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Conferences and meetings. in Lund


Academic year: 2021

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Conferences and



The thousand-year-old heart of Lund is home to the cathedral, the university buildings, the art gallery, a wealth of museums, the swarming market place, shops, department stores, popular cafés and restaurants. This is where students, researchers, cultural workers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, the residents of Lund and visitors from all over the world come together. This is what makes Lund the City of Ideas.

Welcome to Lund, the City of Ideas – the ideal conference venue!

Here in Lund, we have plenty of experience of organising meetings, both national and international, large and small. We have a wide variety of conference venues – everything from rooms at a large confe-rence hotel, at a castle outside the city centre, to historic academic venues in the very heart of Lund. The city’s hotels are of a consistently high standard, offering personal, professional service. There is everything from modern business hotels to smaller establishments with a more individual touch. Naturally, there are also plenty of activities to choose from after a day full of meetings. As well as restaurants offering fantastic culinary experiences, there are also plenty of other evening entertain-ment options. A warm welcome to Lund – the perfect venue for inspiring meetings.

Lund – the City of Ideas

Foto: Lena Malmström Pålsson


number of

meetingrooms in cinemastylemax. number seating max. number in classroom-style seating location Af-borgen www.afborgen.se 12 750 225 central

Färs och FrostaSparbank Arena

www.fofsparbankarena.se 12 4000 800 central Grand Hotel www.grandilund.se 9 250 140 central Hotel Concordia www.concordia.se 2 50 36 central Hotel Lundia www.lundia.se 3 200 120 central Hypoteksvåningen www.hypoteket.se 4 60 60 central Kulturen www.kulturen.se 1 124 106 central

Lilla Hotellet i Lund

www.lillahotelletilund.se 1 30 25 central


www.lund.se 4 463 - central

First Hotel Planetstaden

www.firsthotels.se/planetstaden 3 50 10 1 km from city centre Sparta Hotel

www.spartahotell.se 7 400 65 1,5 km from city centre

Vattenhallen Science Center LTH

www.lth.se/vattenhallen 2 70 40 2 km from city centre

Scandic Star Lund

www.scandichotels.se 22 450 120 2,5 km from city centre

Flädie Mat & Vingård

www.fladiematvingard.com 4 120 50 10 km from city centre

Flyinge kungsgård

www.flyinge.se 7 240 60 15 km from city centre


www.boklunden.se 4 220 70 17 km from city centre

The Lodge

www.thelodge.se 4 45 31 20 km from city centre

Häckeberga Slott

www.hackebergaslott.se 6 50 40 25 km from city centre

Meeting venues in Lund


number of rooms/beds location Grand Hotel www.grandilund.se 84 / 137 centralt Hotell Ahlström www.hotellahlstrom.se 15 / 20 centralt Hotel Concordia www.concordia.se 63 / 91 centralt Hotel Duxiana www.lund.hotelduxiana.com 31 / 45 centralt Hotel Lundia www.lundia.se 97 / 155 centralt Hotel Oskar www.hotelloskar.com 6 / 10 centralt Hotell Överliggaren www.hotellahlstrom.se 4 / 6 centralt

Lilla Hotellet i Lund

www.lillahotelletilund.se 26 / 35 centralt

Stay At Lund

www.stayat.se 80 / 160 centralt

First Hotel Planetstaden

www.firsthotels.se/planetstaden 147 / 180 1 km från centrum Hotel Djingis Khan

www.djingiskahn.se 73 / 107 1,5 km från centrum

Sparta Hotel

www.spartahotell.se 51 / 75 1,5 km från centrum

Ideon Gästeri

www.hotelideon.com 40 / 45 2 km från centrum

Ibis Hotel Lund

www.ibishotel.se 67 / 134 2,5 km från centrum

Scandic Star Lund

www.scandichotels.se 196 / 528 2,5 km från centrum Flädie Mat & Vingård

www.fladiematvingard.com 18/36 10 km från centrum The Lodge www.thelodge.se 22 / 44 20 km från centrum Häckeberga Slott www.hackebergaslott.se 25 / 48 25 km från centrum

Hotels in Lund

Foto: skane.com©sydpol.com


Do something different and think outside the box during

your meeting in Lund.

In Lund, there are plenty of activities on offer for groups of all sizes. Here are a few suggestions for physical and relaxing activities to stimulate the senses.

Guided tours

Various guided city tours are available with a number of different themes, such as art, ghosts and strange happenings, the Middle Ages, culinary history with tastings, or a tour of the back gardens of Lund. Bus tours can also be booked to sites from the Battle of Lund and the scenes of infamous murders in Skåne. Suitable for groups of all sizes.


Gastronomic experiences

Cook up a gastronomic experience together with an inspiring chef. A wine tasting session can also be arranged in connection with your meal. Suitable for groups of 8-20 people. www.hypoteket.se, www.fladiematvingard.com

Delicious tasting sessions

Why not enhance your conference with a delicious tasting session and let your taste buds do all the work. Ahlgrens Konfektyr and Hovby Nº 9 arrange chocolate tastings, while tea tasting is available at Tehuset Java and Tekulturen. Bengtssons Ost offers cheese tasting, with organic wine tasting available at the Gourmet Grön restaurant. The Grand Hotel can organise whisky tasting sessions, and Restaurang Rauhrackel arranges beer tasting. Suitable for groups of all sizes.

www.ahlgrenskonfektyr.se, www.bengtssonsost.se, www.tehusetjava.se, www.tekulturen. se, www.hovbynr9.se, www.gourmetgron.se, www.grandilund.se, www.rauhrackel.se Get up in the saddle

You can ride Icelandic horses in the beautiful grounds of Björnstorp Castle, though leafy deciduous forests and magical spruce forests. Explore the Romeleåsen Ridge, following the tracks of red deer and bridle paths. Suitable for smaller groups. www.sleipnirsangar.se Inspection trolley cycling on the old railway tracks between Björnstorp and Veberöd

This is the perfect summertime activity. You can either have two people per inspection trolley, or join them together to form a train. Discover the countryside, with spectacular views of grazing animals and enchanting forests

For up to 20 people. www.dressincykling.se

Teambuilding, events and other adventures

Adventurous experiences for groups of all sizes can be arranged to suit your needs, with everyone taking part at their own level. Ballong & Äventyr organises activities near Toppeladugård Castle, while Äventyrspedagogerna arranges events at Skryllegården. Here you can try your hand at activities such as geocaching – a modern-day treasure hunt. www.ballongaventyr.se/aventyr, www.skryllegarden.se

Things to do


Get active

Play badminton, tennis or squash at Victoria Stadium. At Skåne Climbing Club you can try indoor climbing, or why not play hockey or curling at the ice-skating arena. www.atl.m.se, www.skaneskk.nu, www.lund.se


At Häckeberga Sport Fishing you can fish in crystal-clear lakes stocked with rainbow trout and salmon trout. Individuals and groups of up to 150 people are equally welcome. At Rögle there are put and take fishing lakes with rainbow trout, pike, perch, roach and bream. www.campmayfly, www.skryllegarden.se


There are four golf courses in Lund: www.ragk.se, www.varpingegolfbana.se, www.assartorpsgk.se, www.lagk.se


Relax together after your conference with a curative bath or a treatment.

Suitable for smaller groups. www.thelodge.se, www.sensaspa.net, www.destress.se

For more ideas, contact Lund Tourist Office

turistbyran@lund.se or +46 (0)46 35 50 40


Matlagningskurs, Hypoteket Foto: Mikael Risedal


Getting to Lund

Lund’s central location within the Öresund region makes it easy to reach by car, train, bus or plane. The mediaeval network of streets in the city centre makes most of Lund easily accessible on foot.

By air

There are two airports close to Lund: Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport. Both are served by a large number of daily departures with various airlines. Direct buses link Malmö Airport with the centre of Lund several times a day. The journey takes around 35 minutes. Direct trains to Lund depart from Copenhagen Airport, with a journey time of around 45 minutes.

For more information, see: Malmö Airport www.lfv.se Copenhagen Airport www.cph.dk

SAS www.sas.se

Malmö Aviation www.malmoaviation.se

Flygbussarna www.flygbussarna.se (direktbuss mellan Lund & Malmö Airport) Öresundstågen www.skanetrafiken.se (tåg över sundet)

By train

Direct trains serve Lund from most major towns and cities in southern Sweden. With SJ’s X2000 express trains, the journey from Stockholm to Lund takes just over four hours, or around three hours from Gothenburg. Within Skåne, Skåne-trafiken operates rail and bus services. During the rush hour, trains run between Malmö and Lund every 10 minutes, with the journey taking around 15 minutes. Lund Central Station is situated in the city centre.

For more information, see:

SJ www.sj.se inrikeståg

Skånetrafiken www.skanetrafiken.se (kollektivtrafik i Skåne) By bus

Direct buses are available from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping. Long-distance buses stop to the north of Lund Central Station. Lund has excellent city transport services, and express bus routes – the Lund Link – run from the railway station to destinations such as the University Hospital, Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering, Ideon and Brunnshög.

For more information, see:

Swebus Express www.swebusexpress.se Svenska Buss www.svenskabuss.se

Skånetrafiken www.skanetrafiken.se

By car

Major roads such as the E22, E20 and E6 pass close to Lund, and drivers will find plenty of parking thanks to the city’s parking system, with its dynamic signs showing the number of available spaces at Lund’s various car parks.


Distances and journey times by car from the centre of Lund

(within Skåne)

Distances and journey times by car from the centre of Lund

(within Sweden)


Journey time: Approx.75 min Distance: Approx. 102 km


Journey time: Approx.25 min Distance: Approx. 22 km


Journey time: Approx. 40 min Distance: Approx. 55 km


Journey time: Approx.60 min Distance: Approx. 70 km


Journey time: Approx.35 min Distance: Approx. 40 km


Journey time: Approx. 75 min Distance: Approx. 80 km


Journey time: Approx. 30 min Distance: Approx. 34 km


Journey time: Approx.15 min Distance: Approx. 10 km


Journey time: Approx. 20 min Distance: Approx. 20 km


Journey time: Approx.90 min Distance: Approx. 85 km


Journey time: Approx.40 min Distance: Approx. 37 km


Journey time: Approx.15 min Distance: Approx.10 km


Journey time: Approx. 45 min Distance: Approx. 55 km


Journey time: Approx. 60 min Distance: Approx. 72 km


Journey time: Approx.60 min Distance: Approx. 75 km


Journey time: Approx.90 min Distance: Approx. 85 km


Journey time: Approx.3 h Distance: Approx. 306 km


Journey time: Approx.3 h Distance: Approx. 300 km


Journey time: Approx.1,5 h Distance: Approx. 130 km


Journey time: Approx. 3,5 h Distance: Approx. 265 km


Journey time: Approx. 2,5 h Distance: Approx. 190 km


Journey time: Approx.1 h Distance: Approx. 65 km


Journey time: Approx.4,5 h Distance: Approx. 450 km


Journey time: Approx.4,5 h Distance: Approx. 332 km


Journey time: Approx.6 h Distance: Approx. 600 km


Journey time: Approx. 4 h Distance: Approx. 340 km


Journey time: Approx.3,5 h Distance: Approx. 347 km


Journey time: Approx.6 h Distance: Approx. 500 km

Subject to amendments

Lund Tourist Office turistbyran@lund.se +46 (0)46 35 50 40 www.lund.se/turism


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