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Academic year: 2020

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Vocabulary word

Part of speech Definition Sentence Word Parts I Know (if any)

This word looks like….

Translation in home language Imaginative Adjective Clever, using your

imagination, ideas

That was an imaginative way to present his report.

Imagine-verb Imagination-noun

Delayed Adj. Put off for a later time Her results were

delayed by a week. Judgment Noun Act of judging, British

spelling for Judgment

He made a judgment about the situation.


Lorry Noun The British word for truck, usually a large truck

He drove a lorry to work.

Sights Noun Views Let’s go see all the sights in this town.

Meaningless Adj. To describe something that does not make any sense or has no value.

He did so little to help that his effort was almost meaningless.

Vocabulary word

Part of speech Definition Sentence Word Parts I Know (if any)

This word looks like….

Translation in home language Eager Adj. Excited about doing



Individualist Noun Someone who is strongly independent

She probably will not follow the crowd because she is such an individualist.

Individual-Noun and Adj.

Reason Noun The basis for doing something

Tell him the reason you did that yesterday. Tempt Verb To entice, to appeal to


I will tempt him with chocolate. Rang Verb To have made a call to


(British for called on the phone.

I rang Joe. Ring-Verb

Considerable Adj. A great deal He showed considerable interest in the project.

Vocabulary word

Part of speech Definition Sentence Word Parts I Know (if any)

This word looks like….

Translation in home language Gather Verb To bring together into

one group

He gathered us together to decide what should be done.

Produce Verb To make or create something

The factory produces a lot of packaged foods. Sane Adj. Having a healthy mind She has a sane


Noticeable Adj. Able to attract attention

There wasn’t anything

noticeable in her appearance yesterday. Broad Adj. Of great area when

one measures

something from side to side

The desk was broad.

Capable Adj. Having intelligence and ability

He’s a capable instructor.

Vocabulary word

Part of speech Definition Sentence Word Parts I Know (if any)

This word looks like….

Translation in home language Centre Noun The middle of a place,

British spelling for center

He wants to be the centre of attention. Unsuitable Adj. Not fitting for a


That outfit is unsuitable to wear to the dinner party.

To Suit-verbal expression

Curving Adj. Any curved form, outline, thing or part

The approach to the house was a curving driveway.


Greenery Noun Large group of green plants, bushes and/or trees

There was a lot of greenery


Lighten Verb To become less dark or upsetting

She lightened the mood of the group. Competition(s) Noun Act of competing or


He was in

competition with his classmate.

Compete-Verb Competitions-Noun

Waking Verb To become awake She was finally waking.

Intention Noun Purpose What is your intention? Disagreement Noun Act of disagreeing They had a



Romanticism Noun Romantic spirit There was a sense of romanticism in the entire project. Colour Noun Color, the British

spelling of the word

What colour crayon do you need?

Raft Noun A floating platform made of a collection of materials that will stay on the water and not sink

He travelled down the river on a raft.

Container Noun Anything that contains or holds something, like a carton

Pass me the container of detergent, please.


Settlement Noun A small village in an area of a few people

There is no settlement on the coast.


Keen Adj. Highly sensitive He has a keen interest in hiking. Insecticide Noun A substance used to

kill insects

I try not to use insecticide in the garden.

Unrecognizable Adj. Describing what you cannot pick out or recognize

His face was unrecognizable.


Horror Noun A painful feeling caused by something shocking

He reacted to the photos with a sense of horror. Damaging Adj. Capable of causing

damage, harmful

He made damaging comments.


Amazement Noun Astonishment, much surprise

She showed amazement when the faculty chose her for the prize.


Development Noun Act of developing, progress

There has been some

development since September.


Enthusiastic Adj. Eager, full of enthusiasm

She has an enthusiastic attitude. Suitable Adj. What is good for the

moment or the amount of money


Exaggeration Noun The act of exaggerating or overstating

What he said was an exaggeration.


Unusual Adj. Not the norm, not usual type or way or thing

He said

something that was unusual.


Situation Noun A condition in which one finds oneself

In that situation I would have done the same thing. Mouth Noun The part of a river

where its waters are discharged into another body of water; the surface opening, as the mouth of a volcano

There was a bad oil spill at the mouth of the river.

Relations Noun Association with people

He had good relations with them all. Coward(s) Noun A person who lacks


He felt like such a coward in front of the bullies. Persuade Verb To convince someone He persuaded me

to go.


Verbal expression

Scared He saw a group of frightened-looking children. Wander Verb To move about

without a purpose

He wandered through the bookstore. Confused Adj. Made unclear He felt confused

after the discussion.


Foreign Adj. Pertaining to another country or not native

He was a foreign exchange student. Traditional Adj. According to what is

typical in a situation or what is done from one generation to another

He wore a traditional costume.

Hut Noun Small dwelling or shelter

He lived in a hut near the forest. Altar Noun An elevated place or

holy platform

He built an altar.

Midday Noun The middle of the day, noon

I will meet you there at midday. Cursed Adj. Relating to an

expression that one uses to wish that evil happens to another person, to feel or be cursed

He was cursed by his attacker.

Terrible Adj. Very bad He had a terrible day.

Curse Noun Expression that one uses to wish evil on another person, expression of anger

He said a curse when he was upset.

Poison Dust Noun A finely powdered substance to spread poison which can destroy

He spread poison dust over the field.

Forbidden Adj. Not allowed He was forbidden to enter the room.


Channel Noun The bed of a stream or waterway

They had blocked the channel. Rescued Adj. Saved They rescued the



Scream Verb To give a loud cry He screamed when he saw the snake.

Float Verb To rest or remain on the surface of a liquid

She floated easily in the pool. In hospital Expression In the hospital(British

phrasing of the same)

She is now in hospital. Unsatisfactory Adj. Not good enough, not


He made unsatisfactory progress.


Sight Noun A view He enjoyed the sight.

Prevent Verb To keep from happening

He prevented an accident.

Tragedy Noun A very bad part of life or bad event

It was a tragedy to lose him. Transport Noun Carrying or moving He arranged their

transport. Spirit Noun An attitude of a


She showed great spirit.

Erupt Verb To force out or release suddenly

There was little warning when it erupted.

Recognize Verb To be able to identify someone or

something one has seen before


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