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Claims Services Officer


Academic year: 2021

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Contact Officer

Jasebir Kaur, Team Leader on 03 9627 5466 or Dorothy Bagaric, Team Leader on 03 9914 6338

Closing date

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 at 11:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

How to apply

1. In one combined word document include

a. your completed Application Cover Sheet (the last page of this document),

b. your responses addressing the selection criteria; and

c. your resume outlining your work history, relevant qualifications and training.

2. Apply online - When applying you will be asked to upload your combined application and enter your personal details.

Claims Services Officer

APS Level 5

Claims and Liability Management

Ongoing Vacancies - Full-time/Part-time



The Role

We are currently seeking applications from talented people to perform the role of APS5 Claims Services Officers (CSOs) within Comcare’s Claims Management area, to ensure the provision of high quality and timely claims management services to injured federal workers and their employers. CSO’s are passionate, energetic, flexible, compassionate, adaptable, enthusiastic, empathetic, patient and resilient. We need people with good interpersonal skills who enjoy communicating and being part of a high performing dynamic federal government agency. Previous experience managing a portfolio of claims and supporting employees RTW and Health is


The objective of the Claims Management area is to proactively support injured workers to return to work and wellbeing as quickly as possible following workplace injury. This role sits within the Claims and Liability Management (CALM) Division at Comcare.

Duty statement

You will undertake the following (but not limited to):

 interpret and apply policy, legislation, procedures and practices to the

management of claims made under the provision of the Safety, Rehabilitation

and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act)

 drive early Return To Work (RTW) outcomes for employees

 effectively communicate and provide excellent customer service to build rapport, maintain internal and external relationships and provide routine advice on legislation, regulatory or procedural matters consistent for all relevant stakeholders in line with the Comcare Service Charter, Comcare and APS Values

 communicate regularly with relevant stakeholders to increase engagement and develop collaborative relationships to foster positive RTW outcomes and to develop and regularly update individualised Recovery Plans

 collaborate with key stakeholders (including but not limited to employees, Rehabilitation Case Managers and treating health practitioners) to identify RTW barriers and developing and implementing strategies to overcome these barriers using Motivational Interactions/Interview or similar skills

 deliver timely and appropriate determinations of medical, rehabilitation, incapacity and other support needs

 undertake regular, disciplined and structured claim reviews at set periods of time

 lead and coordinate case conferences with relevant stakeholders to identify and address RTW barriers, confirm roles, responsibilities and timeframes for actions to be completed.


 actively engage with the Critical Decision Panel, Injury Management Advisory Services, Clinical Panel and co-ordinate Independent Medical Examinations to manage RTW outcomes and to effectively manage liabilities

 Commit to, promote and model the APS Values and APS Code of Conduct.

 Promote workplace safety, equity and diversity and environment practices in the workplace.

 Demonstrate and model safe attitudes, values and behaviours in order to uphold your health and safety duties.

Eligibility and specific conditions of employment

1. Australian citizenship

2. Character clearance (police records check) 3. Health assessment

4. Six months probationary period

For information on conditions of employment, please refer to our website http://www.comcare.gov.au/careers/working_at_comcare

Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria are based on the Australian Public Service

Commission’s Integrated Leadership System (ILS). The ILS is a leadership framework that is made up of five core capability clusters.


We recommend you familiarise yourself with the ILS criteria prior to starting your application. Your application should demonstrate your competency against each capability outlined in the document.

Considering the CSO duty statement and the APS 5 ILS profile, please use your previous experiences to provide examples of your capabilities in answering the following selection criteria (Your claims against each criterion should be no longer than a page):

Selection Criteria 1

Provide an example when you have worked with stakeholders to facilitate and support an injured individual RTW. How did you work together? How did you identify the barriers to return to work and address them? What were the challenges?

Selection Criteria 2

Describe a time when you went through a workplace change or there was a change in workplace policy, procedures or guidelines. Include what skills or expertise you

utilised, your role and involvement in the change and how you managed priorities to achieve results.


Selection Criteria 3

Can you please tell us about a stakeholder you have worked with where relationship building was of great importance and engagement was particularly difficult?

Selection Criteria 4

Can you please describe a time when you were required to make a difficult decision?

What we offer

Comcare offers employees attractive employment conditions, including:

RecruitAbility Scheme

Comcare is committed to supporting the employment and career development of people with disability. Our participation in the APS RecruitAbility scheme means you will be progressed to further assessment if you declare you have a disability

(according the definition below), opt into the scheme, and meet the minimum requirements for the position.

How do I opt into the RecruitAbility scheme?

You will be asked to indicate if you wish to opt into the RecruitAbility scheme in the Diversity section of the application form. You must answer “yes” to the question


To help improve the scheme, you will be asked to participate in a short online evaluation at a later stage in the selection process. The evaluation activity is

anonymous, completely confidential and will not affect the selection process in any way.

Reasonable adjustments

We provide reasonable adjustments such as access, equipment or other practical support at relevant stages of the recruitment process. Please ask us if you need any adjustments made. recruitment@comcare.gov.au

Details about the RecruitAbility scheme can be found at the Australian Public Service Commission’s website (http://www.apsc.gov.au/disability/recruitability ).

What do we mean by disability?

For the purposes of the scheme, ‘disability’ is:

A limitation, restriction or impairment, which has lasted, or is likely to last, for at least six months and restricts everyday activities. This includes:

• loss of sight (not corrected by glasses or contact lenses)

• loss of hearing where communication is restricted, or, an aid to assist with or substitute for hearing is used

• speech difficulties

• shortness of breath or breathing difficulties causing restriction • chronic or recurrent pain or discomfort causing restriction • blackouts, fits, or loss of consciousness

• difficulty learning or understanding • incomplete use of arms or fingers • difficulty gripping or holding things • incomplete use of feet or legs

• nervous or emotional condition causing restriction

• restriction in physical activities or in doing physical work • disfigurement or deformity

• mental illness or condition requiring help or supervision

• long-term effects of head injury, stroke or other brain damage causing restriction

• receiving treatment or medication for any other long-term conditions or ailments and still restricted

• any other long-term conditions resulting in a restriction.

The two parts of the definition are the presence of a limitation, restriction or impairment which restricts everyday activities; and the expected longevity of the condition (6 months or more). This also includes episodic conditions.

The definition covers many types of disability listed. You do not need evidence of your disability to opt into the scheme, but you are making a declaration to the APS that you meet the definition.


Application Cover Sheet

APS Level 5, Claims Services Officer - Melbourne

Title Birth Date (optional)

Surname Given Name


Preferred Name State Postcode

Contact Number(s) (M) (W) (H)

Email Address Current Employer Position Title

Are you currently working in the Australian Public Service?

Substantive Level Acting Level AGS Number

Have you received a redundancy benefit from an APS Agency or Parliament Service? If yes, please advise of the redundancy benefit period expiry date Have you ever been found to have breached the APS Code of Conduct? If yes, please specify employer’s name.

Do you have a disability?

Do you require any special arrangements to be made for assessment e.g. interview? If yes, a member of the selection panel will contact you for more details

If you have a disability (according to the definition on the pages above), do you wish to opt into the RecruitAbility scheme, and understand your application will need to be assessed as having met minimum requirements for the position?

Please provide two referees who have supervised and assessed your performance within the workplace (with one current referee required)

Name Relationship

Email Contact

Name Relationship


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