> We make. your business move. Innovative e-business solutions for banks and corporates

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We make

your business move

Innovative e-business solutions

for banks and corporates


We are a market-leading provider of secure,

high-performance, internationally usable electronic banking

solutions for corporate customers in Europe. Our

customers are banks, companies and service providers.

We provide outstanding software products and customising for

international finance portals, mobile banking solutions, banking servers and offline-clients as well as consulting and services. We focus on a close, long-term co-operation with our customers. We provide user-friendly software products in the area of payments and cash management and deliver quality on schedule.

A growing team since 1984

The CoCoNet group with the holding company CoCoNet AG has its headquarters in Erkrath (Germany) and subsidiaries in Warsaw (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania).


Infinite e-business



Foundation of the company


Start of the e-banking activities


Restructuring and foundation of the CoCoNet AG as a holding company


Foundation of CoCoNet Polska Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw


We grow constantly and safely:

With 250 people we generate revenues of 20 m € per year


Global competition and cost pressure constantly change

the market conditions for banks, corporates and the health

service sector. Do you as well want to modernize or

central-ize your IT system? Then talk to us!

CoCoNet provides innovative solutions meeting new market requirements – technologically advanced, high-quality e-banking products for different fields. Our high-end servers, secure access channels, as well as sophisti-cated portal solutions and userfriendly mobile apps enable our customers to compete successfully in their markets.

We especially focus on the quality of our products and services – because our quality is the guarantee of your competitiveness.

Network for modern and practical e-banking solutions

CoCoNet develops all products based on advanced technologies. We rely on a well-chosen network: in addition to our long-term customers it includes several national and international associations of the financial industry and leading technology partners.


Competitive with

CoCoNet solutions

Quality is our highest priority.


Our core competencies

International e-banking solutions for banks, corporates and service providers

High-end portal solutions Mobile banking

Bank servers

Online and offline customer systems

Payment transactions

Payment factory for universal format processing

Domestic and international

Cash management

Balance and transaction reporting Liquidity planning

Cash pooling Forecasting Virtual accounting

Other applications


Our products are high-performing and cost-efficient

standard software solutions. Your specific requirements

will be customised in individual projects: functional and for

seamless integration into your system environment.

Our MULTIVERSA product suite provides high-end solutions for e-banking and cash management:

MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal

is a comprehensive, user-friendly e-banking system for corporate customers.

MULTIVERSA MBS Mobile Banking System

makes e-banking for corporate clients on tablets clear and flexibly usable.


provides multi-bank e-banking on smartphones or tablets with an independent EBICS access.

MULTIVERSA PBS Professional Banking System

is a multi-user offline e-banking system for corporate customers. MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server

acts as middleware between client front-ends and bank back-ends.


We develop for you

and your clients

Advanced solutions for communication between banks and corporate customers



Transparent and

fair for a successful


Customers' confidence in our integrity and competence is

an essential prerequisite for the success of our products.

Therefore, long-term relationships with our customers are

centrally important to us.

Since 1984, well-known European banks, corporates and service providers trust in us – with most of them we have already been working in close partnerships for many years.

Our customers regularly meet in specific User Groups. These industry workshops serve as a platform for exchange, discussion and the continuous, trend-setting, and cost-effective development of our solutions.


We are proud of our clients

User Groups as platform for exchange and further development


Our customers have high expectations regarding

effi-ciency, security, performance, user-friendliness and

main-tainability. We take this seriously – in all phases of product


Our software solutions combine the know-how of many experts. We follow common principles:

„Best in class“ usability by ergonomic interfaces and intuitive handling Multi-channel communication with customers, partners and back-end


Service-oriented architecture and web services ensuring high flexibility regarding integration into existing IT systems and business process modelling

International approach by support of domestic and international formats, standards and multi-lingual design

High availability and reliability by using advanced technology and continuous performance tests

Multi-client capability for operation in ASP-environments (Application Service Providing)

Sustainable through scalability, modular design and platform independence

Seamless integration into enterprise applications and existing IT architectures

We attend projects from the idea to the finish ... and beyond

Our consultants and IT experts support e-business projects from the very beginning. We provide on-site services for the concept, integration, installation and commissioning of our products as well as comprehensive trainings. But also after a delivery we do not leave our customer’s side. We support continuously and provide upgrades. We provide a CoCoNet-hotline for helpful assistance and information concerning our products.


What makes our

products so valuable?

Customer-oriented services from experts


Quality guarantees customer satisfaction. It is our goal that

our customers are pleased with us, our products and our

services! Therefore, quality and innovation are our main

priorities in everything we do.

CoCoNet has consistently established measures for quality assurance in order to develop user-friendly and secure systems of highest quality through professional software-engineering, and complies to different procedures and standards. CoCoNet holds the TeleTrusT quality seal “IT security made in Germany”. The seal confirms that CoCoNet offers reliable IT security solutions without any backdoors based on true German developments.

Certified quality management

This quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 by TÜV Rheinland. In company-wide audits, TÜV Rheinland frequently analyses and evaluates the procedures regarding policies, compliance and effectiveness. The ISO 9001 certification covers all of CoCoNet's operational core procedures as well as management and supporting procedures.

Highest security standards

CoCoNet established a consistent approach in our software

development and the security of our software solutions. Our security standards meet the requirements of the international organisation Open Web Application Security Project, which is specialised on the security of web applications. The TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH confirmes: our Secure Development Framework is a “TÜViT Trusted Procedure”. The company’s organisational areas information technology, security techniques, information security management systems and requirements are certified with the ISMS Information Security Management System ISO 27000. CoCoNet’s ISMS policy applies to all procedures and activities within the CoCoNet group.

Continuous improvement with CMMI

CoCoNet performed the SCAMPI C appraisal towards the requirements of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 2.


We deliver



CoCoNet Computer-Communication Networks GmbH Steinhof 5

D-40699 Erkrath Germany

Tailored solutions

MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal

Advanced e-banking portal solution for banks and corporates.


The convenient mobile access to MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal.

MULTIVERSA MBS Mobile Banking System

Comprehensive mobile e-banking app for corporate customers.


Mobile banking app for smartphones and tablets for multi-bank connectivity to any EBICS bank server.

MULTIVERSA PBS Professional Banking System

Multi-user offline e-banking and cash management system for demanding corporate customers.

MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server