by pressing one of the 2

activation points (nose and tummy).

Laughing Dog – Switch


Barcode: 921190

Grey and black plush dog. When activated by a switch the dog laughs and wiggles and cries out 'please don't tickle me'.

Panda – Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920286

Switch adapted, black and white, plush panda which walks when switch is pressed.

Peek-a-Boo Bear – Switch


Barcode: 920573 / 920578 /


23cm beige, plush bear with cream blanket. The bear talks and plays ‘peek a boo’ game. On off switch located underneath.



Roaring Rex – Switch Adapted

Barcode: 920603 / 920598

28cm green dinosaur. Rex’s head and mouth move as he roars and tellsjokes. There are 8 different sequences. Rex has an on/off switch.

Scooter the German Shepherd

– Switch Adapted

Barcode: 921260

Brown and tan plush dog. Hold down switch to see Scooter walk, bark, sit, wag its tail and bark.

Snoodle the Blue Dog – Switch


Barcode: 920282

A 36 cm blue cordoroy hound dog which sings "Bingo", claps its hands and moves.

Train Conductor Bear – Switch


Barcode: 920277

A brown plush bear wearing a conductor's hat and overalls and a red handkerchief scarf. His mouth moves while he sings "Ive Been Workin' on the Railroad".



Zhu Zhu Puppy - Switch


Barcode: 921195

Small grey and white plush puppy which has 3 modes of operation:


Talk- puppy barks, pants, and slurps

Explore- puppy runs around randomly making sounds. Puppy will reverse when the blue button on its chest touches an object.

Use a switch to change between the

different modes. Touching the cross on the puppy's back performs the same function as a switch. For ages 4+

Zhu Zhu Hamster Switch


Barcode: 921199

Small orange and white plush hamster which has 3 modes of operation:


Talk - hamster coos and chirps

Explore - hamster runs around randomly making sounds. Hamster will reverse when the pink button on its nose touches an object.

Use a switch to change between the different modes. Touching the butterfly on the hamster's back performs the same function as a switch. For ages 4+


Chuckle Buddy - Dog

Barcode: 920593

A soft, furry, white and orange dog approx. 29 x 13 cm. The dog is activated by motion and rolls around in fits of hysterical laughter when anyone comes near or passes by. Sensor is located above the dogs eyes.



Chuckle Buddy - Monkey

Barcode: 920289

A soft, furry, brown and beige monkey approx. 29 x 13 cm. Monkey is activated by motion and rolls around in fits of hysterical laughter when anyone comes near or passes by. Sensor is located above the eyes.

Coming Soon

Skoog Music

Barcode: 920971

Skoog is a soft, squeezable object that plugs into a computer’s USB port. By touching, pressing, squashing, twisting or tapping the Skoog a wide range of

instruments can be played.

Regional clients can still access all resources from the Novita Library but we are not able to provide postage or post packs for these items.





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