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CenterBeam specializes in endpoint management and security—an essential IT responsibility, but one that doesn’t add value to your core business—so you gain highly specialized expertise without investing in the time and training to achieve this skillset in house.

All CenterBeam services are based on industry best practices, and we have ITIL® certified personnel on staff. Additionally, we take on the R&D portion of endpoint management, researching new technologies and platforms.

Unified Endpoint Management Core Components

CenterBeam’s Unified Endpoint Management and Security services combine a robust, reliable IT infrastructure, proactive management capabilities and automated processes, all working seamlessly in the background to protect all endpoints that access your network.

Endpoint Security (PC/Mac)

Your PCs/Macs are under constant attack from the Internet and the threats are coming faster and increasingly automated and more distributed. For an internal IT team, it’s on ongoing battle to keep up, and this likely isn’t what you want your team spending their time on. Instead, you can leverage CenterBeam experience and tools to secure PCs/Macs in your environment. CenterBeam CoreProtection Suite (CPS), made up of best in breed technologies,

helps ensure your PCs/Macs are kept current with virus and spyware definition updates and critical security patches. The result is faster, smarter endpoint protection.

CenterBeam delivers a unified endpoint

management and security solution that enables your team to view the health of all managed endpoints on your network from a single pane of glass. As threats emerge, CenterBeam CPS enables rapid remediation, protection and reporting on endpoints in real-time.

By automating time-intensive tasks across complex networks, you can

control costs while reducing risk and supporting your compliance requirements. CenterBeam CPS can be deployed in days for any network size or configuration, providing a very rapid return on investment.

Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus/Spyware) Protection

Workstations are kept current with the latest anti-malware definitions through weekly proactive updates and immediate critical updates.

• Prevent damage from viruses, trojans, worms and other new malware variants, including blended threats.

• Identify and completely remove discovered spyware, including hidden rootkits (a collection of tools that allows a hacker to provide a backdoor into a system, collect information on other systems on the network, mask the fact that the system is compromised, and much more).

Business Benefits

• Cost certainty (scale up/down to meet your business needs) • Always current capabilities

(ability to add new users, support diverse/new operating systems, leverage best-in-breed tools) • Enhance security posture • 24x7 monitoring, incident

management & remediation • Asset tracking & reporting via an

online dashboard

• Around the clock access to subject matter experts for your staff • Performance optimization (keep

all endpoints working at optimal speed)

• Easily distribute software applications


• DataProtection (streaming offsite backup and recovery)

• DataDefense (disk encryption and remote wipe capability)

• Mobile Device Management - unified platform for managing a diverse fleet of mobile devices • End User Helpdesk – 24x7

support for your employees

CenterBeam CPS is a combination of the TrendMicro®

antivirus and malware platform managed through IBM®’s Tivoli®

Endpoint Manager—built on BigFix® technology. “CenterBeam frees our internal IT staff from

day-to-day issues, enabling them instead to focus on strategic business projects.” - Gregory J. Lozinak, EVP & COO, Waterton Residential


access and visibility to this information via CenterBeam’s online dashboard from anywhere, anytime. This system information about CPU, installed RAM, HDD size, installed OS and SP level, etc. is available at your fingertips to make decisions relative to hardware procurement and replacement.

Incident Management & Remediation

CenterBeam is constantly monitoring the health of your endpoints to ensure optimum performance. CenterBeam engineers are notified of any issues and alert your internal IT staff. Whenever CenterBeam can act to engineer issues out of the environment on the backend, we take the initiative to do so. In the event that option does not exist, recommendations are issued based on the results of troubleshooting and analysis by CenterBeam’s highly certified staff.

Software Distribution

CenterBeam has the ability to deploy custom software to your endpoints using configuration management software. Software deployment packages are developed, tested and distributed throughout your environment—regardless of the physical location of those endpoints.

Automated Hard Drive Defragmentation (PCs)

As part of CenterBeam’s Endpoint Management and Security for PCs, CenterBeam disk defragmentation keeps PCs running like new, extending their useful life. Most PC users have experienced the frustration of a Microsoft® Windows machine becoming progressively slower over time, especially as more software is installed on the machine. CenterBeam eliminates this experience by preventing files from fragmenting at the Windows level.

Continuous Configuration Management

Ongoing assurance that security levels are maintained and workstations are stable and optimized through use of our

Web Reputation

CenterBeam CPS proactively protects against web-based malware, data theft, lost productivity, and reputation damage. Web Reputation secures clients, on and off the network, by blocking endpoints from accessing malicious web pages or downloading malware. Security distinctions for websites include:

Safe: The latest tests indicate this URL contains no malicious software and shows no signs of fraud.

Suspicious: This URL has been compromised before, or has some association with spam email messages.

Dangerous: The latest tests indicate this URL contains malicious software or could defraud visitors.


Patch Management

CenterBeam’s privileged relationship with Microsoft®

allows us priority access to critical patches and updates, new software and Microsoft support. Critical Microsoft® patches and periodic software upgrades are tested and automatically distributed to your user community with no disruption to your service. We do not release any patch until it has passed our Quality Assurance testing. Most critical patches are fully tested and released within 48 hours. CenterBeam deploys critical security patches as identified by Microsoft Technet.

Event Notification - Notify Only

If there are any incidents, CenterBeam’s Incident Response Team will notify you of the situation.

CenterBeam Self-Healing

A set of automated tasks and policies that identify and remediate failed components of CenterBeam’s Core Protection Suite. For example if anti-virus services are stopped, CenterBeam Self-Healing will restart them. If for any reason the automated actions fail, CenterBeam engineering teams are notified to take corrective action.

Asset Tracking

System hardware and OS versions are dynamically

inventoried nightly for all managed systems. You have 24x7

FIG 1. Example of what a user sees when a site is blocked. Web Reputation has identified this site as dangerous.

BigFix® is used to manage patch distribution to all CenterBeam managed systems. CenterBeam leverages Diskeeper® 2012 Professional to increase system performance and improve system boot times.


Configuration (C3) tool, which

automatically makes adjustments should critical aspects of a user’s system fall out of compliance with standards.

24x7 Staffed Helpdesk

Live IT level support is available for your internal IT team around the clock as part of the service. Optionally, CenterBeam offers 24x7 end user support to keep your users productive while minimizing distractions from your team’s strategic initiatives.

Visibility & Control

CenterBeam’s service provides you visibility into the state of your managed endpoints through an online dashboard. This way, you can know the health of all your endpoints, at anytime, from anywhere.


You’ll have access to a variety of reports for all your services from a single pane of glass – no need to login to multiple dashboards. CenterBeam has the ability to develop specialized ad-hoc or custom scheduled reports. The development of reports are done at an hourly billing rate. However, once the report has been created, the regular running and delivery will be provided to your organization at no additional fee.

In addition, CenterBeam Core Protection Suite (CPS) collects information

relative to installed applications, not just hardware, allowing CenterBeam to assist in the area of software reporting, better managing software deployments and upgrades, etc.

Supported Platforms

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS X 10.4, MAC OS X 10.5, MAC OS X 10.6 and MAC OS 10.7.

Security + Management Security

SOC 2 (AT-101) Certified

CenterBeam’s controls on security procedures, policies and best practices are certified annually by independent third party auditors. CenterBeam’s controls are based on the COSO framework, which is the same control framework SOX compliance is based on. This enables easy integration into your existing audit procedures.

CenterBeam employs Service Organization Control (SOC) 2,which reports on controls at a serviceorganization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity,confidentiality or privacy (commonly known as trust principles). SOC 2 certification requires selection of at least two trust principles, and CenterBeam has selected the criteria for Security and Availability as the guidance for our SOC 2 audit, as published in TSP Section 100.

SOC 2 reports are performed using the AICPA Guide: Reporting on Controls at a Service Organizations Relevant to Security and Availability and are intended for use by stakeholders (customers, regulators, business partners, suppliers, directors) of the service organization that have a thorough understanding of the service organization and its internal controls. SOC 2 reports provide key information to stakeholders:

• Oversight of the organization • Vendor management program • Internal corporate governance and

risk management processes • Regulatory oversight

SaaS Anti-Malware Protection



SaaS Patch Management



SaaS CenterBeam Self-Healing Tools



SaaS Asset Tracking (Dashboard)



Event Notification (Notify Only)



Event Management (Receive, Log, Classify & Track)



Incident Management & Remediation



SaaS Software Distribution



SaaS Automated Hard Drive Defragmentation



CenterBeam Continuous Configuration (C3)



24x7 Staffed Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)



24x7 Staffed Helpdesk w/Case Tracking & Reporting)



Data Protection (Streaming Offsite Backup & Recovery)



Data Defense (Data Encryption & Destruction - PC only)



Web Content Filtering




Similar to SOC 1 (SSAE-16), there are two types of reports: Type 2 is report on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls; and Type 1 is report on management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design of controls. (These reports may be restricted in use).

Optional Services

Data Protection (Optional)

Streaming Off-site Backup & Recovery

PCs and Macs on CenterBeam’s Data Protection service are backed up daily utilizing the Connected® Backup Solution, gaining the ability to quickly restore either individual files or entire systems. Individual files can be restored in minutes, while an entire system can usually be restored within 24 hours. You can choose to backup as many or as few PC/Macs as you need.

CenterBeam Data Protection provides the highest levels of security available. All data is encrypted at the desktop using government-level 128-bit, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Enterprise data remains encrypted both during transmission and storage.

CenterBeam Data Protection provides these solutions:

• Backup: Scheduled and automatic disk to disk backup is transparent to users and fast, even over dial up connections

• Recovery: Users can recover lost files quickly and

easily, whenever and wherever needed

• MyRoam: Web-based access portal lets users access their backed up data anywhere without IT support intervention

DataDefense (Optional for PCs)

Data Encryption & Destruction

CenterBeam’s DataDefense, powered by Beachhead

Solutions®, is an innovative approach to data encryption that provides compliance without impacting the productivity of employees. DataDefense enables organizations to enforce encryption of sensitive data on their inventory of PCs quickly, easily, and without significant IT burden or user impact. It also provides the capability to destroy data (permanently or recoverably) remotely if an unauthorized individual gains access to that data.

Because DataDefense is delivered and managed through secure internet communications (via the cloud), compliance can be achieved in literally one day. There is no need to locally install encryption on each PC and there is no investment or support necessary for IT hardware/software infrastructure. In addition, users have no involvement in the operation of the tool, so they continue to operate their computers in exactly the same manner. You can choose to protect as many or as few PCs as you need.

CenterBeam’s DataDefense provides your organization with robust security features including:

• PC use and data monitoring,

• Proactive enforcement of your PC security policy, • Ability to remotely change security policy, and • An automatic response when threats to data

security are detected

Mobile Device Management (Optional)

CenterBeam’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a unified platform for managing a diverse fleet of mobile devices and tablets together with traditional endpoints. Until recently, IT typically issued and supported one mobile device platform. But now, workers increasingly expect to be treated as a consumer, with the ability to choose how they access the company network based on their smartphone and tablet preference.

With this “bring your own device” (BYOD) revolution, it is more important than ever to integrate device management into your enterprise management structure. Taking a holistic approach and managing mobile devices alongside your servers, desktops and laptops ensures consistent application of your corporate security policies across all endpoints that access your network. By leveraging a single Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, your IT team gains the ability to support a diverse fleet of devices – and easily implement a BYOD strategy.

MDM Functionality

The MDM service allows a company’s Authorized Technical Contact (ATC) to manage all phones and tablets that access the corporate network and consistently apply corporate security policies to mobile devices – whether they are employee owned or corporate issued.


The MDM service uses the same platform and infrastructure CenterBeam utilizes to manage desktops, laptops, and servers as part of its Unified Endpoint Management service – delivering a single-pane-of-glass view to easily manage a fleet of endpoints without the need to deploy multiple, separate systems.

• Policy & Security Management: Manage password policies, device encryption, jailbreak and root detection

• Management Actions: Selective wipe, full wipe, deny email access, remote lock

• Application Management: Application inventory, recommended app deployment, app categorization

• Enterprise Access Management: Manage

access to enterprise resources including email, VPN, and Wi-Fi

• Location Services: Optionally track device locations for corporate devices

Supported Mobile Platforms

Devices can be managed using agent functionality on the device that give a wide-range of management and security functionality. For Android/Windows Mobile, the agent is a BigFix® Agent variant. For Apple® iOS, management is done using Apple’s MDM APIs that are natively supported by Apple. Supported devices include:

• Apple iOS 4.1+,5.1+ (includes iPhone®, iPad®, and

iPod® Touch)

• NOTE: Apple iOS 4.0 and iOS 5.0 are not

supported due to known syncing issues with these two versions.

• Android (ARM) versions 2.2, 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x (includes phones and tablets)

• Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x

NOTE: Not all functionality available on all platforms. BlackBerry® users are supported on a separate service,

CenterBeam Hosted BlackBerry Service.

24x7 Helpdesk for your users (Optional)

Offloading the day to day end user helpdesk issues to CenterBeam allows your internal IT more time to focus on business driving applications and projects. CenterBeam’s Customer Care team is available around the clock, 365 days a year, to address any support issues your users may experience. Our primary goal is to get your users up and productive as soon as possible.

CenterBeam’s customer care personnel are highly trained desktop engineers who would generally be considered Level 2 support agents. This means the very first person you talk to will likely be able to resolve your issue. And if not, Customer Care can engage a CenterBeam subject matter expert or escalate to the defined resource within your organization.

With CenterBeam as your helpdesk, you can expect:

• 24x7 support, 365 days a year

• Calls answered by desktop engineers, not a dispatch service

• Improved fix time through remote diagnosis and repair

• Mixed environment support (PC, Mac®, mobile


• “How to” support for Microsoft applications • A fixed monthly rate, regardless of call volume • Access to subject matter experts

• North American-based support team

• 3rd party end user satisfaction measurement

CenterBeam’s Level 2 support is performed by Customer Care team leads, and Level 3 support is supplied by our engineering team, who have senior-level expertise in every aspect of an IT environment, including: Active Directory®, e-mail, PC & Mac technology, server technology, computer backups and recovery, server backups and recovery, security and networks.

Helpdesk certification levels include:

• Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

• Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)

• Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) • Enterprise Support Technician (Vista)

• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP, MCP +I) • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator


• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE, MCSE +I)

• Cisco® Certified Security Professional (CCSP)


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