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Starting at SCCC and then transferring to a four-year college gives you the Degree Advantage. You gain advantages such as:

■ Tuition Savings ■ Small Class Sizes

■ Academic and Career Path Options

■ Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

■ NJ Transfer Agreement

Get those general education requirements out of the way so you are ready to start your bachelor’s degree at a Junior year status!


to an education at SCCC

SCCC students who transfer to a 4-year college after graduation receive exactly the same diplomas as those students who spend all four years — and a lot more money — at a four-year college or institution.

The quality and content of the academics at SCCC are top-notch and students are prepared to start at four-year colleges. We specialize in easing our students into the college experience with individualized attention.


A recent national report demonstrated that “earning an associate degree prior

to transfer leads to greater baccalaureate attainment.” – 11/8/12

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Hey, did you know...


The New Jersey Transfer Agreement guarantees that students can transfer credits from a completed associate degree to a bachelor’s degree at any of New Jersey’s public four-year colleges and universities. Receiving your associate degree BEFORE you transfer will also improve the likelihood that you will be accepted to an out-of-state college or university. SCCC graduates have transferred to hundreds of private colleges throughout the country including top-tier and Ivy League universities. Stop in and speak to our transfer counselor to help you with the transfer process. Transfer Counselor: 973.300.2206



A Smart Move

Nearly 50% of all students get their education at community colleges. Starting at SCCC has always been a smart move especially in today’s economy.

Substantial Savings

By starting at SCCC and completing your associate degree, you will be able to enjoy a substantial savings off the overall cost of your bachelor’s degree (see chart below).

Scholarship Opportunities

SCCC students received over $100,000 in scholarship money from the SCCC

Foundation for coursework during the 2012-13 academic year. Starting here also helps you build your college transcript and your academic achievements, which can lead to scholarship opportunities at SCCC, and also when you transfer to a four-year college.

FRESHMAN $5,000 SOPHOMORE $5,000 JUNIOR $24,043 SENIOR $24,043 FRESHMAN $24,043 SOPHOMORE $24,043 SENIOR $24,043 Total Cost $58,086 Total Cost $96,172

First 2 years at SCCC and transfer

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board

Tuition & General Fees for full-time student

JUNIOR $24,043 FRESHMAN $47,656 SOPHOMORE $47,656 SENIOR $47,656 Total Cost $190,624

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board

JUNIOR $47,656

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board (Rutgers)

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available

4 years at NJ State college/university (Rutgers University is the example)

4 years at private college/university (Seton Hall University is the example) 2 years at NJ State college/university and transferrr 2 years at N

Earn Associate’s Degree

ge/university Earn Bachelor’s Degree

to a 4-year college

substantially on tuition

Taking classes at SCCC fi rst can also help improve your grade point average. SCCC has an open-door admissions policy allowing students to be accepted regardless of past academic performance. Improving your academic record shows four-year institutions you are serious about your education and it allows you to meet minimum admissions requirements.


Your GPA


“My success is due to a strong academic foundation and support I received at SCCC. I was able to perfect my study skills and fi ne-tune my future. I am currently in my 3rd year of veterinary school in North Carolina.”

Kai, 2007 SCCC graduate, Rutgers graduate, plans to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2014

“I graduated from SCCC with my associate degree and NO DEBT! I learned so much and got involved in many clubs and activities. I transferred to William Paterson University. SCCC was the right choice for me.” Tom, 2010 SCCC graduate, 2012 graduate of William Paterson University

“I LOVE SCCC! I earned my associate degree, received a scholarship to Centenary College, graduated and now I’m at Seton Hall University to earn my masters degree in Biology.”

Becky, 2008 SCCC graduate 2010 Centenary College graduate

“By earning my associate degree here fi rst, I was able to get a head start on my 4-year degree without the expense of dorming or a long commute. The SCCC professors were great and all of my credits transferred. I fi nished my bachelor’s in Information Technology as planned. SCCC was defi nitely the best place to start college.” Paul, 2009 SCCC gradu-ate, 2011 NJIT graduate

“In two years I received my associate degree from SCCC and then transferred to Ramapo College where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication. SCCC was a great place for me because I was able to stay home and still have an awesome college experience.” Maria, 2009 SCCC graduate

2011 Ramapo College graduate



NJIT is most gratified for the quality of New Jersey community college students. Clearly, we embrace community college graduates who choose to enroll at NJIT. They have already demonstrated their motivation and academic skills at your college.

A message to SCCC President, Dr. Paul Mazur from New Jersey Institute of Technology President, Dr. Joel Bloom • James Madison • USC • Cornell • Tulane • Fordham • Rutgers • Penn State • Texas A&M • Boston University • New Jersey Institute of Technology

• William & Mary

• The College of New Jersey • Rochester Institute of Technology • Columbia • Johnson & Wales • Boston College

Start here, go anywhere!

sussex.edu l 973.300.2223 One College Hill Road Newton, NJ 07860

Just a few of the over 300 colleges and universities that SCCC students transfer to.


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