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Collaboration and Connections:

CBO's and College Partners

A case for partnership and cooperation to impact society for the greater good

Presentation Outline

1. What makes for a successful CBO relationship and CBO student? The higher ed perspective from the University of Richmond and Mount Holyoke College

2. Best practices for CBOs partnering with highly selective colleges and universities

3. The charter school perspective: building partnerships and marketing strategies

4. Tips on writing effective letters of recommendation (all)

5. Q&A / Discussion

University of Richmond

Background & Context

•A private, selective liberal arts college in Richmond, VA, enrolling 3100 undergraduates, offering students an extraordinary combination of the liberal arts with law, business, leadership studies, and continuing education.

•Strong commitment to diversity and inclusion infused in the University’s strategic plan.

•Increasingly diverse student body comprised of:

•20% domestic SOC

•10% international students (70 countries)

•15% first generation college


University of Richmond


• To increase enrollment of underserved student populations at the University.

• To maintain University’s compact with and role in American higher education

The University of Richmond’s affiliation with various CBOs and high schools has proven to be beneficial in enrolling underrepresented populations (students of color, first-generation college, and low income).

This association is aligned with the University’s strategic plan and benefits both student recruitment and enrollment efforts as well as the organizations that prepare these students to be competitive for admission at highly selective colleges.

University of Richmond

University of Richmond

Recruitment Strategy

•To partner with the counselors of partnership organizations in order to keep Richmond’s name in front of the students, and to promote Richmond at every opportunity.

•To work closely with CBO counselors in order to make sure partnership students are aware that admitted partnership applicants will receive need-based financial aid awards comprised of grant and scholarship and no loans.

•As is the strategy with all prospective students, CBOs and their students are strongly encouraged to visit the campus. With the exception of organizations from distant states, most CBOs visit the campus on a yearly or two-year cycle.


University of Richmond

Program and Offer

• Onsite visits by senior admission officer

• On-campus programming (tours, information sessions, interviews, workshops, and overnights)

• Need-blind admission (overall policy)

• Meet 100% of demonstrated need (overall policy)

• Package with 100% grant (no loans or work study)

• Travel Assistance

University of Richmond

Admission Figures Class of 2014 Applied 102 Accepted 45 Enrolled 18 Class of 2013 Applied 80 Accepted 41 Enrolled 17 Admission Possible Arkansas Commitment College Bound College Partnership College Summit Collegiate Directions Jacob's Ladder LEDA Minds Matter NJ Seeds

Oliver Scholars Program Partnership for the Future Prep for Prep PUPP (Princeton U.) T.E.A.K.

Wakefield H.S.

University of Richmond


Mount Holyoke College

Background & Context

•A small, private, selective liberal arts college for women in South Hadley, MA, enrolling 2200 undergraduates. The first of the prestigious “Seven Sisters” colleges.

•Significant commitment to diversity and inclusion infused in College’s mission, carrying beyond the recruitment and enrollment cycle.

•Exceedingly diverse student body comprised of: •26% domestic SOC

•23% international students (70+ countries) •6% CBO affiliated (Class of 2015) •Over 70% receiving need-based financial aid

Mount Holyoke College

CBO Relationship Model GOALS

•To meet and recruit high-achieving underrepresented students.

•To work with organizations that provide guidance and support throughout the college application process, yielding stronger candidates that will “stand-out” in our pool.

•To develop strong relationships with counselors that will help us and the students in their transition to and retention in college, especially for FGCS.

Mount Holyoke College

Relationship Model (cont’d) Successful CBO – MHC collaborations are marked by:

• Connection

• Access

• Insight

• Support Some past initiatives:

•CBO counselor program

•Yearly open house program with travel assistance grant

•Special mailing @ beginning of application season with my contact information, diversity outreach student staff emails, and CSS Profile Waivers

Outreach and communications done with entire CBO database group, although more personal relationships have formed organically


Mount Holyoke College

Relationship Model (cont’d)

Selective College Admissions & “College Readiness”

Academic/Transcript (in context of H.S.)


Community involvement and engagement


Adaptability & openness to new experiences

Support network

Best practices for CBOs partnering with highly

selective colleges and universities

Academic Preparation

•Provide academic guidance starting in 8thgrade (or younger) to ensure the proper curriculum is taken to be successful at a highly selective college or university

•Develop academic enrichment programs to supplement course work to fill in any gaps in their high school curriculum

•Develop courses in time management and study skills

•Provide tutoring services to enable student success in challenging Advanced Placement and Honors Classes

•Encourage outside reading through formal programs or informal mentoring

•Provide test-preparation services to make students competitive in the admissions process

Best practices (cont’d)


•Provide programming to expose students to the world they will encounter on a selective college campus

•Provide transitions to college workshops Advocacy

•Let students aim high

•Understand what colleges are really looking for in your population regarding academic profile – don’t assume or base information off websites

•Develop strong relationships with colleges and universities through networking, phone calls, emails, professional conferences and active communication

•Provide information similar to a high school “profile” explaining your program with each college application

•Tell student’s stories through supplemental letters of recommendation to provide information missing from traditional guidance counselor and teacher recommendations or another perspective


Best practices (cont’d)

Community Outreach

•Work in partnership with high schools to foster a feeling of trust and respect

•Encourage students either formally or informally to give back to their own school communities through mentoring, tutoring or other service projects

Follow Up

•Ensure that there is partnership with colleges to ensure graduation

The Charter School Perspective: Building

Partnerships and Marketing Strategies

Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men- Engelwood Campus: the country’s first all-male public high school. CBOs/Charters should find commonalities among the students they service and market the niche.

Most CBOs follow a more focused methodology for counseling students which allow them to individualize support for better student outcomes.

Charters partner with CBOs for a variety of specialized services ranging from test prep to study abroad.

Informal partnerships are built on mutual respect and integrity. Start with an honest e-mail list of “good-fit” applicants.

Dime Child/ Gary Comer Upward Bound, Collegiate Scholars, Kappa League, 100 Black Men of Chicago, Companies-that-Care, POSSE.

Charters and CBO can partner for on-campus support and retention.

The all-important letter of


Tips from the panelists


Collaboration and Connections:

CBO's and College Partners

Q&A / Discussion

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