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2015 Application

Professional Development Residencies hosted by


Assets for Artists


MASS MoCA invites artists and writers to apply for professional development residencies from 1-4 weeks

in length in October/November 2015 in North Adams, Massachusetts, to experience the arts community

of the Berkshires during the spectacular fall foliage season.

• A private studio in newly available space on MASS MoCA’s re-purposed mill campus, with generous natural light, 24-hour studio access, plywood floors, a work table and chair in each studio, and shared slop sinks and bathrooms. • Free access to Makers’ Mill, a printmaking and fiber arts makerspace on Main Street in North Adams (a short walk

from the museum), offering shared use of letterpress, silkscreen and book-making equipment, as well as looms, sewing machines and work tables.

• Housing across the street from the museum, in newly renovated apartments (private bedroom + shared kitchen and bath – residents may choose to share a bedroom with a spouse or partner.)

• Seven communal meals per week, in the company of fellow artists-in-residence.

• MASS MoCA member benefits for the duration of the residency, including free access to the museum’s galleries and discounts on performing arts events and museum store purchases.

• Optional one-on-one artist-focused financial and business counseling through MASS MoCA’s renowned Assets for Artists program ( that helps artists and writers in all disciplines strengthen the business side of their artistic practice.

Application Deadline:



We welcome applications from artists in all career stages, income levels, and disciplines (painters, writers, fiber artists, printmakers, performers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, etc.) whose practice allows them to work quietly (no power tools in the private studios, and no music out loud – headphones only). By special arrangement, artists needing shop equipment or theatrical/rehearsal space may be able to utilize other facilities outside the designated private studio area; please let us know your needs (including space and housing for group/collective residencies) and we may be able to accommodate. The studios have light-duty ventilation, so an art practice generating strong fumes cannot be accommodated.

Studio/Administration/Coaching Fee $300/person/week

Lodging Fee $200/person/week

Meal Plan (7 communal meals/week) $150/person/week

TOTAL $650/person/week

Send to by September 14, 2015. No application fee.

Residents will receive:

Financial Aid:

All applicants will be considered for subsidies to the residency costs based on overall program fit, readiness to benefit from the residency, and financial need.


Residency Sessions (October/November 2015):


(for demographic purposes only)


Personal Information:

Artistic Information:

October 16 – 23 African American October 23 – 30 Caucasian/White October 30 – November 6 Latino or Hispanic November 6 – 13 Asian/Pacific Islander November 13 – 20 Native American November 20 – 25

Other – please specify

How many weeks (1-4) would you like to spend in residence at MASS MoCA’s Studios?

Which of the following weeks in October/November 2015 would you be available for a residency? Please indicate all that would work for you – and note that residency sessions begin and end on Friday (with the exception of the November 20-25 option, which begins Friday and ends Wednesday).

The personal information you provide is for contact purposes and to understand the constituency we serve. It will not determine your eligibility to participate.

Please give a brief description of your education and experience as an artist or writer, the kind of work you do, and whether you have participated in other residencies and/or professional development programs.

If the best samples of your work cannot be viewed online (with titles, dimensions, etc.), please email Briana Halpin at to request additional information about submitting work samples.

You must also attach a bio or resume (up to 3 pages) describing the nature of your work as an artist, your artistic training/accomplishments, and other relevant experience.

Please provide any web addresses where we can review representative samples of your work.

Short week  –  40% discount








Residency Goals:

Assets for Artists Matched Savings Program (for MA / CT residents only)


Please use the space below to explain your goals for a residency. Describe any projects you expect to work on while in residence, and why the residency opportunity will be particularly beneficial to you. Please note if you have any special space needs that we might need to take into consideration and try to accommodate, and state whether you would be interested in financial and business coaching through the Assets for Artists program in addition to the studio time.

The Studios at MASS MoCA are run by MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program, which offers services helping artists strengthen their creative practice and grow its long-term sustainability. Currently, a matched savings grant opportunity is available to artists in Massachusetts and Connecticut. All residents of MA and CT who apply for a residency at the Studios (and provide their financial information in the section below) will be simultaneously considered for the Assets for Artists matched savings program, which provides:

For more information on the Assets for Artists matched savings program, visit or contact Briana at

• A “matched savings” grant that serves as working capital to be invested in the artist’s creative business.

Participants are provided with grants of $1,000 or $2,000 to match a corresponding amount of savings, and the combined amount is used by the artist to help execute their business plan for strengthening their artistic practice. • Free professional development services, including financial and business workshops.


Financial Information:

Household Size:

Income Information:

Household Assets:

If you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid to directly reduce residency fees – and/or if you wish to be considered for the Assets for Artists matched savings program, described above – you must provide the financial information (Household Size, Income Information, and Asset Information) requested below. You may ignore this section if you are not seeking financial aid for a residency and do not want to be considered for a matched savings grant. Please note that if you are awarded a need-based subsidy or invited to enroll in the Assets for Artists matched savings program, you will be asked to provide a copy of your 2014 tax return to document your income.

For the purposes of this application, a “household” is defined as people living together who are financially interdependent (with shared expenses and some shared assets).

Your spouse and children ARE part of your household. Your roommate probably IS NOT.

In the box below, please provide your household’s Adjusted Gross Income from your 2014 federal tax return(s). If you and other household members filed separately, combine the AGI from each 2014 return, or enter N/A if you did not file a tax return(s).

Please use the chart below to calculate your net household assets, which are a factor in considering financial need. Be sure to account for assets and liabilities for all members of your household. Note that the chart is not self-calculating. Totals will have to be calculated and entered manually by you.

If you have any questions about calculating your assets and liabilities, please email Briana Halpin at for help.

Number of individuals living in your household:

Adults (18+) Children

Form 1040: Adjusted Gross Income (line 37):


Household Assets (excluding primary home)

Current Balances / Value

Bank accounts (checking and saving, including business accounts)

Stocks / bonds / mutual funds IRA / 401K accounts

Investment real estate (real estate you own in addition to your primary home) Second vehicle (your household’s first vehicle will not be considered as an asset)

Total Household Assets

Household Liabilities (excluding primary home)

Current Total Balances

Credit cards

Unpaid medical bills/medical debt Unpaid household bills

Student loans

Personal loans, or loans on investment property, or loans on a second vehicle

Total Household Liabilities


(Total Household Assets


Total Household Liabilities = )

MASS MoCA promotes equal opportunity and seeks diversity in its applicants and participants.

For questions, email Briana at

This completed application form, with 1 – 3 page resume or bio, must be sent to before 5:00 pm on September 14, 2015.

You will receive email acknowledgement within 48 hours of submitting your application.

Thank you for your interest in The Studios at MASS MoCA!

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