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Institution Dept & Course number Course title

Aga Khan University(India) Nursing 441 Nursing Research All India Inst. of Med. Sciences Nursing Research

Andrews University Nursing 445 Introduction to Nursing Research Arizona State University Nursing 403, 362 ,364 or 315

Athabasca University Nursing 328 Understanding Research

Augustana College Nurs 322 Theory & Research Foundation for Nursing Azusa Pacific University Nursing 325 or 425 or Psy 420 or Nursing 326 or Nursing 327 Ball State University Nursing 322 Research in Nursing

Barnes-Jewish College Nursing 4420 Nursing Research

Baylor University, Texas Nursing 4350 Role of the Nurse as Consumer of Res & Info. Belmont University Nursing 404 Research in Nursing

Belmont University SON NUR 3850 Scientific Inquiry

Bethel University NUR 498 & 499 Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice Binghamton University Nursing 360

Biola University Nursing 441/442 Introduction to Nur Res;Applied Nurs Res Boston College Nursing 216 Methods of Inquiry

Boston College Nursing 170 Principles of Evidence Based Boston College NU 60/264 Professional Nursing 1 & 2 Bowling Green State University Nursing 411/412 Nursing Research

Brigham Young University Nursing 320 Nursing Research

California Baptist University NUR 375 Research Writ. For Hlthcr Professional Case Western Reserve Univ. N405/425/502 Inquiry I,II, III

Catholic Univ. of Korea Nursing Research 1 & 2 Catholic University of Nursing 403 Introduction to Nursing Cebu University, Philippines Introduction to Research Cedarville University Nursing 4930 Nursing Research

Centro Escolar University Nursing 377 Introduction to Nursing Research Chamberlain College of Nursing NR449 Evidence Based Practice

Chicago State University Nursing 3200/368 Nursing Research Chinese General Hospital PRO 5 Research

Chung Shan Medical College Nursing Nursing Research

Clarkson College NS 309 Nursing Research

Clemson University Nursing 330

Cleveland State University Nurs 310 Nursing Research College of Health Sc, Bahrain SBS 405 Research Methods Columbia University Nursing M6020 Research

Columbia University Nursing 5710 Evidence Based Practice Columbia University M6728 Theory & Research

Columbia University N6826 Evaluation & Application in Research Concordia University, Irvine NUSA 405 Nursing Research

Creighton University Nursing 293, 393 & 493 Research & Scientific Inquiry Creighton University Nursing 377 Research for Health

CSU Bakersfield Nursing 357 or 481 or 367 Planning Nursing Research CSU Channel Islands Nursing 350 Nursing Research

CSU Chico Nursing 132 Nursing Research

CSU Chico Nursing 332W Nursing Research

CSU Dominguez Hills Nursing 460 (1,2,3) Research in Nursing Practice CSU Dominguez Hills Psychology 235 Introduction to Research Methods CSU Dominguez Hills MSN 530 Rsrch Utilization in Adv Nurs CSU East Bay Nursing 4203 Research Utilization


CSU Fresno Nursing 145 Nursing Theory Research CSU Fullerton Nursing 450 Nursing Research

CSU Fullerton Nursing 505A Nursing Research and Evaluation

CSU Fullerton Nursing 310 Nursing Research

CSU Long Beach Nursing 450; 596 Nursing Research; Research Methods CSU Los Angeles Nursing 390 or 490 Introduction to Nursing Research

CSU San Marcos Nurs 352 Nursing Research

CSU Northridge HSCI 310 Principles of Nursing CSU Sacramento Nursing 150 Research in Nursing CSU San Bernardino Nursing 422 Nursing Research DePaul University Nursing 401 & 402 Nursing Research Dominican College Nursing 103 Nursing Research Dominican College Nursing 198 Directed Research

Drexel University Nursing 330 Research Based of Nursing Duquesne University UPNS 408W Nursing Research East Carolina University Nurs 3510 Nursing Research

Far Eastern University NUR RES Introduction to Nursing Research Farleigh Dickinson University Nursing 430 Nursing Research

Fitchhburg State College Nursing 4000 Nursing Research

George Mason University Nursing 411 or 417 or 453 Research Dimension George Mason University Nursing 809 Research Methods

Georgetown University Nursing 203 or 175 Research Dimentions of Nursing Grand Canyon University Nursing 433 Intro to Nursing Research Grand Valley State Nursing 435 Research Application in Nursing Hawaii Loa College Nursing 301 Nursing Research

Hawaii Pacific University Nursing 450 or 4700 Research Proposal Development Holly Names College Nursing 141A Nursing Research

Humboldt State University Nursing 260 Nursing Research

Hunter College Nursing 380 Nursing Research

Indiana University East NusingR200 Introduction to Nursing Research Indiana University Nursing 365 Nursing Research

Inje University Nursing Nursing Research II

Jacksonville University Nursing 316 Nursing Research Jacksonville University Nursing 354 Evidence Based Nursing

J.P. Sioson College RES Introduction to Research

Jersey City State College Nursing 460 Nursing Research Johns Hopkins University Nursing 100,.309 Nursing Research Johns Hopkins University Nursing 110.403 Nursing Research John Hopkins University Nursing 110.497 Nursing Research John Hopkins University MANAG 303.503

Indian Wesleyan Nursing 436 Nursing Research

Kaohsiung Med University(Taiwan) Nursing Research Kern University Nursing 4200 Research in Nursing

Kent State University Nursing 40872 Introduction to Nursing Research Kern University Nursing 4200 Research in Nursing

Korea University NSG504 Nursing Research

Lehman College NUR 720 Advance Nursing Practice

Linfield College Nursing 317 Research Methods Loma Linda University Nursing 498; 429; Research Methods

681: 682; 684

Loyola University Chicago GNUR 360 Research

Luther College Nursing 68 Research Methods Lynchburg College Nursing 310 Nursing Research Madonna University Nursing 3900 Nursing Research Mahatma Gandhi University Research and Stats


Marymount University Nursing 403 Research and Critical Inquiry

McGil University Nursing 432 Nursing Research

McMaster University HTH SCI 4L02 Research Course Medcenter One College of CS 410 Research and Redesign Nursing

Medical College of Georgia Nursing 3034x Nursing Research Medical University of South Carolina Nursing 002-462 Nursing Research

Messiah College Nursing 305 Nursing Research I

Messiah College Nursing 405 Nursing Rsearch II Messiah College Nursing 441 Nursing Research

Miami University Nursing 331 Introduction to Nursing Research Morgan State University Nursing 619 Nursing Research & Statistical Methods Mount Carmel College of Nursing Nursing 360 or 391 Nursing Research

Mount St. Mary's College Nursing 138 Nursing Research National University Nursing 422 Nursing Research

National Taiwan University 0102 Introduction to Nursing Research Nevada State College Nursing 418 Nursing Research Methods New Mexico State University Nursing 375 Introduction to Nursing Research New York University E41.1437 or N41.0120 Scientific Methods & Nursing New York University Nursing 2303 Research in Nursing

North Carolina University Nursing 4410 Nursing Research

Northeastern University Nursing 1502 Introduction to Nursing Research Northern Illinois University Nursing 301 Research in Nursing

Northern Michigan University NE 322 Introduction to Nursing Research Ohio State University Nursing 390 Nursing Research

Ohio State University Nursing 360 Sci. Inq. Nursing Research

Ohio State University Nursing 2780 Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice Oklahoma City University Nurs 4503-01 Nursing Research

Old Dominion University NURS 363 Nursing Science Oregon Health Sciences University Nursing 470 Research

Our Lady of Fatima University NRES Nursing Research Pace University Nursing 220 Nursing Research

Pacific Union College NRSA 485 Introduction to Nursing Research Pennsylvania State University Nursing 200W Introduction to Nursing Research Pittsburgh University Nursing 482

Point Loma Nazarene University Nursing 499 Nursing Research Prairie View A&M University Nursing 4013 Research Process Purdue University Nursing 308 or 408 Research

Queens College Nursing 400 Nursing Research

Ramapo College SNUR 412 Research Applications in Nursing Practice

Regis College NU 630 Adv Nursing Research

Regis University Nursing 460 Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Rush University Nursing 381 Nursing Research &

Rutgers State University , NJ Nursing 705:390 Research Process Nursing Rutgers University Nursing 411 Research in Nursing

Ryerson University     NUR 80 A or B Nursing Research, Measurement & Applications Saginaw Valley State Univ. Nursing 362 Critical Thinking & Communication II

Samuel Meritt College Nursing 108 Nursing Research San Diego State University Nursing 307 Nursing Research San Francisco State University Nursing 555 Nursing Research

San Francisco State University Nursing 411 or 338 Research in Nursing Practice Seattle University Nursing 360 Nursing Research Methods San Jose State University Nursing 128 Research

Seton Hill University NUTH 3003 Research in Nursing

Shenandoah University Nursing 306 Theory, Reasoning and Research in Nursing Simmons College Nursing 242,243 Nursing Management of Clients w/Multisystem


Simmons College Nursing 390 Theory and Research

Sonoma State University Nursing 400 Research & Ways of Knowing in Nursing South Dakota State University NURS 355 Research: Appraisal and Utilization Southern Illinois University Nursing 441 Professional Nursing Process: Research Southern University Nursing 305 Nursing Research

St. Cloud State University Nursing 403 Nursing Research

St. Johns University NURS 330 Research Basis of Nursing St. Louis University Nursing 490 Nursing Research

St. Luke Col of Nursing (Japan) Research

St. Paul College of Iloilo Education 303 Methods of Research

St. Xavier University Nursing 356 Nursing Research: Connect Research Practice Stephen F. Austin University Nursing 315 Research

Stevenson University Nursing 304 Research Process in Prof Nurs Sultan Qaboos University NURS4008 or 4013 Nursing Research

SUNY Stony Brook HNI 440 Research in Nursing

SUNY Binghamton NURS 360 Socialization into the Prof. Role III SUNY, Brockport PRO 310 Research: Process & Critique

SUNY, Brooklyn NRBS 465 The Research Process

Syracuse University Nursing 311 Health & Illness in Individuals

Taipei Medical University Nursing Research

Telaviv University 1009-2813 Research Methods & Statistics for Nurses Texas Womens’ University Nursing 3612 Intro to Nursing Research

Texas Tech University Nurs 4382 The Nurse as a Consumer of Research The Aga Khan Univeristy NU 441 Nursing Research

The Philippine Women’s Univ. BSNG 317 Research & Thesis Writing The Tamil Nadu Medical U. Nursing 120

Thomas Jefferson University Nursing 603 Research Design

Touro University, Nevada Nursing 424 Foundations of Research in Nursing Practice UC Berkeley Psychology 101 Research & Data Analysis in Psychology UC Irvine Nursing 125 Research Methods & Application in Health Care UC Riverside Psychology 012 Research Methods

UCLA Nursing 173;CHS211AB Introduction to Research

UCSF Nursing 262A Research Methods

Union University Nursing 330 Introduction to Research United States University Nursing 533 Evidence Based Practice University of Akron Res 8200:435 Nursing Research University of Anchorage Alaska Nursing A00 Nursing Research University of Arizona Nursing 379 Nursing Research

University of Arizona Nursing 279 Nurse as Consumer & User of Research University of British Colombia Nursing 304 Intro to Nursing Research

University of Central Florida Nursing 3165 Critical Inquiry University of Central Oklahoma Nursing 4512&4522 Research in Nursing University of Colorado Nursing 4020 Nursing Research University of Colorado Nursing 401 Nursing Research University of Connecticut Nursing 213W Nursing Research

University of Connecticut Nursing 5030 Nursing Research for Advance Practice University of Delaware Nursing 362 Nursing Research

University of Delaware Nursing 405 Nursing Research

Univeristy of Detroit Mercy Nurs 368/486 Nursing & Science Inquiry Inquiry I & II University of Eastern Africa Nursing 423 Nursing Research

University of Florida Nursing 3169 Inquiry & Evidence in Professional Nurs Practice University of Florida Nursing 4165 Intro to the Research Process

University of Ghana Nursing 409 Nursing Research Methodology University of Guam Nursing 416 Research in Nursing

University of Hawaii, Manoa Nursing 602 or 441 Nursing Research


University of Illinois, Chicago NUSC 322 Intro to Nursing Research/Statistics University of Iowa Nursing 96:143 Research for Nursing Practice University of Kansas Nursing 380 Nursing Research

University of Kansas Nursing 754 or 460 Health Care Research University of Lowell Nursing 30401 Research & Health University of Maine Nursing 332

University of Manitoba Nursing 3210 Nursing Research Methods University of Maryland Nursing 320 Science & Research for Nursing University of Mass, Boston Nursing 320 Introduction to Research

University of Mass, Amherst Nursing 420 Introduction to Nursing Research University of Mass, Dartmouth Nursing 214 Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing University of Melbourne 514325 Professional Issues in Nursing

University of Miami Nur 400 Theories, Research & Evidence-Based Practice University of Michigan Nursing 215 Research Approach to Nursing Care

University of Michigan Nursing 257 Intro to the Research Approach in Nursing University of Michigan Nursing 317 Evidence Based Practice

University of Michigan Nursing 357 Intro to Nursing Research

University of Michigan Nursing 536 Utilization on Nursing Research In Advanced Practice University of Minnesota Nursing 5420 Applied Clinical Research

University of Missouri Nursing 131 Introduction to Nursing Research University of Missouri-St. Louis Nursing 3807 Nursing Research

University of Nebraska Nursing 392 Introduction to Research in Nursing University of Nebraska Medical Nursing 399 or 386

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nursing 418 Nursing Research Methods University of Nevada, Reno Nursing 418 Nursing Research Methods University of New Mexico Nursing 432 or 332 Introduction to Nursing Research University of North Alabama Nursing 303 (prev 401) Professional Nursing III

University of Northern Colorado Nursing 691 Applied Nursing Research University of Ottawa Nursing 3302 Research in Nursing University of Oklahoma Nursing 4062 Nursing Research University of Pennsylvania Nursing 260 Research Methodology

University of Pennsylvania Nursing 637 Introduction to Research Methods University of Phoenix Nursing 428,429 or 443 Nursing Research

University of Portland Nursing 314 or 414 Evidence-Based Nursing

University of Rhode Island Nursing 270 or N453 Introduction to Research in Nursing or N273

University of Rochester Nursing 301 Nursing Research

University of San Diego Nursing 511 Role of Theory & Research University of San Francisco Nursing 423 or 323 Research in Nursing University of San Francisco Nursing 322 Evidence Based Inquiry University of Santo Tomas Introduction to Research University of South Alabama Nursing 533 or NU 304 Advance Research in Nursing University of South Carolina Nusing 400 Evidence Based-Nursing Practice University of South Florida Nursing 4169.050 Evidence Based Practice

University of Southern Nevada Nursing 401 Nursing Research University of Tennessee, Memphis Nursing 322 Nursing Research University of Texas Nursing 4233 Scientific Method University of Texas, Arlington Nursing 4321 Nursing Research University of Texas, Austin Nursing 264 Nursing Research

University of Texas, Galveston Nursing 2501 Foundations for Nursing Interaction University of the Philippines Nursing 199 Introduction to Research in Nursing University of Toledo Nursing 494 Nursing Research Design

University of Toronto, Canada Nursing 306S or 380H1 Research Issues University of Utah Nursing 4100 Nursing Research University of Vermont PRNU 111 Nursing Research University of Victoria Nursing 360 Research


University of Virginia NUIP 3410 or 5410 Foundations of Nursing Research

University of Washington Nursing 403 or 490 (520/521) Introduction of Research in Nursing University of Wisconsin – Madison Nursing 302 Nursing Research

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Nursing 404 Practice, Research, and Leadership Dev. University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Nursing 74-402 Studies in Nursing

USC Nursing 460 or 461 Nursing Research Villanova University Nursing 3110 Research in Nursing

Walden University Nursing 400 or 401 Research & Scholarship for Evidence Based Walla Walla College Nursing Res 325 Research in Nursing

Washington State University N 308 Prof Dev 1: Research & Informatics Washington State University N 400 Nursing Research and Informatics West Coast University NURS 350 Nursing Research

West Virginia University Nursing 476 Introduction to Nursing Research West Visayas St. Univ.(Philippines) N-106 Introduction to Nursing Research

Western Governors EBT 1 Nursing Research Western Kentucky University Nursing 312 Introduction to Nursing Research

Widener University Nursing 366

William Carey College Nursing 412 Introduction to Research Winona State College Nursing 375 Research/Theory

Wright State University Nursing 304 Fundamentals in Nursing

Xavier University Nursing 330 Introduction to Nursing Research

Yale Nursing 525A Nursing Research as a Basis for Evidence-Base Practice

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