Rättningstiden är i normalfall tre veckor, annars är det detta datum som gäller:

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Analys och bedömning av företag och förvaltning tentamen Ladokkod: SAN023 Tentamen ges för: Namn: (Ifylles av student Personnummer: (Ifylles av student) Tentamensdatum: Tid: 2014-01-13 Hjälpmedel:

Lexikon och enkel miniräknare

Totalt antal poäng på tentamen: 35

För att få VG krävs minst 40 poäng av totala 50 poäng (som består av grupparbete 15 poäng och tentan 35 poäng). Det krävs också minst 28 (av 35) poäng på tentan. För att få G krävs minst 17:5 poäng på tentamen samt 7:5 poäng på fallstudie.


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Rättningstiden är i normalfall tre veckor, annars är det detta datum som gäller:

Viktigt! Glöm inte att skriva namn på alla blad du lämnar in.


Namn……….. Personnummer……… Example 1: (conceptual definitions- 5 grades)

Define the following concepts and accounting ideas (please write short and clear)

1: Name the four different branches of accounting in terms of their purposes (specified in the article “cost accounting, ethical accountability and accounting principles”).

2: The traditional cost accounting is not used to report on the invested costs on a number of vital events. Name three areas (or events) that the invested costs on those areas are not categorized and reported by means of cost accounting (specified in the article “cost accounting, ethical accountability and accounting principles”).

3: Name the three principles suggested for the conduction of cost accounting (specified in the article “cost accounting, ethical accountability and accounting principles”

4: What is the difference between close and open transaction (specified in the report on income and revenue recognition). Present an example.

5: Define the concept of comprehensive income (specified in the report on income and revenue recognition). Provide an example


Namn……….. Personnummer……… Example 2: Bundled sales (4 grades)

Software companies often sale their products in bundles of more than one product or service. The contract is written in lump-sum but delivery is multiple. For example, beside the software itself, other deliveries include such as upgrade, post contract customer support, and training. The following example is a bundled sale and the revenue of the each item should be distinctively recognized.

Torpa Data which is a small IT-company sold a database software to the University for 1 000 000 SEK on contract. The contract stipulates that in addition to software, Torpa Data shall provide training on the use of the software, a free upgrade, and customer support over the five years of the licensing agreement. The fair market value of these individual elements (if sold separately) is as follows:

Fair value Database software 600 000

Training 450 000

Upgrades 300 000

Customer support 150 000 Total estimate fair values 1500 000

Question: in which ways each item of the bundle sale (database software, training, upgrades, and customer support) which is amounted to 1000 000 SEK should be recognized as revenues. Note: It is required that the amount of each item be calculated and reasoned according to the revenue recognition criteria.


Namn……….. Personnummer……….. Example 3 (discount: 4 grades)

Company X have a sale arrangement indicating that sales more than 2 000 000 SEK, in any 12-month period ending, will be resulted in a discount of 4%. Company X sells to a customer, during the period June 1 to December 31, amounted to 1 400 000 kr.

Question: How much revenue should be recognized?


Namn……….. Personnummer……….. Example 4 (10 grades)

A company (Borås AB) has a claim of 500 MSEK over a customer - which is also a company named Kalmar AB. Kalmar AB has financial difficulties. It is estimated that the financial difficulties reduce the claim by 40% in year 2003. At the end of 2004, this amount is increased to become 70% of the claim. During 2005, Kalmar AB is liquidated and receivers settle the claim in full with a payment of 60 MSEK.

a) Illustrate the events by T accounts (6 grades)

b) Discuss about the effect of tax and VAT (VAT is value-added tax or “moms” in Swedish language) during these tree accounting periods (4 grades)


Namn……….. Personnummer……….. Example 5: job costing (12 G)

A small bicycle company, which has automated production, allocates manufacturing overhead based on machine hours. The budgeted overhead is 240 000 that uses 4 000 machine hours during 2007. At the end of 2007, the company reported the following inventories.


Materials inventory 20 Work in process 17 Finished goods 11

During January 2008 the company used 300 machine hours and recorded the following transactions: a) Purchased materials on account 31

b) Used direct materials 39

c) Manufacturing wages incurred totalled 40

d) Manufacturing labour was 90% direct labour and 10% indirect labour. e) Used indirect materials 3

f) Incurred other manufacturing overhead 13 (credit account payable) g) Allocated manufacturing overhead for January 2008, (on the basis of rate) h) Cost of completed motor 100

i) Sold motor on account 175; cost of motor scooter sold 95


1. Compute predetermined manufacturing overhead rate for 2008. (2 G)

2. Enter the beginning balances and post the transactions to the respective accounts (4 G) 3. Close the ending balance of manufacturing overhead. Post your entry to the T-accounts. (2 G) 4. What are the ending balances in the three inventory accounts and in cost of goods sold (2 G) 5. Is manufacturing overhead over-applied or under-applied? (1 G)

6. Why the company applies a standard overhead cost instead of the actual costs (1 G)




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