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NX CAM 9.0.1:

Generate IPW in Background


About NX CAM

NXTM CAM software has helped many of the world’s learning manufacturers and job shops produce better parts faster. You can also achieve similar benefits by making use of the unique advantages NX CAM offers.

This is one of many hands-on demonstrations designed to introduce you to the powerful capabilities in NX CAM 9.0.1. In order to run this demonstration, you will need access to NX CAM 9.0.1.



Hands-on Demonstration: Generate IPW in Background

Background processing can now be used to create and update IPW’s for selected objects and operations. Like Parallel Generate for tool paths, background processing for IPW’s is useful for operations or programs requiring significant processing time, allowing you to continue using NX (you cannot edit operations currently being processed) while processing is taking place.

You may select any combination of objects in any view of the Operation Navigator. Background processing for IPW’s is available for milling and drilling operations (any operation in which you can MB3WorkpieceShow 3D).

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1. You will need access to NX CAM 9.0.1 in order to run this demonstration.


For this demo, you will retrieve a part file and machine tool assembly from the NC Simulation Samples library.

1. Select MenuHelpManufacturing Tutorials.

2. In the Shortcuts section at the bottom of the Manufacturing Tutorials home page, select Open a Sample Part.

3. Scroll down and select sim08_mill_5ax_cam_fanuc_mm.prt from the NC Simulation Samples list. 4. Click OK in the Open dialog box.

5. Display the Program Order View of the Operation Navigator.

6. Display IPW as the first column in the Operation Navigator if it is not already displayed (MB3ColumnsConfigureIPW).


5 Each operation in the GREEN_TOP_AREA program contains a valid tool path ( ) but does not contain an IPW ( ). A valid tool path is required to generate an IPW.

7. Right-click GREEN_TOP_AREA and choose WorkpieceParallel Create 3D.


the symbol appears beside the operation names in the Operation Navigator




Operations should not be edited or the part closed while processing since edits can be lost or the part can be damaged. You may, however, create new operations and edit operations that are not being processed. You may also open another part. When processing is complete, the IPW column indicates an IPW has been generated ( ) for each operation in the GREEN_TOP_AREA program.

Out of date IPW’s ( ) can be updated using Parallel Create 3D.

8. Right-click ROUGHING and choose Tool PathDelete to delete the tool paths from the operations.

9. Right-click GREEN_TOP_AREA and choose WorkpieceParallel Create 3D.

When complete, the IPW column indicates an IPW has been generated ( ) for each operation in the GREEN_TOP_AREA program.

10. Right-click ROUGHING and choose Generate (or Parallel Generate) to generate the tool paths for the three operations.

You may stop background processing by right-clicking any selected operation and choosing Stop Parallel Create 3D or by selecting the program and choosing Stop Parallel Generate.


12. While still processing, right-click any operation in the program (displaying ) and choose Stop Parallel Create 3D.

The list of right-click options has shortened to prevent modification of operations being processed. 13. Right-click PROGRAM_GROUP and choose WorkpieceParallel Create 3D.

14. Point to one of the operation names to display the tool tip.

The tool tip for the affected operations shows that the IPW is being generated and shows the operating system process ID of the background process.

Background IPW processing can also be accessed by selecting Menu→Tools→Operation Navigator→Workpiece →Parallel Create 3D IPW.


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