Scientific director of wtw (work, training and welfare research centre of the University of Milan) for the period

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CURRICULUM VITAE of Daniele CHECCHI (version: 27/03/2014)

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Laurea in Economic and Social Disciplines (M.A. equivalent) cum laude awarded by the Bocconi University, Milan, Italy in 1982; dissertation on "Growth cycles and the role of the economic policy - theory and application to the Italian case". Supervisors: proff.V.Valli, A.Montesano and F.Targetti.

Master of Science in Economics awarded by the London School of Economics in 1985 (main topic: monetary economics). Supervisor: prof.C.Pissarides.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics awarded by University of Siena, Italy in 1987 with dissertation on "The international coordination of counter-cyclical policies" Supervisors: proff.R.M.Goodwin and prof.A.Vercelli.


Fullbright chair at Georgetown University (Fall 2011). Research fellow of IRVAPP (Trento) since 2011. Research fellow of IZA (Bonn) since 2003.

Scientific director of wTw (work, training and welfare – research centre of the University of Milan) for the period 2001-2005.

Member of E.E.A. (European Economic Association), E.A.E.P.E. (European Association of Evolutionary Political Economy), EALE (European Association of Labour Economists), S.A.S.E. (Society of the Advancement of SocioEconomics).


October 2005 to October 2012: Dean of the Political Sciences School – University of Milan, via Conservatorio 7, 20122 Milano, Italy

October 2001 to present: Full professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics, University of Milano, via Conservatorio 7, 20122 Milano, Italy. Teaching Economics of Education, Labour Economics, Economics of institutions.

October 1992 - October 2000: Associate professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca, viale Sarca 202, 20126 Milano, Italy.

June 1988 - October 1992: Assistant professor (ricercatore), Department of Economic Sciences, University of Brescia

VISITING (last 5 years)

October 2012-March 2013: Visiting scholar at EIEF (Rome) November 2012: Visiting scholar at University of Beijing (China)


September-December 2011: Fulbright chair visiting professor a Georgetown University (Washington) (MA courses on “Institutional differences between US and Europe” and on “Italy and the notion of Europe”)

March 2010-2011-2012: Visiting professor at Universiteit Maastricht (PhD course on economics of inequality)

July 2009: visiting scholar at STICERD-LSE (Suntory-Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines at the London School of Economics)

March 2009: Visiting professor at Universiteit Maastricht (PhD course on economics of inequality) OTHER ACTIVITIES

Refereeing for Acta Sociologica, Advances in Life Course Research, American Economic Review, American Educational Research Journal, Applied Economics, B.E. Journal in Economic Analysis and Policy, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Bulletin of Economic Research, Canadian Journal of Economics, Cesifo Economic Studies, Economica, Economics Letters, Economic Inquiry, Economic Policy, Economic Journal, Economics of Education Review, Economics of Governance, European Economic Review, Environment and Planning, European Sociological Review, Higher education, Industrial and Corporate Change, Industrial Labour Relations Review, International Journal of Manpower, International Journal of Public Policy, International Review of Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Surveys, Journal of European Economic Association, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Journal of International and Comparative Economics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Public Policy, Labour, Labor Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Development Review, Oxford Economic Papers, Oxford Review of Economic Policiy, Research in Economics, Revista Economía Aplicada, Review of Income and Wealth, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Social Choice and Welfare, Social Science Research, Socio-Economic Review, Sociology of Education, Southern Economic Journal, World Bank Economic Review, World Development.

External referee for Egyptian Economic research Forum (2009), Danish Council for Strategic Research (2009 e 2010), Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2009), US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (2009), ESRC-Economic and Social Research Council (2009, 2007, 2011), CERGE-EI (2008, 2009, 2011), Nordforsk (2011), EC-FP7(People)(2010), FNR Luxemburg (2013).

Associate editor for Empirical Economics.

Member of the editorial board of Lavoro e Relazioni Industriali (ceased), Politica Economica, Rivista di Politica Economica, and Giornale degli Economisti (ceased).

Seminars in Milano (Bocconi University, State University, IGIER, Università Cattolica), Bologna, Firenze, Siena, Torino, Cagliari, CEPREMAP (Paris), Aix-en-Provence, Perugia, Pavia, Bergamo, Bari, Binghamton (NY-USA), London (East Polythecnic), Urbino, Ancona, Brescia, Rome (Bank of Italy), Naples, Trento, Salerno, Padova, Campobasso, Piacenza, Ferrara, San Francisco (ASSA meeting), Vigo (CEPR workshop), Blackenberg (EALE meeting), ETLA (Helsinki), Madison (SASE meeting), Prague (EAEPE meeting), Regensburg (EALE meeting), CERGE-EI (Prague), Wider (Helsinki), WZB (Berlin), Bergen (CEPR workshop), Madrid (Economic Policy panel), University of Geneve, IZA(Bonn), Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Autonoma (Barcelona), Zew


(Mannheim), Freie Universitat (Berlino), Budapest (SASE meeting), York, Leicester, Uppsala (CEPR workshop), Dijon, Copenhagen (SASE conference), Seoul (Korea), Helsinki (EP panel meeting), Lubjana (EP panel meeting), Maastricht, Rabat, Edinburgh, Dublin, Würzburg, Nuremberg, London (Institute of Education), Washington, Berlin.


Foreign languages: English, French and Spanish.



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