By Michelle Costello. Any photos without given photo credit were taken by the author.

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Any photos without given photo credit were taken by the author.

Walt Disney World

for 18-Year-Olds

By Michelle Costello

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Most people would agree that Walt Disney World

in Orlando, Florida, is one of the best places in the

country to take your kids on vacation. With six

different parks within the same resort to choose

from, kids will never get bored. However, many

people may be surprised when they hear that Disney

World can be a great place for teenagers to go on

vacation as well. In fact, an 18-year-old visiting

Disney World can have even more fun than a child,

if they know what attractions to look for!




Downtown Disney

For your first stop in Walt Disney World, you

should check out Downtown Disney, where

there are various shops unique to Disney

World, including World of Disney, the largest

Disney store on Earth! Here you can find

gifts for anybody. They have everything

from Disney-themed cookwear, to stuffed

animals of every Disney character, to virtually

anything Disney-related that you can think of.


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If you are an 18-year-old, then you probably appreciate a good meal. Downtown Disney is home to many interesting restaurants, like the Rainforest Cafe, The House of Blues, and Planet Hollywood. Not only do these restaurants feature great food, but also cool, uniquely themed atmospheres to eat in.


Next Stop:

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom might not strike you, at first, as a teen-friendly park. However, there are actually a lot of things to do for teenagers in this park. Expedition: Everest is a great ride for roller coaster enthusiasts. If you’re there on a hot day, you might want to check out the Kali River Rapids, a white-water rafting simulation ride. There are also many wildlife themed exhibits throughout the park, including a fun Bug’s Life show inside the large “Tree of Life.” A ride that will surprise you is Dinosaur. Though it may not seem like much, the ride features dinosaurs so lifelike that you’ll find yourself forgetting you’re on a ride at Disney World and screaming for your life!


Next Stop:

Hollywood Studios

You may remember Hollywood Studios by its former name, MGM Studios. Of course, it is home to the famous Rock n’ Roller Coaster, an indoor roller coast-er featuring loops, twists, and Acoast-erosmith music. It is also home to the

Hollywood Tower of Terror, a Twilight Zone-themed free fall ride which is sure to make you scream. If you are a lover of Hollywood movies, check out the Great Movie Ride, which takes you through re-creations of the most iconic movie scenes of all time. Movie lovers would also appreciate the Studio Backlot Tour.

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Next Stop:

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are

two water parks that Disney features.

Though Blizzard Beach is similar to

Typhoon Lagoon in terms of attractions,

if given the choice between the two,

you should go with Typhoon Lagoon.

Blizzard Beach’s winter theme may get

tiresome if you are from the norhtern

United States, and you see snow all the

time. Thrill-seeking 18-year-olds will love

Typhoon Lagoon. You should definitely

check out the wave pool, which is huge

and the waves can be up to six feet tall!

It’s similar to the experience one would

have in an ocean, because you never

know how big the next wave will be.

Aside from the wave pool, you can check

out the raft water slides of Keelhaul,

Mayday, and Gang Plank Falls. You

should also try out the Humunga

Kowabunga body slides, which send you

down a five-story drop. Typhoon Lagoon

also features the Shark Reef, where you

can snorkel with real sharks! And there

is also a Lazy River for the patrons of the

park less inclined for the thrill rides.

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Next Stop:

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is perhaps the most iconic of all the Dis-ney World parts. Though the attractions here tend to have a whimsical, fairy-tale feel, there are still plenty of things to do if you aren’t a child. For example, in the Tomorrow-land area of the park, you can try out Space Mountain, an indoor roller coaster. In Frontierland, you can check out Splash Mountain, a water ride that ends in a steep drop. Though it seems juvenile, you try out Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, also in Tomorrowland. On this ride, you get to shoot at targets with your own lazer gun as the ride moves along and compete against your friends to see who can get the most points.

If you don’t feel like going on any more rides. there are plenty of places to stop for food. If you feel like getting out of the heat, there are a lot of places to stop for ice cream. You can also shop at a variety of stores in Magic Kingdom, especially along Main Street, the area when you first walk into the park.


Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, with its quaint,

classic American theme, features

various souvenir shops, food stations, and various other stores for patrons to wander around in. Look for the trol-ley that rolls down the street occasion-ally, and the friendly Mayor who will stop to chat with you.

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Last Stop: Epcot

Make sure you leave a full day open to

enjoy everything Epcot has to offer. There

is a lot to do at this park, as it has a lot of

attractions, plus “the countries,” or the

World Showcase, for people of all ages to

enjoy. On the attractions side, it offers

Soarin’, a simulation ride which gives you

the sensation of hangliding over

California, including scents and breezes.

Another ride you don’t want to miss is Test

Track, a fast moving ride that simulates

be-ing in a test car for an automobile

company. Mission:Space is another fun ride,

as long as you can handle rapid spinning.


The World Showcase features countries the countries of Mexico, Japan, Morocco, Canada, China, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even America. In the area set aside for each country, you can see buildings in the style of the native country, souvenirs, and authentic cuisine. There are a lot of fun gift shops, featuring everything from Viking hats to authentic replicas of items from each country. Make sure you leave a large portion of your day for the Showcase, since you may find yourself spending hours wandering the pavilions.


As you can see, there is an abundant amount of things for 18-year-olds to do in Disney World. So don’t let anyone tell you Disney is just for kids! Whether you go to Disney World with your friends or your family, you are sure to have a fantastic time!




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