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Tennessee Nurses Association

2014 Slate of Candidates and Statements

President Elect – vote for one (1)

Sandy Murabito, MSN, EdD, RN

(S District 3 Nashville

C Assistant Professor

Belmont University School of Nursing Nashville, TN

I have been a member of the Tennessee Nurses Association since 1982 in District #3. I joined the Tennessee Nurses Association as soon as I received my NCLEX scores and have remained a member ever since. I knew I needed involvement with my professional

association in order to fully progress in my chosen career. I have been a nurse for over 30 years. In that time I have held multiple positions as a staff nurse, nurse manager, and currently as a nurse educator. Like many of you, I have worked in my profession while simultaneously enhancing my knowledge. Over the years my membership in this organization has resulted in many opportunities, long-lasting friendships, mentors, a broadened perspective, and an appreciation for the impact TNA has had on our profession. Even more, I recognize the influence that nurses possess. While healthcare has changed dramatically over the last several decades, there has been an unwavering constant –

commitment of the nursing profession to the patient. This promise is the cornerstone of our practice. If elected, my pledge is to support policies and activities that empower our

profession to best fulfill this commitment.

Vice President – vote for one (1)

No Candidate

Nominations will be taken from the floor

of the Membership Assembly


Treasurer – vote for one (1)

Mary Bess Griffith, MSN, RN, CS, FNP District 10

Union City

Director, Nursing Department Bethel University


I have enjoyed the benefits of TNA membership since joining the nursing profession, and I feel it is time for me to repay the Association for what it has given me by becoming actively involved in its administration and activities. I believe I can contribute to the Association’s continued success by serving as its Treasurer. I have many years of experience in planning, executing, and managing complex budgets. In addition to my current responsibilities as Director of the Nursing Department (BSN, RN-BSN programs) at Bethel University, this experience includes stints as treasurer of my local TNA District (1989-1991); dean of an associate degree nursing program; corporate director of market services for a three-state area in addition to practice management oversight for multiple facilities in these states; and work as a consultant assisting health care entities align budgeting priorities with operational and strategic goals and objectives. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the TNA membership.

Richard C. Meeks, DNP, RN, COI District 15


Assistant Professor

Middle Tennessee State University-School of Nursing Murfreesboro

I am interested in serving TNA in the capacity as treasurer. My background is nursing administration, critical care nursing and now education. I am current treasurer of our local honor society chapter. My organizational skills and networking abilities assists in roles such as the treasurer. I am glad to serve and would do my best to represent TNA as a local professional and board member.


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Director - Operations – vote for one (1)

Amy S. Hamlin, PhD, MSN, APN, FNP-BC District 3

Ashland City

Professor of Nursing

Austin Peay State University Clarksville

I believe that I would be an asset to the board and I would enjoy serving the profession in this capacity. I have been a nurse for 17 years and an advanced practice nurse for 12 years. I have served the profession in various roles including that of educator, committee member, community volunteer, and researcher. I feel that I am a good communicator, an exceptional listener, and a person who is very dedicated to improving the practice of nursing. I believe I would be a positive role model and advocate for nursing.

Director - Membership – vote for one (1)

Deb Chyka, DNP, RN District 2


Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee College of Nursing Knoxville

I am new to TNA as of 2012, but after joining became a delegate, attended the past 2 conventions and TNA’s Legislative Summit, and am currently on the Board of Directors for District 2. For me, as a new member, the most poignant fact about TNA is the lack of involvement by the 90,000 nurses who call Tennessee their home. Prior to my becoming involved I was ignorant to what the organization worked for and accomplished, as well as the uphill battles they fought in the political arena. At the Legislative Summit day on the Hill, I witnessed how a few very dedicated nurses went to battle to maintain the rights of our practice. Unfortunately, I also witnessed the lack of a force of nurses backing their spokespersons. Where are the nurses? Do they understand how important numbers are when you are politically engaged? I didn’t, but I do now. My interest in serving is two-fold; I would like to better understand why nurses do not become part of the state’s voice of nursing and secondly, what can be done to effect a change. I am a motivated and positive person in my professional and personal life. I want to see if I can make a difference in TNA.

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Director - Membership Continued

Rose Vick, RN, MSN, PMHNP-BC District 3


Faculty Instructor

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Nashville

I graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing’s PMHNP program in 2007. After graduation I joined Norton Cancer Institute as part of a large interdisciplinary team to provide mental health services to cancer patients and their families. In 2012 I moved back to Nashville to join the faculty at VUSN. I teach full-time in the PMHNP program and am also working on my PhD at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Now that I have clinical and faculty experience under my belt, I’m interested in becoming more involved in leadership and policy roles related to nursing. I’m committed to supporting TNA and the advocacy efforts of this organization. I believe that we need to increase membership and participation in order to have a stronger professional presence and change TN practice laws. The state of TN is also in desperate need of integrated care models but in many respects is behind in adopting progressive models geared towards health promotion. As an educator, I think it is essential to be intimately involved in TNA so as to educate students on the processes and importance of membership.

Director - Education – vote for one (1)

Michele Arns, DNP, FNP-BC District 5


Tenure Track Faculty – College of Nursing Graduate Department East Tennessee State University

Mountain City

My interest in serving as the Director of Education stems from my years of teaching nursing at all levels and mentoring new and experience nurses. One of my responsibilities as an educator has been to identify education needs and design a curriculum to satisfy those needs. The challenge of bringing “it all together” is what motivates me! Along with experience, I bring excellent communication and organizational skills. I believe these qualities and my experience will meet the needs of this board member position.

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Director – Education Continued

Anita Croinex, RN, BSN, AL A District 9


Director of Health Services Uplands Village

Pleasant Hill

As Director of Health Services, I am responsible for all areas of health care (home health, assisted living, LTC & skilled care). I am an assisted living administrator. I currently am completing my dual degree for MSN/MHA, and will be acting administrator for our nursing home.

I have founded and operated a nurse’s social organization for over 7 years, until the death of my husband. I am a lifelong learner and have over 27 years of experience in nursing. I am an advocate for education & policy and procedures. Over the last year I have started, from the ground up, a skilled nursing unit and after 3 surveys, raised our CMS star rating from a 2 star to a 5 star!

Director - Government Affairs – vote for one (1)

Sharon K. Davis, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC District 2

Powell Clinical Assistant Professor University of Tennessee College of Nursing Knoxville

Having been a member of TNA for several years, I support the goals and contribute to the success of this organization. I practiced for 12 years as a WHNP and am a strong supporter of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and their role in the delivery of healthcare and improving the health status of Tennesseans. Mentoring graduate and undergraduate nursing students while they have visited their state legislators and advocated for bills important to Tennessee nurses, has given me insight into the policy making process and how I can effectively contribute as an advocate for policies. Part of my teaching assignment includes assisting in the teaching of Health Policy and Health Promotion at the Master’s level and assisting in the teaching of Health Policy at the doctoral level this fall. This expertise along with my clinical experience, qualifies me for this position.

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Director – Government Affairs Continued

Darin “Scott” White, RN, BSN (MSN student) District 2


Emergency Room Staff Nurse Blount Memorial Hospital Maryville

I am very passionate about nursing. We are facing challenges and will see future challenges in our vocation that will be immeasurable by today's standards. I believe that I can make a change. I am an inventor of a medical device that is awaiting a patent-pending status. This device will change the way certain ADLs will be performed, enhancing care for many. With potential profits estimated to be worth near $216 million over the next five years, the proceeds from my invention will be used to change the way care is delivered, especially in long-term care. I expect to graduate with a MSN in Nursing Spring 2015. I graduated King University Fall 2013 with a BSN with distinction. I served 12 years with the military as a medic and have been an RN since 2011. Residing in the emergency department, my passions are coming to life as I see the future's unveiling. Serving the TNA will allow me, not only to serve my fellow nurses, but hopefully will help to serve mankind in a greater way - a way in making a positive difference for the future of nursing and its patrons. I am sharp, attentive, creative, and assertive. I consider myself to be a leader and a mentor. Although there are those with more qualifications than I have acquired, there are few with as much heart and passion as I possess.

Director - Practice – vote for one (1)

Chaundel L. Presley, DNP, FNP-BC District 9


Regional Clinical Faculty/Assistant Professor and Family Nurse Practitioner

Frontier Nursing University and Primary Healthcare Group, Inc. Hyden, KY/Lafayette, TN

I am interested in serving on TNA’s newly organized Board of Directors as Director – Practice. As a professional nurse in Tennessee for 22 years, I have practiced in primary care, acute care, home health and nursing education. I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice. I have experience working on TNA’s CE Committee and advocating for nurse practice issues in the state legislature. I currently lead a local advanced practice organization, and am

interested in promoting safe and professional nursing practice in the State of Tennessee.


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Nominating Committee – vote for two (2)

Melissa B. Swinea, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC District 10


Professor of Nursing – Graduate Courses Union University

My qualifications include access to statewide nursing leaders through my position at Union University and traveling to each campus – Jackson, Germantown and Hendersonville. As District 10 interim President, I recruited a District Vice President and have access to nursing leaders at the two universities located in our district. My interest in serving stems from the desire to learn more about TNA and its association processes and from the hope of

recruiting unrecognized nursing leaders to serve in TNA.

Tracy R. Wilson, MSN, RN, FNP-BC District 15


Instructor and Nurse Practitioner Belmont University


I have been a member of TNA since March, 2013. I moved to Tennessee in December, 2012 and wanted to become active with my state nurses association and then become active nationally. After attending the TNA convention last October, I became extremely motivated and submitted my name for various committees. I am now a member of the CE Review committee and the TN Action Coalition's Leadership Committee. I have also joined my state’s NP association and continue to be active in ANA. I recently was on ANA's 2014 slate for its Nominating and Election Committee.





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